Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 353-354

Chapter 353

Murong Xue was still a little angry in her heart, but when she saw how excited he was, the hatred in her heart was gone.

If he didn’t love himself, how could he do it to such a crazy extent.

Other than that, she suddenly felt unimportant.

“Ye Xing, I’ve handed Xue’er back to you, now you help me fight back these ancient martial sects.” Shangguan Lan ordered.

“Xue’er, is this B*tch treating you well at the Immortal Sect?” Ye Xing asked.

Murong Xue glanced at Shangguan Lan and nodded, “It’s okay.”

Apart from being a bit serious. Shangguan Lan treated her quite well, trying to help her get the best cultivation resources within the sect, making the other disciples within the sect incredibly jealous yet helpless.

“Shangguan Lan. Seeing as you’ve trained my wife quite well, I won’t get you today.” Ye Xing put his hand out and said, “Give me back my stuff, and I will let you live.”

“What is it?”

“The key!”

“Ye Xing, what do you mean, do you want to keep your word?” Shangguan Lan said angrily.

“You guessed it right. I just don’t count on my words, you bite me!” Ye Xing sneered.

In the beginning, stepping on himself like a dog, he didn’t settle the score with her, so count on her.

“So, you’re sure you want to go against me.”

“It’s up to you to match or not. The key was mine in the first place, you took it from me, I’m taking it back, as a matter of course.”

“There’s no key, there’s one for life, come and get it if you have the guts.” Shangguan Lan was also furious.

“Giving shame, B*tch, I’ll get you killed.”

Ye Xing stroked his arm and was about to step forward to make a move.

Murong Xue reached out to stop Ye Xing, frowning for a moment, “Ye Xing, can we stop fighting, let’s get out of the tomb, is it bad to leave these things alone?”

“Xue’er. Once the ancient formation opens and the aura revives, it will affect all living beings around the globe and the world order will be disrupted, then the Immortal Sect will become the most profitable, the whole world will be dominated by them and all other living beings will become slaves.” Ye Xing explained.

Murong Xue did not expect such a big change, and just when she was in a difficult situation, suddenly a miserable scream came from ahead. Only to see a group of ancient martial disciples being sent flying high into the air, blood spilling out and severed limbs flying.

The change was so sudden that people’s eyes widened and they were suffocated by it.

Ye Xing was also dumbfounded, feeling a strange coldness coming from beneath his feet, and when he looked down, he saw that the original dirt floor was actually covered with a layer of frost, and the air was cold. The entire cave turned into a 10,000 year old ice cave like existence.

Bang Bang ……

A dozen disciples of ancient martial sects in the distance were instantly frozen into ice sculptures because of their low cultivation levels, unable to resist this extremely cold air, and some even blew themselves up, leaving only a disgusting mess behind.

“Not good. There are hidden Immortal Sect experts.” Daoist Master Sanyang shouted.

Master Wudao bellowed with a grim expression, “All ancient martial disciples form a circle, don’t let the other side sneak in.”

Over a hundred people quickly gathered, but they did not expect a blizzard to blow from afar, covering an aggressively wide area, falling from the sky, and another extremely cold breath emerging from the ground, and the two streams of cold air converged together, and these hundred people were frozen in droves, with no resistance at all.

Ye Xing was all dumbfounded. Dumbfounded, if Shangguan Lan’s means had given him the strength to fight before, there was no way to resist this terrifying spell of the Heavenly God descending from the earth at all.

Shangguan Lan said triumphantly, “Greetings to the Sect Master.”

Only to see a woman from the Immortal Sect step out from behind her. Her face changed rapidly, her body emitted a snapping sound of bones, and even the snow-white clothes all over her body became imbued with a shimmering essence. The whole person turned into another person in less than two seconds.

Her face was veiled, her hair black and coiled up, and her body shimmering with light, just like a goddess from the nine heavens descending to earth.

If such a stunning fairy hadn’t displayed her thunderbolt, it would be hard to imagine that her soft body contained such terrifying strength.

“She is the Sect Master.” Murong Xue said in surprise.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded and could only quickly protect Murong Xue, he had made up his mind that without this life, he absolutely could not be separated from his wife again.

The absolute woman swept a glance at the hundred or so people and sneered, “Don’t measure yourself. Even a group of mole crickets dare to come to the Ancient Formation to send them to their death, today I will let you Ancient Martial Sects be buried in this cave.”

“Sect Master, there is also that cricket Ye Xing, he deserves to die for shaking Xue’er’s heart of cultivation.” Shangguan Lan gritted his teeth and said.

The Lord of the Immortal Sect sneered, “Then let him die.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, the air around him trembled. Immediately afterwards, a violent extremely cold Qi shot out from beneath her feet.

This cold Qi was like four dragons tangling and scurrying, carrying an incomparably strong and terrifying power.

