Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 347-348

Chapter 347

“Master Wudao, the golden light glowing on Ye Xing’s body is your Buddhist sect’s Vajra Body Protection Divine Skill?”

Daoist Master Sanyang of the Hidden Sect looked at Master Wudao and asked in shock.

Apart from the Buddhist Sect, he really could not imagine what other martial arts body protection was so powerful.

Earlier, he was not a match for Qiao He Bai, but after learning this divine technique, not only did he easily defeat Qiao He Bai, he actually even had a fighting chance against Shangguan Lan.

“No, Master Shih’s divine kung fu protection is much more powerful than the Buddha’s Vajra Body Protection, really young and talented!” Master Wudao sighed as he put his palms together. He added, “Even I have only learnt a hint of the Buddha’s Vajra Body Protection, Master Ye is only in his early twenties, I really don’t understand how he has learnt such profound martial arts.”

“I can’t figure it out either. His true qi is too thick, even if he cultivated it in his mother’s womb, he couldn’t be this strong!” Daoist Sanyang sighed.

“You guys say that what he used would not be Yuan Qi, not True Qi?” A disciple suddenly asked.

“I’ve never heard of Yuan Qi being able to use Ancient Martial Arts, look guys, the moves he’s using are all of them.” A disciple responded.

“But the golden particles he attached to his body just now don’t look like true qi at all. Instead, it looks like Yuan Qi.”

“It’s so puzzling.”

A crowd of Ancient Martial disciples, all discussing, were all shocked.

Apart from the Ancient Martial side, the Immortal Sect side also sighed in awe.

All along, they had always looked down on ancient martial artists, their cultivation was slow and they were pedantic, but the current Ye Xing had completely overturned their perceptions. They had never seen that a young man, who was only in his twenties, could have such a powerful true qi.

“Senior sister Murong, is Ye Xing cultivating ancient martial arts or immortal arts?” Shangguan Lan’s second disciple, Ruan Rose, asked.

“Second senior sister, I don’t know either.” Murong Xue shook her head.

Her face was all worried.

The two opposing sides, one being his birth mother and the other being her husband, were not something she would like to see, no matter which one was injured.

At this moment, the two people on the field, the battle had entered a white heat.

It was the first time Murong Xue had seen someone who could fight Shangguan Lan for so long, and this person was also her own husband.

On the field.

Ye Xing’s body was surrounded by a stormy ice diamond, which put him under great pressure.

Shangguan Lan’s Yuan Qi was many times stronger than Qiao Baihe’s, and her spells were quick to cast, and she could cast countless ice spells in the space of a hand. He was able to cast countless ice spells.

Ice and snow, storms, flood tides, ice arrows, ice swords, and earth spears.

This was a snowy mountain, and when she cast ice spells here, it was like a tiger adding wings to a very powerful spell with a raised hand.

If the hardening spell hadn’t been much more powerful than he had thought, he would have fallen long ago.

“I admit that you are stronger than I thought, but if you think you can defeat me with just that, send you two officials. Dream on.”

Shangguan Lan snorted coldly and increased his attack.

“Ye Xing, I’ll come to your aid.”

Amongst the Ancient Martial group, a figure stepped forward, Zheng San Yang Daoist.

The Ancient Martial Arts and the Immortal Sect were already at war, and now that Shangguan Lan was trapped, how could they let go of such a good opportunity.

“Let’s charge together and kill all these B*tches from the Immortal Sect.”

“Charge, kill them.”

The crowd of ancient martial artists, one after another, shot out their hands and were about to charge down.

The disciples of the Immortal Sect. They also got ready.

“Stop it all.”

Ye Xing was knocked back by the blizzard and landed among the Ancient Martial disciples, his hands opened and stopped everyone.

At this moment, his hair was dishevelled and the wounds on his bare upper body that had already solidified were bleeding again.

In the battle with Shangguan Lan, he had been injured again.

“Her opponent is me. No one is allowed to steal it, I will defeat her myself.”

Ye Xing’s fists clenched tightly, his pupils flickering with a brilliant light inside.

Inside his mind, it was still her previous words.

“Die, you are from two worlds, you are not worthy of Xue’er.”

“You are just a scum, Xue’er will be a phoenix in the future, an existence that you can never afford.”

“In my eyes, you are as weak as an ant, crush you to death, with the lift of a hand.”

The icy wind blew on his body and could not quench the hot blood inside.

Ye Xing felt his hot blood boiling. The Chaos True Qi in his body was like seawater without a dike.

Today, no matter what, he had to make a name for himself.

“What, still not convinced. Then I will fight until you are convinced.”

Shangguan Lan’s body rose and floated in mid-air, a layer of white mist emanating from its surface.

The white fog rose against the wind and filled a larger and larger area. The surroundings soon turned into a sea of mist, and her entire body melted into it.

Ye Xing did not move, allowing the white mist to envelop his body.

Today, no matter what, he would not retreat.

Every now and then white shadows flashed through the black fog, fast and furious, and Shangguan Lan confronted the opportunity to strike.

From time to time, ice arrows were shot out of the white mist to test Ye Xing’s reaction.

