Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 261-262

Chapter 261

“Do you know her?” Ye Xing asked.

“No, I don’t.”

“If you don’t know her, why did you help her out?”

“Didn’t I just say that I can’t see a man hitting a woman, and a pretty one at that.”

Hong Tian came to Xiaotao’s side, blocked her behind himself and smiled, “Girl, since you came to my daughter-in-law’s birthday party, you are my daughter-in-law’s friend, I will never let you be bullied, let alone let anyone riot my daughter-in-law’s birthday party.”

“Who is your daughter-in-law?” Ye Xing asked.

This guy looked like he was only twenty-two or thirty years old from the outside, two or three years younger than himself. He had just taken off his milk, and now he was saying daughter-in-law left and right, making him a little uncomfortable.

“Sister Qiangwei ah, she is my daughter-in-law.” Hong Tian said with a straight face.

Ye Xing looked at Haitang with a puzzled expression. He suddenly had a premonition that he seemed to have been pitched.

Haitang took his hand and walked to a distance.

“Sister Haitang, what are you doing pulling his hand, this B*****d doesn’t deserve it.” Hong Tian said sharply.

Begonia didn’t bother to pay attention to him and whispered to Ye Xing, “A few days ago, my sister saw him asking for food by the road and felt pity. So she threw him a hundred yuan. This kid has been pestering my sister and insisting that she be his wife.”

“This guy is not quite normal in the head, right?” Ye Xing was speechless.

“Sister was so angry that she even got people to warn him, and guess what happened?”

“Those people were beaten up and couldn’t get up.” Ye Xing laughed bitterly.

“How do you know?” Haitang’s eyes widened.

“He is an ancient martial artist, ordinary people are no match for him.”

“Sis really had no choice, it just so happened that dad wanted to help her with her birthday, she immediately agreed and then asked you to come over.”

Sure enough, she had been punked by Rose.

All that talk about fearing Dad would have a heart attack and asking himself to pretend to be her boyfriend was simply an attempt to get him to act as a shield.

“It’s good if it’s not a forced marriage, I know what to do.”

Ye Xing walked towards Hong Tian, and in a moment he was in front of him, asking, “Where are you from and what are you doing here in the provincial capital?”

“I came down from the mountains and my master asked me to come down here to fulfil my marriage contract and to do a few important things in the meantime. I’ve been starving for a few days and no one is willing to give me a penny, Sister Rose is so kind, I’ll marry her as my wife.” Hong Tian said seriously.

“And expert down the mountain, what about the marriage mission, you’ve read too many internet novels!” Ye Xing rolled his eyes and continued, “Qiangwei is my friend and he hates you very much. You have seriously affected her life, better get as far away as you can from me.”

“What do you know, beating is kissing and scolding is loving, Sister Rose scolds me, it’s because she’s interested in me.”

To this kind of somewhat retarded-like person, Ye Xing was also speechless, now he didn’t want to say anything, he just wanted to beat him up hard.

“Qiang Wei, here you are.” Ye Xing suddenly pointed at Hong Tian’s back and shouted.

Hong Tian instinctively turned around.

Ye Xing struck out as fast as lightning, instantly locking Hong Tian’s wrists and pressing him onto his back, pressing him against a table.

“Son of a B*tch. Dare to shade this handsome brother, I’m not playing with you.”


The table instantly collapsed, and with the momentum of the fall, Hong Tian pigeonholed himself in a flash, not only did he release the tackle, but his right foot also stepped towards Ye Xing fiercely.

Ye Xing’s right fist blasted out and struck the bottom of his foot with a thud!

Hong Tian retreated and flew out, tumbling in mid-air for two and a half weeks and landing firmly on the ground.


His gaze instantly lit up as he stared intently at Ye Xing and asked, “Which sect or school are you from?”

“No discipline or sect.”

Ye Xing stood with his hands behind his back, in a patriarchal manner, and said proudly, “Get the hell out of my way. If you dare to pester Rose again, I’ll beat you out of the sky.”



Luo Xiaoyun and Haitang couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

This guy, just now he was acting like a master cleric, but his pushy style was all ruined by these words.

“We’re both at the Grandmaster realm, it’s still uncertain who will win, come again.”

Hong Tian’s right foot stomped on the ground, his body was like a roc spreading its wings, about to charge towards Ye Xing.

“Hong Tian. Stop right there.” A familiar voice came out.

Qiang Wei and Zhao Dongshan came in from outside, and when they saw the two fighting, they hurriedly chided.

Tonight’s Qiang Wei, unprecedentedly, wore a black like dress, looking like a black swan, especially cold and beautiful.

Even Ye Xing was a little dazed.

“Wife, you’re here, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time.” Hong Tian hurriedly welcomed him.

“How did you get in, who let you in?” Rose said angrily.

“I can go wherever I want, there’s no stopping me.” When Hong Tian finished, he pointed at Ye Xing and asked, “Wife. Who is he?”

