Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 281-282

Chapter 281

“Boss Du, when did I make a request with you, don’t talk nonsense.” Ye Xing collapsed his face.

This woman actually made herself lose face in front of so many people, wasn’t she afraid that she wouldn’t give her the antidote to the poison?

“Good brother, you forgot so quickly, didn’t you say you were going out for a drink tonight and asked me to book a room for you, so soon you forgot?” Du Jiuniang laughed.

“O, I remember.”

Ye Xing tapped his head. Acting as if he had suddenly realized, he then explained to the surrounding crowd, “I went to help Xiao Yun catch medicine this morning and happened to meet Boss Du. She said that his Kyushu Hotel is the most luxurious hotel now, and the bar over there is particularly beautiful, so I let her reserve two rooms, so I can just go up there to rest after drinking tonight.”

“Then why did she say, ‘Let’s go there together’?” Luo Xiaoyun asked skeptically.

“She’s not old at heart, and when she heard we were going out, she wanted to go along too.” Ye Xing continued to explain.

“I’ve already booked the bar. I’ve got the room too, do I need her to book it?” Rose swept her gaze around the two of them and snorted coldly, “You two, there must be something wrong with you.”

“Come on, look at her, she’s a thirty or forty year old woman, is it possible for me to have thoughts about her?” Ye Xing exclaimed.

“You men, don’t you all like mature women?” Luo Xiaoyun sneered.

“Thirty or forty years old? Why does she look like she’s only twenty-seven or twenty-eight.” Hong Tian looked at Du Jiuniang and said.

“You guys really misunderstand, Ye Xing is a good person, when he heard that I took the poison pill, he immediately agreed to help me with the poison. I am already a thirty-three year old woman, we are seven or eight years apart, how is that possible. You guys are really thinking too much.” Du Jiuniang laughed.

“Then how do you know we went singing and drinking tonight, he wouldn’t tell this to you, a one-sided friend, would he!” Rose was still suspicious.

“He asked if my pharmacy had a better antidote to alcohol and said he wanted to give it to you.”

Du Jiuniang finished and pulled out a box of small pills from inside her backpack and handed it to Qiang Wei.

“He knows that you drink a lot and have an upset stomach. He asked me to find the best antidote to alcohol. The shop didn’t have any, so I happened to collect a few boxes of imported ones.”

Qiang Wei glanced at Ye Xing, her previous suspicion instantly gone and her attitude took a hundred and eighty degree turn.

She took the medicine and gave Ye Xing a white look, “Count on you to have some conscience.”

Ye Xing sighed with relief, he really felt like a roller coaster just now.

Although he didn’t care much about other people’s opinions, but to a woman he met on one side, seeing that someone else was pretty, he used the cure to coerce her into sleeping with him. This was really not what a man would do.

Although he was joking and deliberately teasing Du Jiuniang, others would not think so.

Ye Xing glanced at Du Jiuniang and secretly admired this woman.

What a person!

“I won’t bother you guys for dinner, have fun tonight, I’ve already instructed that side, I’ll pay for all the spending today.”

Du Jiuniang finished her sentence and left with the pace of a socialite in the old Shanghai era.

“This old woman, what a flirt!” Hong Tian couldn’t help but say.

“Like to be flirtatious. You go after it!” Rose drank.

“I don’t like this type of old woman, I like your type.” Hong Tian spat out his tongue.

“When Du Jiuniang was young, she was one of the greatest beauties in the provincial city, and I don’t know how many people chased her at that time. Even the current Cao family head, Cao Yu, had chased her fiercely, but she chose Wang Yang in the end.” Haitang said.

“Where did her husband go?” Ye Xing asked curiously.

“He’s been missing for a long time, some say he was killed, some say he went to a faraway place. Others said that he was in jail, and no one knows his whereabouts. Later, Du Jiuniang inherited her father’s property and became the only female family head among the four great families.” Rose said.

“The most rumoured thing is that Wang Yang was killed by Du Jiuniang’s father. When Du Jiuniang and Wang Yang were together, Du Jiuniang’s father did not agree, and in her anger, she stole the account book to register her marriage with Wang Ze, but it turned out that not long after the registration, Wang Ze died. Later. Du Jiuniang’s father was killed in a car accident, and even Du Jiuniang’s mother and brother died together. All of the Du family’s a*sets fell to Du Jiuniang. Some people said that the car accident was arranged by Du Jiuniang.” Haitang said.

When this was said, the people around them all took a breath backwards.

To help her boyfriend take revenge. Killing the whole family, this woman was too ruthless!

“These are all rumours from outside, no one knows the truth. One thing for sure is that Du Jiuniang is not a simple person, her city is very deep, Dad told us sisters to hang out with her as little as possible.” Haitang added.

