Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 295-296

Chapter 295

“Who are you?”

The woman in black asked, staring at him.

“That should be my question to you, who are you and why did you kill the people who entered the ancient village?” Ye Xing asked in return.

“I suggest you leave here immediately, or else you won’t even know how to die.” The woman in black snorted coldly.

“If you don’t tell me, then I will first arrest you and interrogate you slowly.”

After Ye Xing finished speaking, his body brushed off and rushed out.

The woman in black raised her hand and a cloud of powder foam enveloped over.

The Miao people were best at using poison, so Ye Xing dared not be careless and hurriedly held his breath while his body backed up.

The woman in black shot out several white arrows from her sleeves. They shot towards Ye Xing.

Ye Xing drew out his dagger and flicked out all the concealed weapons with a few dings.

Judging from the strength and speed of the concealed weapons, the woman in front of him should be of average strength.

At least she was not at the level of an ancient martial artist at all.

Taking advantage of this moment. Ye Xing had already closed in on her and a few cold flashes of light pa*sed by.

The woman in black only felt her scalp go numb, and a bunch of hair had already fluttered down.

She knew very well in her heart that if Ye Xing really wanted to kill her just now, he would have already turned into a dead corpse.

“Don’t move well, otherwise, in case I don’t cut your face with this knife, you won’t be able to get married afterwards.”

Ye Xing said as he did so. While pulling out a torch, shining it on the other party’s face.

Without looking, I didn’t expect that this girl was quite good looking, although she couldn’t reach the level of Murong Xue and Luo Xiaoyun, but among the Miao tribe, she was considered a big beauty.

Her features were exquisite, not as dark as the average Miao girl.

“I am the Miao princess, if you kill me, you are making an enemy of the entire Miao tribe, even if you go to the ends of the earth, my mother will not spare you.” The woman in black threatened.

“Huh, it’s still a princess!”

Ye Xiong pulled a rope and tied her next to a large tree and walked around her.

“Next, I’ll ask you an answer, if you can’t answer or withdraw your lie, I’ll cut off one of your clothes, when the clothes are done, I’ll start cutting off your fingers, I hope you’ll cooperate well oh!” After explaining the rules, Ye Xing then continued to ask: “What is your name?”


“How tall are you?”

“One meter six six.”

“What’s your circumference?”


“Can’t say it can you!”

With a tearing sound, Ye Xing cut off her night clothes.

Aya was wearing a clothesline on the outside and a long green one-piece dress on the inside, if she continued to lie next, Ye Xing would return another one. Then she was about to have an underwear show.

“Are you a virgin?” Ye Xing suddenly asked.

Chen Ya’s face instantly turned red and she said angrily, “Kill me, don’t humiliate me like this.”

“Answer truthfully, if you don’t, I’ll have to cut the clothes again.”

Ye Xing said as he put the knife to her collar.

“No.” Aya returned angrily, “I already have a husband.”

Ye Xing took her hand and infused Chaos True Energy into it.

The next moment, his dagger slashed and cut directly her skirt from head to toe.

As her body was tied up, her skirt did not slip down, but a large piece of scenery was revealed in front of her, her underwear hidden.

“Lie once. Just take off one of your clothes, do you think I’m telling a lie?”

“I’m not lying.”

“Your body can’t lie, do you want to verify it again?” Ye Xing sneered.

Aya immediately did not dare to speak, because to verify, that could only be ……

She really didn’t understand how this guy could tell that she was a virgin.

“There are only two pieces of clothes left on you, if you don’t come out again, you’ll have to strip the pig naked then.”

Having said that, Ye Xing then took out Lin Wei’s photo from his body and put it in front of her, “This woman, where is she now?”

“I don’t have ……”

“You’d better think it over before you answer, of course. If you enjoy the feeling of being seen naked, you can continue to lie.” Ye Xing said coldly.

Aya felt her defenses, a little bit, being breached.

Instead of torturing her physically, this guy was torturing her in terms of dignity, a way of interrogation she had never seen before.

“She is being held in the dungeon, whether she is alive or dead now, I don’t know.” Aya said back.

“Which dungeon?”

“The ancient village dungeon.”

“Who put her in the dungeon and why did the other side do that?”

“Someone in the ancient village is making the Golden Silkworm Compulsion. This kind of compulsion is very malicious and domineering, and it can’t be controlled at all when it first comes on, so it needs a container to try it out, and when the trial is successful, then someone will take it in.” Aya said back.

“To actually use a person as a vessel for refining the compulsion, this is truly abominable.” Ye Xiong shouted angrily.

In that case, it was very likely that the people from the villages near the Miao tribe who had disappeared some time ago had been captured to refine the compulsions.