Ye Xing protected Murong Xue behind him and drove his Chaos True Element. Although the hardening technique combined with the Golden Element had increased his defence to an extremely terrifying level, he was not sure if he could withstand this terrifying strike from the Lord of the Immortal Sect, he could only do his best.

Unexpectedly, a man suddenly leapt out in front of him, his long hair flying and his robes bulging up as he straddled his body with the strength of a tarzan.

Ye Xing did not know who the other person was, but when this person appeared, it was like a god descending, a martial god in the world.

He pushed his palms forward and actually drove his internal energy to break the extremely cold Qi that flew in.

The beautiful eyes of the Lord of the Immortal Sect were grave, and Shangguan Lan beside him was also astonished, after all, this Immortal Technique of the Sect Master was an existence that no one could break.

“The Four Patriarchs are indeed somewhat capable.” The Immortal Sect Master laughed coldly.

The long-haired man tilted his head and laughed, “The Immortal Sect Master Prosperous Fairy is still as beautiful as ever and has unparalleled skills, but it’s a pity you’re so pretty, why do you have to fight and kill all day long? Wouldn’t it be better to find someone to marry and raise a family at home?”

These words had already enraged the other party, and the Free Fairy shouted coldly, “Tombkeeper Jiang Qin, I think you don’t know how to live and die.”

“After living for so many years, I have wanted to die for a long time, so why don’t you make it happen, fairy?” Jiang Qin, the long-haired man, laughed.

Immortal Freeze struck out with hatred, an extremely cold Qi and a pillar of heavenly red inflammation shot out together, at once the whole cave ground shook and countless debris fell.

Ye Xing looked at what, two immortal arts with different elements, truly worthy of being the lord of an immortal sect, the means were terrifying.

“Ye Xing, let’s hurry up and leave.” Murong Xue said.

Ye Xing nodded his head and watched as Jiang Qin, the Tomb Guardian, killed towards the Free Immortal, the two great masters were madly overpowering, if we didn’t leave now, when would we wait?

Ye Xing grabbed Murong Xue’s unbearable waist and quickly ran towards the outside of the cave.

When Shangguan Lan saw the two of them withdrawing, she couldn’t chase after them even if she wanted to, after all, there were two great experts in front of her, so if she went over there, she might be affected and her life or death would be unpredictable.

“D*mned Ye Xing, next time I will kill you before I distract Xue’er.” Shangguan Lan’s teeth clenched in hatred.


Chapter 354

Ye Xing ran out of the cave with his arm around Murong Xue and came outside to stay in the safety of the area.

“Wife, I still have to go in and stop Shangguan Lan from opening the ancient formation.” Ye Xing made a gesture to leave.

Murong Xue blocked, “Don’t go, the Sect Master is too powerful, you are no match for her, in case she turns against you, you will be in danger.”

“Wife, over a hundred ancient martial disciples are still inside, if we don’t go and rescue them, should we watch them all die inside?”

“Ye Xing, I’m worried about you.”

“Don’t worry, I will come back alright. You find somewhere to hide, and when I come out, we’ll go home together.” Ye Xing smiled and quickly ran towards the cave ahead.

There was no harm in stopping Murong Xue, she could only pray in her heart for God to bless her husband.

Ye Xing had just reached the front of the cave when suddenly there was a loud bang. The entire cave entrance was blown open, followed by the Easy Fairy and Jiang Qin shooting out from inside.

The two were like ghosts, constantly exchanging blows, one was a martial arts master, the other was the master of an immortal clan, and the earth trembled as the thunder of the sky touched the fire of the earth.

Ye Xing hid to the side and waited for them both to fight far away. He quickly ran into the cave.

At this moment, a large number of Martial Dao disciples fled from inside the cave towards the outside, they were all trapped by the Free Immortal with spells before, and now that they were able to get free, they naturally rushed to escape.

Daoist Sanyang and Master Wudao greeted everyone to go out first, and as soon as Ye Xing appeared, Master Wudao said anxiously, “Shangguan Lan has already gone in to open the ancient formation, it is imperative to stop her.”

“Ye Xing, success or failure this time is all in your hands.” Daoist Sanyang also complimented.

Ye Xing laughed, “Old Daoist, aren’t you being nice? Go in together and stop Shangguan Lan ah.”

“I was seriously injured by the Free Fairy just now, I can’t run my internal qi, I can’t even lift my internal energy, there’s no way I can make a move.”

“Don’t give me that, letting me go to deal with Shangguan Lan, you really have a good plan.”

Ye Xing was purposely disgusting Daoist Sanyang, after all, his disciple was so nasty, this master was not a good person either.

Master Wudao anxiously advised, “Ye Xing, the ancient formation opening and the revival of the aura will not be good for all of us, so don’t bother about the grudge with Daoist Sanyang, the bigger picture is important.”

“Fine, if it’s for the greater good, Daoist Sanyang’s disciple did that despicable thing, not only did he not thank me for helping him to clean up his gateway. He actually called for revenge on me, isn’t he also saying that he doesn’t care about the greater good?” Ye Xing sneered.

