Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 33-34

Chapter 33

The last time he was reincarnated, he actually lived for just over an hour and was reborn in a hospital, where he also hung out.

What was this fate of infinite rebirth all about?

This bullSh*t fate that could not be explained by science, life science, pig’s tongue, dog’s tongue, cat’s tongue and snake’s tongue kept tormenting him and he did not know when it would end.

At this moment, Su Xiaoqiao came out of the ward.

“Xiaoqiao. You’ve come out?” Ye Xing asked.


Xiao Qiao handed the thermos over.

“What’s this?”

“Chicken soup.”

“Why are you giving it to me?”

“The doctor said my mother hadn’t been in surgery long and her wounds hadn’t recovered well enough to drink it for now.”

“Little Joe. You drink it, I’m not hungry.”

“Drink it when I tell you to, where’s the nonsense.” Su Xiaoqiao’s voice increased.


Ye Xing took the thermos and sat down on the stool next to him.

Seeing that the stool next to him was a bit dirty, he wiped it with his own clothes before saying, “Xiao Qiao. You sit.”

Such an attentive man, but it was a pity that he was a fool.

Su Xiaoqiao secretly sighed and sat down.

“Eat quickly, you have to be busy later.” Su Xiao Qiao said.

Ye Xing ate, and inside the chicken soup, he ate the care of a girl for her parents.

It took a long time to make the chicken soup and she had to work so early, which meant that she was already up in the early morning.

What a nice young lady, I wonder which turtle B*****d she will cheapen later.

He also ate out of his mind about staying in this life.

“What are you thinking about?”

Seeing her stubbing her chin, Ye Xing asked.

“I’m thinking, who is helping me?” Su Xiaoqiao rested her pretty chin.

“Helping you with what?”

“You wouldn’t understand if I told you.”

“Xiao Qiao, you are so kind to your mother.” Ye Xing said from the bottom of his heart.

Nowadays, there were very few young girls, not to mention the rebellious ones, even the ordinary ones, who were as filial as she was.

Many couldn’t even take care of themselves, where sometimes they were filial to their parents.

“I grew up in a single-parent family, and my mother worked hard to bring me up. Making money for my education …… you wouldn’t understand how hard it was for an uneducated rural woman, she earned all that money penny by penny.”

“Mom used to be a flower in the village, and for my sake, look what she boiled into.”

“From the day I understood, I secretly swore in my heart that I would make sure she had a good life.”

Speaking of this, Su Xiaoqiao’s eyes moistened. It was good that in front of Ye Xing, she didn’t need to hide it.

“Those days when I was short of money, I frantically borrowed money, but it was a drop in the bucket. If it wasn’t for that mysterious person calling my mother for money, to be honest, I might have actually slept with Wang Duojin for the money. I’m especially grateful to that man now, it’s just a pity that I don’t know who he is yet.”

Su Xiaoqiao took out a tissue from inside her backpack and wiped her tears.

It was at this moment. The phone rang, it was from Chen Fang.

“Have you finished eating, let’s go!” Su Xiaoqiao dried her tears and stood up.

On the way to the Star Building, Chen Fang had not dared to speak, that unhappy and scornful expression. It made Ye Xing secretly laugh.

The Star Building was in the centre of the new city in the south of the city, a trade building that had been built less than five years ago.

Huaijiang was a coastal city, separated by a large river and divided into two banks.

The northern city is an old town, which is not easy to develop. A few years ago, under the squatter policy, the government’s focus shifted south and built the new city on the south bank, which became the new economic centre.

When entering the lift, Su Xiaoqiao met a person. It was none other than Xia Hong, a net celebrity from the same company.

Xia Hong was a netizen with ten million fans, with more than ten million followers, and was a netizen that the company focused on creating. It was something that the current Su Xiaoqiao was still far from being able to compare to.

“Hello, Sister Hong.” Xiao Qiao greeted politely.

“Xiao Qiao, you also came to the Star Mansion to pick up scenery?” Xia Hong asked arrogantly.

“Yes, to smoothly buy a few clothes. Mr. Mu said my clothes for the shoot were too one-dimensional.”

As a newcomer, Su Xiaoqiao maintained due respect for her.

“The clothes here are not cheap oh, take a good look and good luck in buying the clothes you like.”

Leaving an inexplicable remark, Xia Hong got off the lift on the first floor and then pulled out her phone.

“All the designer clothing shops here are my friends, I’ll see how you buy today.”

After sending a message to the shop managers of all the shops, Xia Hong then set off on her way.

The Star Tower was a shopping, dining, entertainment and office building with twenty floors in total.

The third, fourth and fifth floors are the clothing city. Many big brand companies were stationed inside.

“I’ll buy a dress first before shooting.”

Su Xiaoqiao was thrifty and only had a few sets of clothes on her, and already some fans were making comments.

