Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 253-254

Chapter 253

Ye Xing had no friendship with Yan Ruyu, the two of them were only together because of the deal, as for that Fang Bai, he had no friendship at all, his death or survival was none of his business.

“Gu Nanfeng has gone to meet Yan Ruyu, how could he come over.”

“What if this is a ploy to transfer the tiger away from the mountain?”

“You’re just a cold-blooded animal anyway.” Luo Xiaoyun snorted coldly.

Su Xiaoqiao glanced at Ye Xing, wanting to say something, obviously her thoughts were the same as Luo Xiaoyun’s.

“That’s just it, that’s just it, I’ll go and save it, alright!”

Ye Xing stood up and said, “Let’s go!”

“Where to?”

“Nonsense. Of course help you guys find a safe place.”

The three of them went out, got into the car, and Ye Xing drove the car to find a safe place first. Settle them down.

For some reason, he always had a not-so-safe feeling, always felt like someone was watching his every move.

But when he really went to look for someone, he couldn’t find them at all.

Half an hour later, he finally found a safe hotel and put the two of them down.

Then he drove his car towards the place where Yan Ruruo had left the note for the deal.


In front of the hotel, under a tree fifty metres away. There were two people standing there.

One of them was dressed in black and had a long scar on his face that looked shocking.

The other was a young woman of good looks, none other than the only living woman of the Shangguan Qiu family, Shangguan Qiushuang.

“He has left, go and do it!” The man in black said indifferently.

Shangguan Qiushan stood still, hesitating.

His enemy was Ye Xing, and although these two women were related to Ye Xing, they were innocent.

If she took advantage of Ye Xing’s departure and killed them both, then what was the difference between her and a villain who did no evil.

How could the Shangguan family say that they were also a big and famous family, so this deviated from her family’s teachings.

“The person I want to kill is Ye Xing, not them.” Shangguan Qiushan said.

“To kill Ye Xing, with your current strength, it is simply impossible to do so openly.” The man in black said.

“Not now, then I will kill later.”

“It’s even more impossible later.”

“Why?” Shangguan Qiushuang looked at him in shock and said sharply, “You are so powerful, can’t you teach me to defeat him too?”

“During this period of time, his aura has gotten stronger again and his speed is beyond my expectation, if he continues at this rate, I am afraid that before long, I am afraid that even I will not be a match, and it will be even more impossible for you.” The man in black said.

“Then why don’t you kill him now?” Shangguan Qiushuang said urgently.

“You sleep with me. I’ll teach you martial arts, that’s all. It’s not impossible to want me to help kill someone, but you don’t have the qualifications.”

The man in black spoke plainly, seemingly always in the same tone, without any change, as if it was coming from the mouth of a robot.

Shangguan Qiushuang looked at the man in black and thought of her first time given to this disgusting man, and a monstrous hatred welled up inside her.

If it wasn’t for Ye Xing, her father and brother would not have died.

She herself would not have had to accompany such an abominable man.

Since she could not kill Ye Xing openly, she would use other means, such as grabbing his woman to coerce him.

Thinking of this. Shangguan Qiushan, with big steps, walked towards the entrance of the hotel.


Yan Ruyu followed the other party’s request and came to a mountainous field.

The mountain field was deserted in all directions, and only one car was parked.

She came to the side of the car, about ten metres apart, and stopped.

“Gu Nanfeng, I’m here, where’s my senior brother?” Yan Ruyu shouted at the car.

No one answered back.

She slowly approached the car and found that there was no one inside the car at all.

She took out her mobile phone and was ready to call over.

It was at this moment that she suddenly heard a tiny ticking sound.

“Not good.”

Yan Ruyu was alarmed and her body instinctively leapt back. Away from the car.

Unfortunately, it was already too late!

An explosion sounded as the car suddenly exploded, and the powerful shockwave sent her flying out.

Yan Ruyu’s body was instantly covered in bruises, and if she hadn’t used her hands to block her face hole, her whole face would have been disfigured.


