Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 31-32

Chapter 31

Lu Yuan went back inside the Porsche, pulled a tissue from the front of the car and looked in the mirror to fix his appearance.

His face was very ugly, very hard to see.

He had never been in such a mess in his life, when he had been so smooth, when he had been able to plan, when he had been able to kill God and Buddha.

Only after a long time did he pull a new card out of his wallet. He put it in a new phone.

Turning it on, he dialed the phone.


On the other side of the phone, a hoarse voice came out.

“Chief. I need a nameplate killer.” Lu Yuan gritted his teeth and said.

“Have you revealed your identity?”

“No, but I want to kill someone.”

“No, critical period, after this, I promise you.”

The phone hung up.

Lu Yuan separated the card machine, got out of the car and walked to a sewer. Threw everything down.

“Ye Xing, I’ll let you live for a while for now, one day, I’ll make you worse than life and death.”

Back inside the car, Lu Yuan whistled away.


“Wife, you get in the car first, I’ll make a phone call.”

Ye Xing took out his means and dialed a number.

Murong Xue returned inside the car and looked at the man outside through the car window, looking in a trance.

What had happened in the past few days made her feel like she was filming a movie.

None of the novels had such an exciting plot.

Soon, Ye Xing came back to the car, a lazy smile on his face once again.

“Honey, are we going to the office?” Ye Xing asked with a smile.


Murong Xue nodded, still a little worried and asked, “Ye Xing, Lu Yuan’s side.”

“Just a clown who jumped the gun, don’t worry about it, just pretend that what happened before never happened.”

“You’re so confident?” Murong found himself unable to see through him more and more.

“Who did you just call?” She asked.

“A friend.”

Ye Xing did not want to say more on top of this topic. Changing the topic, he said, “Wife, after we return to the company later, don’t tell others that I’m normal, okay?”


“Then I won’t be able to pretend properly.”

Murong Xue was also speechless, “Is it so important to pretend to be normal, can’t you just act like a normal person?”

“You don’t understand, a man can skip meals, skip sleep, skip sleeping with women, but he absolutely cannot skip pretending. If you don’t act tough in life, what’s the difference between living like a salted fish.”

Murong Xue was about to collapse.

She suspected that he was stupid just right. Turned neurotic again, this idea is not at all a normal person’s idea.

“Wife, you drive, I’m a little tired, take a nap first!”

“Then you can rest in the back row!”

Murong Xue went to the main driver’s seat and started the open sub.

Ye Xing sat in the back seat of the car, although he had his eyes mimicked, there was no way to fall asleep.

Originally, he had always pretended to be crazy and foolish, just hoping not to leave a hold on him in this life. Little did he know that he still hadn’t escaped.

Murong Xue had already treated him as the most important man in his life, and Lu Yuan had set his sights on her.

He had to get him killed as fast as he could.

Because he was not sure when death would come.

Just now he had taken the initiative to call Lin Wei and ask him to investigate Lu Yuan.

Lin Wei was from the Dragon Soul and belonged to the state, and before the state. All evil forces were paper tigers.

In a daze, the two had returned to the company.

“Here we are.”

Ye Xing stretched his back as the two walked into the company.

“Wife, remember what you just said, don’t give away my bottom!” Ye Xing admonished.

“Understood, let you pretend enough, alright!” Murong Xue rolled her eyes and suddenly remembered something and said, “Ye Xing. I can warn you, you can’t get attached to Su Xiao Qiao if you play around. Do you hear me?”

“Don’t worry, absolutely not!” Ye Xing a*sured.

He went to play hard to get, it wasn’t like he was going to any P***y.

He was just about to enter the company. Murong Xue suddenly turned around.

“There’s something I forgot to ask you, is Su Xiaoqiao’s golden master you?”

Ye Xing scratched his head and smiled along, “You found out.”

“Where did you get so much money, that’s ten million.” She asked in shock.

“It doesn’t need to be ten million, five million will do, you know promotion fees and such, they fluctuate a lot, finding the right person can save a lot of money.”

“Five million isn’t money, where do you get that kind of money?”

“If I say that I have more money than you, do you believe me?” Ye Xing smiled and said.

“I don’t even know now which of your words is true and which is not.” Murong Xue rolled her eyes.

After returning to the office. Ye Xing didn’t stop for a second and immediately ran outside.

“Stop, no cheating.” Murong Xue reminded.

“I don’t get close to women.”

“No derailing in spirit either.”

Ninety-nine percent of men cheat mentally, and the rest are either?ay or impotent.

“Promise I won’t.” Ye Xing saluted, and that was all it took to run out.

“What a child.”

Murong Xue shook her head and sighed as she started to get into the swing of things.

