Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 29-30

Chapter 29

The killer scored a hit and gave her no chance at all, drawing a dagger from his waist and lunging forward.

Abruptly, a black whirring gun was pointed at him.

“Let’s see if your knife is faster, or my gun?”

“Put your hands up.”

The killer threw his hands up.

Luo Xiaoyun held the gun in his right hand, pulled out his ID from inside his shirt pocket with his left hand and said loudly, “Police.”

The killer stared at the ID and didn’t dare to make the slightest move.

“Stand back. Put your back against the wall and put your hands up.” Luo Xiaoyun ordered.

The killer obediently backed up and turned around. Face against the wall.

“Ye Xing, cuff him.” Luo Xiaoyun shouted.

“Cuff the bad guy Luo, catch the bad guy Luo.” Ye Xing ran over.

“It’s better to let me do it myself!”

This guy, he didn’t know if he was really stupid or not.

It would be a problem if he was really stupid and couldn’t help, and helped backwards.

“Put your hands behind you. Hold your ten fingers together.”

“Be honest, or I’ll shoot.”

The killer obediently remained and did so, not daring to put up the slightest resistance.

Luo Xiaoyun took out the handcuffs from his body with his left hand and moved over step by step towards his opponent’s hands.

Suddenly, a kick came from behind the killer, impartially, and hit the gun in her hand.

The opponent had no idea how long he had been practising this kick, and it seemed to be specifically designed to counter the capture.

It was impossible for an ordinary person’s kick to have such a high back kick range.

Before Luo Xiaoyun could react, the killer had already turned around and kicked her again with a horizontal kick to the head.

This kick was so hard that before Luo Xiaoyun could react, she fell to the ground and pa*sed out.

It had dragged on for a long time, and as a good a*sa*sin, a quick victory was the most important thing.

The killer gripped his dagger up from the ground and walked towards Ye Xing.

Today. No matter what, he had to kill the other party.

Otherwise he would really have to go back to the Great Northwest to plough his fields.

“Who told you to kill me?” Ye Xing asked coldly.

The killer’s pupils shrank and his gaze stared deadly at the other party.

At a time like this, shouldn’t this fool be scared Sh*tless and choose a path to run away?

“Is it Chen Guangnan or Lu Yuan?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

The people who wanted to kill him currently only had these two forces.

“You’re not a fool?” The killer’s pupils shrank.

“What do you say?”

“Whether you’re a fool or not, you have to be today.”

Killer gripped his dagger and charged forward.


A sweeping move tripped him up, and with his body still in mid-air, his opponent followed up with a kick, sending his ma*sive body flying out.


The killer’s body slammed directly into the wall. Falling down.

“Good stance, but it’s a pity that the force is too weak.”

The killer stood up and patted his chest, unharmed.

Next, he lunged again, his dagger stabbing out viciously under his hand.

Ye Xing dodged the vicious stab and struck out with a series of fists, bang, bang, bang, bang, all hitting major parts of the killer’s body.

The killer was knocked backwards. The dagger slashed along with him, cutting a bloody mark on his shoulder, if he hadn’t dodged fast, this slash would have seriously injured him.

“Flowery fists and rusty legs are useless, this is not a show.” The killer sneered as he gripped his dagger.

Ye Xing’s eyes mimicked, his gaze locked on various parts of his opponent’s body.

In a previous life. As the most powerful soldier king in the country of China, his body was cast in a medicinal bath, and was one of the best in both attack and defence. But now that he had been reborn, all that was left was his consciousness and reactions.

One hundred percent reaction speed and awareness, thirty percent body, if he didn’t think of a way out today, he would have to turn in here.

“Old me just developed some interest in this life, I definitely can’t just hang up like this.”

Ye Xing’s fists clenched tightly. The eyes radiated an eerie coldness that had never been seen before.

The killer was a little numbed by the other party’s eyes, staring at him.

He could not understand that the other party was just an ordinary person. How could he possess such a terrifying and murderous look in his eyes.

The two men confronted each other and the killer struck first.

A knife stabbed at the opponent’s heart.

Ye Xing instantly grabbed the other party’s wrist and twisted it with force.

There was a thin sound.

The dagger fell to the ground.

Ye Xing flew up with a kick. He kicked the opponent in the armpit.

The killer let out a miserable cry.

The armpit was one of the weakest places for humans.

“The so-called fighting is to knock the pair down in the simplest and most direct way, regardless of the means, regardless of the manner.”

Ye Xing still remembered what the previous Dragon Soul instructor had said to him.

Kicks to the armpits, sweeps to the lower pubic area, eye thrusts, throat locks.

A series of attacks that attacked the most vulnerable parts of the human body were struck from Ye Xing’s hands like a flowing stream.

