Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 257-258

Chapter 257

“Have you found them yet?” Ye Xing asked urgently as he stepped forward.

“Bureau Wu has sent someone out, still haven’t been able to find their whereabouts.” Yan Ruyu pointed to a middle-aged man beside her and said, “This is Bureau Wu, it’s better to let Bureau Wu introduce you to the situation!”

The middle-aged man nodded towards Ye Xing before saying, “After Miss Yan reported the case, we immediately went out to investigate all the closed roads, basically it is true that your two missing friends should still be in the city, we have sent all the personnel we could ……”

“Less polite words, people found or not?” Ye Xing was too lazy to listen to his official tone.

“Not yet.”

It had been two days, Luo Xiaoyun and Xiao Qiao hadn’t eaten for two days, they wouldn’t last much longer.

Ye Xing was anxious like an ant on a hot nest. He was going around in a ball.

“Inside the surveillance, has Shangguan Qiushan’s whereabouts been found?”

“There is a discovery, but there is no trace of the missing two.”

“Pull out all the video information and send it to me.” Ye Xing ordered.

“Mr. Ye. You’d better go back and wait for news, these are the things we police should do, once we have news of them, I’ll tell you first ……” Bureau Wu didn’t want outsiders to get too involved.

“What’s your phone number, I’ll have someone call you.”

Bureau Wu looked at him suspiciously and gave him his phone number.

Ye Xing immediately called Beino’s number and asked him to arrange it.

A few moments later, Bureau Wu came to his side. There was a respectful look inside his eyes.

The province had just called and asked him to unconditionally cooperate with Ye Xing, so he realized that Ye Xing was not a simple person.

“Mr. Ye, please go to the surveillance room, there are closed circuit images of all the kidnappers.”

A few moments later, Ye Xing arrived at the surveillance room and then locked himself in there.

Throughout the night, Ye Xing locked himself inside and studied the video.

Inside the video, one could see Shangguan Qiushan, left and right, sandwiching Luo Xiaoyun and Su Xiaoqiao, coming out of the hotel and leaving the hotel, it was this one image that Ye Xing was watching over and over again.

“Have something to eat, you haven’t eaten all day.” Yan walked in, carrying a bowl of noodles.

“No need.” Ye Xing said back.

Xiao Yun and Xiao Qiao had been hungry for three days, if they continued like this, he was afraid that they wouldn’t be able to hold on.

“Your body is the essence of the revolution, if you don’t eat, how will you have the energy to keep going to them?”

Ye Xing picked up the noodles and was about to eat up when suddenly the phone rang.

It was already four or five in the morning, usually at this time. There shouldn’t be any phone calls.

Could it be that the two women had news?

Ye Xing hurriedly picked up the phone, and a familiar voice came from the other side.

“Haven’t you found anyone yet, aren’t you afraid that they will starve to death?”

On the other side of the phone, Shangguan Qiushan giggled, her voice full of vengeful smugness.

“Shangguan Qiushan, they are innocent, come at me if you have the guts.” Ye Xing said angrily.

“I will settle your score, of course, but right now, I will let you take a break from losing your lover.”

Shangguan Qiushan laughed loudly, like a maniac.

“I will definitely find them.” Ye Xing said resoundingly.

“You are so sure, why don’t you send someone to find the rest of the place. The city is so big, you can’t find half of it now, right? If you don’t hurry up, they will starve to death alive in two more days.”

Ye Xing frowned, listening to Shangguan Qiushan’s words while looking at the closed road.

Suddenly, his gaze was fixed, staring at Shangguan Qiushuang who was carrying Luo Xiaoyun and Su Xiaoqiao on the closed road in a deadly column.

The photo was very clear, illuminating the faces of all three very clearly.

“Shangguan Qiushan, you keep urging me to search the rest of the place, does it mean that they are not at all in the rest of the place that is not searched?”

“The footage of you captured on the closed road. All of them are blurry, the only one that is the clearest is the one of you taking Luo Xiaoyun and Xiao Qiao out of the hotel, you even deliberately turned around and gave a smile to the camera head.” Ye Xing said coldly.

“Provoking you!”

“There is another possibility, that the two of them are in the hotel.”

As if thinking of something, Ye Xing immediately walked out of his office and asked loudly, “Bureau Wu. Has Lihe Hotel been searched yet?”

“No, on the closed road she has handed over the two women and taken them away, so ……”

“This is exactly how shrewd she is, the more dangerous the place, the safer it is.”

Ye Xing said while listening to the attitude of Shangguan Qiushan over there, she did not have anything, silent.

“Yan Ruyu, go.”

Ye Xing walked out of the police station with big steps and headed towards the Lihe Hotel with Yan Ruyu.

The two reviewed the hotel, and after opening all the hotel rooms, finally. In one of its hotel rooms, they found the two women who were tied up dead on the bed.

Having not eaten for a long time, the two had long been exhausted and were dying, especially Su Xiaoqiao, who did not even have the strength to hug Ye Xing.