Ruthless or not Ye Xing didn’t know, but this intelligence was really high.

He had been played with just now.

“Since your father said so, you guys should still hang out with her less in the future.” Ye Xing said.

“Ye Xing, did you really promise to help her with the poison?” Luo Xiaoyun asked.

“Ye Jiannan is also poisoned, helping her is incidental.” Ye Xing said back.

The people around them all understood.

Although on the surface, Ye Xing was very indifferent to the Ye family and had almost no affection. But when it came to matters of life and death, he would still not just stand by, after all, that was his father who was related to him by blood.

“Let’s not talk about that woman, let’s grab dinner, let’s go over early tonight and not get drunk.”

As soon as we talked about drinking. Qiang Wei got a little excited again.

Ye Xing really doubted that this girl was an alcoholic worm cast in her previous life.

After eating, Ye Xing went back to his room to cultivate for a few moments and recited the “Three Worlds of Karma Sutra” a few times.

Only when it was about time did he take a shower and change into a handsome outfit.

When going out to get high, it was natural to dress up properly.

9pm, Kyushu Bar!

A group of five people entered the box, and there were already some people inside, these were all Qiang Wei’s drinking friends.

“Sister Qiangwei, Boss Ye, sit over here.”

In the middle seat, a S*xy and plump woman wearing a small short skirt waved at them.

This woman was someone Ye Xing had met before when he was racing with Lu Yuan, she was the one who drafted the betting contract at that time, what was her name, Ye Xing couldn’t recall it for a while.

“Lily, why are you here alone, where is your boyfriend?” Rose asked.

Only then did Ye Xing think of her name, it seemed that she was also a famous lawyer.

A lawyer who often went to bars, hell with society.

“Sister Qiangwei, where is my boyfriend, I’ve always been single!” Lily laughed cheekily and gave Ye Xing a look.

“Fancy him?”

Qiang Wei patted Ye Xing’s shoulder, “If you have the ability to get him drunk, feel free to do whatever you want today.”

“Sister Qiangwei, he’s your type, I wouldn’t dare to take him.” Lily waved her hand repeatedly.

“I don’t like men, it’s not like you guys don’t know that.”

Just after sitting down, Lily immediately poured two gla*ses of wine and walked over to Ye Xing: “Boss Ye, I’ll have a drink with you.”

“Lily, it’s a long night, there’s plenty of time to drink, there’s no rush.”

Ye Xing took the wine, drank a gla*s and put it down.

From the impression, there were quite a few people here who had drunk with him, one cup each, how could he cope with that.


Chapter 282

“Boss Ye, good things come in pairs, have another drink.” Lily poured another gla*s.

“Lily, you’re not trying to get me drunk, are you?” Ye Xing laughed.

“Yes, after getting you drunk, Sister Rose can do whatever she wants to you.” Lily grinned cheekily.

“Lily, if you want to find a man by your own hair cunningly, just say so, don’t drag me into it.” Rose scolded.

“Sister Rose, how can you say that about me, I’m very innocent.” Lily put on an aggrieved look.


Ye Xing couldn’t help but give Lily a look.

This woman was well versed in the drinking scene, the word simple didn’t even come between her and her.

“If you want to drink this second cup with me, it’s not impossible. Let me see your palm.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Why do you need to read palms?”

“Because I only drink with people I’m compatible with, not those who aren’t.”

“Then take a look for me.”

Lily put her hand out.

It was white, long and thin. The nails were longer and had been manicured.

Not bad for a lawyer in an office, quite a cla*sy one.

“Lily, your middle finger nail is too long and inconvenient to use, we suggest cutting it off.” Ye Xing smiled badly.

“Boss Ye, you are so bad!”

Lily twisted her body and withdrew her pettiness, a woman who often mixed with drinking places. How could she not hear these subliminal words of men.

The men in the drinking place, ten men, nine like to say dirty jokes.

Ye Xing put his hands on her pulse, and infused his own Yuan Qi into it to check her body condition.

The dampness in her body was relatively heavy and her Yin Qi was weak, so she was no longer a virgin long ago.

“Boss Ye, how about it, there is a destiny between us, right?” Lily asked with a wink.

“Not bad, you don’t have a good stomach, drink less.”

“How do you know I have a bad stomach?” Lily asked curiously.

“Didn’t I just read to you that apart from your stomach, you have a heavy dampness in your body, so it’s best to do some dampness removal treatment. Also, you have some enlargement in your right lumbar disc, don’t sit for too long, and correct your sitting posture when you work.”

“Oh my God, how did you know that?” Lily exclaimed.

If it was the stomach, he could still guess, after all, seven out of ten people in society nowadays had stomach problems, and those who drank a lot had even more stomach problems.

