Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 3-4

Chapter 3

Just when everyone thought that this slap would land hard on Murong Xue’s face, a hand reached out and grabbed his arm.

The crowd looked over along the arm, and when they saw Ye Xing’s face, they were immediately stunned.

What a face it was!

At this moment, his face was filled with a murderous aura, and his eyes jutted out in a murderous manner.

No one had expected that this fool had such a violent side.

“You are the sister’s father, I won’t hit you, or you will end up worse than him, believe it or not?”

Ye Xing pointed at Chen Bowen on the ground and said coldly.

Saying foolish words, but with the aura of a killing god.

Murong Xue turned around and looked at her husband, who had been married for three years, and hardly recognized him.

At this moment, where did he look like a fool?

He was clearly a man of the highest order.

He stood in front of himself, immovable as a mountain, as if a thousand armies and horses could not hurt him half a cent.

“Silly …… Ye Xing, what do you want?”

Being glared at by his gaze, Murong Bei instinctively withdrew a few steps.

“Murong Bei, if a man hooked your wife in front of you, what would you do.” Ye Xing asked drily.

“Ye Xing, you are unbridled.”

“He just seduced my wife in front of me, do you think he should be beaten?” Ye Xing pointed at Chen Bowen and said.

When this statement was made, there was an uproar.

Everyone looked at Chen Bowen with a look of contempt in their eyes.

Seducing someone’s wife in public, what a nasty thing to do.

“My sister …… did not ……”

Chen Bowen’s mouth was extremely badly injured and he spat out his teeth incoherently.

“I dare to swear on my reputation that my husband definitely did not tell a lie.” Murong Xue echoed.

As the famous and beautiful president of Huaijiang City, Murong Xue’s reputation was high and her word was sacred, and most of the people believed her when her words came out.

“I’ve long heard that the eldest son of the Chen family is a flirt and has raised bad habits abroad, I never thought it would be so shameless.”

“Seducing other people’s wives and learning this as a doctor?”

“Clothed beast.”


All sorts of invective came, and Chen Bowen suddenly became the target of a thousand accusations.

“This matter will not be counted like this.”

Chen Bowen climbed up and walked away in disgrace.

A farce, and that was the end of it.

The people around, looking at Ye Xing, had completely changed their gaze.

Murong Bei looked at Ye Xing and was suspicious in his heart.

Murong Xue looked at this man of hers, with tears inside her eyes.

Not tears of aggression, but tears of excitement.

Her own man, wasn’t he stupid?

In her excitement, she pulled her man out as soon as she could and went to the back garden to find a deserted place.

She had to ask what had happened to her man.

When she came to the garden, Ye Xing spat a mouthful of spit onto the ground and rubbed it with her foot.

“Ye Xing, how many times have I told you, you can’t spit anywhere.” Murong Xue got angry.

“Sister, you said you can’t spit in public, you didn’t say you can’t spit when no one is around.” Ye Xing said stupidly.

Murong Xue’s excitement just now was instantly thrown away to the clouds.

It seemed that he was only a little better once in a while, not all the time.

“Ye Xing, let me ask you, why did you hit Chen Bowen just now?”

A look of expectation appeared in Murong Ruyin’s gaze.

How she wanted to hear from his mouth: sister, I am well.

“Sister, I don’t know, I was very angry when he said those words.”

“Why were you angry?”

“He seduced my sister, and you’re my wife, sister.”

“But, you weren’t like this before.”

Murong Xue’s eyes were like a pool of autumn water, and the two beads of her eyes were shining like stars.

Ye Xing was tempted to tell him that he was better and not an idiot.

But what if she fell in love with herself and she suddenly died.

Could she take such a big blow?

“Sister, after I was pushed down from the third floor, I felt different from before.” Ye Xing said back.

“Didn’t you fall down accidentally?” Murong Xue’s face changed drastically.

Three days ago, Ye Xing had fallen down from the third floor at the shopping mall and was admitted to hospital at that time, but fortunately she was fine later.

How could she know that it was then that the previous Ye Xing had died and now it was another Ye Xing’s soul occupying the body.

Only, this soul also inherited the memories of the former one.

“Sister, I remember that I seem to have been pushed by someone.”

“Do you recognise what that person looked like?”

“No, but I remember him saying something.”

“What did he say?”

“He said: fool, it’s a relief for you to die.”

Murong Xue frowned, in the past, she might not have believed it, but now she did.

Ye Xing was not the same as before.

“Sister, I feel different from before after waking up.”

If he still acted like a fool, Ye Xing himself wouldn’t believe it and could only find such an excuse.