Ye Xing dialed the phone number from earlier. Coldly, he said, “Shangguan Qiushuang, you have lost.”

“So what if you find it, you got lucky this time, you won’t be so lucky next time.”

Shangguan Qiushuang was furious.

“There’s no next time. Let me meet you again, you will die.”

Ye Xing finished speaking and hung up the phone ruthlessly.


The next day, a hotel box.

A man and three women, the table, full of food.

Luo Xiaoyun wolfed down the food, gulping down the roast chicken, not caring about the image at all.

Su Xiaoqiao, on the contrary, was a little more civilized and ate much more soberly.

“Don’t be so hasty, be careful of swallowing.”

Ye Xing looked at Luo Xiaoyun and was speechless.

“This b*tch, next time I catch her, I’ll have to kill her.”

Luo Xiaoyun cursed as she ate.

“It’s all my fault, if Ye Xing wasn’t for saving me, Shangguan Qiushan wouldn’t have been able to take advantage of someone’s danger.” Yan Ruyu said guiltily.

“It has nothing to do with you. She couldn’t find a chance this time, she will definitely find a chance next time.” Ye Xing said.

It was a full hour later before the two women had eaten enough and regained some strength.

After eating, the three women returned to their respective rooms.

“Warning you guys, keep your voices down, don’t disturb my sleep.”

Before entering the room, Luo Xiaoyun suddenly said.

Su Xiaoqiao’s face instantly turned red. Like a red apple, she shyly lowered her head.

Ye Xing couldn’t help but lol and said, “The room is so well soundproofed, unless you deliberately walked to the window to listen, how could you possibly hear it.”

“I’m not as perverted as you!”

Luo Xiaoyun finished speaking and heavily closed the door.

“Grace will be revenge, I should have known not to save you and let you starve to death alive.”

Ye Xing scolded a little before taking Xiao Qiao into the room.

As for what happened inside the room next, it was not enough for outsiders to know.

The next day, not long after Ye Xing woke up, the phone rang, it was Yan Ruyu calling.

“The division called, I’m going back in a couple of days, so they should hurry up with their training in the next few days.” Yan Ruyu said.

Ye Xing immediately told Su Xiaoqiao to get up, then went to knock on Luo Xiaoyun’s room, and didn’t respond after knocking for a long time.

“Luo Xiaoyun, if you don’t work hard, you won’t be able to catch up with Xiao Qiao in this life.”

Those words worked and Luo Xiaoyun immediately came out and followed Yan Ruyu to cultivate.


Chapter 258

For the next two days, Yan Ruyu wholeheartedly taught Su Xiaoqiao and Luo Xiaoyun some introductory techniques about ancient martial arts, and then hurried back to the Hidden Sect.

As for Shangguan Qiushan, he was taken away by the man in black, and with Ye Xing’s current strength, he was not capable of defeating that man in black.

If he wanted to take this revenge, he could only wait until his strength had advanced one more level, and then he would find the opportunity to take revenge.

In the evening, Ye Xing sat in his room and after reciting the Three Ages of Grace and Fruit Sutra once more, his consciousness entered that chaotic space once again to see if the third memory shred had opened. Regrettably, it still had not opened.

The alchemy method obtained from the second memory fragment had made Ye Xing’s strength rise greatly, and he was very eager to open the third memory fragment.

If he could open the third memory fragment. His own strength would definitely be able to soar again, and then even if he faced the man in black who was protecting Shangguan Qiushan, he would have a chance to win, even if he faced Shangguan Lan.

“Ye Xing, Yu Lin is inviting us for morning tea tomorrow morning, are you free?” Su Xiaoqiao asked.

“Okay, you can tell Xiao Yun, see if she goes?” Ye Xing said.

“It’s better for you to ask!” Su Xiaoqiao said with some difficulty.

Luo Xiaoyun was Murong Xue’s bestie. For Su Xiaoqiao, a third party, she had never had much good feelings, and although the two had experienced life and death, they still could not become friends yet.

Ye Xing took out his phone and dialed out.

“Xue’er’s current whereabouts are clear, you’re net thinking of meeting women, big stud, not going.” Luo Xiaoyun hung up the phone in a huff.

“If you don’t go, you don’t go, and you hang up on me, you’ll have to beg me later.”

For this somewhat nervous woman, Ye Xing was too lazy to care.

There was no talk all night, and the next morning.

Ye Xing, Su Xiao Qiao and Cheng Yulin were having dinner in a private room in a hotel.

“Xiao Qiao, how come you look so much better, is this the effect of cultivating martial arts?”

Seeing the white and delicate skin on Xiao Qiao’s face, Cheng Yulin couldn’t help but exclaim.

“It should be somewhat effective, the elixir Ye Xing gave me drained a lot of toxins.” Su Xiaoqiao returned.

Cheng Yulin looked at Ye Xing blearily, “Ye Xing, I also want to take the elixir and learn martial arts.”

Ye Xing had a bit of a headache.

