Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 25-26

Chapter 25

A woman’s tears are the most powerful killing weapon for men, of course, provided that it is a beautiful woman.

Ye Xing’s heart immediately softened and he hurriedly said, “Sister, how could I not love you, you are the woman I love the most in my life and no one can take your place.”

“That day you clearly said that you love Su Xiaoqiao, and you even said that you wanted to divorce me.” Murong Xue flattened her lips and said.

“Which day was I lying to you, think about it, which point of Su Xiaoqiao is better than you, to have no front. You have no back; no money, no taste, you are nine streets away from her, I choose her over you. What a fool!” Ye Xing explained.

“Then why do you …… refuse to get close to me so much?” Murong Xue said with red eyes.

“I ……”

One couldn’t tell her that she was cursed and would die within two years, right!

Not to say that she didn’t believe it, even she didn’t believe it herself.

Ye Xing decided to tell a lie.

This lie was definitely the most perfect one he had ever told in his life.

“Wife, there is something that I have been hiding from you.” Ye Xing gazed into her eyes and said seriously, “Actually, I wasn’t hit well by a car.”

Murong Xue gazed at him in shock. She had long felt that the explanation of being hit by a car and having a good brain was very implausible.

“I met an extremely famous doctor, and he was the one who cured me. After he cured me, there was a condition that I must not get close to women within two years, or else I would break and turn back into a fool again.”

Next, Ye Xing spoke nonsense in a serious manner.

A month ago, he met a beggar on the street who was making charity. Out of kindness, he gave the beggar ten yuan, and then the beggar pulled him with one hand and said to him: Young man, you are sick.

Murong Xue listened attentively, and after listening, murmured, “Martial arts novels are really true, the great masters all like to pretend to be beggars.”

This explanation was easier for her to accept than being hit by a car with a good brain.

Alas, women!

“Wife, you are the woman I love the most in my life, as long as I live, I will never let anyone hurt you, not even a single hair.”

Ye Xing put his arm around her. Said resoundingly.

This statement was not a lie, it was true.

“I believe you.” Murong Xue nodded her head, smiling like a flower.

Looking at her lips that were red and lustful on her face without any half-blemishes, Ye Xing could not help but kiss her on impulse.

Murong Xue closed her eyes, ready to enjoy the wonderful moment.

Suddenly, her whole body jumped up.

“Did that high person say if it was okay to kiss?” She asked urgently.

Ye Xing was so frightened by her that he fell backwards onto the gra*s.

“Yes.” He cried back, laughing.

“That’s enough.”

Murong Xue walked over and wrapped her arms around him, a happy smile spreading across her face.

The most important thing for an unexplored woman was to have love. Nothing else mattered.

The two of them cozy up for a moment when Murong Xue’s phone rings.

She picked it up, picked it up and her face changed dramatically.

“What, grandma is sick, in the emergency room, I’m coming over right now.”

After hanging up the phone, Murong Xue said urgently, “Ye Xing, it’s not good, something has happened to grandma.”

“Let’s go to the hospital.”

Ye Xing ran back to his room quickly to get the keys, drove the car and rushed to the hospital with Murong Xue.

On the way. Murong Xue was so nervous that her palms were sweaty and her face was ugly.

Ye Xing could understand her feelings.

Although Old Mrs. Murong was the one who pushed her to marry Ye Xing, and Murong Xue had hated her, but the coldness of human feelings in the subsequent years had gradually made her realize that no one in the whole family, except Old Mrs. Murong, was good to her.

Just a few days ago. Old Mrs Murong was still prepared to exchange the Star Mansion for her divorce from Ye Xing.

The Star Mansion was worth three hundred million dollars, so it was clear how much Old Mrs Murong was attached to her.

“Don’t worry, wife, grandma will be fine.” Ye Xing drove while comforting her.

Twenty minutes later, when the two arrived at the hospital, there were already four people standing inside the ward.

Murong Xue’s father, Murong Bei, and the stepmother, Yang Mei.

Yang Lan, her stepmother’s sister, and her foreign husband, Mark.

“Sister, why are you only coming now, do you still have a grandmother in your heart.” Yang Lan snorted coldly.

“I got the call and will come over right away.” Murong Xue said, walking over to the ward. Urgently, she said, “Grandma, are you alright?”

“I’m fine, just my blood pressure is a bit high, I didn’t want to alert you. It was your father who was nosy.” Old Mrs Murong said.

“The doctor has said that the situation is dangerous, any later and there will be big trouble.” Murong Bei said.

“You all go out, I have something to say to Xue’er.” Old Mrs Murong instructed.

The people inside the ward walked out one after another. Only Murong Xue and Ye Xing were left.

“Ye Xing, what are you still standing there for, didn’t you hear Grandma’s words?” Murong Bei barked.

