Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 277-278

Chapter 277

If he couldn’t see this, Ye Xing would be a fool.

Last time, the two of them had almost f*cked each other.

Ye Xing was reluctant to admit it, and once he did, Haitang would definitely ask endless questions.

The best way was to play dumb.

“Isn’t your sister bent?” Ye Xing laughed.

“I used to think so too, but after I met you, I knew she wasn’t, she just hadn’t met a man she liked before.” Haitang said seriously.

“Your sister is not my type, I prefer your type.” Ye Xing hit over.

Haitang froze for a moment and looked at him, unblinking.

Ye Xing was looking at her a little bit.

Unlike the brainy and heartless Qiang Wei, Haitang was a highly talented student and very wise. She was a far-reaching thinker, and generally men had something on their mind, a word, a move. She could see it all.

“What are you looking at, do I have flowers on my face?” Ye Xing stiffened his head and pretended to be normal.

“Open your eyes, you wouldn’t like a woman like me.” Haitang withdrew her gaze.

“How could you not like it, you are cultured, knowledgeable, svelte, wise and knowledgeable. And also so beautiful, and a high achiever who came back from studying abroad, a woman like you, as long as a man would like it.” Ye Xing laughed.

Haitang and Qiangwei were two completely different personalities, and he liked both.

If you could get high with three of them, it would feel ……

Uh, wicked.

“Women who are too smart for their own good are not all men’s cup of tea.”

“What does that mean?”

“I’m too sensible, for example: if I knew you had a wife, I’d keep my distance from you and not cross the line, because I know it won’t end well if I carry on. But my sister is different, she doesn’t care who the other person is, if they are married or not, what the consequences will be in the future. If she falls in love with someone, she’ll love them regardless, like a moth to a flame.” Haitang said.

Ye Xing nodded secretly, Qiang Wei was such a person.

Haitang is too sensible, Luo Xiaoyun although not as sensible as Haitang, also belongs to the sensible school, so, separated by Murong Xue in the middle, Luo Xiaoyun has not dared to cross the thunderstorm with him half a step.

“You fall in love is running to get married, is a good woman, quite good.” Ye Xing said.

“Good women aren’t always happy. Sometimes I quite envy my sister, so heartless and drunk today.” Haitang sighed.

Ye Xing glanced at Haitang and his mind moved.

“Bring your hand over, I’ll take your pulse.”

“Open the car.”

“It’s alright, reach over.”

“You’re not going to mooch off me, are you?”

Although her mouth said so, Haitang still put her hand over.

Ye Xing put his hand on her wrist and peered with his aura.

Sure enough, the Yin Qi within her body was thick and she was still a virgin.

This woman had already had a boyfriend and was still a virgin, so sensible to the point of being terrifying.

“Is there something wrong with me?”

Haitang was a little nervous. Ye Xing’s serious expression made her a little scared.

“It’s fine, you’re in good health.” Ye Xing let go of her hand and laughed.

“You scared me to death, I really thought there was something wrong with me!” Haitang breathed a sigh of relief.

It didn’t take long to pa*s a trade square.

“Just put me down at the intersection, I’ll go up and buy something, call me later when you’re back from catching the medicine, I’ll be right down.”

After putting down Haitang at the intersection, Ye Xing arrived at the largest pharmacy in the city.

This pharmacy was owned by a very famous old Chinese doctor in the provincial city, and when he needed herbs, Ye Xing liked to come here to find them.

In front of the pharmacy. There was exactly one more parking space, and Ye Xing drove forward and was about to back in.

Suddenly, a car came sharply from behind and blocked the front of the car in the parking space.

Ye Xing’s face instantly darkened, nevermind, he was about to reverse himself, was he not openly robbing?

This was a luxury Rolls Royce business car. The price was several million, not knowing how many times more expensive than Ye Xing’s small BMW.

The driver got down from the car and immediately pulled open the door, and a graceful and elegant woman got down from the car.

The woman was wearing heavy make-up and could not tell her age from her face alone, however, she was at least thirty years old.

“Madam, please.” The driver said respectfully.

The noblewoman got out of the car, glanced at Ye Xing’s car in front of her and walked up.

She gently knocked on the car window.

Ye Xing rolled down the window and the noblewoman pulled out a wallet from inside her bag and drew out a stack of hundred dollar bills. Throwing it at the front of the car.

“I had an emergency and took up your parking space, this is my compensation for you.”

Looking at the thickness of the notes, there should be around two thousand dollars.

If it were an ordinary person, there would be an extra two thousand for nothing. They would definitely be mad with joy, after all, this was picked up for nothing.

Unfortunately, she had met Ye Xing.

“You can do it yourself if you have an urgent matter, just let the driver drive away. I need to use the parking space.”

“The driver has to accompany me.”

“Sorry, I need to use the parking space too, take the money.”

Ye Xing handed out the money in his hand and held it out in front of her.

At that moment, the driver had already parked his car, got out of it and walked over.

