Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 349-350

Chapter 349

Bang, bang, bang!

A continuous blast of palm winds came out.

After sensing the gold element, Ye Xing’s strength had increased greatly, not only did he learn the hardening technique, even the gold element in the air entered his body and fused with the Chaos True Energy in his body, his Yuan Qi was also flooded much thicker than before.

Even so, it still took half an hour for this to break open the hole.


With a final sound, the ice and snow collapsed with a bang.

“Guo Dongmei, are you alright, Guo Dongmei.”

Ye Xing shouted a few times, but there was no response. He secretly screamed that it was not good.

He ran in and took out his torch to shine it up.

There was a person lying on the ground in front of him, who was it but Guo Dongmei.

Ye Xing hurriedly helped her up and saw that her hands, face and face were all black and grey. Her breath was like a wisp.

She must have attracted too much poisonous gas when she left the cave earlier, causing poisoning.

After the avalanche had buried the place, there was no fresh air, making it even easier to get poisoned.

“Hey, are you alright, wake up.” Ye Xing patted her face.

Guo Dongmei opened her eyelids. Looked at him, whispered a thin sentence about not leaving me behind, and pa*sed out again.

“She is Shangguan Lan’s fourth disciple, Guo Dongmei?”

Yan Ruyu looked at her face and was puzzled.

Ye Xing and Shangguan Lan were living and dying, Guo Dongmei was Shangguan Lan’s disciple, so how could they be friends?

Ye Xing held up Guo Dongmei’s wrist and probed her pulse, it was very weak.

He sealed several acupuncture points on Guo Dongmei’s chest in quick succession, sealing her heart pulse, before he said, “Yan Ruyu, watch her, I’ll go and find the antidote.”

After saying that, he ran out, and just halfway, he turned back and said, “She is my friend, don’t hurt her, understand?”

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep a good eye on her.”

After Ye Xing left, he kept running towards the bottom of the hill, shouting as he ran, “Du Jiuniang, come out here.”

“Qiao Lily, you forgot the order I gave you ah, do you really want the ancestors of the Flying Daggers Sect to enter the Nine Hells?”

He shouted as he ran. Hoping to force Du Jiuniang to show herself.

Which knew that after searching for half an hour, there was no response.

Ye Xing was anxious, even though he had all the medical skills, but Guo Dongmei’s life was now hanging by a thread, and he was not given time at all. Apart from Du Jiuniang’s antidote, there was no one else who could save her.

After running all the way to the foot of the mountain, he finally saw a row of cars parked in front of him, none other than the people from the six great sects earlier.

“Brother Ye, why have you come down?” Qiao Yuan stepped forward and asked curiously.

“Master Qiao, have you seen Du Jiuniang?” Ye Xing asked urgently.

“Du Jiuniang has left with an injured woman. ”

“How long has she been gone?”

“About ten minutes.”

“What’s the license plate number?”

After learning the license plate number. Ye Xing grabbed a car and raced towards the mountain at great speed.

After racing for a full half hour, he finally caught up.

Qiao Bai was injured and Du Jiuniang’s car was not driving fast, so Ye Xing was able to catch up.

He overtook the car and forced the other car back on the side of the road, before he got down from the car.

“Ye Xing, what’s wrong with you?” Du Jiuniang got down from the car and said angrily.

“Bring the antidote over.” Ye Xing held out his hand.

“What antidote?”

“The antidote for the poisoning inside the cave, Guo Dongmei is poisoned.”

“She is Shangguan Lan’s disciple ……”

“If you don’t want to die, take it out.” Ye Xing roared angrily.

Du Jiuniang’s body trembled at the sound of his voice, recalling that he had even beaten Shangguan Lan back. How could she dare to refuse, she hastily pulled out a small bottle from her body and handed it over.

“Just take three pills.”

Ye Xing took the poison and walked towards her car.

“What are you doing?” Du Jiuniang’s face paled.

“What’s the use of keeping it if you go against my orders.”

Du Jiuniang ran in front of him and reached out to block it.