“Who is your wife now, shut up.” Qiang Wei scolded before saying, “He’s my boyfriend, you keep talking nonsense. Be careful that he will beat you to the ground.”

Hearing that Ye Xing was Qiang Wei’s boyfriend, Hong Tian was instantly upset and leapt in front of Ye Xing, drinking, “Kid. I want to duel with you.”

“So what if you lose, so what if you win?” Ye Xing asked.

“If you lose, you must not hit Sister Qiangwei in the future, and if I lose, I will no longer pester Sister Qiangwei, how about that?” Hong Tian drew down the road.

“OK, but I have to add one condition.”

“What condition?”

“If you lose, not only can you not pester Qiangwei, but you must also become my subordinate and do my bidding.”

Hong Tian was the strongest among the ancient martial arts experts Ye Xing knew, not knowing how many times stronger than Xiao Qi and Black Angel.

Moreover, he seemed to have a very dangling background, if he was taken in as his own, the Dragon Palace could definitely increase its strength greatly.

“Fine. If you lose, you will become my little brother and hang out with Brother Tian.” Hong Tian immediately agreed.

“It’s a deal.”

Ye Xing took a big step towards the outside of the hall, with Hong Tian following behind him.

Both of them were ancient martial arts masters, if they started a fight here, the place would have to be ruined.

The people around followed them, wanting to know who was more powerful between the two.

Which knew that before they could get out of the doorway. Ye Xing jumped out of the eighth floor window.

The people around let out a scream, this was the eighth floor!

Immediately afterwards, Hong Tian also jumped out of the window, and by the time the crowd ran to the window to look, the two had already disappeared.

Ten minutes later, Forest Park.

The two men stood face to face.

“What’s your name and what’s your school and sect?” Hong Tian continued to ask.

“Didn’t I just tell you, no clan, no sect, self-cultivated.” Ye Xing said back.

“How can you enter the sectarian realm without being taught by anyone, I don’t quite believe it!” Hong Tian felt that the other party must be lying to him.

Patriarch realm?

Ye Xing had heard this title more than once, and he knew nothing about ancient martial arts.

“What is the realm of Patriarch, I have never heard of it, can you tell me about it?” Ye Xing asked.

Hong Tian looked at him like a freak, that look, looking at Ye Xing was a little embarra*sed.

“I have not trained in ancient martial arts, and I entered my current realm in a haphazard manner, so I really don’t understand the realm division.” Ye Xing continued.


Chapter 262

“In the martial arts, there are three main realms: external strength, internal strength, and transformation strength. External strength is for those who have not cultivated internal qi, while internal strength is for internal masters, who have true qi in their bodies. There are four levels of internal energy: Beginner, Master, Master and Peak, which correspond to the titles of Martial Master, Grandmaster and Grand Master. Grandmaster and Grand Master. When I tried with you just now, I felt that your true qi flooded thickly to the extent that it should be at the Patriarch realm.” Hong Tian briefly told him about the realm.

“What about Hua Jin?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“A Huajin master is one whose true qi has reached the outward realm, and there are very few masters of this strength. In the whole of China, the known ones can be counted on the palm of one’s hand, and they are only at the entry level of the Transformation Realm.” Hong Tian said.

Ye Xing was considered to have some understanding of ancient martial arts.

However, there was another thing he was puzzled about.

“Why had I never heard of any ancient martial artists before, but now I have seen them appear frequently?”

Ye Xing had been reborn many times and was strong to the point of being very powerful when he was a soldier king, but he had never come into contact with the so-called ancient martial arts.

“Ancient martial artists usually don’t show their faces and send deep mountains to cultivate. The higher their strength, the more they don’t leak mortal dust, and if I didn’t have something big to do, I wouldn’t have come down from the mountain.” Speaking of this, Hong Tian began to get a little impatient and waved his hand, “Hurry up and do it, I have to rush back to attend Sister Qiang Wei’s birthday party!”

Ye Xing spread his hands flat and made a fighting gesture.

Hong Tian glared at the ground with his right foot, and a tiger-like bellowing sound came out of his mouth as he attacked with a punch.

The fist seemed like a bean, cackling with a strong astral wind, and the stance was wide open, at first glance, it was a martial art that focused on attack.

Ye Xing transformed his hand into a palm, and fought and retreated.

He had unintentionally allowed his body to possess airflow, so to speak, by mistake, but he did not have a deep understanding of ancient martial arts at all, let alone the stances.

Hong Tian’s fist was fierce, much like the legendary Hong Quan, like a torrent of water that went on and on.

Luckily, he had lived for thousands of years, and although he did not know any ancient martial arts moves, his fighting techniques were very pure, and for a while. He was barely able to cope.

After a few moments of fighting, Luo Tian could not gain the upper hand, so he became a bit impatient and made more severe moves.

Several of the trees around him were blown off, leaving the area in a mess.

“Keep dodging and not even returning your moves, are you trying to be a shrinking turtle?” Hong Tian said angrily.