Last time at Old Mrs Murong’s birthday, he was rebuked by Ye Xing and lost face, and had long been discontent with him in his heart.

If he wasn’t an outcast of the Ye family and couldn’t be kicked out easily, he would have dropped him out of the Murong family long ago.

Ye Xing’s face went cold.

“Ye Xing, you go out first.” Murong Xue nodded towards him.

“Sister, I’m not going out.” Ye Xing blinked at her.

Murong Xue was a little confused, but she could also read the hint in his gaze.

The current Ye Xing was no longer a fool, and his head was spinning fast.

“Stay, anyway, I’ll talk to him clearly.” Old Mrs Murong nodded.

After they all left, Old Mrs Murong then said, “Xue’er, why do you suddenly not want to leave with him?”

“Because ……”

“Grandma. Sister told me about it.” Ye Xing suddenly interjected.

Boss Murong looked at Ye Xing in shock.

Even Murong Xue also looked at him uncertainly, not knowing what medicine he was selling in his gourd.

“Did Xue’er tell you everything?” Old Mrs Murong asked.

“Sister introduced a beautiful young lady to play with me, I can like that young lady, sister asked me to play with her later.” Ye Xing began his performance.

If he hadn’t known that he was normal, Murong Xue would have thought that he was still a fool, his acting skills were too explosive.

If he went to make a film about a fool, he would definitely win a movie star award.

“So, you agree to divorce Xue’er?” Old Mrs Murong asked excitedly.

“I agree. Sister said that she will also give me a mansion, and in the future, Missy and I will play inside that mansion.” Ye Xing continued.

At these words, Murong Xue’s eyes lit up.

She instantly understood that Ye Xing was doing this for the Star Mansion.

“Grandma, I have considered it, just abandoning Ye Xing like this is unbearable to my heart, didn’t you say that Ye Jia Jian Nan wants the Star Mansion, I agree, but I have a request, the Star Mansion should fall under Ye Xing’s name, I want him to be clothed and fed for the rest of his life.” Murong Xue said.

“I have to discuss it with Ye Jiannan, it shouldn’t be a big problem, Ye Jiannan has guilt in his heart for this stupid son, he should agree.”

As if she was afraid that Murong Xue might back out, Mrs. Murong called Ye Jiannan on the spot.

Ye Jiannan immediately agreed and had his lawyer prepare the agreement and both parties prepared to go through the formalities at the hospital.

“Xue’er, call your father and the others in!” Old Mrs Murong instructed.


Chapter 26

Mr and Mrs Murong North came in with their youngest daughter and son-in-law.

After hearing Mrs. Murong’s decision, all four of them changed their faces.

The Star Mansion was the Murong family’s most valuable property, so they were all unwilling to give it away for nothing.

“Mum, I don’t agree.” Yang Mei blackened her face at that moment.

“You are not qualified to have an opinion.” Old Mrs. Murong snorted coldly and her gaze fell on Murong Bei: “Son, what do you say?”

Murong Bei glanced at Old Mrs Murong and then at his wife, not daring to speak.

“Murong Bei. You just dare to give away the Star Mansion, and I will divorce you.” Yang Mei shouted up.

Now that the Star Mansion had fallen into Murong North’s name, Murong North’s property also had her share. To just give it away alive like this, she was not willing to do so.

“Dad, I don’t agree either.” Murong Lan stood out and said, “Sister wants to divorce Ye Xing, as long as they agree, you’re in love and I’m willing. Why should we have to compensate Star Mansion to them.”

“Divorce is a matter for two people, no compensation.” Mark said in his non-standard Chinese.

“Are you guys trying to P*ss me off?” Old Mrs Murong covered her chest and coughed gently.

“Grandma, are you alright!” Murong Xue was startled and hurriedly went over to hold her up.

“Son, ask you once more, do you agree or disagree?” Old Mrs. Murong asked loudly.

“Mom, I ……”

“Murong Bei, you can think clearly, if you dare to send Star Mansion out, we will divorce.” Yang Mei was like a shrew, drinking again.

Murong North usually has a big man arrogant look, at this moment in front of Yang Mei, not even dare to let out a fart.

“Xue’er, do you think this will work, don’t we have a villa in the west of the city, I will give him to Ye Xing and give him another 10 million. It’s enough for his retirement. You say he’s such a fool, give him the Star Mansion and he won’t manage it, even if it doesn’t fail it will be acquired.” Murong Bei came up with a solution

“Dad, can you say that?” Murong Xue looked at her own father, she could hardly believe her ears, “The market value of Star Mansion is three hundred million, a villa is worth a few million, plus ten million, that’s less than twenty million, you beat the flower caller?”

“How do you talk to Dad. I’m not doing this for your own good, you have a share in the Star Mansion too.” Murong Bei chided.