Yan Ruyu’s body fell hard to the ground.

A human figure leapt down from the top of a tree, with a thin figure and a dark face. Who was it if not Gu Nanfeng.

“Gu Nanfeng, you despicable villain, how dare you use such nasty tricks.”

Yan Ruoyu spat out a mouthful of blood in a wow, roaring in anger.

“Meanness is also a form of strength, isn’t it?” Gu Nanfeng looked at her with a grim smile and put his hand out, “Where’s the pills, bring them out.”

“Where is my senior brother, I will definitely not give it to you until you hand him over.”

“Do you still have the ability to resist now?” Gu Nanfeng snorted coldly as he stepped closer.

Yan Ruyu quickly took out the small bottle containing the elixir from her body, held it in her hand and crushed it.

The bottle shattered. The aroma of the streaky fragrance of the elixir instantly filled out.

“This tastes ……”

A look of surprise appeared on Gu Nanfeng’s face, he was also someone who knew a little about elixirs, and an elixir that could give off such a strong smell was definitely not simple.

“Don’t come over. If you dare come over, I’ll crush the elixir and you won’t get anything.” Yan Ruyu pressed the elixir towards the ground.

Gu Nanfeng stood still, if this elixir was rubbed into the ground. It would turn into a piece of mud, how could he swallow it, it was hard to eat the sand and mud together.

“If you destroy the elixir, I guarantee you will die a horrible death.” Gu Nanfeng warned.

“If I die, you won’t get anything, what about my senior brother?” Yan Ruyu stared at him with a deadly stare.

Her breath was weak, her body was riddled with holes, and her blood stained her clothes red!

“Bring him out.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, two figures suddenly leapt out, none other than Wang Deewei and Fang Bai.

Fang Bai’s body was tied up and his clothes were bloodstained, so he had obviously been captured a while ago and had also suffered injuries.

“Senior sister, are you alright?”

Seeing Yan Ruyu’s body covered in blood marks, Fang Bai’s face changed greatly and he was about to rush over.

“Be honest.”

Wang Deacon Wei kicked him in the knee. It made him fall to his knees.

“Wang Deaconess Wei, try to move me again.” Fang Bai roared.


A slap fiercely smacked his face.

Wang Deacon Wei said angrily, “D*mn it, don’t even look at the situation now, how dare you shout at me, believe it or not, I will kill you.”

Fang Bai was about to stand up when Wang Deewei kicked him in the knee again, making him fall to his knees again.

“Stop, if you guys dare to do it again. I’ll destroy the potion.” Yan Ruyu said angrily.

Only then did Wang Deacon Wei stop his hands.

“Throw the elixir over, and I can not kill you.” Gu Nanfeng said.

“You despicable villain, I will never believe your bullsh*t, unless we are safe, I will definitely not give you the elixir.”

Yan Ruyu had suffered a loss, and this time she would not believe the other party’s bullsh*t even if she was beaten to death.

“Ye Xing, why are you here?”

Gu Nanfeng suddenly looked behind Yan Ruyu and his face changed greatly.

Yan Ruyu was delighted inwardly and instinctively turned back, but unfortunately, her back was empty, there was none at all, and she knew at once that she had been fooled.

The next moment, she only felt a gust of wind blowing over, and the pill in her hand had already fallen into Gu Nanfeng’s hand.

Gu Nanfeng held the elixir and exhaled deeply, and an endless aroma came over her.

“Not a bad elixir, it’s wonderful.”

He laughed out loud in triumph.

“Gu Nanfeng, you are really despicable to the extreme.”

Yan Ruyu did not expect her last straw to be gone, and her face was ashen.

“You don’t even think about it, what are you in Ye Xing’s eyes, he will come over to save you, isn’t he afraid that he will leave me to catch his woman?”

Gu Nanfeng looked at her with a cold smile, just like looking at a fool.

Yan Ruyu’s face instantly dimmed.

Yes, what was she, she was just a tool that Ye Xing used to teach his woman to get started.