Daoist Sanyang cursed in his heart, but seeing Master Wudao staring at him, he could only say, “Ye Xing, it was my disciples who deserved to die before, you were right to kill them, from now on I will definitely not pursue your fault for killing my disciples, is that always alright?”

“From now on, discipline your disciples properly, don’t make them all perverts, bullying weak women when they see them, I didn’t even touch them, they dare to touch them too. B*****d.” Ye Xing finished his scolding and rushed towards the ancient tomb.

Daoist Sanyang was furious, and cursed viciously, “This little B*****d is too rampant.”

“Forget it, let’s hurry up and leave this place, if the Free Fairy turns around and kills back, everyone will have to hide here.” Master Wudao said and left.

Ye Xing rushed inside the ancient tomb and found a huge energy fluctuation in front of him, upon closer inspection, countless patterns lit up on the huge stone wall, like totems carved down by ancient demon gods.

These patterns included flying birds and beasts, immortal clouds and seas, and even lifelike creatures of all races.

And at this moment a stream of light was constantly darting across the stone wall, everywhere it pa*sed. Every pattern and every living creature was as if it came to life.

The big screen image was nothing compared to the stone wall, this was a true miracle.

Shangguan Lan stood alone in front of the stone wall, full of triumph, because she had accomplished what many people could not accomplish, the ancient formation had been opened, the whole world would usher in an era of spiritual revival, the Immortal Sect would definitely become the world’s supreme, and all those who cultivated immortality would continue to improve their cultivation and strength. Thus, they will step onto the Immortal Path and become immortal spirits that will last for all eternity and never die.

“Shangguan Lan, I want your life.”

Ye Xing pounced over and cast a tidal wave fist and killed Shangguan Lan.

Shangguan Lan’s brow furrowed as she kept throwing out ice spikes to counterattack, the two of them dodging each other’s killing moves one after the other.

Ye Xing relied on his hardening technique, those ice spikes and ice spears could not hurt him, and his body was covered with a light golden light shield, which was incredibly strong.

Shangguan Lan screamed in agony, the more Ye Xing the B*****d fought, the more spirited he became. It was as if there was a power that could not be used.

“Ye Xing, the ancient formation has been opened, no one can change the ending, and the revival of spiritual energy will be good for your cultivation. Isn’t it a good thing that together we can make all living beings metamorphose together?”

“Aura recovery is most beneficial to your Immortal Sect, and the so-called metamorphosis together is just an excuse for you to want to become Immortal and become a Daoist. Don’t you know that once that happens, the world will fall into chaos and darkness?”

“Don’t make yourself sound so noble, you go around playing with women and are shameless to the core, you’re no good either.”

“Old B*tch, I feel sick for Xue’er when she has a mother like you.”

“You seek death.”

Shangguan Lan ferociously threw out five immensely huge ice spears.

Ye Xing laughed, old B*tches were just so deceiving, they would immediately fight with themselves after provoking a few words of anger.

He quickly dodged the ice spear attack, but he was still scraped, and instantly his golden qi shield was broken, and his whole body was in danger.

At the same time, the two powerful men outside killed in once more.

The Free Fairy flew to Shangguan Lan’s side and smiled at the pattern on the opposite stone wall, “Fortunately, the ancient formation has been activated.”

Jiang Qin, the tomb guardian, narrowed his eyes and had a gloomy face. He shouted angrily, “This ancient formation must be destroyed, or else these demon girls will be even more terrifying.”

“A Grand Master actually has a mouth on him, he is really no good, the ancient formation has been activated and no one can stop it.” The Free Fairy laughed in triumph.

Jiang Qin suddenly looked at Ye Xing and commanded, “Kid, destroy the ancient formation, I’ll help you stop these two demon girls.”

“How can I sabotage it? I don’t have any explosives, I can’t just get close enough to destroy the stone wall with my inner strength, right?” Ye Xing was in a difficult position. In fact, in his heart, he was worried about forcibly destroying the ancient formation and getting himself injured.

Jiang Qin roared, “Look at you, if you don’t break this ancient formation, everyone will be affected, so why are you still hesitating?

Ye Xing cursed in his heart, “I feel that you are not the one to go on, you don’t have to take any risk, so naturally you can say cool words.

On the other side, Shangguan Lan laughed out loud, “You two want to destroy the ancient formation, what a fool’s dream, this ancient formation, not to mention you, even if dozens of times stronger people come, you can’t destroy it, honestly wait for the aura to gush out.”

The Fairy of the Free and Easy was pleased with herself, when the spiritual energy gushed out, she could absorb it like crazy, and with this, she could definitely kill Jiang Qin, the tomb guardian, in one fell swoop.

As a result, the ancient formation worked for half a day, but there was no movement at all, no spiritual qi gushing out, no sea of qi, no storm appeared at all.

Ye Xing ran to take a look and said with a big smile, “There is no movement at all, I am afraid that the ancient formation has broken down because it has been too long.”