Mu Rong looked at the faces of these so-called relatives in front of her and finally understood the saying: until the critical moment, you simply don’t know who is treating you with their hearts.

She glanced at Ye Xing, who had been smiling at the drama.

“Sister, you know what kind of person brother-in-law is, he’s a fool who can spend a few bucks! If he takes another daughter-in-law, the money will still fall into the hands of outsiders.” Murong Lan said.

“Even if I agree, you think Ye Jiannan is stupid ah. Will he agree?” Murong Xue said.

“Ye Jiannan treats this silly son of his as a treasure, as long as Ye Xing is happy, he doesn’t care about anything. You just need to take this silly boy to the west villa to go around more, so that he will like it and not live there.” Yang Mei helped her think of a solution.

“Mom is right, aren’t you good with this fool. It couldn’t be easier for you.” Murong Lan said.

“Stop it, all of you.” Old Mrs. Murong’s face showed a disappointment that she had never seen before as she looked at her son and said coldly, “Son, I ask you once more, do you give or take the Star Mansion?”

“Mom, forgive my son for not being able to agree.” Murong Bei gritted his teeth.

Yang Mei, Murong Lan, and Mark, all had smug looks on their faces.

Although Old Mrs. Murong was powerful. But that was in the past. Now that all the properties of the Murong family had fallen into Murong Bei’s name, her words were no longer useful.

Old Mrs Murong pointed at the phone. She instructed, “Xue’er, give me the phone.”

Murong Xue’s mobile phone was handed over.

Old Mrs Murong dialed out a shortcut key and a moment later. The phone went through.

“Lawyer Zhao, come to the fourth floor of the People’s Hospital immediately to the senior????? ward and get all the information on the Murong family’s industries ready for me.” Old Mrs Murong instructed.

“Mom, what are you trying to do?” Murong Back’s face changed slightly.

“You will know in a moment.”

Half an hour later, two lawyers appeared at the door of the ward, one of them was none other than the Murong family’s proxy lawyer, Zhao.

Almost all of the Murong family’s legal issues were handled by Lawyer Zhao.

“Lawyer Zhao, tell them what is the situation of the Murong family’s estate.” Old Mrs Murong said coldly.

“Yes, Chairman.”

Lawyer Zhao took out an agreement from inside the document bag, pushed his gla*ses and said, “Mr. Murong, among the property transfer agreement that the old lady signed with you at the beginning. There are three of them with supplementary agreements. These three properties are Star Mansion Group Limited, Mubei Real Estate Limited and Shen Guang Electronics Limited, and the supplemental agreement for these three properties is that they will only fall into your hands after Mrs. Murong returns to her old age after a hundred years.”

When these words were spoken, Murong Bei backed up one after another. He looked at his mother in shock.

These three companies accounted for almost ninety percent of the Murong family’s property!

“Husband, what does lawyer Zhao mean by this?” Yang Mei asked in shock.

“What Lawyer Zhao means is that these three properties are not yet Murong Bei’s, they are still in Grandma’s hands.” Murong Xue explained.


“Mom, I was wrong, please forgive me.” Murong Bei knelt down directly on the ground.

Seeing that Yang Mei was still standing dumbly in place, Murong Bei pulled her down and said angrily, “It’s all your fault, why are you still frozen, why don’t you kneel down?”

At this moment, Yang Mei finally understood and hurriedly knelt down.

“Mom, it’s my confusion, it’s all my fault, I was greedy for a small bargain.” Yang Mei instantly cried.

These were not tears of remorse, these were tears of heartache.

Thought she was a billionaire now, who knew, not even a fart.

Next, Murong Lan, and Mark, all knelt on the ground.

The four, who had been very arrogant earlier, were instantly as weak as dogs in front of money.

“You guys don’t even think about how much Xue’er has given to the Murong family, and you’re still falling on your sword.” Old Mrs Murong roared.

“Ma, I know I’m wrong, I agree.”

“Ma, we all know we are wrong, you wish to forgive me!”

“Grandma, you’re too Chian to move.”

A group of people spoke up and lowered their voices.

“Lawyer Zhao, immediately draw up a property transfer agreement and a divorce agreement for me, and when Ye Jiannan’s lawyer comes over, sign it on the spot.” Old Mrs Murong instructed.

“Hello Chairman, I am the lawyer sent by Mr. Ye, surnamed Lu.” The middle-aged lawyer who had come over with Lawyer Zhao stepped forward and said.

“I know Lawyer Lu very well, we’re both peers.” Lawyer Zhao smiled.

“The best, draft it right away!” Old Mrs Murong ordered.

“Grandma, I won’t talk to …….”

“Sister, don’t talk nonsense.” Ye Xing interrupted her.