Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 333-334

Chapter 333

The man was around twenty-six or seven years old, not much older than himself by a few years.

Ye Xing had never seen one with such a true qi cultivation at such a young age.

It was visually estimated that the man’s realm was at least above the Fifth Grade Zong Shi, if not more.

Unless one grew up cultivating, it was absolutely impossible to achieve such cultivation at such an age.

“Is he the one you are talking about?”

The man’s gaze fell on Luo Xiaoyun, revealing a puzzled look.

“That’s right, it’s him, Master, is there any problem?” Luo Xiaoyun asked worriedly.

“What he used just now was true qi, not yuan qi, are you sure he got his cultivation from taking medicine?” The man continued to ask.

“That’s right. I just ate medicine to get my cultivation, it’s only been a year, how about that, jealousy and envy!”

Seeing the shocked look in his gaze. Ye Xing sneered and stepped over.

“Yuan Qi can only manipulate evil arts, how did you use Yuan Qi to cultivate ancient martial arts?” The man had a puzzled look on his face.

“Who said that Yuan Qi can only manipulate spells? And who told you that true qi cannot manipulate spells, that’s because you are ignorant. Today, I’ll let you see how powerful my dozed off cultivation is!”

With a stomp of his right hand, Ye Xing’s whole body sprang out!

His right palm slapped out, bringing out layers of Qi waves.

After he had taken the medicine, the Tidal Wave Palm. His strength had increased greatly, and he was now able to strike five layers of waves.

The man’s body shot up into the sky and the wooden stakes under his feet were hit by Ye Xing’s astral energy and blasted directly into pieces.

Ye Xing stomped his feet and his whole body shot up into the sky, spitting out his palm strike.

The man stepped on the Qi Gang, his body flipped in mid-air for a few weeks and landed steadily on the ground with an indescribably dashing posture.

“Although I don’t know how you transformed the power of the medicine into true qi. However, as long as you take the medicine, there will be a backlash. If you listen to me and disperse your true qi, you still have a chance of survival. Otherwise, sooner or later, you will go off the rails and the deeper your cultivation, the more you will be doomed.” The man said coldly.

Ye Xing was extremely uncomfortable from the first moment he saw this man.

He had a lofty arrogance, as if he didn’t look at anyone in the eyes.

It was as if he was an eagle and Ye Xing was nothing but mud.

“What are you hiding for, have the guts to fight me!” Ye Xing coldly snorted.

“You are not my opponent, and I won’t fight you.” The man finished and faced towards Luo Xiaoyun, “Luo Xiaoyun, I’ll leave first. If you want to find me in the future, you can go to the Heavenly Mountain Fallen Eagle Peak, my surname is Jiang, my name is Chang’an.”

“Jiang Chang’an, could it be that you saved me when I was in distress on Tianshan Mountain six months ago?” Luo Xiaoyun covered her mouth and exclaimed in shock.

“That’s right, it was me.”

Jiang Chang’an stood with his hands behind his back, facing north, and said proudly, “That day you went to Heaven Mountain to look for the Immortal Gate, and although you were only a mortal, you did not fear life or death. Your hands and feet were frozen and your life was hanging by a thread, but the snowy mountains did not deter your confidence in any way. I have never seen a mortal with such perseverance, so I saved you.”

“So it was you, thanks for saving my life.” Luo Xiaoyun hurriedly said.

“No need to thank you, you are a good woman that I have seen rarely, so farewell.”

Jiang Chang’an said, his body leapt up and instantly disappeared from sight.

Ye Xing did not chase after him, he knew that he would not be able to catch up at all.

The other party was a clan master of the fifth rank or above, with his current realm. At most, he was a third rank, and could not beat him.

“Have the guts to fight, what are you running for, coward.” Ye Xing scolded.

“Don’t think you’re a bit capable and pretend to be noble in front of Laozi, one day, I’ll beat you to death.”

“You look like a man, you look like a dog. What a thing ……”

Ye Xing’s mouth was like a bead, cursing a lot, and the more he cursed, the less he was relieved.

Ever since he was a child, he had never been so stifled.

Even if Shangguan Lan looked down on him, at least, Shangguan Lan still looked at him squarely and made words to humiliate him.

As for him, it seemed that Ye Xing did not even have the qualifications to be humiliated by him.

He simply didn’t see him as a rival.

“What’s the use of scolding when people are gone.”

Luo Xiaoyun was speechless when she saw him cursing at the air.

“I just love to curse. What do you care?”

Ye Xing huffed and left, not wanting to talk to her anymore.

Back at the villa, Ye Xing sat on the bed in a plank and took a long time to let his mood calm down.

“Grandma. All of you look down on me, sooner or later, I’ll show you all the power.”

After taking a deep breath and calming down. Ye Xing began to take the second elixir.

The third pill took longer to refine, three days.

Then, Ye Xing continued to take the pill and refine the third one.