He already had a headache from bringing Luo Xiaoyun and Su Xiaoqiao, two newcomers, to begin with, but now with another Cheng Yulin, wouldn’t it be an even bigger headache.

The most crucial thing was. He wouldn’t be able to teach at all.

“I do have pills, but, I won’t be able to teach them.” Ye Xing shrugged his shoulders.

“It’s okay, Little Qiao will teach me, right?” Cheng Yulin laughed.

“I won’t either, I’ve only learnt a little bit of the skin, I can teach you all that Master taught me.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

Ye Xing handed over the last remaining Small Peiyuan Pill from his body, so far, all the pills he had refined after getting the Lingzhi were used up, next time he would have to find a higher vintage spirit medicine to continue refining.

“Xiao Qiao. These days it’s almost your turn to play again, you’ll probably be busy from now on.” Cheng Yulin said.

“It’s okay, I can make up for it, no problem.”

The next topic of conversation between the two women was all over the new drama.

After chatting for a few moments, Su Xiaoqiao went to the washroom.

“Ye Xing, you mustn’t let Xiao Qiao down with that, she’s a very nice girl.” Cheng Yulin gave him a look and said.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let her down.” Ye Xing nodded his head.

“Sometimes, I really envy Xiao Qiao, to meet a man as good as you.”

Speaking of this. She secretly sighed, why couldn’t she meet one herself!

“There are plenty of good men in the world, it’s just that you haven’t met one yet, when you do, you won’t think I’m a good man anymore.” Ye Xing laughed.

“You are the most excellent young man I have ever met.” Cheng Yulin said seriously.

“Can I interpret that as a confession?” Ye Xing laughed heatedly.

Cheng Yulin froze for a moment and gave him a look, followed by a laugh, “Sorry about that. I can’t accept a man who has another woman, even if you’re good, I have an emotional cleanliness fetish.”

“Just kidding, don’t take it seriously.”

Ye Xing knew very well what kind of woman Cheng Yulin was, a star diva like her, with all her money, talent and looks, was extremely arrogant and had extremely high requirements for her man, and would definitely not share a man with another woman.

Even if she has a crush on her, they can only be friends at best.

The two of them were chatting. Suddenly the phone rang, it was Zhao Qiangwei.

Why was this woman calling herself?

“Sister Qiangwei, what’s blowing today, why did you remember to call me?” Ye Xing picked up the phone. Smiling, he said.

“Ye Xing, has your wife gone missing?” Qiangwei asked straight away.

“No, just went out of town.”

Murong Xue had been taken away by Shangguan Lan and was not at the company. Rose knew this was a common situation.

“And you thought something had happened to her, a chance to rub it in to you and my sister.”

Ye Xing’s face darkened, this woman, her words were too direct!

Even if you have such a mind, you have to rot in your heart!

If anyone else had said this, Ye Xing would have cursed, but it was Qiang Wei who said this, so it couldn’t be helped. He had long been used to the character of this woman with big breasts and big nerves.

“Forget about your sister, you and I can still think about it, you know I’m a fan.” Ye Xing laughed.

“F**k off.” Rose scolded, then added, “Are you free in a couple of days?”

“What’s up?”

“It’s my birthday day after tomorrow, come over and support me, if you don’t come over, you won’t even be friends.”

Without waiting for Ye Xing to reply, Qiang Wei hung up the phone.

This woman. Really domineering as always.

“Another girlfriend?” Cheng Yulin asked in pa*sing.

“A crazy b*tch’s birthday is in two days, and she explicitly wants me to come over.” Ye Xing said back.


“The provincial city.”

“Men like you, you’re good, but you don’t really feel safe.” Cheng Yulin laughed.

As the two were talking, Su Xiaoqiao came back.

“Xiao Qiao, I have to fly to Guangnan Provincial City the day after tomorrow, so I can’t stay here with you.”

These few days Xiao Qiao had drama, so she definitely couldn’t leave.

“That’s okay. I can’t be tired of you all day.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

“Don’t you ask him where he’s going?” Cheng Yulin couldn’t help but jack in, “He’s going over to celebrate a woman’s birthday, a woman.”

“I believe in Ye Xing, it’s enough that he loves me in his heart.” Su Xiaoqiao laughed.

Cheng Yulin made a collapsing gesture.

“You’re really carried away by love.” She was speechless.

After finishing breakfast, Ye Xing started to book a flight, and by the way, he went back to tell Luo Xiaoyun that he was going to make a trip to Guangnan Provincial City.

“I’m also going along.” Luo Xiaoyun immediately said.

“I’m just going on an errand, I’ll be back soon, why are you going to fool around?” Ye Xing flatly refused.

Luo Xiaoyun was always staring at herself as Murong Xue’s best friend, one Su Xiaoqiao already made her act like an enemy, if she knew that she was going to celebrate Qiang Wei’s birthday, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to spit ivory out of the dog’s mouth again.

“Don’t think I don’t know, Zhao Qiangwei’s birthday, invite you over to attend.” Luo Xiaoyun looked at him askance and scolded, “She invited me too.”