Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 283-284

Chapter 283

Next, the group began a common pattern in southern drinking establishments, shaking the dice.

Just after shaking the box twice, Ye Xing immediately noticed that those who were playing, both men and women, were targeting themselves.

Every time he called out for dice, someone opened himself, except Hong Tian.

Hong Tian opened Rose every time, as if he wanted to get her drunk.

“There are too many people, it’s no fun playing too slowly, split up.” Rose pointed at Hong Tian and ordered, “You. Go play with the two of them at the next table.”

“Sister Qiangwei, I just like playing with you.” Hong Tian was reluctant.

“Either go play over there or get lost.” Rose said angrily.

Hong Tian had no choice but to walk to the side. Who told him he didn’t want to offend Qiangwei and wanted to leave a good impression in her mind!

With Hong Tian gone, it was even better, the whole table of seven people, the remaining six were all targeting themselves.

“Qiang Wei, it’s no fun to play when you guys target me like this.” Ye Xing laughed bitterly.

He had already drunk seven or eight gla*ses in a row, although this amount of wine was not enough for him. It wasn’t enough to stuff his teeth.

“Who targeted you, that was your own bad luck.” Qiang Wei rolled her eyes.

“Why don’t the two of us just pk!” Ye Xing laughed.

“Pull it down, just your drinking capacity, isn’t it looking for death to pk with you old lady?

Since the last time in Huai Jiang, was Ye Xing dry over, Qiang Wei heart already has a shadow, know this goods alcoholic capacity against the sky, one to one is unable to do, that is why she in WeChat group early greeted with friends, one to six, she really do not believe that can not drink.

“How about this, one to two, I lose and drink two cups, you lose and drink one cup?”

“No way.”

“One to three.”

“No way.” Rose still shook her head.

“One to four, Zhao Qiangwei, aren’t you a female general in the drinking arena, you don’t even dare to drink one to four, aren’t you afraid of people laughing when it gets out?” Ye Xing stirred.

“Sister Qiangwei, f*ck him.”

“One to four, he’s looking for death, you can definitely win.”

“Don’t be a wimp, one word, just do it.”

Those friends around. They were all up in arms.

“Do you know how good he is at drinking? If you have the guts, go shake it!” Qiang Wei rolled her eyes before looking at Ye Xing and said, “One to five, I’ll pk you, and you can’t use martial arts to get rid of the alcoholic energy, I know you have the means.”

“Okay, I promise you, one to five, no forced alcohol!” Ye Xing laughed.

“Hong Tian, come here.”

Hong Tian ran over with a fart and smiled, “Sister Qiangwei, what are your orders?”

“Keep an eye on him for me, don’t let him force the wine out.”


Ye Xing gave Hong Tian a blank look. With contempt in her eyes, she scolded, “Hong Tian, you’re an ancient martial arts expert anyway, aren’t you ashamed to be such a licking dog?”

“What do you know, this is love.” Hong Tian was not impressed.

Ye Xing almost threw up, licking a dog to this extent, there was no one else.

However, it could also show that this guy Hong Tian did like Rosebud.

“One to five, let’s start!”

The two men started to shake, and the two dice cups landed on the table at the same time.

“Two ones.” Qiang Wei shouted.

Ye Xing glanced at his own dice cup and there was one in it. He was a bit confused.

The next moment, he had a thought.

Since his Chaos True Elements were so useful, could these True Elements cheat?

If he thought about it, he would do it.

At that moment, Ye Xing ran the true elements in his body and through his fingers, they fell onto the gla*s tabletop.

It was quite difficult at first, but gradually. These true elements were able to converge into a thread of nothingness and enter within Rosy’s dice cup.

Then, under the wandering of the true essence, he knew exactly what was going on inside Rose’s cup.

This woman was actually withdrawing her lies, she didn’t have a single one.

“What are you still standing there for, hurry up!” Rose said impatiently.

“I bet your dice cup doesn’t have a one inside, open it.”

Ye Xing opened his own dice cup and there was a one on it.

Qiang Wei gave him a look, the corners of her mouth kept twitching, and drained it in one go.

For the next five consecutive games, Qiang Wei lost. Not a single game had been won, five drinks in a row.

“Hell, you must be cheating, put your hand up.”

Put shouted the points out. It’s evil, how can people be so lucky?

“Raise your hand, right, okay!”

Ye Xing put his hand up while saying to Lily next to him, “Lily. You can help me shake the dice, so that people don’t say I’m cheating.”

You can’t use your hands, but you can use your feet!

Ye Xing touched his toes under the table, and the line turned into true essence peered through the bottom of the table and into Qiang Wei’s dice cup.

Qiang Wei thought that if Ye Xing’s hand didn’t touch the table, there was no way to cheat, but she didn’t know that she would go on to lose another five games.

