Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 27-28

Chapter 27

There was a sample contract and it was quickly drafted and printed back.

“A divorce agreement and a property transfer contract, the two of you just need to sign it and the contract will take effect.” Lawyer Zhao Dao handed over two agreements to Murong and Ye Xing, one of the same, and said, “You have to sign the divorce agreement first.”

Murong Xue took the divorce agreement and looked at Ye Xing, and hesitated at once.

After signing the agreement, the two of them were considered divorced and Ye Xing got the Star Mansion. In the future, he could not stop himself from finding any woman he wanted.

What if Ye Xing dug a pit and made her jump into it?

“Sister, trust me. Sign it!” Ye Xing nodded towards her.

Murong Xue thought for a moment and immediately signed her name.

If he really pitted himself, it meant that he didn’t love himself, what was the use of keeping such a man by her side?

Brush brush brush!

She signed it, put her name on it and stamped her hand.

“The agreement is in effect with the contract, congratulations to both of you.” Lawyer Lu put the contract away.

“Lawyer Lu, wait a minute. I still have to draft a contract.” Ye Xing suddenly said.

He spoke so normally that he instantly caught everyone’s attention.

Old Mrs. Murong, Murong Bei’s family, all looked at him.

“Young Master Ye, what contract do you want to draft?” Lawyer Lu asked respectfully.

He had heard that Ye Xing was a fool, but since he was Ye Jiannan’s son, even if he was foolish, he did not dare to look down on him.

“Draw up a contract for me to transfer the Star Mansion to Miss Murong Xue.” Ye Xing said indifferently.

“Ye Xing, you are not a fool?” Old Mrs. Murong asked with a torch-like gaze, shocked.

“Grandma, this brain of mine was cured a long time ago.” Ye Xing smiled faintly.

One word stirred up a thousand waves.

Old Mrs. Murong, Murong Bei’s family, all looked at Ye Xing, unable to believe their ears.

When did this foolish man cure his brain?

“The praying mantis catches the cicada, the yellow bird is behind it, boy, there you go.” Old Mrs Murong laughed loudly and raised her finger towards him.

Although it was only a short momentary exchange of words, Ye Xing’s emotional intelligence did not know how many times higher than her wasteful son’s.

“Sir Ye, are you sure you want to draft a gift agreement?” Lawyer Lu asked in confirmation.

“That’s right, by the way, draw up another marriage agreement …… no no. There is no need for a marriage agreement, let’s go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tomorrow and divorce the marriage first, and then get married afterwards, so it’s not a breach of agreement, right?” Ye Xing asked with a smile.

“Not really.” Lawyer Lu laughed.

“Then let’s do that.”

Ye Xing finished instructing, and only then did he walk up to the four members of the Murong family who were kneeling on the ground, looking at their goose-stepping statues, and their mouth faces, and tsked.

“Murong Bei, Old Mrs. Murong was wise for a lifetime, how did she give birth to such a waste of talent as you. You don’t even think about it, old Mrs Murong relied on her own strength to support half of the Murong family and survive the financial turmoil. Wouldn’t she have no backhand to transfer all her a*sets to your name, without any half-hearted precautions, not afraid that you would wipe out the Murong family?”

“And Yang Mei, you village girl living the life of a rich man, can you not always spend your money on gold ah silver ah, spend more money to replenish your brain, stupid as a pig, fierce as a shrew, let people see at a glance is a burst of money, shame on you?”

“And you, Murong Lan, you didn’t marry a good Chinese man, but married a dead gweilo. You want him to grow up or grow up!”

“Ye Xing, that’s enough.” Seeing that he was getting more and more outrageous, Murong Xue hurriedly interrupted him.

“Alright, I won’t talk to them anymore, it’s a waste of words.”

Ye Xing walked up to Old Mrs. Murong and smiled, “Grandma, you are the only one in the entire Murong family who is like a man of words, who is clear about public and private affairs. Wise and wise.”

“Why is this mouth of yours so sweet!” Old Mrs. Murong laughed hoarsely.

“Grandma, I really mean it.” Ye Xing touched her hand and laughed, “Grandma, from now on you can stay at our house, I’ll keep you company with Xue’er.”

“No, Ma.”

Murong Bei hurriedly stood up and said urgently, “Mom, you come back with us, I will take good care of you.”

“Mom, I will definitely serve you like an old Buddha.” Yang Mei said hurriedly.

Ye Xing was not stupid anymore, and his mouth was as sweet as if he had smeared bee dense, if old Mrs Murong was picked up by them and returned. With some flowery words, wouldn’t the whole Murong family fall on Murong Xue then, and then they wouldn’t have any hair left.

“All of you get out, I don’t want to see you.” Old Mrs Murong said angrily.

The Murong Bei family all stood up. Looking at Ye Xing and Murong Xue, they left the ward reluctantly.

After they left, Old Mrs. Murong’s eyes suddenly became moist.

