Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 343-344

Chapter 343

She is my friend.

The five simple words made Guo Dongmei’s heart burst with emotion.

She suddenly understood why Fifth Sister didn’t sound quite the same when she talked about this man.

Although it was only a short contact, she already felt the powerful charm in this man.

“Ye Xing, don’t eat your wine with respect, do you really think that I can do nothing to you just because you are hiding inside?”

After lobbying three or four times, Ye Xing did not listen, Du Jiuniang could not help but get angry.

“Sister, don’t talk nonsense to him, I can’t be away for too long. Shangguan Lan will be suspicious, fill the poison quickly!” Qiao Baihe said.

“Ye Xing, take a look at what I’m holding.”

Du Jiuniang pulled out a tiny bottle from her body and put it by the cave entrance. In a loud voice, she said, “This is highly poisonous, I burned and poured it in, you will only die then.”

“There’s a lot of room in the cave, just your little bottle of stuff, the rats can’t even be poisoned.”

Du Jiuniang was instantly furious, took the cap off the bottle, poured it out and blew it in straight away.

“Step back.”

Ye Xing pulled Guo Dongmei. Backing up towards the inside of the hole, which was about twenty square feet.

After the poisonous powder blew in, it spread through the air, luckily it was big inside and the effect of the poisonous powder was instantly much weaker.

“Lily, you put the antidote suit on ……”

The voice from the back weakened, but Ye Xing could also guess that it was likely that Du Jiuniang had asked her to rush in while she was administering the poison.

Sure enough, when Du Jiuniang was administering the second bottle of poison, Qiao Baihe took the opportunity to take advantage of it and wanted to walk away from the cave and burrow in.

“Seek death.”

Ye Xing shouted, his body rushed up and slapped his palm towards the cave entrance.

This slap poured out all his true essence and was extremely powerful.

Qiao Lily had just gotten halfway into the hole when she was hard forced back by Ye Xing’s palm.

Ye Xing’s palm was too powerful, she couldn’t help but defend herself.

“Sister, keep smashing the medicine and smother them to death.” Qiao Baihe said angrily.

Du Jiuniang gritted her teeth and fleshily took out a few more bottles of medicinal powder from her body and stuffed them into Qiao Baihe’s palm.

Qiao Baihe flicked her finger and the vials shot into the hole and out, exploding in mid-air.

This time, the diffused space was particularly large. Ye Xing could already smell the poisonous stench steadily.

Despite this, Ye Xing still stood by the hole, covering his face, not daring to leave too far, and could only hold on for dear life.

The good thing was that these poisonous powders were internal medicines that would not hurt the skin, as long as they were not inhaled.

“Guo Dongmei, can you use the water spell to filter the air?” Ye Xing said urgently.

Only then did Guo Dongmei respond and hurriedly cast a water-based spell, trying her best to rain down a small area, so that the density of the poisonous gas in the air was reduced by a lot.

Ye Xing covered his mouth with his clothes while holding on to the entrance of the cave.

For a while. The two sides were engaged in a tug-of-war, one side with a heart of certain death, the other with a strong desire to survive.

“Senior Sister Qiao, Senior Sister Guo, where are you?”

“Master has asked you to go up to a*sist.”

“Senior Sister Qiao, Senior Sister Guo.”

The voices of the Immortal Sect disciples came from outside with great urgency.

“Senior Sister Wang, we are inside, Senior Sister Qiao is the traitor, go and tell Master.”

Guo Dongmei hurriedly stood up and shouted out loud.

Unfortunately, the sound inside was reduced too weak. It could not be heard outside at all.

“Who is that outside?” Du Jiuniang asked.

“Jiang Shan’s disciple, of average strength.”

“I’ll go out and kill her.”

In order not to let what was going on here be discovered, Du Jiuniang decided to kill the person who came.

“No, after killing one, there will continue to be others coming.”

Qiao Baihe held Du Jiuniang down and both of their voices quieted down, trying to listen to the commotion outside.

