Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 345-346

Chapter 345

“Master, I beg you, please.” Murong Xue’s eyes were streaming with tears.

After years of being husband and wife and truly loving the man, how could one hold back when they saw their husband dying.

It was because of love that one hated, how could one be so sad if one did not love so much.

“I told you it’s not a world between you and Cher, she’s a phoenix on a branch and you’re nothing but a clown. You really think you can call my bluff just because you’ve learnt some martial arts, you’re so naive.” Shangguan Lan held her head high. Looking down at Ye Xing.

“Shangguan Lan, why do you want to stop me and Xue’er. Her life is her own, her fate is up to her, so who are you to stop her.” Ye Xing shouted in anger.

Blood stained his clothes red. It solidified on the clothes.

“She is my daughter, her destiny is mine.”

“I pooh.”

Ye Xing stood up and rushed forward.

In mid-air, a piece of ice diamond shot at him, Ye Xing rolled on the ground and dodged most of it, but a part of it still stuck in him.

“Sister, stop. Please stop.” Murong Xue roared.

Instead of stopping, Qiao Baihe struck even harder, wanting to kill Ye Xing immediately.

On the ancient martial side, seeing that Qiao Baihe was powerful and did not know Ye Xing well, no one actually came out to save him.

“Senior Uncle, please save Ye Xing.” Yan Ruyu suddenly knelt down in front of Half Hundred Daoist.

Half Hundred Daoist shook his head and said, “I can’t go out, this is Shangguan Lan’s plot, once I step in and consume my vital energy, there will be no one left to deal with Shangguan Lan later.”

“Master Wudao, please.” Yan Ruoyu went back to beg the Buddhist master.

“Amitabha Buddha, female monk, your master uncle, San Yang Zhen Zhen, is right, neither of us can go out.” Master Wudao said.

Yan Ruyu was immediately distraught, but at that moment, Shangguan Lan shouted to stop.

“Ye Xing, I can spare your life as long as you promise to sever your ties with Xue’er as a couple from now on and never hara*s her again.” Shangguan Lan said.

“I’ll go f*ck you.” Ye Xing cursed.


Two more ice lozenges entered his body.

With Ye Xing’s strength, there was no way to block the ice lozenges and there was no way to fight her.

“Mom, I beg you.” Murong Xue fell to her knees on the ground. Whimpering and crying out.

Ever since they had met, she had always rejected this mother and had never called her mother.

At this moment, in order to save Ye Xing, she couldn’t care less about that.

“Mom, I beg you to let him go, if you don’t let her go, I will die ……”

Murong Xue had just pulled out her dagger and tried to put it on her neck when it was snatched away.

“For such a clown, you actually killed yourself, you let me down too much.” Shangguan Lan was furious. Roaring, “You are the one the Sect Master values the most, he doesn’t deserve you at all.”

“Mother, I just want to be an ordinary person.” Murong Xue cried.

“Good, I can spare his life as long as you promise me that you will never see him again from now on and cut off all relations with him.”

Shangguan Lan made her request.

Murong Xue’s face was ashen, at this moment, she could only agree to everything.

“Mom, I’ll answer ……”

“Shangguan Lan, I don’t promise.”

Ye Xing supported the ground with both hands and climbed up with difficulty. Lift up her chest.

The cold wind, blowing all over his body, hurt, but his heart was hot.

He had never tried to be so angry before.

What kind of a man was he if he couldn’t even protect his own woman.

He pulled the dagger from his body, and as if feeling his will with his anger, the dagger he buzzed in his hand, as if it was about to fly out of his hand.


Ye Xing’s eyes widened. Unbelievably, he looked at the dagger in his hand.

He spread out his hand and the dagger automatically levitated in his palm.

Ye Xing didn’t even use his true essence to drive it, as if it was as if it was alive.

“What is this?”

Ye Xing found some tiny golden particles suddenly floating around him, some of these particles levitated up from inside the land, and some of them emerged from his own body, and the two particles intertwined with each other in mid-air, as if resonating.

Finally, all these golden particles entered his body.

Could this be the Five Elements, the Golden Element?

Ye Xing was incomparably excited, and he could feel that there was an additional mysterious power inside his body.

“What’s that in him now?” San Yang Zhen Zhen said in shock.

“Could it be true qi, but I’ve never seen this kind of true qi in the form of particles before.” Master Wudao muttered.

“Master. Could that be the elements?” A disciple of the Immortal Sect said in shock.

Shangguan Lan’s brow furrowed, her face was a variety of expressions of shock, confusion and disbelief.

She could be certain that it was the extremely rare gold element among the five systems.

Just. He was an ancient martial artist, how could he possibly inspire the gold element.

“Xue’er, today I must take you away, whoever stops me. I will let whoever stops me die.”

Ye Xing squinted his eyes and swept his eyes at the people in the Immortal Sect with a murderous aura.

“Big talk, I want your life.”

Qiao Baihe urged her Yuan Qi to condense a huge arm-thick ice sword, glittering under the sunlight.

“Go to hell!”

The ice sword brought out a white light and shot out.

