Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 329-330

Chapter 329

“Thinking of a back way before everything, brother, you are really a resourceful person!” Du Jiuniang laughed.

“Letting the six great sects go as cannon fodder is just, it’s not like we’re being asked to go, if there’s no fallback, I’d only go to Tianshan if I’m stupid.” Ye Xing said.

Du Jiuniang stood up, walked into the study next to her, took out a map from the bookshelf and spread it flat on the desktop.

The map was handwritten and very clear, with the words ‘Tianshan’ written in large letters at the top.

“This is a topographical map of the peaks of the Heavenly Mountains, according to reliable sources. The location of the First Ancient Formation is likely to be on this Falling Eagle Peak.”

Du Jiuniang picked up a pen and marked a large circle on it.

“A year ago, I sent people to dig three escapeable tunnels here. These three places are similar in distance, so no matter where the final battle takes place, we can all hide towards the nearest place when the time comes. The tunnels are so small that only one person can enter, so even if the Immortal Sect’s people are powerful, they won’t dare to chase us through the tunnels.” Du Jiuniang said.

“Half a year ago? Could it be that Boss Lady knew the location of the First Ancient Formation long ago?” Ye Xing asked strangely.

“The location of the First Ancient Formation was actually not a secret long ago, quite a few people knew about it. It’s just that. The Immortal Sect just hasn’t found a way to enter.”

“Didn’t they get the key a long time ago?”

The key, or the one Shangguan Lan had obtained from himself.

“The key is only one of them, there are many more mechanisms within the ancient formation, and without full certainty, the Immortal Sect’s people simply don’t dare to enter. I heard that now Shangguan Lan has found a way to probe the secrets inside the ancient formation, which is why he dares to open it.” Du Jiuniang said.

“Boss Lady has an inside man in the Immortal Sect, right?” Ye Xing looked at her with a smile.

She knew such a big secret, it would be a hell of a thing to say that there were no inside agents within the Immortal Sect.

Although her strength was not good, but, she had beauty!

Apart from men like myself, who had seen many women, there were not many men who could resist her temptation.

“You don’t need to know that.” Du Jiuniang didn’t admit it, nor did she deny it.

“Where is the location of the secret pa*sage?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“This map is too small, the Tianshan Mountains are snowy all year round and the landscape is ever-changing, I can’t even find the location of the secret pa*sage until I get to the scene, let alone on the map. When the time comes, you just follow me around, and we’ll escape together if something goes wrong.”

Even if she knew, she would definitely not tell Ye Xing the location, clearly wanting to tie him to a stalk.

When the time came, if Ye Xing wanted to escape, he could only protect her from death.

This woman. She was really calculating.

“When do we leave?” Ye Xing finally asked.

“It should be recently, I’ll tell you when we leave. But before you go there, you have to go with me to meet the six sects to confirm your position as the president, don’t be unable to even send people when the time comes again, you’ll be a failure as a president.” Du Jiuniang laughed.

“This group of rubbish, for the sake that they can be cannon fodder, I’ll go and meet them, you make an appointment.”

Next, after discussing the details, Ye Xing left.

The moment he left the room, his gaze darkened.

One thing suddenly occurred to him. If Du Jiuniang really had an inside man in the Immortal Sect, the identity of this inside man was unknown to him. However, Du Jiuniang would definitely tell this inside agent about the relationship between Su Furong and himself, which would be a very dangerous thing for Su Furong.

Although he also wanted to use Su Furong, this use was still based on the hope that she would live well, not with Du Jiuniang like this.

With a woman like Du Jiuniang, if he died, Du Jiuniang would definitely not be half sad; even when he was in danger, Du Jiuniang would definitely abandon him and flee without hesitation.

In the evening, Du Jiuniang called him. She asked him to go to her family villa.

Her identity had already been exposed, so there was no need for her to hide anymore.

Inside the villa, the six great sects were all there, each with one or two disciples by their side.

When Ye Xing walked in, all eyes fell on him with different expressions.

“Ye Xing is here, let’s wipe out our old grudges and feuds from now on. Fight against the Immortal Sect together. How about stopping them from opening the ancient formation and breaking our life home?” Du Jiuniang said loudly like a stirrer.

The six great sect heads had long since pa*sed on their agreement and all had no opinion.

From their eyes, Ye Xing could tell that Wang Zhongyun, the Pavilion Master of Cloudy Heaven Pavilion and Lin Shuang, the Island Master of Kyushu Island still had an opinion, the other Sect Masters had no opinion and obeyed his charge.

“Since they all agree that I should be the President of the Alliance, then I would like to ask, what are my rights?” Ye Xing swept his gaze down to the six great Sect Leaders and said seriously, “Is it my orders. You all have to obey. I don’t want to think that when we fight with the Immortal Sect, some people will disobey orders and become retreaters without permission in order to escape. Then this alliance won’t mean much.”

