Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 341-342

Chapter 341

“Take a rest first, I’ll think of something else.”

Guo Dongmei nodded and took a seat next to her, picking up the hemostatic powder and continuing to treat her wounds.

Her wounds had split open again just now from the aftermath of the explosion.

There was the sound of tiny footsteps from across the street, Qiao Baihe had left and was not at the edge of the cave.

Ye Xing knew that she must be guarding the exit. Hadn’t left.

“There’s no way to communicate someone else to help?” Ye Xing asked.

“There is no signal here at all, no.” Guo Dongmei shook her head.

Ye Xing sat down, next to the stone wall. Sitting with her.

“How is Xue’er doing in the Immortal Gate, is she happy?” Ye Xing suddenly asked.

“She rarely talks, not too happy, very high and cold.”

This time, fighting against the enemy in life and death had eased their relationship quite a lot, and Guo Dongmei told the truth.

“However. Her talent is really high, even the sect master praised her and gave her a lot of cultivation resources. The worst part is that she can actually cultivate two spells, do you know what that means? In the entire Immortal Sect, only the Lord Sect Master can cultivate two lines of spells.” Guo Dongmei said jealously.

“Which two lines?”

“Fire and earth. Her current strength is already not below mine, and this has only been cultivating for a year, her ceiling is limitless.” Guo Dongmei sighed.

“With Medicine Doze, you can also fly.”

Ever since obtaining the Remembering Fragment, Ye Xing no longer believed in geniuses.

There was no genius that the medicine doze could not dry up, give him a few thousand year old ginseng, Shangguan Lan he could dry up.

Even the Immortal Sect Sect Master, he could dry up.

“By the way, does your Immortal Sect have anyone who cultivates gold spells?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“There is one, but the strength is very poor.”


“Master said that the gold system is the most difficult spell to cultivate among the five elements, apart from the fact that the gold element is not easy to perceive, it also has to do with qualifications. There are too few people with Golden Spiritual Root constitution.” Guo Dongmei said.

“It’s still related to the spiritual roots?” Ye Xing’s mind boomed.

“Of course. Different five elemental spirit roots predestine the techniques you can cultivate. For example, if one is a water spirit root and goes to cultivate fire attribute spells, it will be difficult to reach the heavens.”

“Then how do you know what attribute you are?” Ye Xing asked urgently.

“It’s not that simple.”

Guo Dongmei took out a small thumb-sized gla*s ball from her body.

The small ball was a white transparent sphere, just like a gla*s bead, divided into five compartments.

There was a small hole in the middle, like a temperature probe inserted into a gla*s bead.

“This thing is called a Spiritual Root Tester, and it can test the spiritual roots. The five big pieces on it are the five different attributes of spiritual roots. The piece that lights up belongs to that one. The light that lights up indicates whether the spirit root is strong or not.”

Guo Dongmei said as she dripped a little bit of blood from her wound into the temperature probe like tube.

The blood entered the gla*s bead, and a moment later, on top of the bead, one of the five sections turned light blue.

“I’m a water spirit root with average qualifications, so it’s light blue. I heard that your wife Murong Xue’s colour is dark orchid. The mud yellow colour of the wood system has also lit up, very impressive.” Guo Dongmei said as she rinsed the blood inside with water, and the beads returned to normal.

“Such an advanced chemical instrument, how did you guys get it, bully!”

Ye Xing reached out his hand. Trying to take the beads over.

“Don’t touch it, this thing is expensive!”

Guo Dongmei hastily retracted her hand and held the beads tightly in her palm.

“We’re relying on this bead to find suitable disciples down the mountain. I heard Master say that this bead was researched by the Sect Master at a cost of billions, and this one alone is a hundred million. Last time, a disciple of the sect broke the bead and was beaten half to death by his master uncle.”

“Can you help me test it to see what spiritual root I am.” At this moment. Ye Xing’s inner heart was panicked to the point of pushing.

On that day, he thought that the Gold Merit should be very powerful and ordered the Gold Merit without thinking about it. It had never occurred to him. There was also a need for spiritual roots to learn spells. What if the spirit root he measured out was water or fire, wouldn’t this Hardening Technique be unusable?

“Drop your blood over. Don’t touch my Root Testing Pearl.”

Guo Dongmei stretched her hand over, revealing a little bit of the bead, with the temperature probe needle facing upwards.

Ye Xing had just seen her in action and knew how to use it, so he instantly dropped a drop of blood.

After the blood entered the orb from the syringe, Ye Xing’s heart countenanced, panicking once again.

After the blood went in, it stayed silent and did not react.