Ye Xing’s gaze miked up, and when the ice sword was about to shoot out of his chest, his arm abruptly grabbed out.

A golden light emerged from his five fingers, as if they had become iron and steel, and grabbed the ice sword in mid-air.


The ice sword was directly crushed off and turned into ice blocks that fell to the ground.

“Qiao Lily, I want you to die.”

Ye Xing stomped his right foot on the ground and his body shot out like a cannonball.

“Tidal Wave Palm.”

The strong palm wind stirred up a thousand piles of snow. It surged head on towards Qiao Lily’s head.

Anyone with a discerning eye could see that Ye Xing’s palm wind was now not a little bit stronger than before.

Qiao Baihe’s body floated up, dancing in mid-air.

A layer of gas levitated up from her body, drawing the incoming wind and snow around her body, condensing into a whirlwind.

“This fellow, he actually forced senior sister to use her strongest spell.” Among the Immortal Sect disciples, someone muttered.

“Senior sister’s big move. We only have Master who can take it next, he’s dead.”

“To die under Senior Sister Qiao, he won’t have wasted his life.”

The disciples of the Immortal Sect, discussed as if Ye Xing had already lost for a bit.

“Storm Bingling.” Qiao He Bai’s long hair fluttered as she roared out.

The thumb-sized ice spine struck Ye Xing head-on.

A faint layer of golden light emerged from Ye Xing’s embodiment, and his body instantly hardened as if he had turned into rock.

After sensing the gold element, the hardening technique was cast for the first time.

In an instant, he was engulfed by the ice spine interspersed with the storm.

“It’s over.”

Qiao Lily fell down from mid-air, panting heavily.

That move just now had consumed so much Yuan Qi that she was almost deflated.

If the opponent hadn’t put too much pressure on her, she wouldn’t have made that move at all.

“Who said it’s over, it’s only just begun!”

The storm disappeared and Ye Xing’s clothes were riddled with holes, but her body, surprisingly, was not injured.

The wounds on his body were all left behind from the front.

“Impossible …… how is that possible.” Qiao Baihe’s face changed greatly.

“Everything is possible.”

Ye Xing’s arm was faintly flushed with gold as he violently charged out.


Chapter 346

The Sclerosis Technique had given Ye Xing a very big surprise.

He did not expect that this divine ability with a poor to poor name was far more powerful than he had imagined.

As long as the Chaos True Element was united with the Gold Element and attached to the surface of his body, the strength of his body could rise dramatically and his defence was extremely strong.

When he hadn’t yet realized the Hardening Technique, he was beaten by Qiao Baihe without the ability to fight back.

However, once he had cultivated the Hardening Technique, Qiao Baihe’s spells posed no threat to him.

He had finally discovered the secret that once a person from the Immortal Sect’s spells were not powerful enough, he would surely lose.

“B*tch, you die.”

Ye Xing rushed up to the sky and ruthlessly blasted out a fist towards Qiao Baihe.

Qiao Baihe’s Yuan Qi had been consumed quite a lot just now. After dodging for a moment, she was blown away by Ye Xing’s fist.

Her body was like defeated gra*s as she was sent flying for more than ten metres and rolled on the ground for another ten metres. Only then did she come to a halt.

It could be seen how terrifying the power of this punch was.


A mouthful of blood spurted out from Qiao Lily, staining the snow red.

“Master, save me.”

At this moment, at this moment, Qiao Lily already knew that she was no longer a match for the Ye Xing after the breakthrough, and hurriedly begged for mercy.

“Only losing one move and you start begging for help, Qiao Lily. You’ve let me down too much.” Shangguan Lan was extremely dissatisfied.

“Senior sister, cheer up, you will definitely win.” Some female disciples of the Immortal Sect gave her a cheer.

Just now, Ye Xing was trapped in a desperate situation, a life and death situation, and not only did she not beg for mercy, she even broke through.

In comparison, Qiao Baihe, who had only been hit by a punch, conceded defeat, her willpower was far worse.

Qiao Lily stood up, her gaze fixed on Ye Xing with a deadly stare, gritting her teeth.

“I’ll fight with you.”

Qiao Lily fought with all her might and once again cast out her Ice Yuan Qi, the terrifying Yuan Qi that swirled around her body like a stormy wind.

“Storm Ice Diamond.”

The same move than the previous one, with her anger and desire to live, blasted towards Ye Xing fiercely.

Ye Xing gathered his Chaos True Energy into his body, and his body surface looked like it had been smeared with a faint golden powder.

The blizzard was interspersed with blade-like ice lozenges that blew past his body.

After the storm, he remained unharmed.

“Don’t you understand yet, once your spells can’t break my defence, your defeat is already doomed.”

Ye Xing rushed out of his body. The powerful speed brought up a remnant of snow, just like the wind blowing through.

A miserable scream came out as Qiao Baihe was once again blown away.


She spat out several mouthfuls of blood, and after standing up, she immediately condensed the ice diamond again.

Unfortunately, before the spell could be coalesced, Ye Xing had already arrived in front of her.