“Xue’er, I can see that. Ye Xing is truly good to you, the heavens have eyes!”

Thinking about the suffering she had endured these past few years, Murong Xue’s eyes were also moist.

After several years of hard work, the bitterness had finally come to an end.

Beep beep, there was a knock on the door outside the ward.

“Mr. Ye, the contract is drafted.” Lawyer Lu said.

“Bring it in!” Ye Xing commanded.

Lawyer Lu walked in from outside and handed the contract over, his eyes gleaming at Ye Xing without blinking.

Who said that the youngest son of the Ye family was a fool?

This emotional intelligence, this aura, was no less than his father.

With a sweep of his eyes, he saw the contract clearly, and he immediately signed his name.

“Miss Murong, sign your name, and Star Mansion Group Limited will be under your name.” Lawyer Zhao handed over the contract.

Murong Xue handed the contract over and took a glance at it. A faint smile.

The next moment, she tore the contract into two halves.

“Ye Xing is my husband, his property is mine, and my property is also mine, so why should it be transferred.” Murong Xue laughed.

“You two are so in love, I wish you happiness.” Lawyer Zhao smiled and left.

The two of them stayed in the ward for a while and left.

Before leaving, Murong Xue repeatedly asked Old Mrs Murong to stay at her home. She refused to do so.

On the way back, Murong Xue didn’t speak the whole time.

“Wife, don’t worry about it, Grandma is in great power, your father will offer her as if she has become a Buddha in the future.” Ye Xing comforted.

Although old Mrs. Murong hated her son, but her son was always a son, he would have to retire in the future, even if there was a big conflict, his status was not something that she, the granddaughter, could replace.

“Honey, I want to go home, hurry up.” Murong Xue said.

“Why?” Ye Xing asked strangely.

He accelerated his speed anyway.

Back at the villa car park, Ye Xing was ready to get out of the car when Murong Xue in the pa*senger seat suddenly jumped over, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him clumsily.

“Honey, I love you, do you love me?” Her face was flushed and she sputtered her teeth.

Today, she was completely conquered by Ye Xing.


Ye Xing drew a breath of cold air backwards.

He shouted, “Wife, I can’t break the S*x ring!”

“Kissing is not considered broken.”

Ye Xing rolled and crawled, it was not easy for Yung to break her clutches and escape back to the villa.

“Women are pigs, women are devils, wah wah, can’t stand it.” Ye Xing shouted.

Murong Xue laughed loudly and blossomed.

So moving, so happy.


Chapter 28

Early the next morning.

Ye Xing was still sleeping in the guest room when the door to his room was pushed open and Murong Xue walked in.

“I have an appointment with a new person to talk about a contract, I have to go out now.”

Ye Xing took his phone and looked at the time, it was only seven o’clock.

“Honey, why are you so desperate, we have enough money on us to live for the rest of our lives.” Ye Xing was also speechless.

In the past, Murong Xue had only woken up at eight o’clock and returned to the office at nine o’clock.

“In life, money is not everything.”


Ye Xing rolled over and got up.


Murong Xue couldn’t help but laugh and scold, “Where did that jealousy come from. Female.”

“You go ahead, I’ll sleep some more.” Ye Xing covered his head and went to sleep.

“I’m short of time, I’ll buy some breakfast on the way to eat will be just fine, you get up and have your own breakfast if you’re hungry.”

Murong Xue walked over. She gave him a kiss on the forehead.

“Pig, go on!”

“What did you say?”

This B*****d, actually called himself a pig.

“Every time you kiss me, I make up your brain as a pig, otherwise that’s bearable.” Ye Xing muttered.

Murong Xue was also speechless, what kind of logic is this!

Sometimes he felt frighteningly smart, and sometimes he was simply like an idiot.

“I’m going out first, call. Mua-da.”

Throwing down these titillating words, the sound of clacking heels rang out as Murong Xue left.

“Crazy woman, isn’t it good to come quietly and go quietly, but you have to quarrel to wake me up, don’t you know that when a man comes to sleep, he can’t hold his urine?”

After taking a P*ss, Ye Xing had no more sleep.

He got up, washed and dressed.

After going down to the kitchen and fixing a delicious breakfast, Ye Xing went out to the garden to sunbathe again.

“The season of the year lies in spring and the day lies in the morning, it’s too wasteful not to go out and pretend on such a wonderful morning.” Ye Xing sighed.

The car was driven away by Murong Xue, there was no car at home and Ye Xing was stuck.

“My pretend greatness is definitely not something that a car can stop.”

Ye Xing rolled over and got up and decided to take the PR car company to pretend.

Su Xiao Qiao still didn’t know his normal persona, how cool it was to pretend to be a P***y in front of her.

Ye Xing snapped his fingers and ran towards the outside.

Just before he was about to walk out the door, he suddenly saw a familiar figure.

When he fixed his eyes, he saw that it was Luo Xiaoyun, the police flower.

