Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 327-328

Chapter 327

Su Furong’s mobile phone was indeed on him, what if she got it and told Shangguan Lan that she had been kidnapped by herself?

With his current strength, he was not capable of fighting against Shangguan Lan.

Even a stronger disciple of the Immortal Sect might not even be able to da fight and win.

“Don’t worry, I won’t tell her about you.” Su Furong added.

Ye Xing threw out his mobile phone and handed it over.

Guo Furong took the phone and glanced at Ye Xing before dialing the number.

Soon, the call was answered and she said respectfully, “Master. I’m sorry, my disciple was injured a little and didn’t report to you first.”

“What happened, who could have injured you?” On the other side of the phone. Shangguan Lan’s familiar voice came out.

“Master, do you still remember the Flying Leaves Sect more than twenty years ago? There’s a Flying Leaf Sect survivor over here, I was sneak attacked by her and got a little wounded.”

“Can you handle it, do you want me to send someone to help you?”

“No need, a mere trifle, I can handle it. I was just careless for a moment, I promise I’ll finish the job.”

“What’s the situation over at the six great sects?”

“It’s just a bunch of rabble. The strength is very poor, and they can’t make an impact on us at all.”

“You warn them, and go if you are not afraid of death.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Is there anything else?”

Su Furong looked at Ye Xing, hesitated for a moment and said, “No, Master.”

“Report on time next time, that’s all.” The other side hung up the phone.

Ye Xing stretched out his hand, took her phone over, looked at the phone number on it, and made a mental note of it.

Maybe one day, there would be a need for it.

“Lie down and rest, I’ll go out and get some medicine, call me if you need anything.”

Ye Xing handed the phone over to her, not locking it for her again, nor did he install a closed circuit.

The two had reached this point in their relationship, so if she still insisted on running away, there was nothing that could be done.

He went out for a stroll and returned from a trip to the pharmacy to buy a lot of herbs to heal his wounds.

Entering his room, he found the bed empty and almost cursed away.

This woman, she’s really gone?

Just then, he found the bathroom door closed and the sound of water coming from inside. That was a relief.

If Su Furong had really left, then his lifetime of wisdom would have been ruined.

The bathroom door opened and Su Furong came out with a tired look on her face, and it was obvious that she was badly hurt.

“I just went to the pharmacy to grab some herbs and came back, but they are all for external injuries. External injuries are easy, but you acted strongly on your vital energy while you were seriously injured, and your internal injuries are probably hard to recover from for a while.”

Ye Xing said as he handed her the pills he had refined a few days ago.

The most taboo thing for cultivators was internal injuries, whether they were ancient martial artists or immortal cultivators, they would be extremely careful when they were injured. They try not to move their internal qi.

For those with serious internal injuries, some of them did not heal for more than ten years, and even left the roots of their illness for the rest of their lives.

Su Furong took the pills and took one before saying, “I am afraid that it will be difficult for me to recover from this internal injury, I can only go back to the sect and let Master see if he can have the alchemist side target some pills to cure it.”

Ye Xing could not do anything about it, although he had been a doctor for many lifetimes and was full of medical skills. However, whether it was ancient martial arts, or immortal cultivators, he was a proper layman. He simply did not know how to treat such a serious internal injury.

“I’ll heal your external injuries first, there’s nothing I can do about the internal injuries, you’ll have to figure it out yourself.”

After saying that, he left the room and went out to boil the medicine.

The next few days

Ye Xing stayed in this small city, helping Su Furong heal her injuries while scouring the big pharmacies to see if he could find high vintage herbs.

The mobile phone he had already switched off. With Du Jiuniang’s ability, if he left his mobile phone switched off, there must be a way to trace his whereabouts.

What Ye Xing hoped more than anything was that the fourth fragment of the jot could be opened, but no matter how hard he tried, the fragment just could not be opened.

He lived in the countryside and every night, he came inside the woods to practise martial arts. Since he could not progress above his internal qi, he intensified his training to make a breakthrough in his moves and enhance his strength.

As the days pa*sed. Su Furong gradually got better, Ye Xing didn’t lock her up, but she didn’t leave either.

This evening, Ye Xing cooked the meal. The two of them were eating at the table.

“Tomorrow, I want to go back.” Su Furong suddenly said.

Through half a month of rest and treatment, although she hadn’t fully recovered, she had the ability to defend herself.

“It’s not too late for you to kill me now.” She said again.

“If I wanted to kill you, I would have done it already. It’s still my turn to do so now.” Ye Xing paused for a moment and asked again, “Are you still unwilling to tell me the location of the Immortal Gate?”

Su Furong shook her head firmly.

Ye Xing sighed and said, “Then, can you bring a message to Murong Xue for me.”

“Go ahead.”

