Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 323-324

Chapter 323

“She should be a remnant descendant of the Flying Leaf Sect. With her power, to try to deal with the Immortal Sect is simply a mantis, not measuring up to her strength.” Su Furong coldly snorted.

“What kind of sect is the Flying Leaf Sect?”

“Flying Leaf Sect was a fairly famous sect among the ancient martial arts sects more than twenty years ago, specialising in the use of flying swords. Because the master of the sect spoke out of turn, he offended the Immortal Sect. At that time, Master, who was just twenty years old, struck out and killed the entire Flying Leaf Sect, presumably by omission!”

“Killed all of them?” Ye Xing was shocked.

“Those who offend the Immortal Sect, many exterminate the whole clan. Haven’t you heard of it?” .

No wonder among the Hoo Ancient Martial Arts, people from the Immortal Sect were hated to the bone, this tactic was too cruel!

If you offend one person, you kill the whole family. This is simply the devil.

“If I offend your Immortal Sect, will I have to kill the whole family as well?” Ye Xing asked.

“A full family beheading is an order from the sect master’s, as to how it is determined, only the sect master’s knows. It is no wonder that Master is under the orders of the Sect Master. The Immortal Sect is extremely strict, if you want to stay in the Immortal Sect, you must obey the orders.” Su Furong said.

“Now I finally understand why Du Jiuniang would go out of her way to kill you. Apart from the fact that she hates the Immortal Sect to the core. There is also another reason that her identity cannot be exposed.” Ye Xing finally understood.

“She has been exposed now, unless I die, when I get out, she will only die.” Su Furong said.

Ye Xing instantly stared at her with a gleaming gaze.

“She’s not your real sister, is she?” Su Furong asked.

When Du Jiuniang addressed Ye Xing, she said brother to the left and brother to the right, so she asked.




“I can tell that she is very close to you, if you want to kill me, do it before it’s too late, otherwise let me leave and she will only die.”

Su Furong spoke with care, after all, she had never thought of leaving alive.

“I have nothing to do with her, you’re overthinking it.”

Su Furong picked up the noodles and ate them in big bites.

Ye Xing sat next to her and the two of them ate like this. If Su Furong didn’t have a bracelet on her hand, people would have thought they were a couple!

When they had finished eating, Ye Xing took the bowl out, and a moment later, brought in a medicine box.

“It’s time to change the medicine on your wound, can you do it yourself?” He asked.

“Can.” Su Furong said in a rush.

“If you can’t change it, don’t force it, I’ve seen it all anyway. Don’t care to see it one more time either.”

“F*ck off ……”

Ye Xing smiled and left the room.

Women were women, even if they were good, they were still shy all the same.


“What is it.”

“Take that away.”

Guo Furong pointed at the camera on the wall by the door.

“I’ve seen it all when I operated on you, there’s still a need to peek at ……”

“If you say that again I’ll flip out.” Su Furong said angrily.

Because of her anger, she pulled on the wound, and her brow wrinkled in pain.

Ye Xing walked over, twisted the camera over and tapped the wall.

“Also, untie my bracelet.”

“What if you run away?” Ye Xing refused.

“If you don’t let me go, how am I going to unlock the door to my room, what if you barge in while I’m changing my medicine?”

Ye Xing was speechless. This woman, did she value her body so much?

“I’ll give you half an hour to change the medicine, after that, I’ll come in and lock it.”

Ye Xing opened her bracelet and then put it on her feet before walking out.

After going out, he kept watch by the door, coming to the window every now and then to look in case she escaped through it.

Half an hour later, the door opened and Su Furong had already changed her medicine.

Ye Xing reattached her bracelet and sought to start tomorrow. He would have to refine a few packs of Cartilage San for her to take, in case she escaped.

Even if she regained half of her strength, the bracelet and the window would not be able to hold her.

At night, Su Furong was resting when suddenly the door to her room was pushed open and Ye Xing walked in, holding the quilt.

“What are you doing?” Su Furong asked alertly.

“I’m sleeping here tonight. I’m afraid you’ll escape.”

Ye Xing said as he lay down on the floor and covered up with the quilt.

“No, you go out.” Su Furong said in a hurry.

She had never tried sleeping in a room with a man before and was not used to it.

“You’ve recovered a bit now, what if I sleep and you run away?” Ye Xing said.

“You can watch me through the monitor, you can’t sleep here, get out.”

“I’ll sleep, what do you care?”

And regardless of her objections, Ye Xing closed his eyes and went to sleep.

Su Furong kept objecting at first, but after she scolded for half an hour. Ye Xing didn’t move like a corpse, so she resigned herself to her fate.

With a man in the room, she couldn’t sleep, she was half asleep and half awake all night. She didn’t know how long it took her to fall asleep.

