Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 289-290

Chapter 289

When I returned to the Kyushu Hotel, I had just opened my room when the door to the room opposite opened.

Haitang came out from inside and asked curiously, “Why did you come back alone, where is Xiao Yun?”

Ye Xing glanced at Haitang, and the heer hormone in his body stormed out again.

Although he had no warm feelings with Haitang, Haitang was also a big beauty!

After being made to look all hot by Luo Xiaoyun, the sow looked like she had taste, not to mention a beauty like Haitang.

“She’s at the hotel next door and doesn’t want to walk back.” Ye Xing made an excuse, then asked, “By the way, have they been arranged yet?”

“All arranged. But I’m exhausted.” Haitang shook off her hands.

“Indeed, these women are as mad as hell when they drink.”

Ye Xing wanted to see how Rose was doing, but unfortunately the bed in the room was not facing the door and could not be seen.

“If you’re not sure. Go in and have a look!” Haitang said.

“No, drinking is a common thing for her, it will be fine.”

Ye Xing really didn’t dare to go in, in case he saw Qiang Wei’s provocative figure, the desire that had been aroused by Luo Xiaoyun would have to torment himself hard again then.

Grandma, my self-control was not this weak before, why was my desire so strong tonight?

Could it be because of the red wine that Du Jiuniang had drunk?

Ye Xing’s eyes lit up, this was really a possibility.

The red wine had a small amount of aphrodisiac in it. You can’t even notice it.

When you really have the desire, then the effect of the medicine will be manifested.

“Haitang, it’s after two o’clock, it’s late, you should also go to bed early!” Ye Xing said.

“Oh, okay.”

Haitang gave him a look before turning around and going back to her room.

When he returned to his room, Ye Xing recited the Three Worlds of Karma Sutra for a while, and managed to suppress his desire with great difficulty.

If only Xiao Qiao were here.

In a daze, Ye Xing finally fell asleep.


The next morning, Ye Xing woke up and felt a little hungry.

When he looked at the time, it was only a little after seven o’clock.

After practicing a little, he went downstairs to have breakfast.

Downstairs, he met Haitang again.

“Why are you so early, don’t you sleep more?” Ye Xing asked.

“I’m used to getting up early, I couldn’t sleep.” Haitang laughed.

This woman, what a terrible self-discipline.

“Where’s your sister?”

“Still sleeping, don’t mind her, she can’t get up until twelve o’clock.”

The two of them hit the buffet and sat down together.

“Haitang, this state of your sister’s life is no good, it has to be corrected.”

Drinking alcohol for years will hurt her body sooner or later. When the time comes to fall ill, it will be a big problem.

“I’ve tried to persuade her, and so has Dad, but she just can’t change, what can I do.” Haitang looked as if there was nothing she could do.

After thinking for a while, she suddenly said, “But there is a way to help her quit drinking for sure.”

“What solution?”

“You marry her.”

Ye Xing laughed bitterly, “Don’t joke about it.”

“I’m not joking, not many men can conquer my sister, you are one, if you give the word, she will definitely listen.” Haitang said seriously.

“I’m married.”

Haitang was a bit helpless. Suddenly she asked, “Where is Murong Xue now?”

“Taken away by her mother and brought to a very mysterious sect, I don’t know where this sect is now. But I believe that one day I will be able to find this sect.” Ye Xing said firmly.

“It doesn’t matter if we get married I feel, my sister’s person shouldn’t care.” Haitang suddenly said.

Ye Xing stared at her with wide eyes.

Did this come out of Haitang’s mouth, it was unscientific!

She was encouraging herself to have a second wife.

Being looked at by Ye Xing like this, Haitang’s face suddenly turned a little red and she hurriedly said, “Dad has given her so many blind dates, but she has not had a single man to look at, so she has feelings for you, what else can she do, we can’t let her be single for the rest of her life!”

“Your sister is such a high-spirited person. It’s impossible.”

Which man didn’t want to embrace the right and the left, although Ye Xing also wished for such a day, but with Qiang Wei’s character, it was almost impossible.

After breakfast, Haitang went back upstairs.

Ye Xing sat for a moment before he walked towards where Luo Xiaoyun lived, called for a breakfast downstairs and went upstairs to knock on the door of the room.

It took a long time. Only then did the room open, and Luo Xiaoyun opened the door with a tired face.

She lowered her head, somewhat afraid to look at Ye Xing, probably because she remembered what happened last night.

“Have some breakfast before you go to sleep, don’t be hungry.” Ye Xing said.

Luo Xiaoyun went into the bathroom and brushed her teeth before coming to the table to eat breakfast.

“When are we leaving?” She asked.

“To where?”

“Naturally, we’re going to look for Xue’er.”

“How can we find the Immortal Gate when the sky is so big and we don’t have a clue where it is.” Ye Xing sighed.

“Then let’s go back to Huaijiang first, don’t stay in the provincial city, it’s not like this is our territory.”