“No spiritual roots, you are not suitable for immortal cultivation. Don’t be sad, there may not be one in a million humans who have spiritual roots. A genius with spiritual roots like me. That is something that can’t be found.” Guo Dongmei said smugly.

As soon as the words left her mouth, she was stunned, her gaze fixed on the Root Test Pearl.

Only to see the Root Test Bead suddenly light up, not one section light up, but all sections light up.

“Five spiritual roots, how is that possible?” Guo Dongmei’s eyes were about to protrude up.

The next moment. Something even more shocking issued from her.

Red to the point of violet.

Green to the point of ink.

Yellow to brown.

White to the point of cream.

The rest shone with golden light.

Each colour, thick to the extreme.


With a bursting sound, the root measuring beads directly exploded and shattered into a dozen pieces.

“This is something that was researched for billions, your Sect Master is afraid that he has been pitched!” Ye Xing laughed out loud.

“It’s over, it’s over, how will I explain to Master when I go out.”

Guo Dongmei was anxious and anxious.

“What is there to tell, the quality of the root testing beads is not good, it’s not your problem.” Ye Xing laughed.

“It’s all your fault, what bullSh*t blood, it’s so dirty, do you have AIDS?” Guo Dongmei scolded.

“It’s obviously your beads that are the cause, counterfeit products, and you’re saying that there’s something wrong with my blood. Even if I were to have AIDS, I wouldn’t blow up the beads!” Ye Xing paused for a moment and suddenly realized, exclaiming, “Could it be that I am a once-in-a-million years five spirit root genius with supreme qualifications, and this bead of yours was shocked by my horrible qualifications and exploded.”

Could it be that this fellow was, indeed, an overwhelming genius?

Guo Dongmei just took one look at him and pooh-poohed.

Let alone five spirit roots, she had never even heard of three spirit roots, surely it must be an instrument problem.

“It’s really unlucky to come across you, I’m really guilty of being cheap, I have nothing to give you any spirit root test, how can I explain this to master.”

Guo Dongmei gathered up the beads on the ground and put them in her pocket.

If you want to see a person alive, you want to see a corpse dead, with this bead fragment, master should not beat you so hard.

“Don’t worry about the bead, if we can get out, you won’t put the blame on Qiao Baihe, just say that she broke it and that the bead blocked the ice ling and you came back from the dead.” Ye Xing taught.

Guo Dongmei’s eyes lit up and her whole body jumped up.

“I didn’t expect you to have such poor character, but you are still quite smart, so be it.”

“Which of my character is poor?”

“The blood is dirty like that, how much better can one’s character be.” Guo Dongmei despised.

Ye Xing: “……”


Chapter 342

“Hey, how are the five elements, how do I sense them, can you teach me?” Ye Xing asked.

“It’s useless to teach you, you don’t have any spiritual roots.”

“Who said I don’t have spirit roots, it’s not like you didn’t see it just now, I have five spirit roots, even your root measuring beads exploded with fear at my astounding qualifications.”

“Still mentioning this, are you looking for a beating.” As soon as she mentioned it, Guo Dongmei wanted to get angry again.

“Teach me, just in case I learn it, I might be able to beat your senior sister. By then we can escape.” Ye Xing laughed heatedly.

Ever since he got the Hardening Technique, he hadn’t had the chance to learn it!

“Dream your big dreams.”

Guo Dongmei gave him a blank stare before continuing, “Sensing the five elements is the first and most difficult step in cultivating immortality. It takes two or three years for those with high qualifications to perceive it. For those with poor qualifications, they may not even be able to perceive it in five or six years, just like how difficult it is for you ancient martial artists to practice true qi. At the beginning, I soaked in the cold pool for more than two years in order to sense the water element, a kind of difficulty that only those who cultivate immortality know.”

“What about Xue’er, how long did it take her?” Ye Xing asked.

“She is a bit better qualified. It took half a year to sense the water element, but she hasn’t sensed the earth element yet, so she doesn’t know any earth element spells yet.” Guo Dongmei said.

“Teach it to me, just in case I really know it?” Ye Xing continued to urge.

“Not to mention that you don’t have spirit roots, even if you do, it’s impossible for you to perceive it in a short time.”

“How about we make a bet?”

“How can I bet?”

“You teach me the method of perception, if I learn it today, you promise me a request, if I lose, I save your life and you don’t owe me any favours in the future, how about that?” Ye Xing smiled and said.

Guo Dongmei thought about it and felt that he had saved this little life of hers, so she should repay him a little.

“Alright, I’ll teach you.” She nodded her head.

“Won’t you ask, what are my requirements?”

“Any request.” He couldn’t win anyway, and Guo Dongmei didn’t bother to tell him.

“What if I ask you to do a strip dance?” Ye Xing hedged and laughed.

