Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 307-308

Chapter 307

“At Miaojiang, we met and fought. His strength has gone up a bit, but it’s still unbearable.” Shangguan Lan snorted coldly.

“Is he alright?” Murong Xue asked urgently.

“For your sake, I let him off the hook. However, he gave me the same very important thing to save a woman. Murong Xue, the man you can’t stop thinking about already has another woman in his heart, aren’t you still dead?”

“I believe him, he is not that kind of man.”

“In the world, all men are of the same virtue. Do you really think that if you leave, he will do anything to save you? You wake up. He’s living it up now! By the way, he has been staying in Tianhai City now, you should know that he has a woman called Su Xiaoqiao over there, right?”

Murong Xue’s expression, at once, dimmed.

“Recognise the reality. He doesn’t deserve you, and he’s not the man you deserve to commit your life to.” Shangguan Lan continued.

“No matter what you say, he will always be my husband and I will never give up on him.” Murong Xue said firmly.

“I’ll make a bet with you. If I lose, I will no longer care about you and let you join him, but if you lose, stay here and cultivate with me obediently. Cut off all ties with him, and if you can do that, I’ll take you to him.”

Murong Xue hesitated for a moment and nodded her head.


At dusk, at Tianhai Airport, two tall figures walked off the plane.

After almost a year of seclusion, this was the first time Murong Xue had set foot in a big city again and had a kind of trance-like feeling.

“Madam, the car is here.” A Bentley pulled up at the side of the airport.

The two women got in, Shangguan Lan said an address, and soon the car entered the city and arrived at a luxurious hotel high-rise.

“Where is he?” Murong Xue asked.

Shangguan Lan walked to the window, pointed to a distant area of villas and handed over a telescope.

“The king of the building villa area in the middle, see for yourself.”

Murong Xue tremblingly took the binoculars and looked over.

“Second floor living room, see, one man and three women. Apart from Su Xiaoqiao, there’s a big star called Cheng Yulin, you should have heard of her. And that tall woman, Ye Xing is the one who even gave up his life for her. Do you still think now that he would go out of his way to save you?”

In the binoculars, Murong Xue clearly saw the lights on in the living room on the first floor. Although she did not see the three women at the same time, after looking for a moment, she was already sure that there were three other women inside the villa apart from Ye Xing.

“You believe it now, don’t you?” Shangguan Lan coldly snorted.

Murong Xue’s heart, a burst of countenance pain, made it difficult to even breathe.

Tears flooded inside her eyes, blurring her vision.

I hadn’t seen him for most of the year, and I missed him so much that I never thought meeting him again would be like this.

“You can’t stop thinking about him, but he’s incredibly flirtatious, do you really think you’re important in his mind? Wake up!”

Hit Murong Xue hard. After seeing despair in her eyes, Shangguan Lan then left, leaving her with independent space to think.

Into the night.

After waiting for Su Xiaoqiao to fall asleep, Ye Xing quietly ran through Yu Lin’s room again to help her apply the medicinal oil.

“It’s not like we’re doing anything unseemly, there’s no need to sneak around!” Ye Xing was speechless.

This morning, he felt as if Xiao Qiao had sensed something, he just didn’t say anything.

“I’ve had my hands and feet touched by you, and you still say it’s not shameful, what woman would want her man to touch another woman.” Cheng Yu Lin lowered her voice and enjoyed his treatment. “I feel much better today, so at most I’ll get it again tomorrow night. My body should then start to be fit for the intensity of the training.”

“Let’s hope nothing wrathful happens.” Ye Xing sighed.

These days, he had been in fear, and the worst part was that every time he helped Cheng Yulin anoint her medicine, he would think about it.

“This girl, a yellow girl, is not afraid, what are you afraid of.”

Cheng Yulin closed her eyes and comfortably enjoyed his pressure and pinching.

The internal qi destroyed the effectiveness and made her legs hot. It was very comfortable.

Just then, a gust of wind blew through the curtains, and Ye Xing casually glanced at the window and noticed what seemed to be a white shadow that flashed by.


Hearing the voice, the white shadow disappeared at once.

Ye Xing’s face changed slightly, the figure just now had a familiar feeling.

He rushed out of the doorway and leapt down from the balcony, the room had a security net, so he couldn’t get out.

From a distance, he saw a figure in white, leaping in all directions in the villa area. Fleeing into the distance.

He rushed after it, seeing that he was about to catch up, when suddenly a figure fell from the sky, when it was in front of her.

The person who came. It was none other than the woman he hated so much, Shangguan Lan.

“Shangguan Lan, who was that woman just now, was it Xue’er?” Ye Xing asked urgently.

“That’s right.” Shangguan Lan coldly snorted.