“Good. We will go back once we have helped the three family masters with the poison.” Ye Xing nodded his head in agreement.

Luo Xiaoyun buried her head and stopped talking, with an appearance of wanting to say something but not saying anything.

“Ye Xing. We can’t do what we did last night in the future.”

Finally, she still mustered up the courage to say these words.

She had already, for the second time, had a super-friendship relationship with Ye Xing. She even almost lost her virginity to him last night, so how could she tell Xue’er when she saw her later?

“Do you like me?” Ye Xing suddenly asked.

“So what if I like it, so what if I don’t, you’re married, besides, you’re still Xue’er’s husband.”

Stealing your best friend’s man would be a godsend and would not be allowed to die.

“There are many countries where polygamy is possible, and when the time comes, we can leave China and settle abroad. We can even buy an island, and we can live in it and be free from the world.” Ye Xing said.

“You’re thinking beautiful, I don’t agree.” Luo Xiaoyun hummed.

“I’ll just talk about it casually, you can rest for a while after you’ve eaten. I still have things to do.”

After leaving Luo Xiaoyun, Ye Xing returned to the Kyushu Hotel and called Du Jiuniang.

Last night, after getting the antidote for the compulsion poison from the woman in foreign clothing from Miaojiang, Ye Xing had to give her the antidote.

At noon, he entered that luxurious room of Du Jiuniang again.

“Did you really get the antidote?” Du Jiuniang was very excited.

“Yes, but I have to verify if the one in your body is the Night Cicada Compulsion.”

“How do you want to verify?”

“The Night Cicada Compulsion is fused in the body and is extremely small. It likes to appear at night time and cannot be subjected to light.”

Ye Xing walked over and pulled down all the curtains, sealing all the places that let in light to death.

The inside of the room suddenly became very dark, with no fingers visible.

“You lie on the bed, never move, just meditate for half an hour.” Ye Xing instructed.

“Can I talk?”

“Words can be spoken, the Night Cicada compulsion has no hearing.”

“Half an hour is too long, why don’t we chat?” Du Jiuniang smiled.

“Talk about what?”

“Talk about you spending the night inside that woman’s room last night.” Du Jiuniang giggled.

“How can you be so sure that I will spend the night with a woman?”


“You spiked the wine, didn’t you?” Ye Xing opened the door.


Du Jiuniang laughed wanly, not admitting or denying.

“Let’s talk about your husband, how did he disappear?”

Ye Xing changed the topic, not daring to talk to her again about anything too warm and fuzzy.

A lone man and a woman staying in the same room, talking about too hot content, it was easy to rub it in.

Besides, he had already been teased to the point of exploding by Luo Xiaoyun last night, and it was hard to calm down.


Chapter 290

Hearing her husband’s name, Du Jiuniang’s complexion instantly dimmed.

“I don’t know how he disappeared. That night, after we registered, we were celebrating in the Western restaurant when my father suddenly barged in and took me away by force, and I haven’t seen him since then.” Du Jiuniang said.

To have just gotten married and have her husband disappear, what a blow for a woman!

“Boss Du, there are many rumours out there. It says that your husband was killed by your father, and that you took revenge for him ……”

“And then murdered all three members of my family, right?” Du Jiuniang’s voice was tinged with cold sarcasm.

“These are all rumors from the outside world, I was just asking casually.” Ye Xing said.

“What is rumoured outside is all false. My father is not capable of killing my husband at all.”

“Your father is the head of one of the Four Great Families, so it’s not easy to kill an ordinary person?”

“The Four Great Families now, can they kill you?”

Ye Xing looked at her with a shocked gaze.

Du Jiuniang nodded, “That’s right, my husband is an ancient martial artist like you, and I have seen him fly over the walls with my own eyes. One night he went out through the window, thinking I didn’t know, but I didn’t think I had watched the whole thing for a while.”

“Did he say what discipline or school he was from?” Ye Sing continued to ask.

“No, he did not show his martial arts skills in front of me. Since he didn’t say, I a*sumed I didn’t know, I just didn’t expect that he would disappear before we got to the day of frank confession.”

Ancient martial artists and mortals were almost two worlds apart, and if not for the rumoured resurgence of poor aura this time, ancient martial artists could hardly be seen in the mortal world.

Du Jiuniang’s husband was different from herself, she had unintentionally stepped into the ranks of ancient martial arts, while her husband must have had a mastery and worshipped under some sect, these sects were very strict and generally did not allow ancient martial artists to do wrong in the mortal world.

“Boss Du, ancient martial arts sects are very strict with each other about their disciples, I guess your husband was just summoned back by the sect, so don’t worry about it.”

“I hope so, so I ask you one thing, help me find my husband back, as long as I can find him, I will definitely repay you.”

Du Jiuniang said as she took out her mobile phone and operated it.

