Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 325-326

Chapter 325

Ye Xing followed her inside, a bottle of red wine had been woken up on a table inside, and two wine gla*ses were placed.

“This is my collection, have a taste!”

Du Jiuniang walked over, poured two gla*ses of red wine and handed one to him.

Ye Xing picked it up, shook it a few times and took a sniff, his face was intoxicated.

“Good wine, they say red wine is cosmetic, I didn’t really believe it before, but now I do.”

Ye Xing said as he did so. Glancing around her body at the same time.

This woman was too charming and seductive, it seems that red wine does a lot of good!

“Drink two more gla*ses if it’s good, let’s talk about business afterwards.” Du Jiuniang laughed.

Two or three gla*ses of red wine went down, and Ye Xing put the bottle on the table. His eyes looked at her hotly.

“Boss lady, after the wine is finished and we have talked about the sky, you can say your choice.”

“What choice?” Du Jiuniang pretended not to know.


Ye Xing took the dozen or so kinds of ? took them out and lined them up on the table.

“I don’t know which type you like, there are thick and thin ones here, and all kinds of flavours, which one are we going to use later?”

Du Jiuniang looked at the dozen of ??? on the table with a baffled face. Staggering.

To talk about nasty things so openly and justifiably, she had never seen such a man before.

This guy, what a thick skin!

“Brother, sister is not a casual person, look, can we discuss other terms?” Du Jiuniang laughed.

“And you tell me, what other conditions can move me.” Ye Xing asked rhetorically.

He was not bad with money, he was not bad with strength, and he was even worse with women, so he wanted to see what conditions she had to impress him.

Du Jiuniang stood up and walked to towards the wine rack.

“If it’s wine, you shouldn’t waste your time. Although I love fine wine, but even the best wine cannot meet the conditions.” Ye Xing spoke out to interrupt.

Du Jiuniang sat down again and said, “Actually, being this president is also very beneficial to you. When we go to Tianshan this time, we are all on the weaker side, and if we don’t hold a group, we simply don’t have the ability to fight against the Immortal Sect.”

“You think you can deal with the Immortal Sect with those rubbish, that’s ridiculous!” Ye Xing laughed harshly and stood up, “Boss lady, let’s not talk in the dark. Let’s break into the open and talk about what exactly you want me to be this president for. And, what do I need to do? Tell me the conditions before I dare to consider whether or not to go to bed with you!”

Du Jiuniang swayed her wine gla*s and just looked at him, not saying anything for a long time.

Ye Xing was very patient, there was plenty of time anyway.

Both of them who were not talking were thinking of a response.

“Ye Xing, from the first time I saw you, I knew that you were not a mortal and would have a great future in the future. My husband was killed by the Immortal Sect. That’s why I also have a very strict evil towards the Immortal Sect in my heart, but I want to kill anyone from the Immortal Sect. Your wife has been captured by people from the Immortal Sect and you are going to save her, in essence, we have the same purpose.” Du Jiuniang changed her previous style and was very serious.

“I can go and rescue myself, what use will those second-rate sects’ people be when they go over there, it’s more like being cannon fodder.” Ye Xing sneered.

“Even if they are sacrificed, it will be worth it. When the time comes, the entire ancient martial world will know about it, and the bigger the matter plays out. The bigger the turmoil will be. I firmly believe that by then, the entire Ancient Martial World will unite against the Immortal Sect.” Du Jiuniang said.

“Boss lady, can I interpret the meaning of your words as: the more people die, the better it is for you?” Ye Xing asked.

“The revolution requires blood and life, their sacrifice will not be in vain.”

Through a short conversation, Ye Xing finally figured out what Du Jiuniang had in mind.

It turned out that all along. She had kept the six great sects in the hope of using them as cannon fodder one day.

Using their deaths to stir up the hatred of the Ancient Martial Way towards the Immortal Sect, the more people died, the greater the value of hatred would be, and then more and more sects would join the crusade against the Immortal Sect.

For those who were not capable of taking revenge, this was definitely a very good way.

However, Ye Xing did not agree with her approach, in his opinion, any life should be respected and should not be sacrificed for nothing.

Without saying who was right and who was wrong, let’s just say. The two people were two different world views.

“Boss lady, you are right, the revolution requires sacrifice, I agree.”

Ye Xing smiled. Pointing to those on the tabletop? , asking, “Which one do you prefer?”

He wanted to see how much she could give in order to take revenge.

Du Jiuniang looked at him. She thought she had convinced him, but to her surprise, he still made this kind of request.

Facing her stare, Ye Xing did not show the slightest fear and stared back arrogantly.

“You just said that revolution requires blood and life. You can even give up these two things, a mere body should not be a matter of concern, right? Besides, I am not a random person, not anyone can enter your eyes.” Ye Xing laughed.

Du Jiuniang thought for a moment and smiled.

She picked one up from the tabletop, held it in her mouth and slowly walked towards the bed.