“You get out of the way. I want to see her.” Ye Xing said excitedly.

Shangguan Lan shouted towards the back, “Xue’er, he said he wants to see you, do you want to meet him?”

For a long time, no one showed up.

“See, she doesn’t want to see you.”

“Get out of the way.”

Ye Xing rushed straight over.

Suddenly, a white blur in front of him, countless ice lozenges shot over.

“Get out of my way.”

Ye Xing let out a loud shout as he pulled his dagger out with his right hand and slashed out.

Ding ding ding!


A part of it was blocked by the blade, while another part shot at him, bringing up a rain of blood.

Ye Xing didn’t care about these flesh wounds, he had been searching for a long time, his wife was right in front of him, even if he had to fight for his life today, he had to see her.

“Don’t know how to live or die.”

Shangguan Lan’s figure floated out and a palm strike was made.

The fist and palm met.


The astral wind shot out in all directions.

Ye Xing’s body was knocked out like defeated gra*s. He rolled a few metres on the ground before stopping.

He looked at his right arm and found that it was covered in a layer of frost, his entire hand was numb and he almost lost his fighting ability.

“Do you really think that last time was my full strength? Hmph, if I want to get rid of you, it’s no different than stepping on an ant.” Shangguan Lan coldly snorted.

Only then did Ye Xing realize that this woman was much more powerful than he had imagined.

The last time they fought in Miaojiang. She hadn’t exerted all her strength at all.

“Shangguan Lan, I want to see Xue’er, you let me see her.” Ye Xing roared.

“I was going to come over and let you meet, but unfortunately, you have let Xue’er down too much. Your wife’s whereabouts are unknown, you are hiding three women at home, hiding your wife in a golden house and having a quick fling, what qualifications do you have to see Xue’er?” Shangguan Lan’s gaze was all contempt.

“Let me see Xue’er and I’ll explain to her.”

“Seeing is believing, what else is there to explain.”

Ye Xing gritted his teeth and pushed his whole body’s internal qi, a powerful internal qi infused into his right arm.

The ice seal on his right arm shattered directly, falling to the ground like beans with a splintering sound.

“You let me dodge.”

Ye Xing let out a loud roar, and his right fist poured out all his strength to blast out.

Today, whoever dared to stop him, he would beat him up.


Chapter 308

“No self-respect.”

Shangguan Lan’s body levitated up and rose without wind, a layer of white, mist-like gas draped around her body.

It floated, making her look like a fairy.

A woman of forty looked as if she was only twenty or thirty years old.

Shangguan Lan pointed her hand.

The foggy gas from her body was like a wind and snow blowing towards Ye Xing.

This was the first time Ye Xing had encountered this method of attack, it was completely different from traditional ancient martial arts, it was simply demonic.

However, he didn’t care about anything at the moment and rushed forward against the wind and snow.

The piercing ice cold struck him, and he shivered as if he had fallen into an ice kiln.

Suddenly, in the wind and snow. A slender palm attacked him and he screamed.

In the next moment, there was a small thud.

The jade hand imprinted on his chest.


Ye Xing spurted out a mouthful of blood, and his body was like a kite with a broken string. It fell out a dozen meters and hit the ground hard.

“Now you know how much distance there is between you and me, right?”

The wind and snow subsided, revealing Shangguan Lan’s arrogant face, looking down at him from above.

Ye Xing struggled to get up, and it was at this moment that a familiar voice came.

“Shangguan Lan, let’s go!”

The voice had been a long time ago. So familiar, the voice so sad.

“Xue’er, come out, I want to talk to you, ahem.”

“There’s nothing more to say between us, you don’t have to remember me. You’re living quite a free life now anyway.”

“Murong Xue, listen to my explanation.” Ye Xing yelled.

“Wait until you are strong enough to be qualified to explain to me!”

In the distance, a white shadow appeared, but instead of coming towards him, it was fading away.

“Die, the distance between you and Xue’er will only get farther and farther. You are just a mortal, a scum, while Xue’er will be a phoenix in the future, an existence you can never afford to climb high.”

Shangguan Lan waved her sleeves, threw down a contemptuous look, and drifted away.


Ye Xing lost his soul and returned to the villa.

At the entrance of the villa, the three women were waiting anxiously.

Ye Xing came out hastily, attracting Lin Wei’s attention and waking up Su Xiaoqiao who was sleeping.

Seeing him return covered in blood, the three women were startled and gathered around.

“Ah Xing, what happened to you, are you alright?” Su Xiaoqiao was so scared that she was on the verge of tears.

Ye Xing didn’t say anything and walked into the living room. Sitting down on the sofa.

Cheng Yulin hurriedly walked over, poured a gla*s of water and handed it to him.