Left hook, right hook, up hook, down hook.

A combination of punches came down and Qiao Bai fell to the ground, dying of a nose.

Blood stained her clothes red, and her beautiful face turned pale from the blood loss. Whiter than snow.

“Master, help me.”

Qiao Baihe struggled and crawled, crawling towards Shangguan Shanlan.

The eyes of the Immortal Sect disciples looked at Shangguan Shanlan, hoping that she would step in to save her, the most satisfied elder disciple.

Even Murong Xue had a look of intolerance on her face.

Ye Xing walked over and lifted her up with one hand, jamming his five fingers around her neck and lifting her up in mid-air.

With just one hard twist, Qiao Baihe’s neck would break and her fragrance would die.

“Master, save …… cough ……”

Qiao Lily ended up looking at Shangguan Lan, hoping she would step in.

“Qiao Lily. Don’t you understand, she has long distrusted you.” Ye Xing sneered.

Qiao Lily’s pupils shrank and her fists clenched tightly, her face was filled with resignation.

Lurking beside her enemy, she had been a dog all her life, suppressing her hatred all this time, just hoping that one day she would be able to kill Shangguan Lan with her hands and destroy the Immortal Sect.

What she had never expected was this. Before she could take revenge, she would die at Ye Xing’s hands.

She was unwilling, really unwilling.

“Dead or alive?”

Ye Xing suddenly asked in a voice that could only be heard by the two.

Qiao Baihe looked at him with a puzzled gaze, not understanding why he was saying this?

“If you want to live, become my servant, do my bidding and follow me for the rest of your life.” Ye Xing continued.

Qiao Baihe was the most powerful immortal cultivator he had ever seen after Shangguan Lan, and if he could use her for himself, the future use would be endless.

Both of them had the same enemy, Shangguan Lan, gathered together. Even more powerful.

“Can you bear to see Shangguan Lan still alive and die yourself before your great revenge is avenged? You have five seconds to think about it, five, four. Three ……”

“I do.”

Qiao Baihe almost spat out a few words through her teeth.

Even staying in front of Shangguan Lan, her great enemy, she could all do it, let alone Ye Xing.

“As I recall, the Flying Daggers Sect is very much about honesty. I want you to swear by the ancestors of the Flying Daggers Sect that if you betray me, the ancestors of the Flying Daggers Sect will not rest in peace under the nine springs and their bodies will go to the nine hells.” Ye Xing said.

Qiao Baihe hesitated, this was an extremely vicious oath.

“You have five seconds to think about it, five, four, three, two ……”

“I swear by the ancestors of the Flying Daggers Sect that Qiao Lily is willing to serve Ye Xing as his servant, obey his orders, follow his orders, and if I betray him, the ancestors beneath the nine springs shall not live in peace.” Qiao Baihe swore.

Ye Xing released his men and set her down.

No one heard the conversation between the two men, only they could hear it.

“My first order to you now is to find the avalanche. Get Guo Dongmei out and go now.” Ye Xing ordered.

Qiao Baihe looked deeply at Shangguan Lan and prepared to leave.

All the people around them were unsure, wondering why Ye Xing would not lay down a killer.

“Qiao Lily, come here.” Shangguan Lan ordered.

“Shangguan Lan, you are dreaming.”

A look of hatred appeared on Qiao Lily’s face as she stared fiercely at her and said through clenched teeth, “Ye Xing is right. I am a descendant of the Flying Daggers Sect, and I lurked around you in the hope of one day killing you by hand and avenging the destruction of my family. Today, my identity has been revealed, so I will leave you alive for the time being, and I will definitely take revenge for this revenge.”

“Indeed, you are a remnant of the Flying Daggers Sect, do you think you still have a chance?”

When Shangguan Lan finished speaking, he flicked his right sleeve and instantly, an ice arrow shot towards Qiao Baihe at extreme speed.

Seeing that it was about to pierce Qiao Baihe’s heart with an arrow, Ye Xing suddenly stepped forward, his right fist glowing with a faint golden light as he blasted out.


The ice arrow split in pieces and scattered on the ground.

“She is now mine, you can’t even think of touching her halfway.”

Ye Xiong snorted coldly before he turned back to Qiao Baihe and ordered, “What are you still standing there for, why don’t you go now.”

“Guo Dongmei is a member of the Immortal Sect, not worth saving.”

“That’s an order.” Ye Xing said angrily.


Qiao Baihe nodded and turned to leave.

“If you want to leave, have you asked me.”

Shangguan Lan’s body suddenly floated up, like a roc spreading its wings, and flew over from afar.

“Shangguan Lan, our grudge, let’s settle it properly today.”

Ye Xing stomped his right leg on the ground, and his entire body rose up to meet the sky like a cannonball.

“Ten thousand arrows and ice vectors.”

“Tidal Wave Fist.”

The two clashed hard together, and powerful waves swirled around them, sending wild winds and snowflakes flying.

Everyone around them retreated, afraid of being affected by the two men’s astral waves.

Everyone’s eyes were shocked and appalled.