“Ye Xing, don’t worry, since you are the president, then when it comes to action. The six great sects will naturally have to obey your orders. However, concentration of power is not a good thing, so I have spoken to all six sects, if there is a problem with you leading the team on the way, the seven of us can vote, and if four of us feel that you are no longer suitable to lead the team, your position as president will be removed.” Du Jiuniang said.

Ye Xing gave Du Jiuniang a look and really wanted to curse a B*tch.

This Strike Ming was using him as a puppet and could hollow him out at any time.

Du Jiuniang was the bread and butter of these people, she had helped them for a long time, the six great sects all obeyed her, it couldn’t be easier to want to remove himself.

However, he didn’t want to pursue too much at this point, after all, he didn’t want to be this president in the first place.

“Power is something that needs to be monitored. This I agree.” Ye Xing nodded his head.

“In order to facilitate your communication with the six sects, we have decided to a*sign you an attendant, Sun Yi, come out.”

Sun Yi stepped forward.

“From today onwards, you will be Ye Xing’s attendant and listen to his orders.” Qiao Shan commanded.

“Yes, Gang Master.” Sun Yi obeyed the order.

Attendant, supervision was more like it.

But Ye Xing did not refuse. After all, he was still quite obedient to Sun Yi, the second leader of the Hai Sha Gang.

Apart from the fact that she was quite good-looking, there was also the most important point: every time Ye Xing saw her, he would guess how her chest looked like underneath her clothes that didn’t look much bigger than himself.

Well, wicked!

“If you have any orders in the future, just tell me.” Sun Yi, the second leader of the Hai Sha Gang, said.

“No problem, if there’s nothing else, let’s go!”

The two of them left the villa and Ye Xing went back inside his car.

Sun Yi pulled open the car door and got in, sitting in the front row.

“Second Master, did Master Qiao ask you to spy on me, or was it Boss Du?” Ye Xing started the car and asked with a smile.

“I am cooperating with your work, not spying on you.” Sun Yi said back.

“Let’s go!”


Chapter 330

On the way back, the phone rang.

Ye Xing took it out and saw that it was Xiao Qi’s number.

Xiao Qi had not reported to him for a long time, and it should be about traditional Chinese medicine.

Ever since the establishment of the Dragon Palace, Ye Xing had entrusted Xiao Qi to search for precious Chinese herbs all over China, but unfortunately nothing had been gained after most of the year.

All the useful high vintage Chinese medicines were found by Ye Xing himself.

“Brother Xing, let me say one thing, don’t get excited.” On the other side of the phone, came Xiao Qi’s excited voice.

“What big scene have I never seen, take it easy yourself for now.” Ye Xing said.

“I found a ginseng plant. Preliminary appraisal is that it’s over five hundred years old, if not more.”


Ye Xing instinctively braked sharply on his feet.

Sun Yi’s head hit the front of the car heavily, if she hadn’t reacted. Her head must have swollen a bag.

“Are you crazy, how can you drive?” Sun Yi scolded.

Ye Xing leaned the car against the road and turned off the engine before he said, “I had a friend die and my emotions got a bit out of control, sorry.”

After saying that, he got out of the car and walked away far away.

“Xiao Qi. You’re not lying to me, is there really a 500-year share?” Ye Xing asked in a trembling voice.

In the past, he would not have been so excited, but now, he couldn’t help but be excited.

The realm had been stuck for a long time, not only could his cultivation not rise, but he couldn’t even open the fourth memory fragment. He was about to go to Heavenly Mountain to fight with the people from the Immortal Sect, and at a time like this, a five hundred year old ginseng was like a life-saving straw.

“Brother Xing, it’s true, it’s indeed at least five hundred years old.” Xiao Qi a*sured with great certainty and said, “I got this from a hunter’s family in the deep forest, they’ve been hunting for ten lifetimes, it’s a family heirloom.”

What a way to keep the clouds open and see the moon!

What’s the saying, if you keep doing something, one day you’ll reap the rewards.

Xiao Qi had been hunting for most of the year, spent countless money and collected many fake and substandard goods, however, Ye Xing never called him off and kept spending money to let him do it, and today he finally got something.

“Little Seven, listen up. Now bring the ginseng to the provincial capital immediately. Don’t tell anyone, and don’t tell anyone when you come here, and call me immediately. I want to make sure that the ginseng is foolproof.” Ye Xing said seriously.

“Brother Xing, I will fly there immediately.”

Back in the car, Ye Xing was still overwhelmed with excitement and his mood swings were particularly high.

“Are you alright?” Sun Yi asked.

“A friend is dead.”