At first, Ye Xing was able to handle it, but as more and more ice arrows came out, he began to feel a bit overwhelmed.

He could only keep dodging, but no matter how he dodged, Shangguan Lan could easily find him and attack with ice arrows.

In just a few moments, Ye Xing’s body was once again covered in wounds, and if it wasn’t for the hardening technique, he would have died long ago.

Ye Xing ran continuously. But no matter which place he ran from, he could not escape the mists, as if he had completely lost his way.

He had some regrets, he should have known not to be so arrogant and let the white mist envelop him.

“See the gap, you’re still too weak.”

“Know why I use white mist, it’s because then I can kill you with the least amount of Yuan Qi, without wasting any effort.”

Smug laughter drifted from all around. It drifted left and right at times, not knowing the direction.

Ye Xing struck out several times in a row, but he could not hit the other party, wasting his energy in vain.

“Also in the white mist, also unable to see the other party, how did she know my position?”

Ye Xing’s brow furrowed as his gaze scanned in all directions.

This white fog was not visible for more than five meters, Shangguan must have some special method to know his position.

What was it exactly?

His gaze fell to the surroundings, which were blanketed with nothing but white fog.


The wind was fierce, there was so much noise in all directions, and his footsteps were soft, it would be difficult for the other man to hear so accurately from them.

The only possibility was these white fogs.

Ye Xing’s eyes mimicked and looked at the white mist carefully, and suddenly noticed that there seemed to be a tiny white particle in the white mist.

“This is the …… water element.”

It dawned on Ye Xing that the reason why Shangguan Lan knew his location was entirely because of these elements.

These were like a radar for positioning, as soon as he touched these tiny elements, Shangguan Lan immediately knew where he was.

“You have the elements, but I don’t?”

Ye Xing used his mind to feel the Chaos True Elements within his body.

The first time he moved the golden elements he was not too familiar with them, but as the engagement deepened, he gradually, and gradually, knew how to manipulate these golden elements.

A faint gold dot, visible to the naked eye, spread out from his body like sunlight.

Mixed in with the white mist, it was extremely difficult to detect.

“Found you.”

Ye Xing clearly felt that the gold elemental fluctuations above his head were particularly intense.

This B*tch, trying to sneak in from the top of his head.

He pretended as if he didn’t notice, and as the other party got closer and closer, he suddenly blasted out with a palm.

“B*tch, go to hell.”

The palm, which was poured out with all his strength, turned into a five-fold force and slapped out viciously towards the top of his head.


A muffled sound came out, interspersed with shrieks.

Shangguan Lan was directly blasted into the sky, floating out a few dozen metres before stopping, his face slightly changed.

The fog around him dispersed and Ye Xing stood proudly in the middle.

“Is this what you mean by not wasting any energy?”

Ye Xing sneered, showing increasing confidence.


Chapter 348

Shangguan Lan’s eyes kept rolling and her face deepened.

She just stood there, not moving, as if she was thinking of a countermeasure.

Ye Xing was an old demon who had lived a thousand lifetimes, so how could he not know what was going through her mind.

She was definitely afraid that once she fought with herself, there was no certainty of winning. Even if she could win, it would not be easy.

One must know that there were still more than a hundred ancient martial artists watching intently, and if anything happened to her, the Immortal Sect would simply not be able to withstand the attack of the ancient martial sects.

“Elder Shangguan, it is not advisable to fight hard at this time. Reinforcements have not yet arrived, so a hard battle will only result in a loss.”

A female disciple took a few steps forward and came to came to her side and whispered something.

Shangguan Lan looked at Ye Xing. It was very reluctant, but still knew to put the bigger picture first.

“Ye Xing, I’m not afraid of you, if it wasn’t for the presence of several great sects today, today would be the day of your death.” Shangguan Lan snorted coldly and said loudly, “Arrange the formation, blizzard.”

The surrounding Immortal Sect disciples floated up at the same time, under the Yuan Qi drive. Countless winds and snow rolled towards Ye Xing as well as the people of the Ancient Martial School.

“Shangguan Lan, you won’t be able to escape.”

Ye Xing advanced instead of retreating, opening his palms left and right.

The heavy palm winds killed a path out of life.

Today, no matter what, he had to bring Murong Xue back.

Which knew that when he rushed there, all 30 or 40 Immortal Sect disciples, were gone.

When the wind and snow pa*sed, it was empty in front of him, not a single person was there.

“D*mn it, how did they disappear.”

“Could it be that they can still vanish?”

“These demonic spells are too scary.”

A group of Ancient Martial Disciples, one after another, voiced out, their gazes revealing a look of horror.

This place was so vast that one could not see the edge, even if they retreated, they should still be able to see human figures.

“What nonsense, there must be tunnels around here, go and find them!” Ye Xing roared.

“Master Ye is right, they must have taken advantage of the wind and snow to enter the secret pa*sage, and then used spells to drive the ice and snow to bury the entrance. Everyone look around.” Master Wudao said.

“Hidden Sect disciples, all of you, search for me, don’t let them escape into the tomb.” Daoist Master Sanyang bellowed.