“Madam, why are you so polite with him, the parking space is not his, whoever comes first gets it first.” The driver snorted coldly.

The noblewoman nodded and stopped paying attention to Ye Xing, and left straight away.

“Rolls Royce, is it great?”

Ye Xing parked his car directly in front of the Rolls Royce and blocked its way out.

Now that he was forcibly occupying his parking space, it would have to beg itself if it wanted to drive out later.

“What for. Move the car away?”

The driver had been watching him, and when he saw him driving and blocking his car’s way out, he became angry and shouted.

“I won’t drive away, you bite me?”

Ye Xing didn’t even give him a straight look and walked towards the pharmacy with big steps.

“Looking for death.”

The driver suddenly kicked in, sweeping his leg with a tiger’s wind, carrying a harsh aura.

The strength. The speed, at first glance, was the level of a professional bodyguard.

“Ah Long, don’t hurt anyone.” The noblewoman shouted.

“Madam, I’m just teaching him a lesson, I’ll be more careful.” Ah Long said back.

Hearing him say that, the noblewoman didn’t say anything else.

A person who did not eat his wine should be taught a lesson.

Just when she thought that Ah Long could easily beat his opponent into submission, something amazing happened.

Only to see, with a gentle squeeze, Ye Xing instantly grabbed Ah Hu’s ankle and pushed it hard.

Ah Long was pushed out and retreated seven or eight steps in a row, before sitting on his buttocks on the ground.

The two men’s faces changed greatly, all of them looked at Ye Xing in shock, as if they did not expect him to be so strong with his svelte appearance.

“This is a warning, if you dare to make a move again, I will scrap you believe it or not?” Ye Xing said coldly.

Ah Long’s face was very ugly, losing face in front of his master, making him a bodyguard, how could he get along in the future.

Knowing full well that he might not be a match for his opponent, he still rushed forward and punched out.

Ye Xing kicked out with his right leg.

With a loud bang, Ah Long was directly kicked away and fell seven or eight metres before falling down.

Are you kidding, a small bodyguard compared to an ancient martial artist like himself, what’s the difference with a mantis blocking a car?

It was still Ye Xing’s foot that showed mercy, otherwise this kick would have sent him to meet the King of Hell.

“Still coming?” Ye Xing asked coldly.


Chapter 278

Ah Long climbed up and tried to continue coming over to fight for his life when the noblewoman said, “Ah Long, you are expelled.”

Ah Long froze, his eyes looking at Ye Xing with resentment.

If it wasn’t for him, he wouldn’t have lost this bowl of rice.

“Do you know why I fired you?” The noblewoman asked.

“Madam, my subordinate is incompetent.” Ah Long lowered his head.

“It’s not that you’re incompetent, it’s that you’re too capable of causing trouble, and if you hadn’t forced your way into the car seat, it wouldn’t have come to this. As a bodyguard, what’s on your mind should be how to ensure the safety of your master, not cause trouble.” The noblewoman said coldly.

“Madam. I’m sorry.”

The noblewoman took out her mobile phone and operated it before saying, “I’ve already transferred the money, you can go now.”

Ah Long gave Ye Xing a resentful look. Reluctantly, he left.

The noble woman took big steps, walked up to Ye Xing and said, “Be my bodyguard, are you interested?”

Up close, Ye Xing then saw the woman’s face clearly.

It was very smooth, with not many blemishes on her face, so watery and tender that she did not look like a woman at all.

It could be seen. This woman was usually very good at taking care of herself, and there was no telling how much time and money had been spent on that face.

Not being able to guess her age from her face alone, Ye Xing’s gaze fell back to her hands.

Compared to the hands of a young girl, judging from the skin on her hands, this woman should be around thirty-five years old.

“What’s the price?” Ye Xing asked casually.

“One million per year, you can continue to negotiate if it’s not enough.”

A million a year was indeed not a small amount for a bodyguard, but for Ye Xing, it was simply not enough to stuff his teeth.

“Do you want to sleep with me?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“What do you mean?”

The noblewoman’s face instantly darkened and crumpled up tightly, seemingly a little angry.

“Nowadays, there are many noblewomen who say they are recruiting bodyguards on the surface, but in reality they are recruiting …… you know. This is something I must ask clearly, the price is different for different types.” Ye Xing grinned and said.

“No need, you just need to ensure my safety.” After the noblewoman finished, this was the direct question, “Don’t waste time, right, tell us your decision.”

“If you want to recruit me as a bodyguard, one million is fine, but not for a year.”

“For how long, a month?” The noblewoman’s brow furrowed.

A bodyguard earning a million dollars a month could be counted on one hand in the whole of China, this guy was too crazy!

“Not a month.”

“A day?” The noblewoman sneered.

“One hour.” Ye Xing held up a finger.

The noblewoman looked at him like a fool, this guy. It was too lionish!

One million an hour, one day would be twenty four million, one month would be seven hundred and twenty million.