After the third elixir was all refined, he clearly felt like something had opened up in his body, and his internal qi was much thicker than before.

Ye Xing’s consciousness entered the inner world, and when he saw the fourth card light up, he could no longer hold back his excitement.

“Haha, the fourth memory fragment, it’s finally opened.”

The third one had made a qualitative change in his strength, and the fourth one, would definitely have an even greater harvest.

Ye Xing took a deep breath and reached out to tap it open.

It was not like last time, when the card glow turned into a point of light and entered his head.

This time, five tiny cards suddenly popped out from the card.

Above the five small cards. The five words ‘Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth’ were written.

“What the heck?” Ye Xing had a puzzled face.

But soon, he understood.

This should be for him to choose the divine ability among the five elements of ‘Gold, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth’.

It seemed that the memory fragment was starting to teach him the spell divine ability.

In the Immortal Sect, he had fought two people.

Shangguan Lan was good at manipulating ice, Su Furong was good at manipulating fire, and the Immortal Sect’s spells tended to lean towards the five elements.

The Chaos Skill was different from other martial arts, in that it could cultivate ancient martial arts and spells at the same time.

It was just that before. The spells were just not opened, but now it was only now that the spell divine ability was truly opened.

“Old me is now equally able to cultivate spells, when the time comes that Immortal Martial Arts are cultivated together, see if I don’t shock you all silly.”

Ye Xing suppressed the excitement of his internal qi and pointed his finger around the five elements, not knowing what to choose.

He didn’t know whether to choose multiple or single, in case he chose single, it would be troublesome to choose wrong.

“Shangguan Lan manipulates ice, not water.”

“Su Fu Rong’s fire spell, it’s not that powerful.”

“Earth system, sounds old fashioned at the name.”

“Wood system, it feels very soft, not like it’s powerful at all.”

After thinking about it, Ye Xing finally felt that the Gold system was the most powerful, after all, gold represented strength and hardness.

Hardness, what man wouldn’t like it?

After deciding, Ye Xing’s finger instantly tapped on the word ‘gold’.

The word ‘gold’ turned into a golden light and entered Ye Xing’s mind, and immediately he felt like he felt that inside his head, there was more content.

“The Hardening Technique.”

“Hybrid Dan Dan recipe.”

That was it?

After digesting the extra content inside his mind, Ye Xing was instantly a little disappointed.

He had originally thought that the extra gold spell would be something like Divine Sword or Vajra Invulnerable Body, but he had never thought that it would be a spell that even had such an earthy name that he was ashamed to even mention the name with people.

“The Hardening Technique? Is it the divine power of the Ten Girls of the Night?” Others would ask.


Chapter 334

It was good that there was an additional Hybrid Pill Dan recipe.

This elixir was obviously a level higher than the Peiyuan Dan, and the effect should be much better.

“The vintage is at least eight hundred years.”

After seeing the year of the herbal medicine needed, Ye Xing was directly blinded.

Wasn’t this imposing on people?

This ginseng that he had with him now was only about five hundred years old, and it was still something that Xiao Qi had searched for over a year to find.

Still, looking back on the harvest, it was worth it.

If it was that easy to get, he would soon be a supreme master.

How else would he let others play?

For the time being, he tossed aside the Mixed Yuan Dan recipe and didn’t think about it. After all, there were no high vintage herbs now, and it was useless to understand.

Ye Xing dropped his mind to the Hardening Technique.

“Hardening Technique, an introductory spell of the Golden System, can harden objects. Allowing the body to harden increases defense; allowing weapons to harden increases attack power …… using its own gold element to break the original elemental ordering of the object. Make a qualitative change in matter.”

Looking at this paragraph of text, Ye Xing was again baffled.

How could this text look so much like studying chemistry?

It was a good thing that he was somewhat cultured, otherwise he would really have to look baffled.

“Before you cultivate, you must first understand what is meant by the element of gold.”

“The gold element is one of the five elements. The elements are the most basic condition for manipulating spells. The stronger the perceptive ability, the stronger the understanding of the elements, and the more you want to learn spells. One must perceive the elements between heaven and earth and make the elements resonate with them.”

The above paragraph flashed inside his mind.

What followed was all about the method of feeling the five elements.

The five elements, gold, wood, water, fire and earth, each had a different method of perception, the theory was only approximate, the rest could only be perceived by oneself.

After digesting the extra message in his mind, Ye Xing Shang opened his eyes, pulled out the dagger from his body and slowly stroked it.

Feeling the cold sensation in his fingers, he saw if he could sense the presence of the gold element.

However, after stroking it for over an hour and warming up the dagger, he still could not feel the so-called gold element.

He didn’t even know what the so-called golden element was.

Counting the time, it had been almost ten days since he returned from the provincial city, so he wondered how the gang of trash was doing, and whether they had already left for Tianshan.

Ye Xing took out his mobile phone and turned it on.