Ye Xing flew up and kicked her in the chest, and Du Jiuniang crashed into the car door. The car window gla*s shattered instantly.

“Ye Xing, I disobeyed your orders, kill me if you want, don’t touch my sister.”

Qiao Baihe’s head peeked out from inside the broken gla*s window, her face as white as paper as she said weakly.

Du Jiuniang climbed up, still blocking the car window, and said urgently, “Ye Xing, we didn’t think of disobeying orders, it’s just that Lily was seriously injured, so I had no choice but to take her to heal, and then slowly go back to save Guo Dongmei. I really didn’t know she would be poisoned.”

“Just this once. Next time will not be an exception.”

Ye Xing got back into the car and the car made a sharp turn and whistled away.

“Cough cough ……”

Du Jiuniang covered her chest and coughed softly. Cursing, “Lustful, one day he will want to be under a woman’s skirt of stone.”

“Sister ……,” Qiao Baihe wanted to say something but stopped.

“What do you want to say?”

“Forget it, don’t say it.”

“Say what you have directly. What else can’t we say as sisters.”

Qiao Baihe thought for a moment before saying, “Ye Xing and Guo Dongmei also only met for the first time and had a big battle earlier, but in the short time they spent together, Ye Xing went out of his way to save her. Do you think that if we also become his friend, will he one day also save us at all costs just like he saved Guo Dongmei?”

“Don’t dream, he’s just H**ny and sees that Guo Dongmei is pretty.”

“Am I worse than Guo Dongmei?”

“Of course you’re much prettier than her.”

“That’s not it, if he was really just H**ny, why was he so cruel to me and had to make me his slave before he let me go.”

Du Jiuniang thought back to the time when she was trying to rope in Ye Xing, and he made a request to sleep with her, only to agree to it. Instead, he ran away and even treated himself with contempt, showing that he wasn’t the lustful type.

“Let’s just go back and get better!”

Du Jiuniang returned to the car and drove away.



Guo Dongmei woke up again in a ghostly manner, and felt someone around her by the light of the snow outside the cave.

“Ye Xing, are you here?”

“I’m not Ye Xing, he’s gone to help you find the antidote.” Yan Ruyu said back.

Guo Dongmei twisted her head and looked at her. Her face changed drastically and she was about to struggle to stand up.

“Don’t worry, although you and I are on opposite sides, but Ye Xing told me to take good care of you, I won’t kill you.”

As he was speaking, the sound of tiny footsteps came from outside the cave.

“Huh, there’s a cave entrance.” A familiar voice came.

Not good.

Yan Ruyu’s face changed dramatically as she heard the voice, which was none other than the third disciple of Daoist Master Sanyang, Su Qiang.

“Let’s go down and take a look.”

Another voice came, but it was her own seventh senior brother, Feng Yiming.

She hurriedly ran out of the cave and leapt up, greeting, “Senior Brother Feng, Senior Brother Su, how did you find your way here.”

“Senior sister, is that a secret pa*sage down there?” Su Qiang asked.

“No, down there is just a cave, closed, no path.” Yan Ruyu’s eyes rolled for a moment before she added, “Ye Xing is recuperating inside, you all know his character, don’t bother him.”


There was a sudden suppressed cough from Guo Dongmei inside.

“Is there a woman in there, who is it?” Feng Yiming asked.

“There’s no woman, it’s Ye Xing, you guys heard wrong.” Yan Ruyu said in a hurry.

“Senior sister, we have disciples who saw with their own eyes, Ye Xing darted down the mountain, how could he be in the cave at this moment.”

Su Qiang suddenly jumped down and Yan Ruyu was too late to stop him.

“Guo Dongmei, you are remarkable, you can even injure her.” Seeing Guo Dongmei, Su Qiang was very surprised.


Chapter 350

“No, I’m not that capable, she was injured by Ye Xing, who wanted to catch her alive and asked me to stand guard here.”

Yan Ruyu’s eyes turned quickly and immediately responded.

