Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 273-274

Chapter 273

Consciousness entered the chaotic space.

Ye Xing nervously clicked open the third mnemonic fragment.

With a flash of light, the fragment turned into a dot of starlight and entered his brain.

Instantly, Ye Xing felt that there was an additional technique called the Chaos Skill inside his mind, and at the same time, there were some more concepts about martial cultivation and dao cultivation.

It turned out that the strong people in the ancient times were divided into martial cultivators and dao cultivators.

It was rumoured that when a martial practitioner reached great success, he could fly through the air and disappear into the sky.

Daoist cultivators worshipped the Dao. Those who have achieved great success in Daoism can turn stones into gold and turn clouds into rain with the lift of their hands. The wind, clouds, thunder and lightning are all at their fingertips.

True Qi and Yuan Qi are two very different types of Qi that cannot be fused to drive different divine abilities.

However, the internal qi cultivated by the Chaos Skill can cultivate both martial arts and dao, and is a third type of qi that is completely different from true qi and yuan qi. The memory introduced that this internal qi was called Chaos True Essence.

“Being able to cultivate both martial arts and dao. Wouldn’t that mean that in the future, I would not only be able to cultivate the ancient martial arts of the Hong Clan like Hong Tian had been doing, but I would also be able to cultivate the terrifying Dao like Shangguan Lan?” Ye Xing was instantly very excited.

Although he did not know, how powerful this Chaotic True Essence was, the mere ability to cultivate two different divine abilities of martial arts and dao was extraordinarily precious.

In his memory, the extra Chaos Skill only had the first layer, along with a divine ability called Tidal Wave Palm.

Immediately, Ye Xing sat down on the ground and began to cultivate the first layer of the Chaos Skill.

Originally, he thought it would be difficult to cultivate, but to his surprise, in just half a day, he had successfully cultivated the first layer.

It was as if he had already cultivated it in the dark, and now he was just retraining it.

After the first layer of the Chaos Skill was successfully cultivated, Ye Xing felt that the Yuan Qi in his body was even thicker. Previously, the internal qi in his body was like loose sand, but this technique systematically compressed all these internal qi, as if the air was compressed, and it was incredibly thick and heavy.

After the cultivation, Ye Xing immediately began to cultivate the divine ability, Tidal Wave Palm.

On the third day, the day dawned grey and gray, and Ye Xing drove his car towards the provincial city.


Ocean Hotel, within the senior suite.

The bed was in disarray and clothes were scattered all over the floor. The smell of surliness was everywhere.

“Baby, one more time.”

After living in the deep mountains for a long time, it was hard to come down from the mountains and stay in such a high-cla*s room in the middle of this big, flowery city, Cheng Zizhi felt as if he was a dozen years younger, with an endless source of physical energy.

“Elder, we’re going to the Zhao family later, save some stamina for battle.”

Beside him, the buxom maid, who was not clothed, advised.

“It’s just an unnamed brat, I can get him killed by stretching my fingers.”

Thinking about that B*****d called Ye Xing, the more Cheng Zizhi thought about it, the angrier he became. This B*****d had actually killed one of his most prized female disciples. One had to know that this female apprentice was not only his disciple, but also one of his favourite harem women.

“Elder, it’s better to be careful, we have plenty of chances, save some essence!” The servant girl laughed.

“It’s still Little Ju who understands my heart, then let’s kill that B*****d with our hands and come back for a quickie.”

Cheng Zizhi laughed out loud and got up to get dressed.

At that moment, there was a knock at the door.

Cheng Zizhi went out to open the door, and there were some outer disciples of the Nine Yin Sect standing outside the door.

“Growing Elder. The Ye family’s have been found and are being escorted downstairs.”

“Have they all been caught?”

“All five members of the Ye family have been caught, none of them are left.”

“Wait downstairs, I’ll take them to the Zhao family and let them see how I’ll tear that B*****d apart.”

After dressing, the two of them went downstairs, where a van was parked.

Pulling open the door of the van. Inside, five people were tied up with a look of horror on their faces, none other than Ye Jiannan’s family.

“Thinking that hiding in the countryside is safe, I tell you, even if you hide inside a rat hole, I can still dig you out.” Cheng Zizhi coldly snorted.

“This expert, it was all caused by Ye Xing, it has nothing to do with us, please let us go!” Wang Zhenzhen’s face turned pale with fear.

“Take it away.”

Cheng Zizhi got into the other car and the two cars headed towards the Zhao family.


Finally, they arrived at the Zhao family in the provincial city.

Ye Xing got out of the car and walked in.

Hong Tian, Qiang Wei. Haitang, and Zhao Dongshan, all gathered around.

“You’re really here, one person does what one person does. I give you some credit.” Hong Tian gave him a thumbs up before continuing, “Don’t worry, after you die, I will take good care of Qiang Wei.”

“Hong Tian. Who are you cursing to die?” Qiang Wei’s face instantly darkened.

“I’m just being honest, this isn’t even a level of fight.” Hong Tian muttered in a small voice.

“If you talk nonsense again, I’ll get you killed.” Rose scolded.