Immediately, Ye Xing’s phone rang, and he received a picture.

“This is a picture of my husband. If you see him one day, I hope you can tell him that I have been waiting for him.” Du Jiuniang said quietly.

“How long has your husband been missing?”

“Almost ten years.”

Ten years, waiting for a man whose life or death was not yet known, what perseverance that must be for a woman!

That alone was admirable enough.

Of course, these were all her words, and Ye Xing would not believe them all.

“Old Mother Du, won’t you consider changing a man, after all, it’s quite lonely for a woman when the night is long.”

Ye Xing said as he did so. While slowly walking over and sitting down next to her.

The room was dark inside and only the outlines of each could be seen.

“Good brother, you still don’t trust sister and want to test whether sister is really loyal, right?” Du Jiuniang giggled.

“I don’t mean that, I’m just being honest. Think about it, this is your most beautiful year, keeping a man whose life and death are unknown, don’t you think it’s too aggravating for you?” Ye Xing said seriously.

By now, his face had leaned over, and the two of them were close to each other.

The sound of each other’s breath could be felt, and warm emotions filled the air.

Ye Xing did not continue. Du Jiuniang did not speak either, and the two kept their current movements.

Suddenly, Ye Xing held Du Jiuniang’s hand and checked her pulse.

Her pulse was much faster than usual, and it was obvious that she was now in a very excited mood.

“Don’t be nervous, relax, otherwise the Night Cicada Compulsion won’t come out.”

Ye Xing smiled and left her. He sat down in the chair next to her.

The human heart would not withdraw lies, Du Jiuniang’s heart was beating so fast and she did not reject herself midway, so her loyalty to her husband might not be true. It was still even questionable whether her so-called husband existed or not.

“Good brother, you still don’t believe sister.”

Du Jiuniang sighed, her voice filled with disappointment.

“We’ve only known each other for a short time, we haven’t gotten to know each other in depth yet, so of course we won’t believe all of it.”

When he said the word in-depth, Ye Xing’s voice was deliberately aggravated.

Du Jiuniang was a woman in her thirties, how could she not hear it. Giggling, she said, “This habit of yours of leaving after teasing a woman will make many women sad.”

“It’s better to be sad than to hurt your body, and hurting your body is something you can be responsible for.”

After the two of them chatted a bit about adult conversation, they turned their eyes. Half an hour had pa*sed.

Ye Xing walked over to the window and instantly pulled the curtains up, the blinding light coming in.

He quickly walked to the bedside and grabbed Du Jiuniang’s hand. Looking closely, he only saw that inside the pores of her arm, extremely tiny, white powder-like things smaller than fine hairs appeared, and when he fixed his eyes on them, they were still slowly wriggling.

“How is it?” Du Jiuniang asked worriedly.

The weak worm was too small to be seen by the ordinary naked eye.

“It should be the Night Cicada Compulsion right.”

Ye Xing took out two small bottles from his body and poured out two antidotes, one green and one white, and said, “These two antidotes, you should take them at midnight …… that is, from eleven o’clock at midnight to one o’clock in the morning, and the compulsion will be lifted after you have taken them. Don’t lose them, this is the only one.”

Du Jiuniang hurriedly took the explanation and took out a jewellery box from the bed to fill it up.

“How do I know that the poisonous compulsion has been lifted?” Du Jiuniang was still a bit uneasy.

“After you take the medicine, I will come back tomorrow and help you test it again.”

These medicines were not developed by himself, and Ye Xing was not 100% sure that they were the antidote.

“Okay. I’ll wait for you tomorrow then.”

Ye Xing saw a pen on the table, so he immediately took it over and wrote down a line with a brush.

“I’ll save your life, you give me 700 million, don’t forget it.”

Although he wasn’t short of money now, but who minded too much money!

“Good brother, you have so much money, and you want this small amount from sister. It’s too cruel, isn’t it?” Du Jiuniang bristled.

“It’s fine if you don’t pay, sleep with me once, two conditions, choose one.” Ye Xing looked at her with a smile.

“Sister knows you are testing me, if I really choose the second condition, in your heart you specify that you think I am a watery woman.”

Du Jiu Niang took her mobile phone, operated it and said a moment later, “Alright, the money has already been transferred.”

“See you tomorrow.”

Leaving the room, Ye Xing’s phone suddenly rang, it was Su Xiao Qiao calling.

“Ye Xing, my bank card suddenly has seven hundred million more inside, is that you calling?” Su Xiao Qiao said excitedly.

“Just now, I did a duck and received a rich woman, the rich woman called.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Nonsense again, tell the truth.” Su Xiaoqiao grunted.

“Then I’ll tell the truth.”

Ye Xing’s voice got serious and said seriously, “I’ll go to Tianhai in a few days to look for you, if I don’t find you again, I’ll have to come out of the closet.”

“You’re so bad.”

On the other side of the phone, Su Xiaoqiao got shy.