The cup was not small, a can of beer was three cups, losing ten games in a row was the same as she had already drunk three cans in a row.

“Wicked, really wicked.”

“If this goes to Omen, how much money must be won.”

“Boss Ye this is really a stroke of luck.”

People around exclaimed, this was too unthinkable for fair gambling.

In the distance, some people were attracted by the situation over here, even Luo Xiaoyun and Haitang couldn’t help but gather around to watch the show.

“Good luck? I believe the hell out of you.” Qiang Wei gave Ye Xing a look. She said, “Stay away, don’t touch anything on the table, expose all parts of your body, and I’ll see how you cheat.”

Ye Xing couldn’t help but smile, his interest intensified.

He shifted his chair a metre away from the gla*s table and placed his legs flat on the floor.

“Don’t have anything around, everyone stay away. Don’t say I’m cheating when the time comes.”

The people around him left, creating a vacuum around Ye Xing.

“Hold your hands on your head.” Rose was still uneasy.

Ye Xing put his hands on the back of his neck, “Is this alright?”

“Let’s begin!”

Qiang Wei shook the dice and was about to look, when she found that there were people behind her, afraid that they would gesture with Ye Xing to pa*s water, so she said, “Don’t all of you stand behind me, stay away, I really don’t believe in evil.”

The people behind them, have left.

Only then did Qiang Wei reveal a crack in the dice cup and gently looked at it.

The next moment, her eyes lit up.

Five ones, a rare dice in a thousand years.

“You shout.” Qiang Wei commanded.

Ye Xing ran his Chaos True Essence to his right foot, through the floor and then past the gla*s table and into Qiang Wei’s dice cup.

As he was still not too familiar with Chaos True Essence, and being more than a metre away, and pa*sing through the floor, and the table, it was a lot more difficult than just now.

But in the end, he was informed of his opponent’s number of points.

“What are you thinking about, scream!” Rose urged when she saw his eyes roll over nonstop.

“You lose, you shout.”

“You cheated earlier, it doesn’t count, now start again, you shout.”

“I’m afraid that if you shout, you won’t even have the chance to shout.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Cut the crap, shout, I still lose this game, I’ll do a strip dance on the spot.” Rose laughed coldly.

A once-in-a-lifetime leopard, it would be hell if this still lost.

“Seven one.” Ye Xing blurted out.

Qiang Wei five ones, he two ones, called all.

“Ye Xing you’re crazy, right?” Haitang couldn’t help but say.

Two ones?? , seven ones how hard it was, one could imagine.

Qiang Wei’s smile froze at once.

She immediately reached out to open Ye Xing’s dice cup, and there were clearly two people one inside.

“How did you cheat, say, the hell you don’t cheat.”

Qiang Wei opened her own dice cup to five ones.

At once, the whole room was in an uproar.


Chapter 284

“Big sister, how can I cheat when I’m like this?”

Ye Xing held his head in his hands and crossed his legs, sitting a meter or so away from the table.

There was no one around, and no one behind Rose.

This was simply unthinkable.

“Hong Tian, how did he cheat?” In her anxiety, Rose thought of Hong Tian again.

Hong Tian shook his head and said, “Sister Qiangwei, I can’t tell either, it’s too evil.”

He had been observing Ye Xing earlier, and knew that he had used a means. But with what means, he couldn’t tell.

“Aren’t you a martial arts practitioner, why don’t you know?”

“I can only shake or even shatter the points inside the cup. But what dice are inside, I can’t really guess.” Hong Tian shook his head.

How could he know that Ye Xing’s true essence was a hundred times more delicate than his true qi?

“All of you are studying martial arts, why are you so wasted.” Qiang Wei couldn’t help but say.

“I know.” Lily suddenly exclaimed.

The eyes of the people around her all fell on her at once.

“See-through eyes, it must be see-through eyes.” Lily said excitedly.

“You’ve read too many novels, right?” Ye Xing gave her a blank look and scolded, “If I had a see-through eye, all of you in front of me would be the same as having no clothes on. I can see everything clearly.”

“You turn around.” Qiang Wei ordered.

Ye Xing cried and laughed, but still obediently turned around, after all, this kind of pretence had never been seen before, it was so cool!


Qiang Wei began to shake the dice cup, she took a look and shouted, “Three twos.”

“Six twos.” Ye Xing shouted directly.


Rose had two of her own, he didn’t believe the other side had four.

Lily opened Ye Xing’s dice cup and there were clearly four twos inside.

The whole room was once again dumbfounded.

“I’ve said there’s no penetrating eyes, why don’t you guys believe it!”

Ye Xing sighed and turned over.

If he had translucent eyes, he would have already turned his back to the dice cup just now and would not have been able to see the points at all.

“How on earth did you manage to do that?” Rose couldn’t help but ask.