“Fine fine, then I wish him a long life.” Hong Tian said helplessly.

“Ride on your precious words, I will definitely live a long life.” Ye Xing laughed.

Qiang Wei looked at Ye Xing, not knowing why, her nose was a little sour, she wanted to say something, but just couldn’t say it.

Just then, a figure hobbled out from inside the villa, his body was weak and his face had quite a few scars.

“Xiao Yun, what’s wrong with you?”

Looking at her frail appearance, Ye Xing asked in shock.

“In order to help you, she went to the top of Tianshan Mountain alone to seek help. How unknowing, it’s good to come back alive.” Hong Tian said.

“Why are you so stupid.”

Ye Xing was about to scold him. But seeing her exhausted look, with frostbite all over her hands, she couldn’t bear it in her heart.

“I wanted to go and find Xue’er to help you, but I was useless and couldn’t find her.” Luo Xiaoyun shook her head, disappointed.

“In these decades, I don’t know how many people have searched for the Immortal Gate and couldn’t find it, you want to find it in a few days. How is that possible.” Ye Xing sighed.

“You go, don’t carry it strongly.” Luo Xiaoyun said urgently.

“Don’t worry, I have nine lives, I won’t die that easily.”

“Against the Nine Yin Sect Elder Cheng Zizhi, a hundred of your lives would be useless.” Hong Tian couldn’t help but interject again.

Qiang Wei kicked out viciously with one long leg, and if Hong Tian hadn’t dodged quickly, this kick would have sent him flying.

“If you can’t spit ivory out of a dog’s mouth again, I’ll kill you, old lady.” Rose said angrily.

“Hong Tian, why don’t we take a bet.” Ye Xing suddenly said.

“What’s the bet?”

“If I can beat that elder, you will follow me and be my little brother from now on, how about that?”

“Not to mention being your little brother, you can even be your son.” Hong Tian grunted.

He knew very well what strength Cheng Zizhi was, and in his opinion, it was already a miracle that Ye Xing had survived, unless Cheng Zizhi did not kill him.

Now, he actually said that he had defeated Cheng Zizai, which was simply impossible.

The sky was deserted.

“You all heard it, be a witness.”

Seeing him in a forced cloudy manner, Hong Tian was suddenly a little nervous, this guy wouldn’t really have any tricks up his sleeve, would he!

But thinking about it, he immediately thought it was impossible, even if this guy started cultivating inside his mother’s womb, there was no way he could win.

The group was chatting when suddenly two cars pulled up in front of the villa, and with a clatter, a line of people got out of the cars.

At the head of the group was an old man of about fifty, followed by a group of people behind him, escorting the Ye family.

The person who came was Cheng Zizhi.


Chapter 274

“You’re the one who killed my disciple?” Cheng Zizhi’s gaze fell on Ye Xing.

“If you are talking about those two trash from the Nine Yin Sect, then yes, it is me.” Ye Xing said proudly.

At these words, all the people around them shivered opportunistically.

They could clearly feel a murderous aura spreading out from Cheng Zizhi’s body.

“Enough guts, I won’t let you die a painful death.” Cheng Zizhi’s killing aura flourished.

Ye Xing’s gaze fell on Ye Jiannan’s group, “One person does what one person should do, I caused this matter, it has nothing to do with them, you let them go.”

“Release them, do you think that’s possible?”

Cheng Zida suddenly shot out his hand and instantly grabbed Ye Weimin’s hand. A gentle twist.

A cackling sound was heard as Ye Weimin’s hand was instantly twisted off, and as he pulled hard, his arm was ripped off raw.

A miserable scream came out. Ye Weimin fell to the ground, rolling all over the place, blood splattered on the spot.

The people around were all stunned, not expecting Cheng Zizhi to be so cruel, breaking a man’s arm with a single strike.

“Weimin, are you alright!”

Wang Zhen Zhen walked over, pulled Ye Weimin up and said urgently, “High man. Ye Xing was expelled from the Ye family long ago, he has nothing to do with the Ye family, there is a reason for injustice, you can go and settle the score with him.”

“Senior, he is just a wild child of the Ye family, he has nothing to do with us, please let us go?”

Ye Weiguang watched from the side as his brother lay dying, shivering.

“Ye Weiguang, how do you speak?” Rose couldn’t look away and was furious.

“Am I wrong, if my father hadn’t gotten drunk and banged that B*tch, he would have given birth to his wild seed.” Ye Weiguang’s gaze fell on Cheng Zizhi and continued, “High man, he doesn’t deserve to be a member of the Ye family at all, didn’t bring us any benefits, he’s even happier when we bury him with us!”

“So it’s a wild seed.” Cheng Zizhi laughed loudly.

“That’s right, he is a wild seed.”

“He has nothing to do with our Ye family.” Ye Weimin’s wife, Lin Pingping, shuddered and hurriedly said.

In order to stay alive, they would do anything to clear their ties with Ye Xing.

“They speak without authority, you are the head of the Ye family, right, what do you say?” Cheng Zizhi’s gaze fell on Ye Jiannan.