Halfway, she smiled back, her smile was so tempting that

She slumped down on the bed. Flirtatiously looking at him with autumnal waves in her gaze.

If it were any other man, he would have turned into a jackal at this moment and pounced on him regardless.

Unfortunately, she had never thought that inside Ye Xing’s body lived an old demon soul that had lived for more than a thousand lifetimes.

What kind of women had he never seen?

Only those women who were clean and devoted to their feelings could move him.

This kind of woman would sell her body at any time. He was not half interested.

Today, she could lie in his arms in order to conquer him; before or after, she would surely ride under another man’s straddle for pleasure.


Ye Xing walked over to the bed and braced his hands on it.

“Good brother, you have to be gentle, sister is afraid.” Du Jiuniang said in a delicate voice.

Ye Xing grinned, revealing a piece of white teeth.

“Du Jiuniang, I’m suddenly not interested in you anymore.”

From the tabletop, he threw a long TV crank to her side.

“You can play with it yourself!”

Du Jiuniang’s smile froze in an instant, and the next moment she was furious.

“Ye Xing, what do you take me for, playing me, are you?”

Du Jiuniang’s face could not be more ugly, she had never been so humiliated by a man before.

She had never been humiliated by a man like this before, so what if she didn’t get on, but she even threw a shaker at herself, what did she mean?

“Du Jiuniang, I understand how you feel about being exterminated and agree with you that there is strength in numbers, I’ll be this president.”

Ye Xing ignored her grumpiness and walked to the table, picked up the red wine and took a sip.

“Still, wine is good!”

Putting down the cup, he raised his head and walked away.

Walking out of the hotel, Ye Xing clearly noticed that someone was stalking.

He acted as if he didn’t notice for a moment, went back inside his car and slowly left.

Before he left just now, he uttered a heavy news, and after hearing this news, Du Jiuniang would definitely not be calm.


Chapter 326

Half an hour later, Ye Xing returned home and went up to the first floor.

“Hungry?” Ye Xing asked.

“What do you think?” Su Furong asked in return.

Ye Xing walked into the room and had just chopped the vegetables when he immediately heard the sound of a fight coming from inside the room.

“Following so quickly, this woman is really reckless!”

Su Furong recovered quite a bit, within a second or two, Du Jiuniang couldn’t kill her.

“Ye Xing, save me.”

Sure enough, Su Furong’s yell immediately came out from the room.

Ye Xing slowly untied his apron and walked out, slapping his palm towards Du Jiuniang.


The fist and palm clashed against each other.

Both of them were shaken and sent flying at the same time.

Ye Xing took a look at Su Furong. He saw that she had two flying knives stuck in her body, one on her arm and one on her waist.

Blood stained her clothes red, but it was not fatal.

“Ye Xing. You actually saved her, are you crazy?” Du Jiuniang said angrily.

With those words before Ye Xing left just now, she already knew that Su Furong was not dead, or else how could he have known that his entire family had been exterminated.

The only possibility was that Su Furong had told him.

She was not sure if Furong was still alive, so she sent someone to follow Ye Xing, and to her surprise, she was actually still alive.

“That’s my business. It’s not your turn to care.”

Ye Xing leapt to the door of the room, blocked in front of Su Furong, and pulled out the key and threw it over.

“Open the handcuffs and get out of here quickly, I’ll hold her back.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, a flying knife had already shot past his head, cutting through a long lonely line.

Ye Xing was quick with his eyes and grabbed at the flying knife, but he was still a step too slow.


The flying knife pa*sed through his palm, and Ye Xing shrank in pain.

“You’re no match for me, if you don’t dodge, I’ll kill you.” Du Jiuniang said angrily.

Not a match, not necessarily!

But at this moment, Ye Xing’s bitter plan had already started, so naturally he had to continue to pretend.

“What are you still standing there for, go now!”

Like the end of his rope, Ye Xing took the initiative to attack towards Du Jiuniang, his palm bringing up a gust of astral wind.

The whole client, by the harsh astral energy, was stirred up and wrecked everywhere.

Although there was not much space, it did not mean that Du Jiuniang’s flying daggers were useless.

She flung out countless flying daggers, like a torrent of river water, in an endless stream.

It had to be said that her flying daggers were really harsh. It was the most powerful person Ye Xing had ever seen using flying daggers.

Her own silver needles were far worse than hers.

“What are you still standing there for, go!” Ye Xing yelled.

As he spoke, he was hit with another flying dagger that stabbed him in the shoulder.

Su Furong’s eyes glittered with crystals inside, no one had ever fought for her in her life, and this was the only man.

She quickly unlocked the chain of arms and legs in her hands, while a thumb-sized fire pill coalesced in her palm.

“Dodge, she yelled!”

The moment Ye Xing dodged, she flicked out the fire pellet.

The fire pellet rose when it left her hand, and in a moment, it rose into a two to three metre high ball of fire in diameter.