“Senior Sister Qiao, Senior Sister Guo.”

“I don’t know if I heard Guo Dongmei’s voice. The sound outside is getting clearer and clearer, and it seems to have come close to the cave entrance.”

“Don’t come in, Guo Dongmei is in danger here, go and call someone.”

Ye Xing lucked in his chest, his voice carried far out, and the whole cave wenged.

I don’t know if they heard Ye Xing’s words, the voices outside were getting farther and farther away.

“No good, they went to call someone, we have to stop her.” Du Jiuniang said as she rushed out.

Qiao Baihe stood where she was, losing her composure and thought for a moment. Suddenly, she followed her out.

“They all seem to have gone.” Guo Dongmei whispered.

“No, they are most likely guarding the entrance of the cave, waiting for us to go out.”

Ye Xing had had a lot of contact with Du Jiuniang and knew that this woman was sinister and cunning. He did not dare to take the risk.

“So, do we continue to stay here and wait for help?”

“This is the only way for now.”

Before coming in, the Hidden Sect and the Immortal Sect had already fought a war, and there was no telling if there were any other sects joining them.

Like the Buddha Sect, would this number one ancient martial sect come.

There was also the Nine Shades Sect. Would they come too?

The two of them waited for half an hour, but there was still no movement outside.

“Will they kill Senior Sister Wang?” Guo Dongmei asked again.

The wait was long and terrifying, not even knowing how long they would have to wait.

There was no telling how the battle was going on outside, would Murong Xue be in danger?

Ye Xing became a little anxious and said, “I’ll go out and take a look, you wait here.”

“What if Qiao Baihe is guarding outside?” Guo Dongmei said anxiously.

“The Immortal Sect is in the middle of a war with the Ancient Martial Arts, and Qiao Baihe is Shangguan Lan’s first disciple, so she shouldn’t be able to stay away for too long. If she is indeed outside, it’s a big deal to fight.” Ye Xing said as he was about to climb out.

Guo Dongmei grabbed his arm and said nervously, “You’re not going to leave me behind, are you?”

“If I left you, I wouldn’t have saved you.”

“No, you have to swear.”

Being alone in an empty, cold and dark cave, even an immortal disciple like Guo Dongmei was a little scared.

“Fine. I swear that if I leave someone you, I won’t be able to snap in this lifetime.”

“What does snapping mean?”

“It means …… playing mahjong, which I love the most.”

“No, that’s too light an oath, you make another one.”

“It’s not light anymore, snapping is my favorite thing.”

As he spoke, Ye Xing had already drilled out.

The outer cave was empty.

Ye Xing pulled out his dagger. Holding it in his hand, he slowly walked out.

He pricked up his ears, hoping to listen to the movement outside.

Suddenly, he seemed to hear a nuisance sound and shook his head to see that Du Jiuniang was standing at the entrance of the cave, holding a bundle of bomb-like things in her hand and throwing them down towards his head. The nuisance sound was the wire lead.

“Sh*t, this B*tch has explosives though.”

Ye Xing broke into curses and jumped out at the moment of a thousand evens.


There was a loud sound and the ground shook.

The powerful shaking caused a landslide of the mountain and countless snow and ice, instantly flooding the cave entrance.

“Du Jiuniang, I’ll get you to death.” Ye Xing was furious and pounced over in a murderous manner.

Qiao Baihe was not by her side, and Ye Xing did not even look at her in the eye.

Seeing this, Du Jiuniang turned around and fled down the mountain, extremely fast.

Ye Xing was about to chase after her, but the surrounding white snow armour, the terrain just now had been flooded, by the time he came back, it would be impossible to find the cave entrance.

“This debt, I’ll settle it with you slowly.”

Cursing under his breath, Ye Xing made a note of the surrounding terrain, then took out his mobile phone and photographed the terrain.

Still unsure, he cleared the surrounding snow to reveal the rocks and carved a big X on the rocks to mark the spot before leaping towards the mountain.

He could only do his business first and then take his time to save Guo Dongmei. The cave was sealed and could not be dug out overnight.