The killer had no ability to resist at all and finally fell limply to the ground, unable to move.

“Who the hell are you?”

The killer fell limply to the ground, his body twitching. Both eyes were red and swollen.

Only at this moment did he realise that what was in front of him was definitely not a fancy punch or a rusty leg, but a real killing move.

“Tell me, who sent you to kill me?” Ye Xing asked as he squatted down.

“I am not going to tell you.” The killer shook his head.

Ye Xing picked up Luo Xiaoyun’s gun from the ground, walked up to the killer and pointed it at his chest.

“Ask you once more. Who sent you to kill me?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“I said, it was Chen Guangnan.” The killer finally spoke.

Ye Xing put the gun against his chest, and a cold smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“I don’t even need to ask you because when you killed me at the mall, I hadn’t beaten Chen Bowen into a vegetable yet.”

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Skillfully knocking down the trigger, the bullet shot several bloody holes in the killer’s chest.

“Know why I killed you, because you got in the way of my pretence.”

The killer’s gaze was wide with death.

The powerful sound of the gunshot shook Luo Xiaoyun’s body.

She had just opened her eyes when a figure suddenly pounced on her, whimpering and crying.

“Sister Xiaoyun, I’ve killed someone.”

A delicate body in her arms, a fragrant nose, this oil mooching brightly!

Hugging Luo Xiaoyun tightly, Ye Xing took advantage of her unpreparedness and used his mouth finger to stick some saliva into his eyes as tears.

It was so embarra*sing, the tears couldn’t come out at the critical moment.

“Okay, it’s okay.” Luo Xiaoyun patted his shoulder and pushed him away.

Which knew that he was like a frightened little child, hugging her to death and not letting go.

At this moment, Luo Xiaoyun didn’t think that much, her mind was still blank.

With great difficulty, she pushed him away and walked over to the dead a*sa*sin, Luo Xiaoyun began to ask how the other party died.

Ye Xing replied simply that it was when the other party was about to kill him, and in a moment of fear, he ran over and picked the gun up and fired.

“What happened to his eyes?” Luo Xiaoyun asked, looking at the killer’s red and swollen eyes.

“I was afraid that he was still alive, and beat him up hard after firing the gun.” Ye Xing said back.

Luo Xiaoyun didn’t think about it that much and immediately took out the phone to call the police.

It didn’t take long for the police car to arrive and take the two away with the corpse.

The next step was to take a statement, which was basically Luo Xiaoyun talking, and Ye Xing, the guy with the fool’s license, was swept aside the whole time.


Chapter 30

When Murong Xue arrived at the police station in a hurry, the statement had already been taken and Luo Xiaoyun brought Ye Xing out of the station.

“Xiaoyun, how is the situation?” Murong Xue went up to him and said urgently.

“It’s fine, hanging a little wound, we are lucky that Ye Xing shot the killer and killed him.” Luo Xiaoyun briefly told her the situation.

Suddenly, Luo Xiaoyun’s phone rang and she picked it up. Listening up.

“Alright, I know all about it.”

After hanging up the phone, Luo Xiaoyun said, “The identity of the killer has been found out. It’s the head of a force in the northwest, a fighting instructor with dozens of apprentices under him, no wonder he’s so strong. As for why he wanted to kill Ye Xing, we have to continue to investigate.”

“Xiao Yun, I really have to thank you this time.” Murong Xue said.

“I should be the one to thank him.” Luo Xiaoyun gave Ye Xing a glance. Only then did she turn around and leave.

The two of them returned to the car, Murong Xue still hadn’t reacted from the shock of what had happened.

“Who the hell is trying to kill you and why are they trying to kill you.” Murong Xue’s face was pale.

“Lu Yuan.” Ye Xing said.

“It’s him, how is that possible?”

Murong Xue looked at him with disbelief.

“Wife, help me make an appointment with Lu Yuan.” Ye Xing commanded.

“Ask him out, are you sure?”

“That’s right, ask him out, now, right away.”

Murong Xue took out her phone and took a deep breath, but her hand was still trembling a little.

She couldn’t believe that the man she had once loved would be a devil who bought and killed people.

“Why did he turn out like this.”

“Lu Yuan is an extremely deep man, a poisonous snake, he used to be just a rural boy, but after becoming the Su family’s son-in-law, he has now transformed into the helmsman of the Su family. Do you know why?” Ye Xing asked.

“He called me and said that he was now the head of the Su family, had everything of the Su family and was worthy of me, I didn’t think much of it at that time.” Murong Xue said.

“The Su family’s head, Mr and Mrs Su Donghai, were suddenly involved in a car accident, and the property that originally fell to Su Xiuli was all transferred to Lu Yuan’s name, who swung from being a son-in-law at home to becoming the head of the family. Now everyone outside knows that the Su family’s surname is no longer Su, but Lu. Do you think it could all be such a coincidence?”