It just so happened that she was paid yesterday, so she decided to be extravagant for once and buy herself a nice outfit.

Soon they reached the third floor and the three of them stepped out of the lift.

People pa*sing by. Eyes fell on the three and cast strange glances.

Su Xiaoqiao looked at the two men beside her and instantly understood.

Two women and a man shopping, normal; two men and a woman shopping, indeed a bit strange.

“Chen Fang, you go ahead and get busy, I guess it will take me a while to pick out my clothes, I’ll call you when I’m done.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

Ye Xing was Mr. Mu’s husband, since she had brought him out, she naturally had to ensure his safety, there was no way she would let him leave.


Chen Fang cast a reluctant glance at Ye Xing, before reluctantly leaving.

Su Xiaoqiao led Ye Xing and walked into the first clothing shop.

“Sir, Madam, welcome.” The attendant shouted politely.

Su Xiao Qiao went in and looked at the flowery clothes inside and was a little dazzled.

She casually took out a piece of clothing and was shocked when she read the price tag on it.

A long-sleeved shirt for spring alone cost over a thousand dollars.

A monthly salary of five thousand dollars could only buy four thin long-sleeved shirts.

“Please bring this shirt over so I can try it on.” Su Xiaoqiao instructed, pointing at a beige dress.

“Okay.” The shop a*sistant was about to go and get it.

“Sorry, this dress is out of size.” A voice suddenly came out.

A tall woman with a nameplate that read shop manager walked over.

“Store manager, it looks like there’s still …… inside the stock.”

“If I say there isn’t, there isn’t, are you the shop manager or my shop manager?” The shop manager said angrily.

Just a moment ago, she received a message from our shop’s senior???? customer Xia Hong’s message that as long as she sold this woman one piece of clothing, she would not even buy clothes from their shop in the future.

Xia Hong was a shopaholic and bought at least ten thousand dollars of clothes in the shop every month, such a golden master she could not afford to offend.

Su Xiaoqiao took the dress and looked at the size and said, “This size fits me.”

“Sorry, this dress has also been ordered.” The shopkeeper shouted at the shop a*sistant just now, “Vivian, the dress that has already been ordered by the customer, you are still hanging here, why don’t you put it away quickly.”

“Okay, shopkeeper.”

The female shop a*sistant could not say anything else, she could only obey orders and came over to snatch the clothes out of Su Xiaoqiao’s hands.

Su Xiaoqiao was not a fool and immediately understood, her face having an ugly look.

It must be Xia Hong who was playing a role in this.

But she didn’t have a fit and turned around to leave.


Chapter 34

Next, Su Xiaoqiao went to more than thirty designer shops in a row, except for some ordinary shops, the rest of the designer shops with slightly better clothes treated her like a plague, and the shop managers made things difficult for her.

When she was picking out her clothes, Su almost had a fit several times, but her natural tolerance made her put up with it in the end.

“Xiao Qiao, I need to go to the bathroom.” Ye Xing suddenly said.

“I’ll accompany you.”

“No need. I’m not a child, there’s a toilet right over there.” Ye Xing pointed to the sign in the distance.

“Then you go, I’ll wait for you here.” Su Xiaoqiao nodded.

Ye Xing turned around and walked towards the restroom.

The moment he turned around. His face changed instantly.

There was a staircase next to the toilet, and Ye Xing extended the stairs up.

After asking some questions, he arrived at the office on the fifth floor.

In the Star Mansion, each type of industry, had its own office, and this office thing on the fifth floor was the very one that managed the entire Garment City on the third, fourth and fifth floors.


Ye Xing gently knocked on the office door.

“Excuse me, is this the bathroom?”

There were a dozen desks inside, and seven or eight people were working.

“Blind eyes. Don’t you see what kind of place this is?”

A middle-aged man with a big belly and the look of a manager scolded.

The rest of the employees looked over, as if they were looking at fools.

Anyone with a discerning eye knew that this was an office, so how could it be a washroom.

“I would like to ask, is there a restroom here?” Ye Xing continued to ask.


An office employee, impatiently said.

Ye Xing withdrew a few steps and looked at the big letters on the office door and read, “Garment City Office.”

This should be the place, and he walked in at that moment.

“Are you deaf, didn’t you hear what I said?” The middle-aged man cursed.

Luo Dahai was in a bad mood!

Why bad? Because the Star Mansion was sold.

Just now, his distant relative Yang Mei called and told her that Star Mansion had changed owners and was now not under the Murong family’s name.

Luo Dahai knew very well his own background, he was a person who had not graduated from high school, had little education and was not very eloquent, so how could he become the manager of the garment city, it was not because of this relationship with his relatives.

When the new boss comes, he will definitely get to know Garment City, take a look at his resume, and then look at his relationship with Yang Mei, he will know what is going on, and firing him is a very normal thing.