“If you see her, please tell her: no matter what, I will not give up on her unless I die.” Ye Xing gritted his teeth and said.

“No problem, I can bring it for you. Is there anything else?”

“No more.”

Both of them stopped talking and ate their respective meals, both with a distracted look on their faces.

“About the four ancient formations, can you tell me a little bit about them?” Half a while later, Ye Xing asked.

“The Four Ancient Formations is a rumour, it is said that there are four ancient formations on Earth, these four ancient formations are in the four corners of the Earth, and Tianshan is the ancient formation in China. When the ancient formations are opened at the same time, the ancient formations will make the entire Earth’s spiritual energy poor again. By then, the earth’s spiritual land will be so dense that everyone will be able to cultivate. This is our sect master’s lifelong wish.” Su Furong said.

“Is your sect master a man or a woman?”

“I can’t say.”

“Your sect master only thinks about the return of poor spiritual energy, has she ever thought about how much of a disaster it would bring if the earth’s spiritual energy really returns to poverty one day? When everyone cultivates, what will happen to human technology and civilization, how will the laws be customized? Who will control this group of powerful cultivators?”

“Cultivation civilization is the direction the Earth will eventually go, whether they believe it or not. Accept it or not, it will come sooner or later. The actions of the Sect Master are just to make this moment come sooner.” Su Furong said.

“Have you ever thought that if the day comes when the aura is really poor again, then animals and beasts will also be able to cultivate. People die with souls, corpses and bones mutate, vicious beasts run rampant, and all sorts of messy things will appear, what will happen then?”

“Humans have the most powerful intelligence in the world, and can govern all things now, and agree to be in charge of all spirits when the time comes. This is indisputable, and no creature will cultivate faster than humans.”

“I still do not agree that the aura is poor again, it is a blow to the destruction of humanity.”

“The strong will always be strong, this is the law of development of society, there is nothing you can do if you don’t accept it.”

The two argued on this topic, and in the end neither one convinced the other.

“Ye Xing, ancient martial arts cannot stop the Immortal Sect, I advise you not to go to Tianshan.” Finally, Su Furong said.

“I have to go to the Heavenly Mountain trip, when we meet then we will be enemies, I hope you won’t be merciful then.”

“Please don’t show mercy too.”

There were no words all night.


Chapter 328

Early the next morning, the two separated and Su Furong left to go back to the Immortal Sect.

At the same time as Su Furong left, Ye Xing drove back to the provincial city.

The moment he entered the provincial city, Ye Xing already knew that he was being followed, so he found a place to settle down as if he hadn’t noticed.

He had just spent a few moments inside his room when the door was kicked off and crashed under the wall, splitting in pieces.

Du Jiuniang rushed in with murderous fury, pointing at Ye Xing and barking, “Where is Su Furong, where did you hide her?”

“Back to the Immortal Sect.” Ye Xing said indifferently.

“The old mother was killed by you.”

At this moment, Du Jiuniang. There was no longer any of her previous calmness or display of a million different styles.

During this period of time, it was like she had gone crazy, using all the power she could. She hoped to find them both, but it turned out that they had just evaporated into thin air, and she could not find them no matter how hard she looked.

She knew very well in her heart that once her identity was leaked out, when the Immortal Sect came looking for her, she would only die.

“What do you want to do if you don’t even release it?” Ye Xing asked indifferently.

“I want you to die.”

Du Jiuniang entered her right hand into her pocket and drew out a dagger. Stabbed it viciously.

Ye Xing kicked a chair away and crashed into Du Jiuniang.

Du Jiuniang’s dagger chopped and the chair was instantly cut into two.

At this moment, she felt a harsh aura coming at her, and Ye Xing had already reached her.

How fast!

Du Jiuniang’s right dagger turned into a flying blade and shot out.

With such a close distance and such a fast speed, the faster he was, the more he would be sent to his death.


Ye Xing let out a loud roar and blasted out with his right palm.

The powerful palm wind shook the flying daggers away raw, and the palm wind went on unabated, blasting at Du Jiuniang.

Du Jiuniang didn’t expect his palm wind to be so strong, so she created wind under her feet and used her sect’s most powerful lightness skill.

At once, she shifted in place and floated out. At the same time, she reached into her pocket and withdrew a dozen flying daggers, shooting out a dozen major points on Ye Xing’s body.

Ye Xing’s right hand grabbed, hundreds of pounds of bed was directly grabbed with one hand and blocked in front of him.

The of the of the!

The flying daggers were all blocked.

With a spit in his palm, the bed suddenly burst open and turned into pieces.

“Do you really think that I can’t beat you, ridiculous.”

Ye Xing let out an explosive cry. The tidal wave palm caught the fragments and rolled towards Du Jiuniang like a hurricane.

Du Jiuniang was baffled, how did this guy suddenly become so powerful.