Chapter 344

During the journey up the mountain, along the way, Ye Xing saw quite a few corpses, some dressed in ancient martial arts sects, and some of the disciples of the Immortal Sect.

Blood stained the snow, and judging from the situation on the field, the battle was far more intense than Ye Xing had imagined.

Ye Xing was very worried and ran his true energy to the last speed up the mountain.

Finally, he arrived at the top of the Heavenly Mountain.

At the top of the mountain was a flat piece of land, as far as the eye could see. At this moment, in the middle section, two groups of people were facing each other head-on, and the battle had stopped for the time being.

The Ancient Martial Sect side was dominated by a large number of people, about a hundred or so, and the Immortal Sect side was only 30 to 40 people, among them were also people dressed in ancient martial arts, who should be subservient to the Immortal Sect’s Ancient Martial Sect.

Ye Xing raised his eyes to look at the Immortal Sect standing on the first place, it was Shangguan Lan, Murong Xue was clinging to her back, a white dress, dazed.

Ye Xing’s nose was sore, although it was just a look, he could feel that Murong Xue had changed.

He darted over, not caring that the two sides were facing each other, and leapt directly between the crowd, exclaiming, “Xue’er, I’ve finally found you.”

“What are you doing here?” Seeing him appear, Murong Xue was very shocked.

“Do you know, I’ve searched so hard for you!”

“Xue’er, I was wrong, please forgive me! I really have nothing to do with that actress, she was injured and I was just helping her to heal.”

“Do you know how bitter I’ve been in order to find you?”

Ye Xing didn’t care at all that there were so many people around him confronting him, and opened his mouth to confess.

The people around them all stared dumbfounded at this guy who had suddenly appeared.

The battlefield, where swords were facing each other and you were living and dying, was actually played out by this guy as a scene from a romance film.

“Who is this idiot?”

“Never heard of him, looks like he’s a bit abnormal in the head.”

As the surroundings discussed loudly, a man in his thirties stood out from the ancient martial sect, pointing at Ye Xing and drinking, “Kid, get out of the way, can’t you see we’re settling accounts with the Immortal Sect, don’t die without knowing how.”

“Shut up, if you interrupt me again, I’ll get you killed.” Ye Xing said angrily.

He was interrupting before Murong Xue could reply, he was simply looking for death.

“Get me killed, just by you, a nippy brat?” The man laughed loudly, his voice filled with mockery.

In the ancient martial art, age was seniority, the threshold, just because he was only in his early twenties, how much stronger could he be, how dare he say such big words.

“Xue’er, come here, I want to talk to you.” Ye Xing ignored her and continued.

He had come at this moment just to find Murong Xue, it was none of her business if others lived or died.

“Ye Xing, it’s dangerous here, you should go!” Murong Xue said.

“I’m not leaving unless you come with me.” Ye Xing shook his head.

“Kid, I told you to get lost, do you hear me.” The thirty-year-old man bellowed again.

“You shut up and shut up.” Ye Xing pointed at him and cursed.

“Lu Feng, throw this psycho down the mountain.”

In the crowd, an old man from an ancient martial arts sect, bellowed.

Instantly, the man leapt out of the ancient martial sect and grabbed towards Ye Xing.


Ye Xing let out a loud roar and blasted out his right palm, a tidal wave palm of the fifth power.

The man was only a fourth-grade clan master, how could he stop it, he was instantly blown away by this terrifying palm force of his and rolled down the mountain.

Poor Lu Feng, he was defeated before he could strike, and turned into a snowball as he rolled down the mountain, in a terrible mess.

The snow drifted around him in mid-air, not falling for a long time.

The people around him were all stunned, each looking at him, staggered.

A palm strike sent Lu Feng flying, he had to be at least a fifth-grade clan master, such a young fifth-grade clan master, they had never seen one before.

“Who is this youngster to, what a flood of true qi.” In the crowd, an old monk lamented.