“I just don’t want you to lose so quickly and lose face.” Ye Xing laughed.

“If you were as strong as Bragger, you wouldn’t be like a turtle.”

Ye Xing smiled faintly and pulled out a handful of silver needles from his body and lucked into his fingers. It was flung out.

These silver needles all carried internal qi and were very harsh, and with it being night time, they were extremely difficult to defend against.

He didn’t know that Hong Tian hadn’t defended himself at all, his arms shook and his clothes rose up.

The silver needles shot into his clothes and fell to the ground as if they had hit an iron plate.

“Little skill, even a small silver needle wants to hurt this young master.”

Hong Tian snorted coldly and attacked again with both fists.

This guy. His strength was really strong!

Ye Xing was attacked in a frenzy and secretly cried out in pain.

Their true qi levels were equal, but Hong Tian’s martial arts skills were even better, and his fists seemed to have been rehearsed over countless years, to the point that they were watertight and hard to break.

If this continued, one would have to lose.

Once he loses. He would have to be his junior disciple.

Ye Xing’s mind kept spinning, thinking of ways to cope, and the next moment, his eyes lit up.

At this moment, Hong Tian punched him.

Ye Xing met it with his palm, and his fist and palm collided.


Hong Tian screamed, only to feel his fist go numb and his whole arm sore.

“B*****d, you put a silver needle in your palm, that’s despicable.” Hong Tian said angrily.

“Before we struck just now, did we say no silver needles? It’s good that I didn’t poison it, take it!”

There were numb points on a person’s fingers. The long awaited opportunity, how could Ye Xing miss it, immediately took the dagger out from his body and attacked in a stormy manner.

“Vile villain. I’ll fight you again after a while.”

Hong Tian was not a stupid person, his right fist was numb and his battle power was reduced, so he would only suffer a loss if he fought. At that moment, he made a few long leaps and left far away.

Ye Xing did not chase after him because he knew that he was not sure if he fought on.

When he returned to the hotel, Hong Tian was already there and a group of people were waiting.

“Ye Xing, he said the fight was a draw, is that true?” Rose asked.

“It’s a tie now.” Ye Xing nodded.

But it was hard to say after a while, with the speed of his own strength progress, he believed that he would soon be able to defeat Hong Tian and subdue him.

“Why are you so useless, you can’t even beat a little kid.” Qiang Wei skimmed her lips and threw over a look of contempt.

Ye Xing almost vomited blood!

However, there was nothing he could say, after all, he really wasn’t helping Qiang Wei right now.

“Give me some more time. I’ll definitely beat him.” Ye Xing said helplessly.

The reception started, originally it was a birthday party where Zhao Dongshan was meeting his daughter for a blind date, how could he know that there would be two strong men fighting over Qiang Wei.

Looking at these two guys jumping from the eighth floor without any injuries, who would dare to fight for Qiang Wei.

“No fun, let’s drink.”

Halfway through the reception, Rose felt particularly bored and dragged a group of people to the bar!

Finally, the original form had been revealed!

Ye Xing saw that Hong Tian was still following. A grievous look, and suddenly his heart fluttered.

He beckoned towards Qiang Wei and whispered something in her ear.

“Are you sure he will fall for it?” Rose’s eyes lit up.

“He looks to me like he’s coming down the mountain for the first time, I don’t know how many years he’s been holding it in, a young virgin untouched by the world, how much stamina do you think he’ll have. You just need to find a prettier, purer one and I don’t believe he won’t fall for it.” Ye Xing laughed.

“You guy, you’re really bad.”

Qiang Wei scolded, walked to the side, took out her mobile phone and dialed.

“What were you guys talking about when you were exchanging pleasantries just now?” Luo Xiaoyun asked curiously as she walked over.


“Dog man and woman.” Luo Xiaoyun gave him a blank look.

Next, the group went to the bar, where Qiang Wei had many friends, especially those who ate and drank, handsome men and beautiful women, filling the entire booth.

One of them was a beautiful woman in white clothes, with a particularly innocent appearance, sitting in the middle of the corner, not talking much to others.

This was the beauty that Qiang Wei had called over, and Ye Xing instantly walked over to greet her.

“Beauty, can I have a drink with you?”

“I don’t know how to drink, juice is fine.” The beautiful woman in white said.

“I can teach you if you don’t know, come.”

Ye Xing poured a gla*s of wine for her and without any further ado, shoved it into her hand.

“Sir, I don’t know how to drink.” The woman in white refused.

“Not drinking is not giving me face, do you know what kind of person I am, do you still want to mix.”

Ye Xing collapsed his face and made a fierce and fierce appearance.

The people around knew that his identity was not simple, none of them dared to stand out, they just felt a little disgusted.

“Ye Xing, you’ve gone too far ……”

Luo Xiaoyun was about to stand up when she was suddenly pulled by a hand, and Haitang beside her shook her head at her.

It was at this time that Hong Tian stood up and walked towards that side.

This guy with a great sense of justice was trying to heroically save the beauty again.