In just half a month, had he broken through again?

Absolutely impossible, this half month, at most, could only give him time to recuperate from his injuries.

There was only one possibility, he was pretending earlier, deliberately showing his weakness.

Du Jiuniang’s pride rose and she reached into her pocket, drawing out her most powerful flying knife again.

The flying knife was two fingers long and had two wings. Just like a flying fish.

Flying Fish Knife, the double wings not only improve accuracy, but can also turn in mid-air, and the killing power can be greatly increased.

This is the Flying Leaf Sect’s flying knife wonder art that has been pa*sed down for a thousand years, and after generations of improvement, it has now reached its peak.


The flying fish knife brought out a stream of light in mid-air and shot out towards Ye Xing.

Ye Xing miked up, victory or defeat was at stake.

If he caught the flying fish knife, Du Jiuniang would lose completely.

Seeing that the flying fish knife was in front of him, he struck out with lightning.

His arms twisted and he made several movements to release the force in a flash.

A second seemed like a long time.

Finally. Ye Xing stopped, holding a tiny flying knife that was two fingers long in his hand.

“Flying Fish Blade, it’s nothing more than that.”

Ye Xing played with the flying fish knife in his hand, a teasing smile on the corner of his mouth.

“How can you possibly catch a flying fish knife, it’s impossible.” Du Jiuniang was incredulous.

“Still don’t believe me, then I’ll show you again.”

Ye Xing struck out abruptly and blasted his palm against the wall in front of him!


The wall collapsed with a loud bang and was broken through a large hole. It was as if it had been blown apart by a bomb.

At this moment, Du Jiuniang finally believed that he was pretending.

With such strength, he could have easily escaped in the first place, so how could he have been injured?

Seeing the blindfolded expression in her eyes, Ye Xing was very proud of himself.

“So, brother is playing a bitter trick! No more fighting.”

Du Jiuniang recovered from her shock and her charming smile reappeared.

Previously, whenever Ye Xing saw this kind of smile from her, he had a pleasing feeling, but now, he was only disgusted.

This was not a million feelings, this was simply lewd.

God knew how many men she had slept with. Showing this smile towards men.

“That’s right, I’m practicing the bitterness trick. In the Immortal Sect, there are countless disciples like Su Furong, kill one. There are countless more. However, if I turn her and make her work for me, the rewards will be ten times more useful than killing her.” Ye Xing laughed.

“High. Really high.” Du Jiuniang gave him a thumbs up, “It’s my sister who has a small frame of mind. Is Su Furong conquered by you now?”

“She’s a disciple of the Immortal Sect, it’s not that easy. The seeds are planted, when the time comes, what the harvest is, it depends on the future creation.” Ye Xing changed the topic and continued, “I came back this time to ask you if you still need me to be the president.”

“Of course you need it, someone as strong as you and with such a flexible brain, sister is looking forward to working with you!” Du Jiuniang laughed.

“A contract is fine, but you have to talk about your plan. I’m not trying to be cannon fodder.”

“Let’s talk somewhere else.”

Half an hour later, the two came to Du Jiuniang’s room once again.

Du Jiuniang opened and sealed a bottle of red wine, and the two sat down face to face, their eyes locked.

“I already know your plan, which is for me to bring the six great sects as cannon fodder for their deaths. To cause the ancient martial world to hate the Immortal Sect. Now I have a few more questions to ask.”

“Go ahead.”

“Apart from these second-rate Six Great Sects, how many other ancient martial arts sects are participating?”

“As far as I know, those who will go to stop the Immortal Sect from opening the Ancient Formation include the Hongmen, the Hundred Gra*s Hall, the San Xing Society, and so on. It is said that the Hidden Sect has also sent someone there.”

“The Hidden Sect is also going?” Ye Xing could not help but think of Yan Ruyu.

Having been exposed to ancient martial arts for a while, he felt that the only sects that were truly considered powerful were the Hidden Sect and the Nine Yin Sect, which were really the big sects.

As for those six great sects. They didn’t even make the grade.

“I just heard about it, I don’t know if it’s true or not. Big sects like the Hidden Sect and the Buddha Sect, their whereabouts will not be known to anyone.” Du Jiuniang said.

“What about the Nine Yin Sect?”

“The Nine Yin Sect is divided within the sect and there is more than just infighting, what’s going on now, no one knows.”


Ye Xing had also come into contact with the disciples of the Nine Yin Sect and had heard that there was infighting.

“The Nine Yin Sect is divided into two factions, one faction has been taken over by the Immortal Sect, and the other faction is still standing for Ancient Martial Arts.” Du Jiuniang explained.

“So many people going to Tianshan, this is going to be a good show.”

Finally, Ye Xing only asked the question he was most concerned about.

“When the time comes, once the chaotic war starts, how will we get out in one piece?”