“You are really a foolish person, I didn’t expect to be blessed by the disaster.” Murong Xue stroked his head excitedly.

Although he still looked silly, he was much better than before.

Maybe he would get better in the future!

“Sister, you’re touching me so comfortably.” Ye Xing grinned.

“Sister will touch you every day from now on.”

Next, Murong Xue side-stepped, asked all kinds of questions and tried all kinds of things, and finally came up with a result: Ye Xing was a little better, but just not as stupid as before, his intelligence was still missing, at best, the intelligence of a seven or eight year old child.

“Ye Xing, from now on, no more hitting, understand?” Murong Xue seriously admonished.

The way Ye Xing hit someone just now had scared her, just like a devil.

“Sister, I know.” Ye Xing nodded his head.

When the two of them went back, the banquet had already started.

At the Murong family table, there were already six people sitting.

Old Mrs. Murong was sitting on the chief, and beside her sat Murong Bei and his wife Yang Mei.

Yang Mei was Murong Lan’s birth mother. Murong Xue’s birth mother died when Murong Xue was born, and Yang Mei was the wife Murong Bei married after him, a stepmother.

Murong Lan married a matchmaker, who speaks Chinese, and is sitting beside him at the moment.

Apart from these five people, there is also a couple in their forties sitting, the parents of Jiang Ruobing, Murong Xue’s cousin, Jiang An and Su Huiru.

Jiang An and Su Huiru are from the provincial capital, Jiang An is a senior official in a government unit, while Su Huiru is a senior executive in a foreign trade company.

Jiang Ruobing, who was usually lawless in the Murong family and bullied Ye Xing in every way, was now as well behaved as a cat.

“People are all here, let’s eat!” Old Mrs Murong said.

“Let’s eat.”

Ye Xing reached over, grabbed a chicken leg over and gnawed on it.

“Ye Xing, use chopsticks.” Murong reminded.

“Using chopsticks is not as comfortable as eating with your hands.”

Ye Xing ate without looking like a spectator, his mouth full of oil.

Since he was pretending to be a fool, he should pretend to be more thorough.

“Xue’er.” Old Mrs Murong hinted.

“Ye Xing, how many times have I told you to use chopsticks to eat.” Murong Xue ordered.


Chapter 4

Ye Xing picked up the chopsticks next to her and stuck them in that chicken leg.

“Sister, look, lollipop.” Ye Xing shook the chicken leg and laughed.

“Ye Xing ……”

Murong Xue really didn’t know what to do.

In other times, she would have let him do whatever he wanted, but today was grandma’s birthday, and hundreds of people were watching him laugh at this fool! At times like this, every move he made was infinitely magnified.

A moment ago she thought he had gotten better, but who knew, now he was sick again.

A headache!

“Sister, I’m going to eat in the garden.”

Ye Xing picked up a bowl of rice and held a chicken leg upright with his chopsticks as he walked towards the back garden.

Looking at his unhappy look, Murong Xue inexplicably felt a pang of heartache and was about to follow.

“Xue’er, I have something to say.” Old Mrs Murong said.

“Grandma, what do you want to say?” Murong Xue stayed behind.

Old Mrs Murong put her chopsticks down before she said, “Xue’er, I have seen all the dedication you have given to Murong Xue over the years. Today is my birthday, and I have prepared a big gift for you.”

Hearing the word big gift, the people around, all pricked up their ears.

To be able to say the word great gift from the old lady’s mouth was definitely not something simple.

“Grandma, your good health is the greatest gift to me, I don’t need any big gift.” Murong Xue said.

“Hear me out, you are old and can’t speak well.” Old Mrs. Murong interrupted her and continued, “Yesterday, I spoke to Jiannan Ye on the phone and he promised to let you divorce Ye Xing, so you don’t have to live with a fool in the future.”

At these words, Murong Xue immediately froze, and the others’ also had a shocked look on their faces.

“Mom, Ye Jiannan will agree to a divorce?” Murong Bei was in some disbelief.

“It’s not that good, I have agreed to give him the Star Mansion as compensation.” Old Mrs. Murong said.

At these words, there was an outcry.

“Mom, I don’t agree, the Star Mansion is worth three hundred million!” Murong Bei immediately objected.

“The Star Mansion is one of the most profitable properties of the Murong family, isn’t he taking advantage of the fire to rob it?” Yang Mei, Murong Bei’s step-wife, said.

Murong Lan wanted to say something, but her mouth moved for a moment, but in the end she didn’t say anything.

But it was obvious that she was unwilling to do so either.

