Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 297-298

Chapter 297

Ye Xing had never expected to meet Shangguan Lan here.

The voice coming from inside the room was none other than Murong Xue’s mother, Shangguan Lan’s. He was worried about not being able to find Xue’er, but he never thought that he would meet her here.

Since he had met her this time, he must find out the whereabouts of Xue’er from her mouth.

Ye Xing really wanted to rush in immediately and ask her where Xue’er was, but after considering it, he held back.

Not to mention whether he could beat her now, and even if he could, would Shangguan Lan tell him where Xue’er was?

Obviously not.

It wasn’t like he could use the tactic of forcing a confession.

Ye Xing held his breath and ran his breath to its weakest as he continued to listen.

“Back to Lord Immortal Envoy. The Golden Silkworm Compulsion is extremely hostile and difficult to tame, I still have to use a human to study its characteristics, once I am familiar with its characteristics. It will then be able to be controlled with.” A middle-aged woman’s voice came.

This person should be the village head of the ancient village, the one Aya had mentioned, someone who was proficient in compulsion and ancient martial arts.

“How much longer do you need to tame it?”

“Please give me another month ……”

“No, a month is too long, half a month at the most. Alita, the Immortal Sect is not that easy to enter, it has not recruited disciples in the mortal world for two years, can you become a disciple of the Immortal Sect. It depends on your achievement this time.” Shangguan Lan said.

“Please don’t worry, Lord Immortal Envoy, I will definitely tame the Golden Silkworm Compulsion and will never disgrace my mission.” Alita exclaimed.

“That’s good, then I will come back in half a month …… who is eavesdropping.”

Shangguan Lan shouted, the whole person rushed out from the compartment, a white mane shot out from his hand.

Ye Xing secretly shouted bad, is ready to meet the attack, suddenly the left attic, a white-clothed figure quickly fled, non-stop vertical leap, in the twinkling of an eye is already in tens of meters away.

Shangguan Lan would not let the other party go, his body was like a swallow, leaping between the pavilions, following closely behind.

Judging from the appearance of the white-clothed figure, the other party should only be around thirty years old, and his lightning skills were very good.

Ye Xing did not expect that someone other than himself was eavesdropping.

But at this moment, he didn’t even care about the other party, the most important thing now was to find Lin Wei.

Alita hurriedly went out and quickly ran towards the back of the hill, the sudden arrival of someone made her feel uneasy.

Ye Xing trailed behind quietly, unnoticed.

The other party was very shrewd and stopped several times halfway to reconnoiter. Luckily, Ye Xing’s anti-scouting power was very strong, so she was not discovered.

It was not long before Alita arrived at a valley in the middle of nowhere.

There was no way into the valley, Alita had jumped off the cliff, and if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes, no one would have thought that she was actually hiding a cave here.

Only when the other party’s figure disappeared into the cave, did Ye Xing then arrive at the cliff.

Looking at the tens of metres high cliff, he couldn’t help but feel a little creeped out in his heart.

Although he had cultivated Chaos True Elements and his strength was estimated to be far above Alita’s.

However, as if a person who was armed with a treasure but would not use it, he had not undergone any systematic training.

Although The Tidal Wave Palm is a martial art. But it was not light kung fu.

Holding his breath, Ye Xing gently jumped down, manipulating the Chaos True Essence by feel.

Halfway down, he lent his palm on the stone protruding from the side.

This was troublesome, the stone simply could not withstand the force of the fall and caused a landslide.

Countless rocks fell from the half-cliff with a rumbling sound.

“Who is it?”

A loud shout came from inside the cave, Alita came out from inside the cave, seeing Ye Xing still in mid-air, she withdrew her hand at once.

A piece of green powder foam attacked, and at first glance, it was something highly poisonous.

Ye Xing was in mid-air and had nowhere to hide. He could only slap out his palm, and the Tidal Wave Palm brought up a gust of palm wind, causing the green powder foam to float back.

Alita dodged it in a hurry, and the powder foam fell to the ground and found a nuisance sound, even the stones were scorched black with decay.

“Old demon woman, you really hit hard!”

Looking at the extent of the rotting of the stones, Ye Xing could not help but be secretly horrified. If this powder foam were to be withdrawn on a person, that would be something else!

“Who the hell are you?” Alita stared at him with a blazing gaze.

“Hong Clan, Hong Tian.”

Without a second thought, Ye Xing sold Hong Tian.

“People of the Hong Sect, do you think you can stop the Aura from returning to poverty, dream on.”

Alita finished her sentence and struck again, her sleeves kept flicking out, a piece of medicinal powder floating in mid-air.

Ye Xing once again shot out his palm, slapping out with a slap, the wind of his palm stirring those powder droplets away from his side.

“You’re not even a Hong Quan.” Alita drank.

“Who said that the Hong Sect must be a Hong Fist, this is a Hong Fist. A new move created by our clan, eat a Hung Palm from me!”

Ye Xing shouted, his body bullying in, a continuous palm wind slapped out.