“Sleep with you even.”

Guo Dongmei gave him a blank look, feeling that he was getting more and more shameless.

After thinking for a while, she then spoke up.

“The five elemental elements are a kind of substance scattered in the natural world, and so far there is no definite definition for the five elemental elements. Some say it is a particle in the air, others say it is a molecule, some say it is light, and some even describe it as a spiritual force of nothingness. Each element has a different sensibility. I only know water spells, so let’s say the element of water, you see ……”

Guo Dongmei spread her hands flat, her brow furrowed slightly as a drop of water slowly coalesced in her palms.

The water droplet was only the size of a red bean at first, gradually turning into a gla*s bead and finally becoming the size of a basketball, hovering above both palms like two water balls. Under the light of the torch, it glistened and was extremely beautiful.

“D*mn, after learning this magic ability. You don’t even need to bring props when you go to do magic tricks.” Ye Xing exclaimed.


Guo Dongmei spurted out a mouthful of blood, and the water ball in her hand lost control and fell to the ground with a clatter.

“You need to focus to cast spells, would it kill you not to talk?”

“Knowing that I’m seriously injured, it’s hard for me to cast my Yuan Qi, I’m P*ssed off by you.”

Guo Dongmei covered her chest and coughed again.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think that one sentence could make you vomit blood.” Ye Xing hurriedly apologised.

“Yuan Qi is the foundation of cultivation techniques, and if you want to cultivate Yuan Qi, you must allow yourself to resonate with the elements. Resonance, do you understand? It means treating yourself as an element, just like me. When you sense the water element, think of yourself as water; when you sense the fire element, you should think of yourself as fire. One of the things that the Master always says is that everything has a spirit. Every flower, every gra*s, every tree, every mountain, even a speck of dust in the air, has a life of its own. To conquer them, you must make yourself a part of them …… Forget it. You don’t understand even if you talk about it, playing to the bull, wasting time.”

Taking spells to perform magic, this B*****d, what did he take the people of the Immortal Sect for.

Guo Dongmei cursed and walked to the side to heal her wounds.

All things have spirits.

If one wanted to sense all things, one had to let oneself become a part of all things.

Let yourself resonate with the five elements.

Ye Xing murmured to himself as if he had an understanding.

It was as if the flood tide had been turned off in his mind, stupidly, but for a moment, he could not find an outlet for the same.

He pulled out the dagger, playing with it and stroking it in his hand. Trying to feel that so-called golden element, but for a long time, still nothing could be sensed.

“I seem to understand a little, what else did your master tell you. Tell me more.”

Ye Xing walked to her side and continued to ask.


“There must be, think again.”

“Are you annoyed!”

“I’m bugging you too so we can escape. You don’t need to demonstrate the spell this time to save spitting blood again. Just speak directly.”

“Master also said. Try to be in a place you’re familiar with when you’re feeling, familiarity increases closeness. For this reason, I specifically ran back home and soaked in the water for two or three years at the pool where I grew up drinking water ……,” Guo Dongmei said a little more.

The most familiar places.

The most familiar items.

This is true, it is a pity that there is not a single metallic thing on oneself that has been carried for a long time and is not intimate.

“There are thousands of methods of perception, and they cannot be specific, and some people may trigger perceptions when they are desperate. The Sect Master once said that her enlightenment came when she was desperate, once her house was on fire and in order to save her family, she rushed into the fire and ended up comprehending the fire control technique.”

When desperate, human potential would explode with terrifying power.

Ye Xing continued to comprehend, but still had no luck, and was at that moment. The sound of footsteps came from outside the cave again.

He stood up at once and stood guard by the cave entrance.

“Ye Xing, it’s me.” Du Jiuniang’s voice came from outside.

“Du Jiuniang, if you came over to persuade me, there is no need to open your mouth.” Ye Xing snorted coldly.

“Ye Xing, as long as you kill that woman and promise me not to tell anyone about Lily, I will vouch for you with my character. It will definitely not touch a single cold hair on your head.” Du Jiuniang continued to persuade.

“Do you still have character?” Ye Xing sneered.

“You …… Ye Xing, our goals are the same, both are to deal with Shangguan Lan. You know very well that neither you, nor I, have the strength to fight against Shangguan Lan. As long as we cooperate, our chances will be much better. Is it worth fighting against me for an unrelated woman?” Du Jiuniang suppressed her anger and continued.

Ye Xing couldn’t help but glance at Guo Dongmei.

Guo Dongmei was so frightened by his look that she took a few steps back, her face all scared.

Ye Xing laughed before turning back to Du Jiudao and said, “You are wrong, she is not a woman who is not related to me, she is my friend.”