“The address of the dungeon, do you know it?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“I don’t know, only the village chief of the ancient village knows.”

“Stay here well, after dawn, take us into the village.”

What should be asked Ye Xing had asked. At that moment, he went towards those special soldiers.

When they went there, the tide of poisonous snakes had already gone, and some people had been bitten a few times, although they were poisoned. But there was no serious injury.

“Have a good rest and set off again tomorrow.”

Leaving these words behind, Ye Xing turned back to Aya’s side and took a slight leap. He jumped to the tree where she was tied up and went to sleep.

As for her, let her enjoy a good night tied up!

After just half a sleep, Aya shouted, “Hey, come down and untie me, there are too many mosquitoes, I can’t stand it.”

“Aren’t you a parasite master, why are you afraid of bugs too?”

“The insect repellent I put on my body is not working.”

Ye Xing jumped down, his eyes fell on her white and slender legs, and he was instantly amused.

Only to see that there were a dozen mosquitoes attached to those legs at the moment, the big ones as big as small beans, all desperately sucking blood.

A large lump had already formed on her leg.

If she hadn’t been unable to bear it, she would not have asked for help.

“Where’s the insect repellent?” Ye Xing asked.

“Inside the skirt pocket.”

Ye Xing fished out a few small pill bottles from inside her skirt pocket.

“The white one.”

When she opened the white bottle, a burst of aroma came over her.

Ye Xing smeared a little on her palm. He was about to wipe it on her leg when he suddenly stopped.

“Do you Hmong girls have that tradition of having to marry each other after being touched by a man?”


“Forget it, you’d better wipe it yourself!”

Ye Xing said as he cut off the rope tying her up and stood guard beside her.

There were too many strange Hmong traditions for him to risk. Being targeted by a Hmong woman was no different from being targeted by a poisonous snake.

“You don’t have to watch out for me, I just want to stop you from entering the ancient village and sending you to your death, otherwise it would have been the poisonous snake I was controlling just now.” Aya said.

Just now, a few special soldiers had been bitten by the snake, and although they were poisoned, they were not fatal, so that it could be seen that Aya really seemed to be just driving them away, and did not want to put them to death.

“Is the ancient village chief very strong?” Ye Xing asked curiously.

“She is the only person in my village who knows both compulsion and martial arts, and her martial arts are also very strong, so you guys are just sending yourselves to death if you go in.”


Chapter 296

“Sending death, don’t see it!” Ye Xing sneered.

“I’ve said my piece, if you still decide to go and send yourself to your death, I don’t care.”

Hearing her say this, Ye Xing became more and more worried, one more moment he stayed, Lin Wei would be in more danger.

“Let’s not wait for dawn, let’s set off now.”

Although it was dangerous to rush at night, Ye Xing still chose to, after all, time waits for no man.

With Aya’s help, the two of them pushed on towards the ancient village.

After hurrying continuously all night, Ye Xing was fine. Aya was already exhausted.

Seeing that it was almost dawn, Aya suddenly led Ye Xing into a cave.

“Let’s rest here before we hurry!”

Aya said as she lay down on a piece of straw mat, and in a few moments she was whirring and sleeping.

This woman. It was really big-hearted, daring to sleep so much in front of herself.

Ye Xing was also quite tired and saw that there was another straw mat next to him, so he lay down and slept with her.

Tomorrow, when we go to the ancient village, if the village chief is really strong, I guess there will be a big battle.

He had just slept for a few moments when he suddenly heard a small sound coming from him.

He just pretended not to notice it. He went back to sleep.

Just then, a fragrance hit him.

Ye Xing’s head lolled and he pa*sed out.

The next thing he felt was his body being tied up, and then, another burst of fragrance hit him.

Ye Xing opened his eyes and found Aya looking at him with a smile on her face.

“What do you want?” Ye Xing struggled, his face paling.

“What do you think I would want?”

Aya walked over, pleasure written right on her face.

She had been pinned down and almost stripped naked by her opponent earlier, and now she could finally raise her eyebrows.

“What do you really want?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“Since childhood, this girl has never been seen by a man like this, you actually looked at my body, do you think I will let these eyes of yours stay?” Aya sneered as she walked over, a knife raised in her hand.

“Trying to gouge out my eyes, you woman is too ruthless!” Ye Xing backed up repeatedly.

“Not killing you, old mother has been merciful.”

Coming in front of Ye Xing, she raised her knife and slowly approached Ye Xing’s eyes.

Ye Xing’s eyes mimicked, and the hands tied behind his back had been loosened at some point.