The next morning, Su Furong woke up and jumped up from the bed.

The bed was empty, Ye Xing had long since disappeared.

“Awake. Have breakfast!”

Ye Xing brought in two bowls of noodles and put them on the table.

Su Furong dragged her hand and ankle chains to the bathroom to brush her teeth, the bracelets were thick and heavy, making her very uncomfortable.

Ye Xing walked over and opened her hand and foot chains so that she could move freely.

She couldn’t escape if she was there anyway.

After brushing her teeth and washing her face, Su Furong couldn’t help but say, “You let me go out for half a day, I need to buy something.”

This set of clothes had not been washed and changed for many days, and she was very uncomfortable in it.

“It’s ready for you, I forgot to give it to you last night.”

Ye Xing handed over the bag next to her.

Su Furong took it and found that there were several sets of clothes inside.

Not only were there clothes, there were also underwear.

She only took a glance at them and knew that the sizes all fit.

“I don’t need it, I’ll buy it myself.” Su Furong threw the bag away.

Wearing clothes that a man had bought for himself. There were also underwear’s, how she wore them as a matter of course, it felt too uncomfortable.

“I’ve already given you the stuff, it’s up to you whether you wear it or not. Also, I’m not free at noon, this bowl of noodles is for you to keep for lunch. Don’t you have a flame spell, so you can eat it when you heat it up.”

Throwing down these words, Ye Xing left. Not giving her a chance to retort at all.

Leaving the room, the corner of Ye Xing’s mouth could not help but reveal a smile.

The disciples of the Immortal Sect were very powerful, however, because they had grown up in the Immortal Sect and were dedicated to cultivation, they rarely came into contact with the world, which created a great shortcoming in them, namely a low emotional intelligence.

Previously, Ye Xing had read a book, and there was a point in it that he strongly agreed with.

If a man or woman lives with a woman for more than a week, as long as they don’t hate each other, they will get used to each other’s existence; if they live for more than a month, they will easily develop feelings, and if they live for more than three months, they will basically have done everything they should do.

When you have a dog, you get attached to it after a long time, let alone a person.

The island always likes to make perverted films where young girls fall in love with kidnappers and are forced? Although there are exaggerated elements in this, it can also show that the human heart can change subtly when you spend time together.

Early the next morning, Ye Xing continued to go shopping, during the day, and came back at night to help Su Furong cook and sleep in her room.

At first Su Furong was very reluctant, but after a week, she began to get used to it.


Chapter 324

That night, when Ye Xing came back, he brought back a big bag of medicinal herbs and a simple alchemy furnace.

When he was eating, he said, “I’m going to make pills in the kitchen later, and although I’ve turned on the extractor fan, there might be some smell in the house over. You remember to close the door to the room.”


“Yes, it’s alchemy, haven’t you heard of it?” Ye Xing asked rhetorically.

“Just you. Can alchemy?” Su Furong’s gaze was full of disbelief as she mocked, “Within the Immortal Sect, there are less than five people who know how to refine pills. Three are still apprentices and there are only two masters, you know how to refine pills, ghost believe it.”

Ye Xing was furious at her comment and loosened her chains. Bringing her to the kitchen side.

“Give me a good look, look down on someone.”

After saying that, he started to operate.

He didn’t know how many times he had refined the recipe for the Little Peiyuan Dan, he had long remembered it by heart. Even if he used only a rudimentary alchemy furnace, he still refined a pot of five costal pills after two hours.

Throughout the whole process, although Su Furong did not put down a word, the shock in that gaze still betrayed her heart.

Ye Xing’s alchemy operation could be described as flowing, his grasp of fire and control of details was not inferior to their alchemists at all.

After opening the furnace, Ye Xing directly took out two pills from it and shoved them into her hand, saying, “Try it!”

Su Furong took the pills over, took them down, and then refined them with her Yuan Qi.

To her astonishment, she found that the pills fit her perfectly. It was able to be transformed into Yuan Qi and there was nothing left over.

The only pity was that the potency was too weak.

“I’m telling you, these are only herbs of ordinary years, if there were herbs of high enough years, I could refine a potion that would allow you to double your strength, look down on who!” Ye Xing said proudly.

“Who did you learn your alchemy from?” Su Furong responded from her shock and hurriedly asked.

“Not telling you.”

Ye Xing put the pills away and cleaned up the surrounding area. In his heart, he was secretly pleased.

A woman who started to be shocked and worshiped by a man was done for.

When the time came, they could think of a way to make the relationship between the two of them, go even further.

“Are you willing to join the Immortal Sect? With your level of alchemy, as long as you are willing to join the Immortal Sect, the sect master will definitely agree. What the sect lacks most is an alchemist like you.” Su Furong said.