“I’ll admit it even if we take advantage of the fire, if it wasn’t for the Ye family’s help, would we have been able to get through that difficult time?” Old Mrs. Murong pointed at Murong Xue and exclaimed, “If it wasn’t for Xue’er’s sacrifice, would you all be here today, not to mention a mere Star Mansion, even if what he wanted was half of the Murong family, I would have agreed, as long as he was willing to let Xue’er divorce that stupid …… person from Ye Xing.”

Old Mrs. Murong had a pivotal position in the Murong family, and it was useless for Murong Bei and Yang Mei to have any opinions, even if they had any.

“Grandma, I support you.” Murong Lan was the first to agree and said, “Sister’s sacrifice of three years of her youth for the Murong family is something that a star building cannot compare to. However, we also have to see what sister thinks, after all, a one-night couple has a hundred days of love, not to mention that they have lived for three years.”

“Lan’er is right, it also depends on what Xue’er wants.” Yang Mei said in a hurry.

Murong Xue knew very well what kind of thoughts this half-sister of hers was carrying inside her stomach.

On the surface she was helping herself, but in essence she was hinting that she should not abandon the fool.

A belly full of bad intentions.

The Murong family was childless and the future estate would fall on the two daughters. If Murong Xue married a fool, it would be easier for her to fight for the family fortune in the future.

If Murong Xue divorced Ye Xing and married another person who was shrewd, it would be very bad for her.

“Grandma, have you considered what will happen to Ye Xing after the divorce?” Murong Xue asked.

“You can rest a*sured about that, with the Murong family’s financial power, after Ye Xing goes back, he can find him another woman to serve him for the rest of his life. Nowadays, there are plenty of women who will do anything for money, even if you hire a rural girl, it doesn’t have to be worse than you to take care of Ye Xing.”

Old Mrs Murong seemed to have guessed that Murong Xue would have such concerns and spoke out to comfort her.

“Grandma, you let me think about it.” Murong Xue lowered her head and stopped speaking.

At this moment, her heart was in turmoil.

She still remembered that when she had married Ye Xing, she had been depressed for months and had almost committed suicide.

Which woman did not long for romantic love?

Which woman does not want to marry a good man?

Which woman would like to keep a fool for the rest of her life?

“Think about it, the future is in your own hands, with your condition, you can marry as good as you want in the future, no one is qualified to dislike you.” Murong reminded in his old manner.

“I know, grandma.”


Ye Xing was lying in the back garden, grabbing a chicken leg in her hand and gnawing it up.

“I wonder what kind of death this one will be.”

It won’t be a meteor suddenly coming down and killing old me.

Having experienced a hundred and four unexpected deaths, Ye Xing’s fear of death had dropped to an extremely low level.

Even, he was already numb to death.

Suddenly, there was the sound of tiny footsteps behind him, and a man looked around furtively, and only after he didn’t see anyone did he pick up the phone.

“Murong Xue is still on the hall …… let me follow her …… no problem, call you when the time comes.”

The man hung up the phone and left in stride, not even noticing Ye Xing who was lying on the ground eating a chicken leg.

“Chen Bowen, you really are a shadowy soul!”

From the other side of the phone just now, he faintly heard Chen Bowen’s voice.

Chen Bowen had been beaten up by him, there was no way that he would just let it go, it seemed that he was ready to go after Murong Xue.

Ye Xing stood up, wiped his oil-covered hands on the gra*s next to him and walked towards the hall.

Just as he entered the hall, he immediately noticed that many people’s eyes fell on him.

It turned out that not only stars could attract the attention of many people.

Fools can too.

When he went to the Murong family’s table, Murong Xue was not there.

“Where is sister?” Ye Xing asked.

“She went to the washroom.” Murong Bei said back without a smile.

Ye Xing went to the washroom and called out for his sister in front of the ladies’ room, but no one returned.

He walked straight in.

“You’re god sick, this is the women’s toilet.”

A woman who had just come out from inside the toilet saw him and was startled.

“You guessed it, I have intermittent mental illness, I’ve had eight if not ten people die at my hands.”

With a clatter, the group of women scattered with a frightened bang.

Ye Xing turned around inside, not finding Murong Xue, turned around and walked out of the washroom, pulling out the phone as he walked towards the garden.

With his guess, Murong Xue could have gone to the garden to look for him after she finished using the washroom.

When he went to the garden, he could not find Murong Xue.

Ye Xing took out his mobile phone and pressed the shortcut 1 key, which was the number Murong Xue had set up for him.

The call went through, but was immediately hung up.

Ye Xing faintly heard the ringing coming from the street behind the garden.

A bad premonition rushed to his mind.

Ye Xing darted out and with a glance, he saw two men holding Murong Xue in the car beside a van on the street.