Ye Jiannan’s face was very ugly, a blue pale. He bowed his head and did not dare to speak.

“The lives of the Ye family are all in your hands, as long as you say that he is a wild child, that you shot him on a B*tchy woman on an impulse and gave birth to him, and that it has nothing to do with you, I can let your Ye family off the hook.” Cheng Zizhi said with a smile.

Ye Jiannan lowered his head and did not speak.

He already felt guilty towards Ye Xing’s mother, and now, how could he say anything.

“Dad, speak up!”

“Jiannan, what are you still standing there for, the whole family’s lives are in your hands.”

“Dad, please. I don’t want to die.”

Lin Pingping was the most timid, she could barely stand and fell limp on the ground.

The whole time, Ye Xing did not speak, his face stayed sullen.

“Master, he’s just a wild child, I never thought of him as a member of the Zhao family.”

Finally, the words came out of Ye Jiannan’s mouth.

“Wild seed.”

“So it’s a wild seed.”

Cheng Zizhi laughed out loud, his voice rising to the sky like an earthquake.

Executing people before killing them was his most usual tactic; killing him alone was too cheap. Letting him lose his reputation before killing him was the most enjoyable.

Everyone in the Zhao family had a sad look on their faces; none of them had expected Cheng Zizhi to be so ruthless.

Qiang Wei’s chest rose and fell fiercely.

Finally, she couldn’t help but stand out and cursed, “Ye Jiannan, you piece of Sh*t, you don’t even recognise your son. Are you still F**king human?”

Ye Jiannan glanced at Ye Xing, his face was a guilty look, but his gaze remained firm.

Compared to Ye Xing’s life, the lives of Ye’s family were much more important.

“People of the Zhao family, it’s your turn.”

Cheng Zizhi’s gaze was placed on Zhao Dongshan’s family.

Hong Tian’s face instantly changed and he hurriedly said, “Cheng Zizhi, the one who killed was Ye Xing, he has already admitted it and has nothing to do with the Zhao family.”

“My female apprentice died in the Zhao family, if it was any other family, I would have killed them all long ago, just to give you face.” Cheng Zizhi coldly snorted.

“What do you want?”

Cheng Zizhi gazed at Qiangwei. Haitang, and Luo Xiaoyun swept over the three women and licked his lips.

These three daughters were really beautiful, one more than the other. Much prettier than his own maid, Xiao Ju.

It had been a long time since he had tasted the taste of a thousand golden ladies in the big city.

“The three of them, pick one to stay with me for one night and I can spare the Zhao family.”

“Cheng Zizhi. Don’t you go too far.” Hong Tian roared.

“Yell at me, looking for death.”

Cheng Zizai shouted and his body instantly scurried out, slapping out like a gust of wind.

Hong Tian gritted his teeth and threw his two fists together, the most fierce and domineering move in the Hong Fist, the double fist out of the sea.


The wind rose in all directions, like the wind blowing through.

Cheng Zizhi took three steps back, and Hong Tian’s body was sent flying a dozen metres like a piece of defeated gra*s, ruthlessly crashing into the wall, leaving a human-shaped hole.


A mouthful of blood spurted out from Hong Tian and he didn’t get up for a long time.

“I’m not even afraid if Hong Tian Nan comes, let alone a hairless kid like you.”

Cheng Zizhi stood with his hands behind his back, with the demeanour of a master.

“A third-ranked sect master. It is indeed different and extraordinary.”

Hong Tian wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said reluctantly.

The people of the Zhao family had sadness all over their faces, Hong Tian’s defeat in one move meant that Ye Xing was definitely no match.

A while ago, Ye Xing had faced Hong Tian, and the two had only fought to a draw.

Against Cheng Zizhi, there was only one way to die.

“I’ll give you guys five minutes to discuss. Who will accompany me for one night.” Cheng Zizhi smiled lewdly.

The three women looked at each other with ugly faces.

Suddenly, Rose stood up and said, “I’ll accompany you, but you have to promise me a request.”

“What request?”

“Spare Ye Xing’s life and not kill him.” Qiang Wei said.

Ye Xing glanced at Qiang Wei and was somewhat moved in his heart.

In times of trouble, this woman had always said that she did not like herself.

Friends, could they do this?

“Impossible, he killed my most beloved female apprentice, I will kill him without a doubt.” Cheng Zizhi said firmly.

“If you don’t kill her, I can also accompany you for one night.” Luo Xiaoyun also stepped forward.

Two females?

Cheng Zizhi’s eyes instantly lit up as he looked at Ye Xing with jealousy and hatred.

This son of a B*tch was so lucky to have so many beautiful women sacrificing for him.

Ye Xing’s gaze fell back on Luo Xiaoyun.

“I promised Xue’er that I would take good care of you, if anything happens to you, how am I going to deal with Xue’er in the future.” Luo Xiaoyun was afraid that he would misunderstand and hurriedly explained.

“Alright, you all should stop begging for mercy. The person who can kill me is not yet born!”

Ye Xing hadn’t said much, beside his cold eyes, as he waited.

The suffering was true, and at this time, he had seen through all the faces.

It was time to strike.