The two were not even friends with each other, so how could he come to save himself.

Fang Bai’s face also went white, the two were now lambs to the slaughter.

Just as she was feeling desperate, a familiar voice came through.

“Gu Nanfeng, you dare to touch my friend, are you tired of living?”

Like a roc spreading its wings, a figure leapt from afar, jumped a few times and landed in the middle of the crowd.

Ye Xing, he had really come.

Yan Ruyu was frozen.


Chapter 254

“Ye Xing, it’s you.”

Gu Nanfeng was a little surprised, obviously not expecting that Ye Xing would appear here.

“Gu Nanfeng, you didn’t expect me to show up!” Ye Xing said coldly.

“How did you know that I was here?” Yan Ruyu asked strangely.

Gu Nanfeng was very cunning, he made Yan Ruyu change her place halfway and made her lose her mobile phone, she didn’t understand how he chased her over.

“Do you smell something on you?”

Yan Ruyu smelled it and instantly understood, he had put some scent on himself at some point and then followed the aroma to chase after him.

It turned out. This guy did not see death and not save him.

“Gu Nanfeng, you’ve really gone too far.”

Ye Xing glanced at Yan Ruyu and saw that she was covered in blood and her body breath was very weak. Then he looked at the car wreckage that exploded next to him and instantly understood.

“Ye Xing, this is a matter between me and them, it has nothing to do with you.”

“She is my friend, you say, does it have anything to do with me?” Ye Xing killed.


Did he treat himself as a friend?

Yan Ruyu inexplicably felt her nose turn a little sour.

This guy was cold on the surface, but inside, I’m afraid he was also on fire!

“What do you want?” Gu Nanfeng asked.

“Injure my friend. You also leave half your life behind.”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ye Xing’s entire body scurried out, carrying a powerful aura as he blasted out with a fist.

The astral wind shot out in all directions, and the leaves underneath the trees lifted up like a gale blowing through.

“Ye Xing, can you beat the two of us by yourself, don’t be unaware of death.” Gu Nanfeng said angrily.

“Just try and see.”

Inner Qi gushed out wildly, and the wind of his fist carried the sound of breaking wind.


Fists and palms collided!

Ye Xing retreated three or four steps while Gu Nanfeng was sent flying a dozen meters before he stopped.

Gu Nanfeng’s face changed greatly, he could feel that at this moment, Ye Xing was not a little bit stronger than the last time they fought.

“Wang Deacon Wei, he still has pills on him, let’s strike together and kill you, then we’ll each have one.” Gu Nanfeng drank.

Wang Deacon Wei nodded, although he had fought Ye Xing and was no match for him, but the two of them joined forces, he felt that they had a good chance.

Ye Xing only looked to be in his twenties, even if he started cultivating inside his mother’s womb, he could not possibly be a match for the two.

The two men went one behind the other. They pinned up and attacked, their fists carrying a gust of astral wind.

Leaves drifted away in all directions, forming a floating world.

Yan Ruyu was secretly shocked as she watched the three exchange blows.

Ye Xing had two experts in front of him, but he had not fallen behind at all, but had an overwhelming advantage, he was really much stronger.

At this moment, not allowing her to think more, she hurriedly ran to Fang Bai’s side and cut his rope.

“Senior brother, are you alright?” Yan Ruyu asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, are you?”

“I’m fine. Go and save Ye Xing, I’m afraid he might be in danger.”

Fang Bai glanced over there, a little reluctantly, but rushed out anyway.

“Don’t come over and get in the way.”

After Ye Xing finished speaking, he violently struck out and exchanged a punch with Wang Deewei.

Wang Deewei’s body was like defeated gra*s as he fell out and landed hard on the ground.

“Gu Nanfeng, he has received a punch, you should take advantage of the opportunity to strike.” Wang Deacon Wei said urgently.

Just now he had used the same fight method.

Gu Nanfeng’s eyes rolled around a few times, then he suddenly turned around and leapt a few times. In an instant, he was gone.