Ye Xing wandered around downstairs. Those employees saw him like mice avoiding cats, all hiding away.

“Xiao Qiao, I’ve come to play with you.” Ye Xing found Su Xiao Qiao inside the office and smiled.

“Ye Xing, you’re here.” Su Xiao Qiao laughed.

The colleagues around looked at her.

Su Xiao Qiao was oblivious, her status was different now.

After she was on fire, Dou Yin started pushing her.

The number of fans had reached a staggering five million, and ever since she had caught fire, even if she posted a few random videos, the click rate was more than ten times that of her colleagues.

Yesterday she took her first advertisement since joining the company, worth 30,000, which wasn’t much, but it already showed that she was starting to enter a profitable period.

She could care less about any perceptions anymore.

People who normally looked down on her were coming forward to make videos for her.

“Xiao Qiao, how about I help you make a video?” Ye Xing asked.

“I’m starting to go out to make videos.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

“I’ll go too.” Ye Xing jumped up happily.

“I’m afraid I can’t, Mr. Mu won’t agree.” Su Xiaoqiao shook her head.

“You wait, I’ll go ask.” Ye Xing ran out in a flash.

It was a bit boring to play hard to get at the company all day, so it couldn’t be better to go out and play hard to get today.

After grinding inside the office for a long time, under his three inches of unpredictable tongue and super invincible thick skin, Murong Xue finally gave in.

“No cheating.” She warned again.

“Promise I won’t.” Ye Xing ran out in a huff.

Moments later, Su Xiaoqiao and Ye Xing came downstairs to the car park, where a man was already waiting.

“Introduce, this is the photographer Chen Fang, Chen Fang, this is Ye Xing, husband of Mr. Ye, Mr. Mu saw that he was a bit bored staying in the office and asked us to take him out for a stroll by the way.” In order to avoid Chen Yang’s wild thoughts, Su Xiaoqiao made a random excuse.

“Hello, Boss Ye.”

Chen Fang went forward to greet him, but the hint of displeasure in his gaze did not escape Ye Xing’s gaze.

Su Xiao Qiao was so pretty, a man would like it, this kid dared to be upset with himself for being a light bulb!

The three of them got into the car.

“Xiao Qiao, where are we going to shoot today?” Chen Fang asked.

“Netflix hit spot, Star Mansion.” Su Xiaoqiao blurted out.

Star Mansion, wasn’t that her own property?

Ye Xing’s eyes lit up.


Chapter 32

Chen Fang started the car and headed towards Star Tower.

“Xiao Qiao, you were right to choose Star Mansion, it has become a landmark commercial building in Huaijiang, although it hasn’t been established for long, it is very promising as it is in the city centre and well run, it is now the most popular shopping mall for young people to visit. Many of the company’s netizens like to take scenes there.”

Just as he got into the car Chen put on his mouth to gain goodwill.

“I’ve wanted to go there for a long time, I just wasn’t qualified before. Now finally I can.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

“A pretty and moving young lady like you with a good personality, the gold will shine sooner or later.” Chen Fang laughed.

“In our company, there are more beautiful ones than me.”

“In my eyes, there is not a single female in the company that is as good as you, you are the goddess in my heart.”

Ye Xing, who was sitting in the back row. His face instantly turned black.

You don’t treat a fool like a human being, do you!

Have you been so blatant?

“Xiao Qiao, are you free from work tonight, I know a new hot pot restaurant where the food is all fresh and the soup base is good, especially the toppings, that’s a masterpiece.” Chen Fang continued.

“I have to go to the hospital after work today to keep my mother company.”

Su Xiaoqiao didn’t quite feel like rejecting the too obvious and made an excuse.

“Xiao Qiao, actually I’ve been watching you since you first entered the company, I know you’re not too fond of me now that you’re on fire, this man, right, is more pragmatic, is living his life, unlike the flirtatious little brother out there. A woman, at the end of her life, still wants a peaceful home ……”

Before the words were finished, a sudden slap on the back of his head.

“Noisy to my game, do not speak you will die ah?”

Ye Xing finally couldn’t help it. A slap on the back of his head.

“Sorry, I’ll shut up.”

Chen Fang didn’t dare to speak anymore and drove seriously.

The whole company had spread the news that this master was mentally ill, in case he angered him, it was no joke.

What happened to Xia Hong was an example.

Su Xiaoqiao twisted her head to look at Ye Xing and couldn’t help but smile.

This guy, silly as he was, was quite useful at times though.

If it wasn’t for him. She still didn’t know how to respond to Chen Fang’s barefaced confession!

“Chen Fang, will we pa*s by the People’s Hospital later?”