Ye Xing burst into hot tears, which to Sun Yi looked like tears of sadness, which knew he was excited.

Ye Xing did not have a room in the provincial city and stayed in a hotel, and Sun Yi stayed next to his room.

Throughout the night, Ye Xing was agitated. Looking forward to the arrival of the ginseng, unable to sleep, he began to recite the Three Worlds of Karma Sutra again.

There was no talk all night.

The next day, Ye Xing didn’t go anywhere, he just waited inside his room for the call.

All three meals were called for.

At 9pm, the call finally came and Xiao Qi said that the plane had landed.

Ye Xing immediately got up and walked next door to knock on Sun Yi’s room.

“Is something wrong?” Sun Yi asked as she opened the door.

“I have to go out for something, call me if you need anything.” Ye Xing said.

“Where are you going in the middle of the night?” Sun Yi asked strangely.

“Physical needs, you know.” Ye Xing laughed.

Sun Yi’s face instantly turned red, and a sternly evil look appeared on her face.


Leaving the hotel. In less than half an hour, Ye Xing arrived at the airport and received Xiao Qi at the intersection.

Although it was night, by the light, he could still see that Xiao Qi had darkened a lot and his whole body was stronger. Traveling for long periods of time, looking for medicine. Fighting and communicating with people, he had become old and spicy from the simple teenager who didn’t know anything before.

“Brother Xing, take a look.”

Xiao Qi took a brocade box out of his arms and handed it over.

Ye Xing took it and hurriedly opened it, taking a look at it through the light inside the car.

He saw that inside the box was a huge ginseng plant.

The ginseng had three reed heads with human-shaped heads, and at first glance, it looked like three little people back to back next to each other.

Beneath each reed head were long roots and beards that filled the entire box. From their appearance alone, it was clear that they were of the highest quality.

“The stems and whiskers I measured, added up to over a metre and a half, I was stunned to see it.” Xiao Qi laughed.

“Little Seven. You’ve done a great service.” Ye Xing laughed out loud and patted him on the shoulder, “It’s still Little Green Head, tonight Brother Xing will take you to break your body and find you a beautiful chick ……”

Xiao Qi’s face instantly turned red. Embarra*sed, she said, “Brother Xing, just don’t make fun of me.”

“Just tell Brother Xing, do you want to?”

“Don’t want to.” Xiao Qi shook her head.

“Fine, then you can have a good time in the provincial city, have fun and spend your money as you wish. By the way, I’m doing something rather dangerous right now, there might be more people watching, so you can go back to Huaijiang City by yourself then.” Ye Xing instructed.

“Yes, Brother Xing.”

After taking Xiao Qi to the hotel, Ye Xing left and drove directly back to Huaijiang.

Huaijiang was only a three to four hour drive from the provincial city, and he had to rush back first to refine the ginseng into an elixir.

There were no alchemy tools in the provincial city, neither the sub-pill nor the potion furnace, and it would take time to prepare. It would be better to simply go back to his home base.

While still on the highway, the phone rang, it was Sun Yi calling.

Ye Xing pulled the car over to the side of the road, and only then did he answer the phone.

“Why haven’t you come back yet?” On the other side of the phone, she asked.

“Second leader, the gang master asked you to come and be my a*sistant, why do I feel that you are treating me like a daughter-in-law, you are too much in charge!” Ye Xing scolded.

“You are the president. It’s about the whole Anti-Immortal Society’s actions, I’m just reminding you of the importance of your own status.”

“I didn’t have enough fun tonight, I’ll play twice more later, I’m not going back.” Ye Xing said.

“Shameless.” Sun Yi hung up the phone.

Ye Xing laughed, hung up the phone and drove the car as fast as he could.

After returning to Huaijiang, Ye Xing went straight back to the villa where he was refining pills.

Just as he entered, he was spotted by the Black Angel, after all, this place, the Black Angel had sent someone to keep an eye on it.

“Black Angel, I will be here for the next few days to refine my pills, three meals a day, you will personally deliver them, don’t let anyone disturb me.”

“Yes, Dragon King.”

Ye Xing entered the villa and dispensed the pills overnight.

There were very many auxiliary pills inside the villa, not a few with decades of portions, and all along, it was a main pill with several hundred years of portions that was missing.

Opening the box, Ye Xing first cut off a reed head, with such a large head, one reed head was enough to refine a potion.

The remaining two reed heads were set aside.

For the next few days, Ye Xing locked himself up in the furnace potion room, eating, drinking and pooping in there.

For all three meals, the Black Angel delivered them, and he never went out.

His mobile phone was always switched off, at this moment he only had alchemy on his mind, as for the president of the alliance, to hell with it.

The most important thing was to improve his strength.

After three days of refining, the first furnace of three finished pills was finally made.