Under the return of the palm wind. Chen Rita’s face was disfigured by the green powder that got on her face and found a zipping sound.

She did not dare to continue with the poison, that would only make herself suffer.

Martial arts wise. She was not even as good as Hong Tian, and if she went on without poison, that was Ye Xing’s match.

After less than two minutes of fighting, Ye Xing kicked her in the side, sending her flying against the stone wall and sending stone chips flying everywhere.


She spurted out a mouthful of blood, her eyes staring at Ye Xing with a face of hatred.

“The Hong Clan simply doesn’t have such an exquisite palm technique, you’re not from the Hong Clan at all, who the hell are you?” She gnashed her teeth.

Naturally, Ye Xing would not reveal his identity, suddenly remembering what he had just heard, he immediately moved his mind.

“With such strength as yours, you still want to join the Immortal Sect, foolish to dream.” Ye Xing sneered.

“What do you mean by that?”

“The Golden Silkworm Compulsion has already been refined, you have spent so long without taming it, it is no longer useful. We’ll just have to kill you and find another one to replace you. We can’t wait that long.”

“Did the Immortal Amba*sador Lord instruct you to come here?” Alita’s eyes bugged out.

“It’s too late to know that now.”

Ye Xing drew his dagger and stepped closer, pretending to be ready to kill.

Alita suddenly flung herself on her knees and said urgently, “Please beg for mercy from Lord Immortal Amba*sador, I will definitely seize the time to tame the Golden Silkworm Compulsion and achieve a connection of intent. Please don’t kill me. The Golden Silkworm Compulsion was refined by me, and if I can’t tame it, it’s even more impossible for others.”

In order to plead for mercy, she kept kowtowing and blood was soon coming out from her forehead.

This B*tch, she wouldn’t really believe her own bullSh*t, would she?

Ye Xing was a little hesitant, after all, Miao women were the most tricky, what if she pretended to believe herself, but in reality, she was looking for an opportunity to strike back in a desperate way?

“Let me ask you, how many people are still inside the cave?” Ye Xing asked, suppressing his excitement.

The Golden Silkworm Compulsion had to be refined with people, so inside the cave, there were most likely still living people.

Whether Lin Wei was still in it or not, he was not even sure.

“There are eleven other living people.”

“How many males and how many females?”

“Three men and eight women.”

Eight women, could Lin Wei be among them?

“During the refining process, people would definitely die, how many men and how many women died?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

Alita wasn’t sure what his reason for asking this was, but still answered back honestly, “I can’t remember, less men died, ten or so, and there should be dozens of women, because the final host of the Golden Silkworm Compulsion was me, so there were more experiments with women.”


Chapter 298

Hearing these words, Ye Xing really wanted to slap it over.

This woman was too vicious, for the sake of refining a single compulsion, she had actually harmed the lives of dozens of people.

Really, she would do anything to refine a compulsion.

If Lin Wei was among these women who had been killed, Ye Xing would definitely have let her die a miserable death.

“The golden silkworm compulsion is inside the cave, right?” Ye Xing continued to ask.


“Take me in to have a look.”

Alita turned around and was about to go in when Ye Xiong called out to her.

He walked over, cut a few strips of cloth from the top of her skirt and tied her hands tightly, then searched all the clothes on her body and found a large push of vials of poison powder and other things. Only then did he push her into the cave.

Inside the cave, a paraffin lamp was lit on the stone wall, stretching all the way in.

“Don’t play tricks. It couldn’t be easier for me to get you killed.” Ye Xing warned.

The Hmong people had too many tricks to guard against.

With Rita leading the way, Ye Xing soon entered the cave.

The cave was deeper than expected, and after walking for almost five minutes, three stone chambers suddenly appeared in front of him.

Inside the stone chambers were two stone dungeons, and inside the stone dungeons were locked up men and women respectively.

In the remaining one, there was a quadrangle made of gla*s, which was transparent. The inside was empty.

Ye Xing’s eyes fell inside the two stone chambers, one side held three men and the other side held eight women.

Seeing Alita enter, the people inside the stone chambers all wore fearful expressions as their bodies shrank inwards.

“Lin Wei, are you in there?” Ye Xing asked in a trembling voice.

He was really afraid that no one would respond.

It was at this moment that a black shadow in the corner stood up and slowly walked over to the iron door.

“Ye Xing, is that you?” The woman said.

“Thank God, you’re alright, great.”

Ye Xing sighed with relief and hurriedly walked over, seeing that the iron door was locked, he immediately barked, “Come here, open the door.”

“I don’t have the key with me.” Alita said back.

“Do you think I’m stupid?”

Ye Xing put the dagger on her neck and ordered, “Open the iron door right now.”

“I really don’t have the key with me, and you searched my body just now ……”

Before she could finish her words, the white light on Ye Xing’s hand flashed.

One of Alita’s fingers was cut off raw, and blood gushed out like water.