At that moment. Over a hundred disciples of the Ancient Martial School pulled out their swords and searched in all directions.

“Ye Xing, are you alright.”

A figure ran over, it was none other than Yan Ruyu, a disciple of the Hidden Sect, who at this moment had an excited look on her face.

“I’m fine.” Ye Xing shook his head, his tone cold.

Yan Ruyu was instantly a little rattled, and it seemed as if the two had become strangers to each other.

In the ancient martial art, this was a very normal thing.

Between the strong and the weak, there was no such thing as a friend, the current Ye Xing’s strength had increased many times compared to back then, even her own senior uncle might not be his opponent. She was just a small outer disciple, coming over to say hello. It was indeed a bit out of place.

Ye Xing read her face and hurriedly explained: ”Sorry, I haven’t eased up from my emotions just now, I haven’t seen my wife for a long time, and it was hard to find her, but she was escaped by Shangguan Lan again. I didn’t mean to give you a look.”

“It’s okay, I understand.” Yan Ruyu’s mood immediately improved and she encouraged, “I believe you will be able to snatch your wife back. You’re the fastest and most terrifying man I’ve ever seen in terms of strength increase.”

A year ago, the two were of similar strength, and now this was only how long ago, he didn’t know how many realms he had left behind.

At this very moment, Daoist Master Sanyang and Master Wudao walked over at the same time. Both of them had smiles on their faces.

“Ye Xing, I have heard of you for a long time, and when I saw you today, it really opened my eyes.” Daoist Master Sanyang arched his hand and smiled.

“BullSh*t, when have you ever heard of me, tell me instead?” Ye Xing rolled his eyes.

Just now when he was being beaten to death by Qiao Baihe, he didn’t see any of them come over to help out. Now that he had seen his breakthrough and was stronger, he had a fighting chance with Shangguan Lan, so he came over to be polite again, hypocritical as hell.

Daoist Master Sanyang’s smile froze, very embarra*sed, and for a moment he did not know what to say.

He was angry, furious, embarra*sed and had mixed feelings.

He had really never met anyone who was so insensitive.

“Ye Xing, this is my senior uncle. The Elder of the Hidden Sect ……,” Yan Ruyu rounded up the situation.

“Who he is is none of my business, I’m going to take a break, Ruyu, tell me when you find the entrance to the secret pa*sage.”

Ye Xing did not even look at Daoist Master Sanyang and Master Wudao for a moment. Turning around, he left.

“Young and immoral, huh.” Daoist Master Sanyang crumbled his face in displeasure.

“Daoist Master Sanyang. I can’t blame him, it’s us who did go a bit too far.” Master Wudao said awkwardly.

“Senior Uncle, Master Wudao, I’ll go look for the secret path.”

Yan Ruyu said and ran out, but followed behind Ye Xing.

Soon, she caught up to Ye Xing and walked side by side with him.

“If you came to be a lobbyist, forget it.” Ye Xing said coldly.

“I didn’t come as a lobbyist, I begged them for a long time just now, but they were not even willing to help save you, it was too much.” Yan Ruo suddenly covered her mouth and whispered, “Senior Uncle Sanyang is used to being domineering within the sect, I’ve never seen him eat turtle like this before, it’s so relieving, the words you scolded. It’s too good for me to hear.”

“You didn’t say that earlier, I should have known that I would have scolded more just now.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Next time, there are more opportunities, but don’t tell him that I taught you, or I will have to wear small shoes every day in the future.” Yan Ruoyu laughed.

“He dares to give you little shoes, you come over to me and just practice martial arts with me from now on.”

Long Zaiye had asked him to set up the Dragon Shield organisation, and he hadn’t recruited anyone yet. Of course the more strong people who joined, the better.

Around them, many ancient martial disciples looked over, their eyes looking at Yan Ruyu with envy in their eyes.

It was definitely an honour to be so close to such a powerful young man.

Yan Ruyu was somewhat glad that she had gotten to know Ye Xing, she could imagine that after she returned to her division this time, her status would definitely be greatly enhanced.

“I wouldn’t dare, betraying the division is a very heavy punishment.” Yan Ruoyu shook her head repeatedly.

As the two spoke, they talked about Luo Xiaoyun and Su Xiaoqiao, and Yan Ruyu asked them how their martial arts had progressed.

“The same old, not much progress. However, after I get Xue’er back, I will definitely teach them so that they can bring their strength up.”

The two chatted as they walked down the mountain.

“Where are you going?”

Yan Ruyu then noticed over and asked in a hurry.

“To save a friend, she was a*sa*sinated and buried under the snowy mountain.”

The two of them leapt quickly towards the mountain, and before long, Ye Xing arrived at the place where Guo Dongmei was buried.

Originally, I thought that Qiao Baihe would be there, but I didn’t know that there was no sign of her at all.

How dare you disobey my orders, next time I see you, I will kill you. Ye Xing cursed secretly.

Soon, he found the code word and after determining the location, he said to Yan Ruyu, “You walk a little farther.”

Yan Ruyu stood far away and watched from the fence.