Chen Fang twisted his head to look at Ye Xing and nodded his head.

“Let me off there, I’ll bring some chicken soup to mum.”

Chen Fang continued to nod.

It didn’t take long to reach the entrance of the hospital, and Chen put it on the roadside and stopped.

Su Xiaoqiao got out of the car and Ye Xing followed.

“Xiao Qiao, wait for me.” Chen Fang was about to get out of the car.

“Stay, follow again and get you killed.” Ye Xing suddenly roared.

Chen Fang sat in the car and didn’t dare to move. He watched them leave, resigned and helpless.

“What bad luck to meet this fool.” He couldn’t help but curse.

Entering the hospital, Su Xiaoqiao looked at Ye Xing and couldn’t help but laugh.

“What are you laughing at?” Ye Xing asked stupidly.

“Ye Xing, I think you are really my lucky star.”

“My sister said the same thing. She said that since she married me, the company has started making money.” Ye Xing nodded seriously.

“Is this the so-called silly man with silly blessings ……” At this point, Su Xiaoqiao suddenly stopped and said guiltily, “Ye Xing, I didn’t mean to call you silly, I sometimes think you’re not silly at all. ”

“It’s okay, just call it that, I’m used to it.” Ye Xing grinned.

The two of them were talking and laughing, although Ye Xing sometimes spoke in a very unreliable way. It was silly, but it was really relaxing to be with him.

“Mom, I made chicken soup for you.”

After entering a general ward. Su Xiaoqiao walked to the hospital bed by the door.

On the hospital bed lay a middle-aged woman with a rough face and rough hands and a dark face. At a glance, one could tell that she was from the countryside.

Although the woman was rustic looking, her features were still relatively distinct, somewhat like Xiao Qiao.

“Xiao Qiao, aren’t you at work?” The middle-aged woman asked.

“I happened to pa*s by at work and brought you soup.”

Xiao Qiao took out a thermos from her bag and twisted it open.

“Mom, this is Ye Xing.” Su Xiaoqiao pointed at Ye Xing while continuing, “Ye Xing, call my mother.”

“Mom.” Ye Xing shouted obediently.

Xiao Qiao’s mother was blinded on the spot.

“Little Qiao …… you are too fast, when did this happen!”

He Juan looked at Ye Xing with a gaze like looking at ancient understanding, that look was clearly the gaze of a mother-in-law hitting on her son-in-law.

“I asked you to say hello, not to call you mum. That’s my mother.” Su Xiaoqiao was almost half dead with anger.

This was great, Mom must think that she and Ye Xing were in a relationship.

What kind of situation could she call her mother, at least she had to be talking about marriage, right?

At least a relationship must have happened!

“He Juan, this is your son-in-law, he’s so handsome.”

“A good-looking man, with a good temperament too.”

“What a good match for your daughter.”

There were four beds inside the ward. The people in the remaining three beds were all saying complimentary words.

He Juan looked at Ye Xing, and after a long time, she nodded her head with a tsk.

Coupled with the fact that the surrounding patients were also praising, they were also happy at that moment.

“Young man, you are really good, even my daughter can be chased.” He Juan gave a thumbs up.

“Ma ……”

Su Xiaoqiao didn’t know how to explain.

He felt that the more he explained at this moment, the more he could not explain, so he simply did not explain.

“Mom, I didn’t chase after Xiao Qiao.” Ye Xing said.

“You mean that my daughter is chasing you backwards?”

He Juan laughed and smiled like a flower.

“My daughter is very discerning, it’s amazing that you can make her take the initiative to chase.”

Su Xiaoqiao: “……”

“Ye Xing, go wait for me outside.” Su Xiaoqiao instructed.

She was afraid that if he stayed any longer, he might say something that would make her vomit blood again.

“I’ll wait for you outside.” Ye Xing obediently walked out.

“He Juan, not only does this son-in-law of yours look good, he also listens.”

“Unlike my son-in-law, who is a big man.”

“He will definitely be good at loving his wife in the future.”

The patients around her complimented her, and those words were so satisfying for He Juan to hear.

Su Xiaoqiao was speechless, finally understanding what it meant by three people becoming a tiger.

“Mum, I’ll pour the soup for you.”

She had just opened the chicken soup when a nurse walked in and said, “No chicken soup, the patient is advised to eat lightly now.”

“I’m sorry doctor, I didn’t know.”

“In a few days, drink it again when the wound has recovered a bit, there will be more time to tonic your body later!”

The nurse edged, while changing He Juan’s needle and water.

“Thank you for reminding me, doctor.” Yang Xiaoqiao said in a rush.

Ye Xing wandered down the aisle, suddenly remembering his last reincarnation.