“Master uncle, his name is Ye Xing, he was the one who defeated the Nine Shade Sect Elder Cheng Zizhi back then.” In the ancient martial group, a familiar voice rang out and was reporting to a half hundred dao-robed old man beside her.

“He saved me once, I didn’t expect him to be so much stronger after not seeing him for a while.”

Ye Xing looked at the sound of his voice, only to see a familiar figure among the crowd, none other than Yan Ruyu, the female disciple of the Hidden Sect whom he had met back then.

He did not recognise her, now Murong Xue had not yet forgiven him, he did not want her to misunderstand again that he had anything to do with Yan Ruyu.

“Oh, he’s the Ye Xing you mentioned, young and talented!” The dao-robed old man nodded his head.

Ye Xing looked at the dao-robed old man and guessed that he should be a strong man from the Hidden Sect, which could be seen by the respect Yan Ruyu showed to him.

“Ye Xing, you leave first, we’ll talk about our matters later.”

The scene of war was so out of place, yet here he was in a childish mood, so out of place that Murong Xue felt embarra*sed.

This guy, how did he manage to act as if there was no one else?

“You come with me, or else the King of Heaven won’t be able to drive me away today.” Ye Xing said.

“Like a jumping clown, and you dare to take away my daughter, what a joke?” Shangguan Lan coldly snorted.

“Master, this kid is interfering with our business, I’ll go and kill him.”

A figure sprang out of the Immortal Gate, in mid-air, and with a sprinkle of his right hand, a mountain of ice lozenges shot out.

The one who struck was none other than Shangguan Lan’s eldest disciple son, Qiao Lily.

“Qiao Baihe, you want to kill to silence me, don’t even think about it.” Ye Xing stepped back to dodge and said loudly to Shangguan Lan, “Shangguan Lan, you thought you were smart, but you never thought you had raised a white-eyed wolf. Let me tell you, Qiao Baihe is the traitor hiding in the Immortal Sect, he is the descendant of the Flying Daggers Sect and just wants to kill you.”

Shangguan Lan frowned.

“Master, you mustn’t listen to his nonsense.” Qiao Baihe said urgently.

“Whether I’m lying or not, you’ll know once you’ve rescued Guo Dongmei. Your fourth disciple is still buried under the snowy mountain, it was Qiao Baihe’s accomplice who did it, if you don’t go and save her, she will die.” Ye Xing continued.

“Master, you brought me up as a child, do you still not know what kind of character I have?” Qiao Baihe continued to explain.

“Master, why don’t we save Fourth Sister first and then listen to what she has to say.” Murong Xue said.

“No need, I trust Lily.” Shangguan Lan snorted coldly and said to Qiao Baihe, “Kill him.”

“Yes, Master.”

Qiao Baihe, who had received the order, was overjoyed and struck out even more harshly, endless ice lozenges, blanketing the sky towards Ye Xing.

The powerful Yuan Qi caused a wind and snow to scrape around.

The crowd of ancient martial sects retreated, their faces filled with shock.

Although they had long known the name of Shangguan Lan’s first disciple, Qiao Baihe, who was said to be a god of ice spells, seeing it today still shocked them.

In terms of strength, Ye Xing was still a bit inferior to Ice Qiao Baihe, plus he had previously fought with Qiao Baihe and had been injured, the blood from his wound had cracked again.

“Tidal Wave Palm.”

Facing the terrifying ice ling in front of him, Ye Xing let out a roar, and his Chaos True Essence blasted out directly.

“You may be strong, but you are still far from me, give me death.”

Qiao Lily’s right hand coalesced an ice sword and plunged through the heavy wind and snow, directly onto Ye Xing’s shoulder.


Blood splashed everywhere.

Ye Xing let out a stifled cry, unable to withstand it, and retreated seven or eight steps in a row, kneeling on one foot on the ground, before he could stabilize his retreat.

“Ye Xing ……” Murong Xue screamed up and was about to rush in.

“Stand still.”

Shangguan Lan stopped her with one hand, preventing her from rushing over.