A job that pays tens of thousands of dollars a month. He couldn’t even find it if he went out and beat the lantern.

At this time, a fool came in and asked questions, how could he not be angry?

Ye Xing walked in as if he hadn’t heard his words and sat down next to a tea table in the middle.

There was still tea brewing on the table, and without saying a word, he washed a cup, poured a cup and drank it down in one go.

“Who’s the manager here?”

He asked indifferently, with the air of a superior man in his voice.

A moment ago, he still looked like a fool, and in an instant, it was as if he had transformed into a reigning business tycoon.

The whole office. All looked at him in shock.

“Who are you?”

Luo Dahai had a bad premonition and his voice weakened.

“Hasn’t the message been transmitted down from above, the Star Mansion has changed owners.”

Luo Dahai stumbled on his feet and almost fell over.

This couldn’t be the new little boss, could it?

“You are?” He asked weakly.

“I’m the new owner of Star Mansion, surnamed Ye.” Ye Xing said indifferently.

The whole room was dumbfounded at the words.

Luo Dahai almost cried.

The office employee who had spoken impatiently earlier turned blue in the face.

Now they finally understood.

This master was not a fool at all, this was a private visit.

In the field world, it was not uncommon for bosses to visit companies privately.

“Boss Ye, my name is Luo Dahai, I’m the manager of Garment City.”

Luo Dahai said weakly with a crying voice as he bent over.

“Sit down.”

Ye Xing pointed across the tea table.

“Boss. My subordinate does not dare.”

“Sit down if you are told to, I am a very nice person to talk to.” Ye Xing smiled.

“Thank you, boss.”

Luo Dahai sat down with half of his butt.

“This tea is quite good, it’s very tasty.” Ye Xing poured another cup and took a sip.

“This is the famous Junshan Silver Needle, it tastes especially good, it’s still ma*s produced, if boss likes it, I’ll send you some?”

Luo Dahai seemed to have found a breakthrough. He hurriedly said in a patronising manner.

“The tea is so good, if it were me, I would also stay inside the office all day, not wanting to go out even half a step.” Ye Xing cupped his cup and sneered.

“Boss, this tea table is mostly for guests, I only drink it occasionally and spend most of the time on patrol. If boss thinks it’s not okay, I’ll let you move it.” Luo Dahai said hastily.

“Patrolling bullSh*t, what kind of quality shop a*sistants did you recruit?”

Ye Xing suddenly stood up and smashed the cup in his hand on the floor, shattering it all over the place.

The whole office, all of them, were startled.

“Little boss. I don’t quite understand?” Luo Dahai’s face changed and he asked weakly.

“Give you five minutes to find out for yourself and understand.” Ye Xing took out his mobile phone and looked at the time. Put it on the tea table.

Luo Dahai was so scared that his head was covered in sweat, and he hurriedly said, “Fine, I’ll go check right away.”

He walked out of the office and took out his mobile phone to make a call.

It took less than five minutes. In three minutes he was back, too sweaty to even bother wiping.

“Boss, I was not disciplined properly before I let the shop a*sistant do such a shameless thing, I must punish him severely.”

“As a practitioner in the service industry, the customer is the first God, no distinction is made between noble and lowly ……”

“I don’t want to hear you talk about the avenue, how do you want to deal with it?” Ye Xing asked.

“Boss, you can deal with it however you want, I’ll listen to you.” Luo Dahai accompanied with a smile.

Ye Xing looked at Luo Dahai and thought that this guy, was not useless.

At least in terms of handling things, he was quite mellow.

“Three points, first, all shop managers who have refused that customer must be forgiven by the customer. Otherwise dismissed.”

“Second, in view of the damage done to the customer, in future, the clothes this customer has looked at in this clothing city, one rate is free.”

“Third, the net red Xia Hong, from now on she is not welcome in our clothing city, sell one piece of clothing to her staff, get out of my way immediately.”

Ye Xing stretched out three fingers. Giving the order.

“Boss, the first and the third are fine, just this second one, all free, in case she empties the clothing city ……”

“Put it on my account.”

“Yes yes, understood.”

Luo Dahai understood at once.

Dare I say that that client has a not-so-simple relationship with the boss!

“Convey it down!”

“Boss, is this tea table still to be moved?” Luo Dahai asked.

“I can do something, it’s no problem to move ten tea tables over.” Ye Xing stood up and raised his head.

Back there, Su Xiaoqiao stood at the bathroom door, anxious.

“What took you so long to go to the toilet and you didn’t even answer the phone, you’re in a hurry.” Seeing Ye Xing, she said urgently.

“Sister, I have a bit of diarrhea.” Ye Xing made an excuse.

“Are you alright?” Su Xiaoqiao was a little worried.

“I’ll be fine after going to the toilet.”

Su Xiaoqiao breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Let’s go, find a shop to buy clothes, or we won’t be able to shoot in time.”