“Tsk, is this a disciple of the Immortal Sect?”

Su Qiang walked over, squatted down and used his hand to pinch Guo Dongmei’s face.

“Killing so many of our disciples, aren’t you a bully, now show me again!”


Guo Dongmei spewed out a mouthful of water and landed on Su Qiang’s face.


Su Qiang threw a slap at Guo Dongmei’s face fiercely. He said angrily, “B*tch, how dare you spit at me, you haven’t died yet.

Still not relieved, Su Qiang flew up a few kicks. Kicking on Guo Dongmei’s body.


Guo Dongmei spat out a mouthful of blood, and the blackness on her face instantly heaved a few points.

“Senior Brother Su, stop.”

Yan Ruyu hurriedly stepped forward and pushed Su Qiang away, sealing several acupuncture points on Guo Dongmei’s heart in succession.

“Ye Xing said he wanted her alive, if you guys kill her, let’s see how Ye Xing will settle the score with you.” Yan Ruyu said sharply.

“Fine, I won’t kill her. I’ll just kill her, okay?”

Feng Yiming drew his dagger from his body and rolled it in his hand as he said coldly, “Kill my senior brother and I will cut off her fingers one by one.”

“Senior Brother Feng, you can’t touch him.” Yan Ruyu held Guo Dongmei back behind herself to her death.

Ye Xing had asked her to take care of Guo Dongmei, if Guo Dongmei died, how would she answer to Ye Xing.

“Yan Ruyu, do you know what you are doing?” Su Qiang let out a loud roar and bellowed, “You are protecting the enemy who killed our fellow disciples, are you trying to betray the division?”

“I have not betrayed the division, and you cannot touch her.” Yan Ruyu said stubbornly.

“I’ll see what you’re capable of stopping.”

Feng Yiming was about to strike when Yan Ruyu indistinctly pulled her own sword out and pointed it at him, saying excitedly, “Senior Feng, don’t force me to do it.”

“Still trying to resist, Yan Ruyu, I now suspect you of colluding with the Immortal Sect and brutalising fellow disciples. I am now going to take you down and bring you back with Guo Dongmei, if you dare to resist, kill without amnesty.” Su Mighty, who was the senior brother, roared.

“Put down the sword.” Feng Yiming ordered.

Yan Ruyu’s eyes were glistening with tears inside and she clenched her jaw, but she just wouldn’t take a step back.

“Seek death.”

Feng Yiming drew out his long life. Stabbing towards her.

The two of them moved their hands in the narrow hole in the ground.

Yan Ruyu was an outer disciple in the Hidden Sect, and the two of them were inner disciples, their strength was far different.

Soon, Yan Ruyu was hit by several swords, but Feng Yiming did not hit her hard, otherwise she would have been seriously injured.

Although he did not hit her hard, Feng Yiming deliberately picked at her clothes, and in a few moments, Yan Ruyu’s clothes showed several holes and her spring light was exposed.

Yan Ruyu was so angry that she gnashed her teeth, but there was nothing she could do.


The dress almost slipped off as the dress was cut off at the shoulder.

Yan Ruyu hurriedly held on to her dress. Only then did she keep herself from being exposed.

“Senior Sister Yan, if you strike again, you will be seen naked by our senior brother.” Lu Yiming laughed loudly.

“Follow us obediently, or else, don’t blame us for being ungracious.”

Su Qiang walked over and lifted Guo Dongmei up, and Yan Ruyu could do nothing to help.

“B*tch, get up for me.”

Su Qiang grabbed the clothes on Guo Dongmei’s chest and lifted her whole body up from the ground.

He even gave it a deliberate squeeze, a trivial smile on his face.

“I’ll kill you.”

Guo Dongmei cursed, but unfortunately she did not have the strength to even move a finger.

A group of four people jumped out of the cave. They were about to go up the mountain.

Suddenly, they noticed a person sprinting in the distance, who was it if not Ye Xing.

“Ye Xing, help.” Yan Ruyu shouted.