Ye Xing took it and took a sip before saying, “That white shadow just now, it was Xue’er.”

“Murong Xue?” Cheng Yulin’s face changed drastically.

“How did she appear here, where is she now?” Su Xiaoqiao was nervous and excited.

“We didn’t see the top, we were stopped by Shangguan Lan, she did my injuries.”

Lin Wei thought for a moment and guessed the whole thing.

Shangguan Lan she had met before, and this woman was very scary. It was simply the most terrifying woman she had ever seen.

“Xue’er is very disappointed in me. I did let her down too.” Ye Xing’s eyes were flooded with tears inside.

She was forcibly taken away, her whereabouts unknown, she didn’t go to look for her herself, and lived with a few women and played with warmth, in what other woman could she bear it. It is normal that she does not want to see herself.

Looking at this man of steel with tears flooding inside his eyes, Su Xiaoqiao’s eyes were suddenly flowing with tears.

“Ah Xing, if I make it difficult for you, we can separate. Really, I can talk to Mr. Mu. We won’t see each other in the future. Don’t be sad, okay, I don’t want you to be like this.” Su Xiaoqiao kept shaking her head and whimpering.

“No, absolutely not.”

Cheng Yulin objected loudly, sternly saying, “Ye Xing, Murong Xue paid for you, but didn’t Xiao Qiao pay for you? She Murong Xue is a woman, but is Xiao Qiao not a woman? If you really don’t want Xiao Qiao for that woman. Let’s not be friends in the future.”

“Yu Lin, you don’t have to say it, I was originally the third party, it was me who ruined it between them.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

“What third party, you were the titular one, okay, Murong Xue and him are already divorced, they are not legally married, you would have been in the right name.” Cheng Yulin was furious and pushed down Ye Xing and said, “Say it, say it quickly, won’t give up Xiao Qiao.”

“Let me be quiet for a while, okay?” Ye Xing was a little impatient.

At this moment, his mind was in a mess inside. Plus the painful injuries he had sustained on his body was immense.

He had to take some time and smooth things out.

“Xiao Qiao, you take care of him for a while. Cheng Yulin, let’s go back and rest!” Lin Wei said.

Cheng Yulin nodded. Only then did she reluctantly leave.

When they left, Su Xiao Qiao immediately hugged Ye Xing and whimpered.

Ye Xing’s heart was melted by crying and suddenly felt. He was quite an A**hole.

As a big man, even if he was in a bad or bad mood, he shouldn’t affect Xiao Qiao and the others, a man should be responsible.

“Xiao Qiao, you are the woman I love the most, no matter what happens, I won’t give up on you.”

Ye Xing and Su Xiao Qiao were naturally in love with each other, knowing that he was a married man, Xiao Qiao was still with him despite everything, based on this alone, he would never give up on her.

“But, Mr. Mu she ……”

“I will solve her affairs, you don’t need to care.”

Ye Xing gently stroked her hair, smelling the hair fragrance on her hair.

“I really don’t want you to be unhappy because of me. I just want you to stay by my side to be happy, not a burden.” Su Xiaoqiao said quietly.

“I’m happy with being with. Silly girl, don’t think about it.”

After comforting her, Ye Xing went into the room with her to heal her wounds.

Shangguan Lan’s Ice Ling Technique was very terrifying, and the attack was much stronger than last time, especially her last slap, which caused Ye Xing to suffer a very serious internal injury.

It would be difficult to recover from this injury without recuperating for a while.

After treating the injury. Ye Xing sat on his bed and his consciousness entered the inner world, hoping to open the fourth memory fragment.

The opening of the third memory fragment had allowed him to learn the first layer of the Chaos Technique along with the Tidal Wave Palm, and his strength had increased greatly. However, the lack of underlying power prevented these two divine abilities from exerting great power. The second memory fragment obtained a small cultivation elixir recipe, which was a very strong elixir for those starting out, but for someone at his level, the medicinal power was already weak. Unless one could find herbs that were hundreds of years old, they would be able to have a little effect.

In the dark, Ye Xing felt that the fourth jotted fragment must have the secret to make his strength rise greatly.

When his consciousness entered the inner world, the fourth memory fragment was still in the grey and did not open.

“Now do you know, how much distance there is between you and me?”

“Die, the distance between you and Xue’er will only get farther and farther …… you are a mortal …… Xue’er will be a phoenix in the future, an existence you will never be able to climb high ……”

Inside his mind, the words of Shangguan Lan echoed over and over again, keeping his hot blood boiling.

“Shangguan Lan, you wait, one day I will become an existence that you look up to.”

Ye Xing’s fists clenched tightly, and a flash of brilliant light stormed out from his gaze.