“If my math is correct, it should be seven hundred and twenty million a month. For the sake of your good looks, I can wipe off a fraction for you and count it as seven hundred million. If you can afford it, I can consider giving it to your bodyguard.” Ye Xing laughed.

Still just considering?

The noblewoman sneered and turned around to walk in.

There were fools every year, but this year there were especially many, she really didn’t need to waste time with a fool.

“Boss Du, what brings you here?”

The noblewoman had just entered. An old man in his fifties inside hurriedly came out, with respect on his face.

“Just call over directly if you need anything, I’ll order someone to send it over, there’s no need for you to make a trip.”

“Elder Liu, I came over because I want you to take a look at the illness.” The noblewoman said.

“To see a doctor, right, please come inside.”

Next, the old Chinese doctor took the noblewoman inside and entered a separate compartment.

As he watched the old Chinese doctor close the door behind him, a picture instinctively jumped into Ye Xing’s mind.

Old middle-aged, ailing woman, separate room, seeing a doctor.

Some evil images immediately popped up inside his mind. Ye Xing could not help but smile bitterly.

It seemed that one had watched too many small island movies.

Taking a pen next to him, he wrote down the herbs he needed and handed them to a physician who was grasping the medicine, Ye Xing waited quietly.

As it was the biggest pharmacy, there were more people grabbing medicine, and Ye Xing waited for a long time without getting in line.

Half an hour later, the old herbalist came out from the inner room with the noblewoman. In his hand was a prescription for medicine.

“Boss Du, there is no such thing as a so-called poison pill in this world, if the poison had attacked long ago, how could it only attack once a month and require an antidote, martial arts novels are all lies, don’t worry about the sky.” The old Chinese doctor said.

“Elder Liu, I think so too, but I’m still not too sure in my heart.” The noblewoman worried.

“Boss Du, I dare guarantee with my life that there is absolutely no such elixir.” The old Chinese doctor patted his chest.

Surnamed Du, taking a poisonous elixir?

A name instinctively popped up inside Ye Xing’s mind: Du Jiuniang.

The four major families in the provincial city. They were the Ye family, the Zhao family, the Cao family and the Du family, and the heads of the remaining three families were all men. The Du family was the only one that was a woman.

It was said that Du Jiuniang, the head of the Du family, was a very powerful woman with superior intelligence and a very high emotional intelligence. Her business skills were very powerful, which was the reason why the Du family head relied on her as a woman after her death and remained standing to this day.

“I didn’t expect that she was actually Du Jiuniang, the rumours didn’t say that she was so pretty!” Ye Xing muttered.

Next to him, it was finally Ye Xing’s turn for his danzi.

The pharmacist had just picked up the list when the old Chinese doctor walked over and shouted, “Little Zhao, grab Boss Du’s prescription first.”

“Yes, Elder Liu.”

The pharmacist put down Ye Xing’s prescription and took Elder Liu’s prescription.

“Can you pick up my prescription first, I’m in a hurry.” Ye Xing was a little unhappy.

“You can go to the second pharmacy if you are in a hurry.” Elder Liu snorted coldly.

As the owner of a pharmacy, what was wrong with cutting in line, when was it the turn of others to point fingers?

Ye Xing was about to get angry, but thought that it was better to do more than one thing. It was the last Dan recipe anyway.

His gaze fell on top of that Dan recipe, and after a brief glance, he laughed coldly.

“What are you laughing at?” Du Jiuniang couldn’t help but ask.

Although this guy was lionizing and demanding a monthly bodyguard fee of 700 million, like a psychopath, a capable person was arrogant, and an arrogant person definitely had the capital to be arrogant.

“After taking this medicine back and boiling it, let alone a month. You won’t even last a week before the toxicity kicks in and you die.” Ye Xing sneered.

“Nonsense, these are tonic medicines, how can they be poisonous, who are you and why are you slandering my reputation?” Boss Liu was furious.

“Ginseng and ganoderma can kill you, arsenic and cranesbill can cure you, the cure is about the right medicine, you don’t even know what kind of poison Du Jiuniang was poisoned by, so you prescribe medicine indiscriminately, I’m only afraid that in less than a week, you will have to collect his corpse for him.” Ye Xing said.

“What do you mean by that, please also say it clearly.” Du Jiuniang’s face changed a little.

This guy knew himself and seemed to know about his poisoning, he was really getting more and more mysterious.

“It’s not that there is no delayed poison pills, it’s because you guys are ignorant. There is something in this world called a compulsion, to put it bluntly, it is a kind of larvae, after this compulsion enters the human body, it will reside in the human body. When the parasite is weak, it will do little harm to the human body, but when it grows to a certain level, it will deal a devastating blow to the human body, and when the parasite devours the body, it will die of torture. This time can be three days, or ten days, a month, depending on the type of compulsion.” Ye Xing said unhurriedly.

Hearing about this death condition, Du Jiuniang’s face suddenly changed.