Ye Xing jumped a few times and came to the four of them, seeing Yan Ruyu’s clothes shattered into pieces, and she could only desperately cover herself to keep her spring light from leaking out. Guo Dongmei was even worse than her, her face red and swollen. The blood on her lips hadn’t dried yet.

“Set them free.” Ye Xing’s gaze miked up and said with a murderous aura.

“Ye Xing, I’m warning you, don’t act recklessly, we are inner disciples of the Hidden Sect.” Lu Yiming said hurriedly.

“If you dare to touch us, you are against the Hidden Sect, you must not act recklessly.”

Seeing Ye Xing full of killing aura, the two were so frightened that they could not help but withdraw a few steps at the same time.

“Let them go and I can spare your lives, you have five seconds to think about it, five, four, three ……”

Lu Yiming and Su Qiang looked at each other and both turned around. Without looking back, they fled.

Guo Dongmei’s body was limp and ready to fall, Ye Xing hurriedly held her up, took out the antidote from his body and said, “Quickly take the antidote.”

Guo Dongmei did not take the medicine. Urgently, she said, “Ye Xing, help me kill them, they …… grabbed my breasts.”


Ye Xing was furious and shoved the antidote into Yan Ruyu’s hand. Said, “You feed her three pills and I’ll kill them.”

“Ye Xing, it has to not count, the two of them are more famous in the Inner Sect, don’t cause hatred between you and the Hidden Sect.”

“Yeshua couldn’t bail them out even if they came.”

And also engage in breast attack, I haven’t even touched them yet, gra*s.

Ye Xing darted up and later took the lead, his body leaped up in the air and landed in front of the two.

“Ye Xing, what are you doing.” Lu Yiming’s face changed drastically.

“Trying to kill you guys.” Ye Xing said coldly.

“Didn’t you say that you would spare us?” Su Qiang said sharply.

“I wanted to let go, but you guys are too shameless.”

The two men’s faces changed greatly and both raised their swords, stabbing towards Ye Xing at the same time.

Ye Xing fired both palms together, and the palm force like a tidal wave, directly blew the two away.

Both of them landed on the ground. They spat blood at the same time.

Although they had seen Ye Xing fight with Shangguan Lan earlier and knew how powerful he was, they still could not believe it when it was truly manifested now.

It was too terrifying!

Ye Xing, the killer, Teng Teng, walked over.

“Ye Xing, show mercy.”

A familiar voice came out.

Daoist Master Sanyang quickly ran over and spoke out as he hurriedly ran.

“Master save me.”

“Master uncle save me.”

Both of them shouted at the same time as if they had encountered a straw for their lives.

Ye Xing lifted them up. One left and one right, holding them up in mid-air.

“Ye Xing, if you kill the two of them, you are going against the Hidden Sect, you had better think carefully.” Daoist Master Sanyang shouted from afar.

Ye Xing turned around and looked at the expectant gaze in Guo Dongmei’s gaze in the distance, and instantly squeezed with force.


Two crisp sounds came out, and the two people’s necks were directly snapped.

“Ye Xing, you dare to kill someone in front of me, I’m not finished with you.”

Daoist Master Sanyang shouted, trapped in the air and blasted out a palm towards Ye Xing.

Ye Xing was not the least bit afraid and returned the palm!


Both of them retreated and flew out at the same time.

“If you continue to strike, I will even kill you, believe it or not?”

Ye Xing’s body was glowing with golden light, an appearance of a ready battle.

Daoist Master Sanyang clenched his fists tightly and received his numb hands behind his back, saying coldly, “Ye Xing, now that a great enemy is at hand, I still have a big matter to attend to, once the matter here is over, I will definitely settle this score with you.”

Daoist Master Sanyang fiercely flung down his sleeves before he left.

As for the two corpses on the ground, he did not care about them at all.

Ye Xing returned to the two women, held Guo Dongmei and asked, “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.”

Guo Dongmei looked at the man in front of her and an indescribable emotion welled up in her heart.