Lin Wei had found it, so he naturally wouldn’t be polite with the other party.

Alita screamed miserably, five fingers connected, so it was obvious how much it hurt.

“I don’t want to say the same thing a third time, where is the key?”

Alita trembled her fingers. Pointing at the stone wall in the doorway.

Ye Xing had sharp eyes and saw a crack in the stone wall, and instantly walked over and took out a stone block, and there were indeed three keys inside.

He got the keys, walked over and opened the iron door, and a group of women rushed out in a hurry, excited beyond belief.

“It’s all right, take it easy, walk slowly.” Ye Xing said.

Lin Wei was the last one to come out, she was dirty and carried blood stains, her whole body had lost a few turns. The pretty look no longer existed.

Seeing her appearance, Ye Xing felt another burst of anger in his heart.

He kicked Alita and made her fall to her knees.

“Lin Wei, are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Linwei shook her head and murmured, “It’s just that, they’re all dead.”

“Is the black bear dead too?”

Lin Wei nodded, her tone choked.

Suddenly, she snatched the dagger from Ye Xing’s hand and viciously plunged it into Alita’s back, stabbing her several times in quick succession, splattering blood on the spot.

Alita screamed in agony and soon fell to the ground. Dying.

“Didn’t you want us to feed the golden worm compulsion, I’ll let you try the taste of being penetrated by the golden worm compulsion now.”

Like a madman, Lin Wei lifted up Alita, who was covered in blood, and walked inside the stone chamber that contained a transparent gla*s-like shape.

“Ye Xing, throw the key over.”

Ye Xing knew she was heartbroken and instantly tossed the key over.

Lin Wei opened the iron door and then pushed Alita’s body inside.

“No ……”

Alita hissed and screamed miserably, with endless fear in her voice.

Ye Xing walked over to the gla*s case. Only then did he find a finger-sized worm inside.

The bug was thumb thick, golden yellow in colour, with two pairs of fleshy wings on its back.

With a pair of red and white eyes, it did not look scary at all, and was even a bit cute.

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, he would not have believed that this was the golden silkworm compulsion that was rumoured to have frightened people.

According to the Miao people, the method of making the Golden Silkworm Compulsion is very perverted.

First, dozens of poisonous insects are locked inside a space, allowing them to bite and devour each other, and the last one to survive is the king of the parasites.

This is the king of the parasites. It is not a real golden silkworm compulsion, first it has to be starved for a few days, then all the poisons and poisons in the world are thrown into it for the compulsion king to eat. The king of companions is so hungry that he is weak. There is nothing left to eat but to eat these poisons, most of the companions died in the process of eating the poisons, and there are almost no companions who survived. To refine the Golden Silkworm Compulsion. You have to take seventy-seven or forty-nine kinds of poisons, and finally become invulnerable to all poisons. In addition to stopping, but also outside the Buddha’s altar, smell the Buddha’s incense for seventy-seventy-nine days, to turn away its hostile nature, can be tamed by people ……

The difficulties involved cannot be appreciated by those who have not personally refined it.


When the Golden Silkworm Compulsion saw someone enter, it immediately turned into a golden light and entered her body, biting up continuously.

“Golden Silkworm Compulsion, you were refined by me, you can’t eat me.”

“Under my leadership. Only then can you grow to be the king of all compulsions.”

“I know you can understand my words and feel what I mean, and don’t forget, I was the one who made you listen to the human language for five years.”

Once inside, Alita kept speaking up, like a divine woman, with her palms together in great devotion.

An amazing sight appeared.

It was only visible. The golden silkworm parasite that had originally entered Alita’s body suddenly burrowed out and kept flying around her, spinning around as if it was listening to her words in pity.

Ye Xing and Lin Wei looked at each other, thinking to themselves that it couldn’t be that unlucky, right?

I wanted to throw Alita in so that she would be eaten by the Golden Silkworm Compulsion and die of torture, but I didn’t know that she had actually inadvertently taken in the Golden Silkworm Compulsion.

“Untie my hands, and I’ll give you your favourite meatballs.” Alita held out her bound hand.

The golden silkworm compulsion turned into a golden light and swept through her hands, and the rope instantly fell to the ground.

The biting power of this little thing was actually something that Ye Xing had never seen before.

“Very good, I’ll give you the meatballs.”

Alita was very happy and hurriedly reached for her clothes pocket, but she didn’t know that she felt an empty one.

Only then did she remember that the contents inside her pockets had just been emptied by Ye Xing.

“Are you looking for this thing?”

Ye Xing took out a bottle with a sugar pill like thing inside from a pile of small bottles and waved it in front of her.

When the golden silkworm parasite saw the vial, its head kept hitting the gla*s bottle, hissing madly and hostilely.

“Want to eat it right, eat her up.” Ye Xing pointed at Alita and commanded.

The golden silkworm parasite revealed a row of sharp fangs and flew towards Alita.

“No ……”

Alita screamed shrilly, her mouth just opened, and the golden worm compulsion flew in.