Anyone with a discerning eye would know that it was certainly not simple.

“Then you still want to ask him out, isn’t this throwing yourself into the net?” Murong Xue said sharply.

“He is a poisonous snake, but unfortunately he met an eagle like me.” Ye Xing didn’t think anything of it, “Wife, fight, trust me, there will be no problem.”

Murong looked at her husband. Suddenly she found that she didn’t recognize him a bit.

However, from every encounter he had had since he had awakened and had not suffered a single loss, one could tell that his husband was not a simple man either.

“Ye Xing, promise me one thing, will you?”

“You say.”

“Don’t be a bad person.”

Ye Xing looked at Murong Xue. Could understand her feelings.

She was like all ordinary women, she just wanted to live her life in peace and quiet and in a proper manner.

“Honey, don’t worry, I’ve been everything but a bad person.” Ye Xing nodded towards her.

Murong Xue took a deep breath before dialing a phone number.


Hailan Cafe.

Lu Yuan, who was dressed in a suit and manned up, appeared in the cafe and saw at a glance in the corner. A woman who stood out from the crowd.

There were quite a few women around, but compared to her, it was simply unbearable.

The pursuit of his life. Had it finally arrived?

Lu Yuan walked over with big strides and sat down opposite her.

“Xue’er, it’s so nice of you to see me.” Lu Yuan’s face was overflowing with joy.

“It wasn’t me who asked you out. It was someone else who asked me to ask you out.” Murong Xue looked at the other party and said.

“Who was it?” Lu Yuan asked.

At this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of the two.

Lu Yuan’s pupils instantly opened wide and looked at the other person in shock.

“Surprised that I would appear here, right!” Ye Xing sneered.

“This one is?” Lu Yuan asked curiously.

“He is my husband, Ye Xing.”

“Ye Xing?”

The surprise in Lu Yuan’s gaze this time was not feigned.

It was because the current Ye Xing did not look at all like the rumoured fool.

Wasn’t he already dead now?

“Nice to meet you.” Ye Xing smiled and extended his hand.

Lu Yuan extended his hand in return and the two hands clasped together.

The next moment, Ye Xing slammed his hand hard on the gla*s dining table.

Bam, the dining room gla*s shattered.

Lu Yuan let out a miserable cry as blood gushed out from his palm.

“What are you doing?” Lu Yuan shouted as he retracted his hand.

Ye Xing copied a wooden chair next to him and viciously smashed it on his body.

In an instant, the wooden chair shattered into several pieces and Lu Yuan was knocked to the ground.

There were many people inside the café. All of them screamed in fear and left the table to watch from afar.

“Ye Xing, don’t mess around.” Murong Xue said urgently.

“I have a sense of proportion.”

Ye Xing lifted up Lu Yuan, who was on the floor like a dead dog, grabbed him tightly by the collar and said coldly, “Trying to steal my wife. Do you really think I’m a fool?”

“So it’s not a fool.”

A smile appeared on Lu Yuan’s bloodied face.

The imagined anger, abuse and fear did not appear.

Not even a frown, as if this would affect his image.

“Waiting for that killer’s call, right? I’m sorry to tell you that you won’t be able to wait in this lifetime, because he’s already dead.” Ye Xing snorted coldly.

“You said I sent someone to kill you, where is the proof?” Lu Yuan stretched his hands.

“I will find the evidence sooner or later.”

“Then there is no evidence, without evidence you are beating people like this, aren’t you afraid that I will sue you for jail?”

Even if the situation was seriously underdog, Lu Yuan’s momentum had never lost.

“Do you think you can sue in?” Ye Xing sneered.

“Emotional intelligence is not low!”

Ye Xing had foolish evidence, Murong Xue was beside him, he casually found an excuse to say he molested his wife before he hit someone.

From all accounts, suing the other side would not go in.

The other party had a very measured hand, beating himself up did not leave him seriously injured, at most he would be detained, and with the other party’s status, he would easily get out.

“I’m warning you, next time you hit me and Xue’er, I’ll get you killed.”

Ye Xing ruthlessly pushed towards him and fell to the ground.

Lu Yuan stood up, a wicked smile on his face as he swept his gaze around the two.

“We’ll see, nothing that I want can escape.”

Throwing down the words, Lu Yuan straightened his collar, turned around and left in stride.

During the whole process, Murong Xue was so frightened that she did not dare to say more than half a word.

The Lu Yuan just now had scared her.

From his tone of voice, one could hear that he was the one who had told someone to kill Ye Xing.

The current Lu Yuan had completely changed, he was a poisonous snake!

It was a good thing that her husband was even better than him.

The whole time, the aura completely ran over the other party.