The living room was small. The fireball was even more powerful, and the heat wave hit Ye Xing so hard that he could hardly breathe.

Du Jiuniang dared not be careless and flew back.

The fireball crashed into the wall, blowing a big hole and sending up sparks all over the sky.

It was a spell that was so powerful that once it hit him, he would be half dead if not killed.


Su Furong spurted out a mouthful of blood.

She was already extremely injured, and at this moment, the strong action of her Yuan Qi immediately backfired.

“Don’t do it again, go, do you hear me.”

While Du Jiuniang was fumbling with the fireball. Ye Xing put his hand right into his pocket and dodged a sky full of silver needles.

Du Jiu Niang had not yet recovered from the fireball attack, there was little space to avoid and she could only shrink in the corner.

Taking advantage of this short time, Ye Xing grabbed Su Furong, held her in his arms and jumped out through the hole broken by the fireball.

Downstairs, there happened to be a car. He immediately shoved Su Furong into it.

The whole process took less than three seconds.

Why was it so quick?

Because what was happening now had been expected by him.

Starting up, increasing the throttle, the car scurried out.

Du Jiuniang flew down from the stairs and shot several flying knives, all of which landed on the rear of the car.

She flew after them, but unfortunately, how could she possibly catch up with the car even if she was fast?

It didn’t take long for Ye Xing’s car to leave her behind without a trace.

Immediately, the phone rang.

No need to guess, it must be Du Jiuniang calling.

He was driving. While picking up the phone, he put it on speakerphone.

“Ye Xing, are you really disregarding our alliance for an enemy?” On the other side of the phone, Du Jiuniang suppressed her anger and said.

“I said it. Won’t let you kill her.” Ye Xing said.

“Do you still expect to ask the whereabouts of the Immortal Sect from her mouth? Don’t dream. Let me tell you, the Immortal Sect has very strict sect rules, you can even use any means. There’s no way you’ll succeed. In case you let Su Furong go, by then, it will be like the matter of our alliance will reach the Immortal Sect, and we will only die.” On the other side of the phone, Du Jiuniang was still unrelenting.

The fact that Su Furong was not dead had completely disrupted her rhythm and mindset.

“It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t say anything, anyway, I won’t let you kill her unless I die.”

After saying that, Ye Xing directly hung up the phone.

From among the rear view mirror, Ye Xing gave her Su Furong a glance out of the corner of his eye.

Sure enough, she was completely fooled as her bewildered looked at her back out of breath.

Sooner or later, this woman would fall in love with herself.

Looking at her mesmerised look, Ye Xing’s heart was somewhat intolerant, lying to a woman like this was something he had not done before.

But. Once he thought that she was the only breakthrough to find Murong Xue, he hardened his heart.

Blood, from the steering wheel, kept dripping downwards.

Du Jiuniang’s knife pierced through his palm, and blood flowed freely.

After driving for a moment, he parked the car by the road and said to Su Furong, “Wait here, I’ll go and come.”

“Where are you going?” Su Furong asked urgently.

She had not yet recovered from her injuries. The strong movement of her vital energy had caused internal injuries, and now she had a knife wound on her body, so she was very weak. All this time Ye Xing had been taking care of her, and she had unknowingly treated him as a man she could rely on.

“This car is being watched, I’ll go and get a different car, soon, wait for me.”

Ye Xing quickly stole a car nearby and returned.

Seeing him return, Su Furong, who was tired and sleepy, was so tired that she pa*sed out and slept.


I don’t know how long it took before Su Furong woke up.

It was a clean white room and she was lying on the bed.

She tried to sit up, but a sharp pain struck her body, and it took her a long time to sit up.

The clothes on her body had been changed and the injuries had been bandaged.

Including the old wound on her chest where it had split open, which had also been treated.

“Don’t move, you’re badly hurt.”

Ye Xing walked into the room and helped her to lie down.

“Where is this?” She asked.

“Next door to the city, it’s safe here, Du Jiu Niang won’t be able to chase her here.” Ye Xing said.

“The injuries on my body ……”

“I took care of it, you were more seriously injured and I couldn’t take you to the hospital for fear of being targeted.”

Ye Xing said it more seriously this time, not joking like before.

She had seen it a long time ago, once and twice, so I really didn’t know what she was obsessing about.

Besides, she was in a coma and didn’t know anything, so what was there to be embarra*sed about.

Seeing that he didn’t say things like ‘it’s not like I haven’t seen it before’ or ‘I’ve seen it long ago’, Su Furong was less embarra*sed instead.

“How long have I been unconscious?” She asked.

“Two days.”


Su Furong tried to struggle to get up again and said urgently, “I have to report back to Master.”

“You’re like this, what’s the point of reporting?”

“I will have to report to Master every so often, otherwise it means that something has happened to me, and Master will send someone over then.” Su Furong put her hand out and said urgently, “Quickly give me the phone.”

Ye Xing, at once, was in a difficult position.