Just after turning it on, many messages popped up immediately, most of them were sent by Du Jiuniang.

“What’s wrong with you, turning off your phone for so long.”

“Ye Xing, you don’t dare to go to Tianshan and say so directly, what’s wrong with turning off your phone?”

“Coward. Coward.”

This last message was from yesterday, and literally, one could already hear Du Jiuniang’s dissatisfaction.

This B*tch, she really thought she was a thing.

Ye Xing snorted coldly and was about to return a call to Xiao Qiao, as Xiao Qiao had also called him and he was afraid that she would be worried.

At this moment, the phone rang, it was Du Jiuniang calling.

Just as he picked up, Du Jiuniang’s angry voice came from the other side of the phone.

“Ye Xing, turning off the phone for so long, what the hell is wrong with you?”

“I’m dealing with something. It was delayed.”

“Can’t you turn on your phone if you’re dealing with something, I think you’re just retreating with the bout.” Du Jiuniang said angrily.

He used to say brother left and right, but since he didn’t go up to her last time and humiliated her, Ye Xing felt that this woman had completely changed.

So, don’t jump to conclusions about a woman before you get to know her.

“I won’t back down, where are you guys, have you set off yet?”

“In the provincial city, leaving tonight, come back!” After saying that, Du Jiuniang hung up the phone.

Ye Xing put the phone away. He went downstairs to the garage and prepared to drive away.

Just in time, a car drove in from outside, but it was Luo Xiaoyun.

“Where are you going?” Luo Xiaoyun asked as she rolled down the car window.

“To Tianshan.” Ye Xing said in a salty manner.

Ever since Luo Xiaoyun had worshipped that pretentious king Jiang Changan as her teacher, Ye Xing had been all kinds of displeased with her, hating her, so I guess that was the case.

“Can I come with you?”


Ye Xing flatly refused.

Let alone the fact that he didn’t see her favourably now, even if there was no such thing as Jiang Chang’an. He absolutely could not take her with him either.

He could not even protect himself, how could he care about her.

“You’re not still picking a fight with me about Master, are you?” Luo Xiaoyun looked at him, her gaze full of contempt. “Even if you have a problem with him, it has nothing to do with me, can you be a man like that?”

“Who’s angry with you, I can’t take you with me, it’s too dangerous.”

“If you don’t take me, I’ll go on my own, it’s not like I don’t know the way anyway.”

Luo Xiaoyun hummed and rolled up the car window.

Ye Xing got out of the car. Stopped in front of her car and knocked on her window.

“What for?”

Luo Xiaoyun rolled down the window and asked without good grace.

Looking at her condescending look, Ye Xing really wanted to ignore her. Who loves who!

However, he knew that when a man quarrelled with a woman, if the man did not take the initiative to admit his mistake, he would never be able to make up in his life.

Especially for a woman like Luo Xiaoyun, who was so arrogant to the bone. It was even harder to get her to admit her mistake than to climb up to heaven.

“I admit, I was petty, I was jealous, I was at fault.”

“But this time, going to Tianshan is really dangerous, you can’t go.”

Ye Xing said seriously.

“I’m not your who, what are you jealous of.” Luo Xiaoyun hummed.

However, the face eased up much more.

“You’ve even kissed, and you’re still saying you’re not anyone ……”

“Ye Xing, if you mention this matter again, I’ll talk to flip out.” Luo Xiaoyun instantly got angry again.

There was a super friendship with Ye Xing, this had always been a hurdle in her heart that she couldn’t get over. Ever since she got drunk that night, she had been blaming herself after she sobered up and tried not to mention it, but he was good. He brought it up every time he saw her.

“You flip or you don’t flip, it’s all true. I’m just telling you that if there was no Cher, you’d be my woman. With a relationship like ours, do you think I would let you do dangerous things?” Ye Xing said while knocking her on the head. “Stay well at home and don’t go anywhere, if you dare to go to Tianshan. See if I don’t spare you.”

These last words were said in a rather domineering manner.

Leaving these words behind, Ye Xing then turned around and went back to his car.

Luo Xiaoyun should have been angry, but hearing these last domineering, as if commanding words from him, she instantly stopped being angry.

With her in mind, what was the point of being overbearing?

“I can go without you, but nothing must happen to you, live well, or I won’t spare you either.”

Luo Xiaoyun turned towards his back and shouted from afar.

“Don’t worry, I won’t die until the friendship between you and I is raised to p*rnography.”

“Get lost.”

Ye Xing laughed loudly, waved his hand rakishly and drove his car, heading for the provincial city.

In the evening, he returned to the provincial city and went directly to Du Jiuniang’s villa.

Inside the villa at this time, there were people standing around, apart from those they knew, and at the c-suite was a man in his forties with bulging temples.

“Ye Xing, your position as president has been removed, now Wu Baichuan is our president.”

Wang Zhongyuan pointed at the middle-aged man in the c-seat and gloated.