“Gu Nanfeng, you B*****d, I’ll go to your mother.” Wang Deewei cursed, climbed up, and was about to escape.

Ye Xing kicked a stone and hit him hard on the back, causing him to stumble.

“It’s not that easy to walk in front of me.”

Ye Xing leapt over. Grabbing him up, he came between the two men and threw him to the ground.

“Let you guys dispose of it.” Ye Xing said.

Fang Bai picked up a stone and viciously smashed it on Wang Deol Wei’s leg, directly ruining his leg.

Wang Deewei screamed in agony and tried to resist, but Fang Bai’s stone fell again, smashing all his limbs into a bloody mess.

“Fang Bai, you must die a good death.” Wang Deewei shouted.

“You didn’t think you would have your own day!”

Yan Ruyu looked a little dismayed and said, “Senior brother, forget it, he is already a ruined man.”

Fang Bai snorted coldly. He lifted his leg and stepped on Wang Deewei’s legs, only to hear the sound of a broken egg and Wang Deewei fainted to death.

Ye Xing gave Fang Bai a look, he didn’t expect this guy to hit so hard. He had never thought that this guy would be so ruthless.

Such a person, he really didn’t like half of them.

“Let’s go.”

He turned to leave.

“Ye Xing, wait a moment.”

Yan Ruoyu chased after him. Coming to his side, she said gratefully, “Thank you for saving us, if it wasn’t for you, we would all be dead.”

“A thank you and forget it?”

“What do you want?”

“To give my body in return.”

Yan Ruyu looked at him in shock, her face instantly flushed red.

“No, never.”

Fang Bai hurriedly ran over and said urgently, “Ye Xing, you can’t threaten senior sister like this.”

“Just fooling around, don’t be so nervous, want to be grateful to me and teach Xiao Yun and Xiao Qiao properly.”

Ye Xing saw that Yan Ruyu was still dazed and couldn’t help but laugh a little, she really thought she wanted her to give her life!

“No wonder Xiao Yun said that you are unreliable, really unreliable.”

Yan Ruyu blushed slightly and gave him a white look.

Ye Xing was about to say something when the phone rang.

He took out the phone. It was Xiao Qiao calling.

“Xiao Qiao, she’s fine, you don’t have to worry.” Ye Xing started to speak.

“Guess who I am?”

On the other side of the phone, came a gloomy voice with icy hatred.

Ye Xing’s smile froze.

“Shangguan Qiushan, your target is me, they are just innocent people, don’t you move them.”

“They’re innocent. What about me, am I not innocent, my father, my brother, am I not innocent, why did you kill them and make me a helpless person.” Shangguan Qianqiu roared up in anger, as if she was crazy.

Ye Xing suppressed his anger, Shangguan Qiushuang had already gone a bit crazy, he was afraid that if he stimulated her any further, he would be detrimental to Luo Xiaoyun and Su Xiaoqiao.

“What do you want?”

“Wait for my news.”

Shangguan Qiushuang finished speaking and hung up the phone.

Ye Xing dialed back and the other party had already switched off the phone.

He flew up, ran to the road, stopped a car and headed towards the hotel where the two women were.

When he got there, the room was empty and the two women were long gone.

“Ye Xing, what’s happened?”

Yan Ruoyu dragged her injured body behind him and said weakly.

“Xiao Yun and Xiao Qiao were captured.”

“Who took them?” Yan Ruyu asked urgently.

“An enemy.”

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.”

Yan Ruyu hung her head, she now finally understood why Ye Xing was not willing to help her, it turned out to be for a reason, and it was not because he was indifferent.

“You can’t be blamed for this, she’s always watching, even if she doesn’t do it this time, she’ll do it next time.”

“What do we do now?”

“Shangguan Qiushan’s target is me, she won’t touch the two of them until she gets her revenge.” Ye Xing’s gaze fell on her and said, “You are not lightly injured, let me heal your injuries first, otherwise it will leave hidden dangers.”