“Heaven help me.” Ye Xing inwardly snickered.

An object of pretence delivered to his door!

“Sister Xiao Yun, why are you here?” Ye Xing turned into a fool in a second.

“I was investigating a case and pa*sed by here.” Luo Xiaoyun put her hands behind her back. Looking inside, she asked, “Is Xue’er here?”

“Xue’er isn’t here, something came up and she went back to the company.” Ye Xing said.

Luo Xiaoyun was secretly happy, thinking that she would not catch you by the fox’s tail today.

Since the last time she saw him, she had already concluded in her heart that this guy was definitely not a fool.

Maybe there was some ulterior motive for pretending to be stupid. For the sake of her best friend, she had to unmask him for what he really was.

“Ye Xing, is it convenient for me to use the washroom?” Luo Xiaoyun made an excuse.

“Come with me!”

Ye Xing led her to the garden gra*s and said, “Sister Xiaoyun, right here!”

“Here?” Luo Xiaoyun was instantly angry, “Ye Xing. You are shameless.”

“Sister Xiao Yun, don’t you want to wash your hands, there is a water cage head here.” Ye Xing pointed to a water cage head for watering flowers and plants.

Luo Xiaoyun’s chest rose and fell, and only after a long time did she suppress her anger and said, “I was going to the toilet.”

“So it was to go to the toilet, you didn’t say so earlier. Then are you pooping or peeing?”

Luo Xiaoyun: “……”

“Is there a difference between me pooping and peeing?” Half a minute later, she asked.

“Of course there’s a difference, my sister said that the room bathroom can only urinate, not poop, and to poop you have to go down to the ground floor.” Ye Xing said.

“Can you pee in the ground floor washroom?”

“Yes you can!”

“Why don’t you just take me to the ground floor washroom? The ground floor can pee and poop. Do you need to ask me?”

Ye Xing scratched his head and didn’t reply for a long time.

“What, you still don’t understand?”

“It’s too complicated, I don’t want to think about it, if I think about it anymore I’m going to become delirious.”

Luo Xiaoyun: “……”

She watched his every move carefully.

A look, a subtle movement, could not be separated from her gaze.

Which knew that under such a sharp gaze of hers. The other party still looked like a fool, not seeing the slightest sign of a normal person.

At this moment, Luo Xiaoyun suddenly doubted her own judgement.

It couldn’t be a mistake, this guy was really a fool, right!

After taking her to the washroom on the ground floor, Ye Xing said, “Sister Xiao Yun, you take a P*ss, I’ll play outside first.”

Without waiting for her to reply, he left with the stride of a first grade schoolboy, bouncing and carefree.

“If I keep checking him out like this, I’m going to become a god sick too.” Luo Xiaoyun shook her head and walked into the bathroom.

Just finished using the toilet. After washing her hands, there was suddenly a miserable scream from outside.

“Sister Xiao Yun, help!”

Walking out of the washroom, only to see Ye Xing stumbling and running in from outside. He was so frightened that his face turned white.

A middle-aged man behind him followed in large strides, with a steady gait and a murderous gaze.

“Who are you. Stop.” Luo Xiaoyun took two steps forward and shouted.

The man’s gaze mimicked, as if he was a little surprised that there was still someone inside the villa.

Not only did he not stop, but he quickened his pace.

Wig, fake beard.

Luo Xiaoyun was a police officer, and he could tell from the other man’s young arm skin that he was definitely not that age.

Appearing in a private house in disguise, there was definitely something wrong.

“Sister Xiaoyun, he’s the killer who pushed me down the stairs at the mall, I heard his voice.” Ye Xing wailed.

A week ago, Ye Xing had fallen down in the mall, Luo Xiaoyun thought it was an accident, but she didn’t expect it to be a murder case.

“Stand still.” Luo Xiaoyun shouted.


A kick came in with great force!

Luo Xiaoyun blocked it with his arms across his chest and stomped, retreating five or six steps in a row.

It was a master.

Her eyes instantly mimicked.

This level of strength, without a long period of exercise. It was simply impossible to possess.

She waved her hand and took up a fighting stance.

To be a police officer in the Huaijiang Criminal Investigation Brigade, apart from good grades and a high IQ, fighting ability was also a very important component.

She had no problem fighting five or six ordinary punks.


Luo Xiaoyun found her chance and threw a punch, fast and furious.

This punch was too fast. The opponent obviously did not expect her to know martial arts and was hit directly in the face.

“Sister Xiaoyun is great.” Seeing this, Ye Xing clapped her hands together.

The killer touched his face and his eyes mimicked with a murderous aura.

The next moment, Luo Xiaoyun kicked out again, fast and furious.

The killer was even faster than her, and came after her, kicking her in the chest, sending her flying out and sitting on her butt.

“So strong.”

Luo Xiaoyun jumped up with a carp, and at this moment, she finally understood.

With her opponent’s strength, she could not defeat herself at all.