This woman, if she really wanted to gouge her own eyes, then he would have to use his own way. To cure her.

The knife stopped a few centimetres from Ye Xing’s eyes and stopped.

Aya sighed, “Count yourself lucky to have met Old Mother, in a second woman, you would have been dead long ago.”

“Thank you for the kindness of not gouging out your eyes, Miss.” Ye Xing smiled.

“The sin of gouging out your eyes can be waived, but to let you off like this is too cheap.”

Chen Ya held her chin in thought for a moment and laughed, “Right, let you also taste the taste of being bitten by mosquitoes with your naked body.”

She walked over and was about to move her knife to cut off Ye Xing’s clothes, but she didn’t know that the knife in her hand, somehow, had disappeared.

“Huh. Where’s my knife?” She had an erratic look on her face.

“Are you looking for it?” Ye Xing waved the knife in his hand.

“How did you get it untied?” Aya’s face paled.

She had clearly tied her opponent to death and had tied him in several layers, so how did he break free?

“Are you talking about this?”

Ye Xing held a few thick rattan ropes from the ground in her hands, and pulled them with force as her strength reached her.

At once, the rattan ropes fell to the ground in pieces.

“This level of stuff still wants to tie me up, what a fool’s dream, let’s go!”

Originally, she thought that the other party was tired before taking a break, but she didn’t know that the other party was deliberately pretending, in order to give herself a bewitching drug while she was sleeping.

But fortunately, she didn’t gouge her eyes in the end, otherwise. His attitude would not have been like this.

“Don’t play tricks again, or else you’ll get what’s coming to you.” Ye Xing warned beforehand.

The two continued walking towards the ancient village, and when they were halfway down the road, Aya couldn’t help but ask, “Just now, if I really did gouge your eyes, what would you do to me?”

“It’s possible to first? It’s possible to kill afterwards, or the other way around.”

Aya shuddered and cursed the pervert in her heart.

The journey continued. It was almost noon when a village suddenly appeared in front of them.

The village was built in the middle of a mountain stream, and was surrounded by countless huge trees that obscured it, so that if one did not go deeper into it, one could not tell from the outside that there was actually a village here.

“Up ahead is the ancient village, see that red hanging building in the middle of the village, there is the village head’s house.” Aya said, pointing into the distance.

“You said you are a Miao princess, a princess in the hall, are you still afraid of a village chief?” Ye Xing was a bit puzzled.

“I’m not a princess of any kind, I’m scaring you.”

“Take me there.”

“No, if I take you there. If the village chief finds out, he will kill me alive.”

Aya shook her head repeatedly, a look of fear on her face.

Ye Xing was in a dilemma.

There were several problems at the moment, firstly. Lin Wei’s whereabouts were unknown, whether she was dead or alive was unknown, he did not know where the dungeon was, if he ventured in at this time. If he was discovered, even if he won the battle, he would not have the upper hand.

Right now, the most important thing was to get Lin Wei out.

“You said that the village head was going to refine the Golden Silkworm Compulsion, there is always a place to refine it, right, where is it?”

“It is said that the stone cave at the back of the earth.”

“What time did she normally refine it?”

“This is not sure, the Miao people are very private when they refine their compulsions, they won’t let outsiders see it.”

What should be asked, Ye Xing had already asked, the rest of the things, just do it yourself.

Ye Xing suddenly struck out, and before Aya could react, she was knocked unconscious.

Next, Ye Xing pulled her body into a bush. It was hidden, and only then did he slowly approach by the village.

From time to time, men and women came and went from the village, mostly into the mountains.

Ye Xing knocked a man with a body similar to his own unconscious, dragged him to the morning bush, and then stripped him of his clothes to change.

After taking out a small mirror from his body and looking at it, he felt that something was still missing from his body.

After a moment’s contemplation, he grabbed a handful of mud from the ground. He smeared it on his face to make himself look less white.

Next, his hands and feet, all smeared with black mud, erasing all the feeling of being a city dweller, before he walked towards the village.

The village didn’t look small, and there were other villages nearby, so even people who didn’t know each other only thought he was from the next village, and didn’t care much.

Ye Xing easily arrived at the village head’s house and stuck to the wall.

Seeing that no one was around, he leapt gently and, with his hand on the wood, arrived at the first floor attic.

This kind of hanging building is a characteristic of the Hmong people, and there are especially many such buildings in the neighbourhood, some of them are connected rather closely, and this place is difficult to spot.

He was about to regally enter, when suddenly inside, a familiar voice came through.

“Alita, how is the refinement of your Golden Silkworm Compulsion going?”

Hearing this voice, Ye Xing’s face changed greatly.