“All said it was luck.” Ye Xiong grinned and pointed at her clothes, “Just now, I think you said that if you lost and did a dress retreat dance, you wouldn’t say your words wouldn’t count!”

“Old Mother’s words never don’t count.”

Rose crossed her arms and pulled at the corners of her dress as her body lifted.

“Sister, don’t be impulsive.” It was too late for Haitang to stop.

At once, Qiang Wei, who was only wearing her lingerie, was exposed beyond the gaze of the crowd.

Ye Xing was a bit baffled, he was only joking, but he didn’t expect Qiang Wei to really come.

“Sister Qiangwei, domineering.”



Those piggy-back friends around them all yelled, especially the men, who were going crazy like crazy.

“Stop it, I was just kidding. You still take it seriously.”

Ye Xing pushed her into the bathroom, he was afraid that she would take off all her clothes if she went crazy.

“Ye Xing, don’t stimulate Sister anymore, she’s really going to go crazy.” Haitang walked to Ye Xing’s side and said.

“Okay, I won’t stimulate her anymore.” Ye Xing smiled bitterly.

Next, the people around them continued to start playing, only no one dared to play with Ye Xing anymore.

Playing with him was not looking for death.

Half a day later, Qiang Wei came out of the washroom, and her wine seemed to have sobered up a bit, and her face was flushed. She was so beautiful.

It seemed that she also felt that she had gone a little too far just now, and when she came out, she was slightly embarra*sed, and walked over to Ye Xing in a disguised and calm manner.

“How did you cheat just now?” She asked reluctantly as she just sat down.

“I even said I didn’t cheat, it was luck, why don’t you believe me?”

Ye Xing would rather die than say anything, after all, this was the biggest secret in his body.

Even if he said it, I guess many people wouldn’t believe it.

“If you don’t say it, then don’t say it, who cares.” Qiang Wei hummed and said to Xiao Yun, “Xiao Yun, let’s play. Ignore him.”

Luo Xiaoyun hadn’t drunk all night and hadn’t talked to anyone, just Haitang talking to herself, and felt a bit bored.

The bottom line was that Ye Xing’s eyes never fell on her, as if she was transparent.

The mood was quite lost.

“Good.” She nodded her head.

The two women joined the fray at once and shook the dice together.

Next to them, only Haitang and Ye Xing were left.

“Sister Xiao Yun likes you. You know that, right?” Haitang suddenly asked.

“We are just enemies, we are either fighting or on the way to fight every day, how can we be.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Just now she never took her eyes off you, I’m a woman, I can feel it.” Haitang said seriously.

“She was just trying to help Xue’er watch me and keep me from messing around.”

“In my opinion, that’s just her excuse.”

Begonia was indeed quite wise, a very intelligent person, and she could tell a lot about every place and circle she was in. But she usually doesn’t say anything, she just feels it in silence.

“Ah Haitang, people sometimes know too much not to be happy.” Ye Xing laughed.

Every woman is a different flower, a different kind of life. A different kind of fragrance.

Every man, too, likes a different type.

Many felt that Rose was crazy, but, with her Ye Xing would be much happier. Joy and sorrow, a hundred flavours of life, can make his mood much younger, and his daily life is quite interesting.

On the contrary, although Haitang is wise, intelligent and cultured, she still feels much less happy with her.

After all, she was too stable and no fun to tease.

“You men, do you all like silly women?” Haitang spat out her tongue.

“A silly woman in a silly way makes life quite easy.”

Ye Xing poured two gla*ses of wine and handed one to Haitang: “Here, cheers.”

“I like red wine, I don’t like to drink beer.”

“It’s not that simple, call someone over.”

There was Du Jiuniang, the ingrate. Naturally, Ye Xing would not be polite, and immediately asked the waiter for a few bottles of the most expensive red wine.

A few minutes later, the door opened and a waiter walked in.

“Mr. Ye, Boss Du asked you to personally select the red wine, please move.” The waiter said politely.

“It seems that Boss Du still has quite a collection of good red wines, then we are not polite.” Ye Xing stood up and said to Haitang, “Miss Haitang. Let’s go, let’s pick out some red wine.”

“Mr. Ye, Old Lady Du has asked you to go over alone.” The waiter said.

“Why should I go alone?” Ye Xing was puzzled.

“This is what Boss Du ordered.”

“Begonia, you wait here, I will go and return.”

Ye Xing followed the attendant and entered the lift, the attendant pressed the eighteenth floor.

After going up, the attendant took him to the door of a room.

“Mr. Ye, Boss Du is inside, please knock on the door.”

The waiter gave a salute, before turning around and leaving.

Taking a bottle of red wine to run to the room to get it, what did Du Jiuniang want?

This woman, she didn’t really want to have something with herself, did she?

As a big man, Ye Xing was naturally not afraid of any tricks played by a woman, so he knocked on the door.