“Really, then wouldn’t I be able to meet Xue’er.” Ye Xing was instantly excited.

He had always been thinking of ways to go to the Immortal Sect to find Murong Xue, and had never thought that he could get in with his alchemy skills.

“I don’t dare to guarantee it either. But I just watched your alchemy and I feel that the chances are still quite high.”

“Great, then let’s hurry up and go to the Immortal Sect.”

“No, no one can bring outsiders to the Immortal Sect without getting permission, this is the rule of the Immortal Sect.” Su Furong said.

Ye Xing looked at her with a look of disbelief. He said, “Su Furong, you wouldn’t lie to me, would you?”

“Don’t worry, I won’t lie to you, I will definitely find a way to report to Master, as long as Master agrees ……”

“And report back to Shangguan Lan?”

“Of course, I can’t do things that are beyond my duties.”

Ye Xing was instantly like having cold water poured on him and shook his head, “Shangguan Lan and I have a frosty relationship, it would be hell if she would agree.”

“You’ve had conflicts with Master?” Su Furong was a little surprised.

“Fights have been fought many times, you tell me!”

Su Furong was instantly silent. For a moment, she didn’t know what to do.

Looking at her like that, Ye Xing knew that his plan was halfway successful. Although he still could not get the location of the Immortal Sect from her mouth. But it had started to genuinely want to help himself, which meant that the two of them had broken through to a good relationship.

“Next time you see Shangguan Lan, talk to her about it. Maybe she’s not as bad as I think she is.”

That night, when Ye Xing went back into his room for bed, he tossed and turned on the floor, always unable to sleep.

“What’s the matter?” Su Furong asked.

“I haven’t seen Xue’er for almost a year, I don’t know how she is now.” Ye Xing said quietly.

“She is quite well, even the Sect Master has praised her.” Su Furong said.


“She is very gifted, a pure Yin woman once in hundreds of years, able to cultivate many kinds of magical divine abilities, many people envy her.”

“So is she very powerful now?”

“I’ve been back on an errand for a few months now, she was similar to me then, and now she’s probably above me in strength. The division has spent a lot of cultivation resources on her. Other disciples only get one pill a month, she eats them all she wants. The place where she cultivated was the best in terms of heaven and earth’s spiritual energy. In short. She was born with the golden key in her mouth.” Su Furong’s tone was full of jealousy when she said this.

“You’re jealous of her?” Ye Xing asked with a smile.

“It’s envy, she’s Master’s daughter and has high natural talent, something that others forget.” Su Furong sighed.

Even if she was jealous, she didn’t dare to say it. After all, that was her master’s daughter.

“I’ve always felt that acquired effort and luck are more important than talent. As long as you can help me find herbs with high annual strife, do you believe that the pills I will refine will make you much more powerful than you are now.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Blow it up, you’re drifting away just by refining a small Peiyuan Dan.” Su Furong coldly snorted.

“I don’t only know how to refine Peiyuan Dan, I also have many dan recipes. A year ago, I knew nothing and now I can beat you, a living example in front of you, do you still not believe me?” Ye Xing said.

“Let’s talk about it alive, if you confront the Immortal Sect again, you will only die.”

The two gossiped for a long time and only went to bed at one or two o’clock in the middle of the night, Su Furong was the first person to talk to him so much.

Early the next morning, Ye Xing helped her cook breakfast and left after eating.

At noon, he received a call from Du Jiuniang.

“Boss lady, have you thought it over, do you want to sleep with me?” As soon as the call was answered, Ye Xing couldn’t help but flirt.

“The usual place, sister is waiting for you.”

On the other side of the phone, came Du Jiuniang’s crisp laughter that could make people’s bodies tingle, and she hung up the phone immediately after she finished.

“Your mother-in-law wouldn’t really agree to it!”

Ye Xing parked the car at the roadside, went in and bought a dozen brands of ? , then drove towards Du Jiuniang’s hotel.

To play right, then let’s play with her properly.

The old place she was talking about was the office where she had a collection of countless precious wines when the two of them met last time.

Half an hour later, Ye Xing arrived at the door of her office and knocked on the door of the room.

A few moments later, Du Jiuniang opened the door.

She was wearing a white trimmed cheongsam with a large opening, revealing the snow-white cleavage on her chest. The opening at the bottom was also large, extending deep into her legs and revealing long white legs. Despite her age, there were no signs of age at all visible in the visible skin.

If it weren’t for her mature and charming aura, one would have thought she was a girl in her twenties just by looking at her skin!

This woman really knows how to take care of herself!

“What are you looking at, come in!”

Du Jiuniang smiled a hundred charming smiles and walked in with a catwalk.