But this right lumbar disc enlargement, he hadn’t touched it, how did he know?

“Didn’t I just help you look at it?” Ye Xing smiled and retracted his hand.

“Boss Ye, help me take a look.”

Immediately. A woman came over and stretched out her hand without saying a word.

Ye Xing put his hand on it and checked it with luck.

There was yin energy in the body, but that specific yin energy of the representative’s son was completely gone, and there was even some yang residue.

“Girl, you did something bad before coming to drink, right?” Ye Xing asked with a smile.

The woman’s face changed, but immediately said, “Boss Ye, I’m a small woman, what bad things can I do?”

What kind of bad things? She had had S*x with a man before she came here.

Of course, Ye Xing wouldn’t say anything, but in his heart, he had already cla*sified this woman as a broken woman.

“What kind of bad things. Don’t you know best?” Ye Xing laughed loudly and moved his hand away.

Next, some more women came over and gave their hands to Ye Xing to take his pulse.

From the process of taking his pulse, Ye Xing gradually discovered the horror of the Chaos True Essence in his body.

As long as he inputted his Chaos True Essence into the other woman’s body, he could probably understand the other woman’s physical problems, and detecting virginity and whether she had a long-term life were only the most common functions of Chaos True Essence, the rest of which he had yet to develop.

Next, he took the pulses of four or five women in a row and found that none of them were virgins, and most of them had very weak Yin energy, indicating a long S*xual history.

Of course. In order to hide his purpose, he also helped these women to look at their illnesses and tell them what was wrong with them, and all of them were a hundred percent right.

The eyes of the surrounding looked at Ye Xing all changed, they simply did not expect that Ye Xing was not only a rich big boss, but also a miracle doctor.

After looking at these women, Ye Xing couldn’t help but look at Qiang Wei. This woman was truly terrifying, hanging out every day, hanging out in bars for twenty days a month, but she was still able to keep her body like a charm, it was a bit unbelievable.

If he hadn’t touched her and almost snapped between the two of them, Ye Xing would have thought she was bent.

“Blatant mooching, scum, scum, B*tch.” In the distance, Luo Xiaoyun cursed in a low voice.

“Xiaoyun, did he take your pulse?” Haitang asked curiously.

She remembered going out today. Ye Xing had also helped himself to take his pulse like this.

“Took it, said something about helping me to see a doctor, just wanted to mooch off.” Luo Xiaoyun snorted coldly.

“I don’t feel like it, look at those women. Each of them looked at him like they were in heat, as long as Ye Xing nodded, they took the initiative to throw their arms around him. How could they use such a lowly method of mooching? Besides, he’s quite accurate in reading illnesses.” Haitang said.

A man like Ye Xing who was rich, good looking, and also super capable of fighting, what kind of women did he want that he didn’t have?

“Then why does he only see women and not men? He’s not a good thing anyway, a big stud.”

A male had just asked Ye Xing to look at the palm, and he had refused.

Luo Xiaoyun looked at Haitang, “He has mooched off you?”

Haitang nodded, “He checked my body, but I think he should be checking something else, as for what, I don’t know.”

Hearing her say this, Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t help but have some good curiosity, but was too embarra*sed to ask.

It was just as well that Ye Xing had finished helping the women who wanted to have their pulses taken at this time.

“Ye Xing, come here for a moment.” Haitang shouted.

Ye Xing walked over and sat down beside them.

“What were you looking at when you helped those women take their pulses just now?” Haitang asked.

“Look at the sickness. Didn’t you see that?” Ye Xing laughed.

“Then why did you only help the women and not the men?”

Because there were so many women here, one more beautiful than the other, Ye Xing didn’t want to check until all those men had their hormones raging and a column pouring out, how embarra*sing it would be, so he refused to help the men see.

“I’m not a doctor, I don’t like to touch men’s hands.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Scum man.” Luo Xiaoyun scolded.

“Yeah. I am the scum, what do you care?”

“Xue’er is really blind to look at you, her whereabouts are unknown now, and you’re still only focused on picking up girls, have you ever thought that she’s been waiting for you to help her?” Luo Xiaoyun brought up this matter again.

Every time, Ye Xing did something out of the ordinary, she always brought this up.

At first, Ye Xing was still quite uncomfortable, but gradually, he became numb to it.

“She’s Shangguan Lan’s daughter, she’s doing well in the Immortal Sect, you’d better worry about yourself!”

Ye Xing didn’t want to stay around Luo Xiaoyun anymore, she was like a housekeeper who was constantly in charge of herself.

It was fine if she was his girlfriend, but she was not, and she always spoiled his fun when he was having a good time, could he not be angry?

After saying that, he went back to Qiang Wei’s side.

It felt more fun to be around Chance.