Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 249-250

Chapter 249

Ye Xing grinned, “I’m just an ordinary person.”

Yan Ruyu, who was lying on the ground, bristled, if this guy was an ordinary person, then all of them should just settle themselves.

What’s the point of living!

“Yan Ruyu, do you want me to save you?”

I thought I was going to die, but when the hope of life was right in front of me, how could Yan Ruyu refuse?

With blood in her mouth, she spat out one word: “Yes!”

“I say. You brat! You want to snatch someone from under me, Wang Deewei? Let’s talk about surviving first!”

Wang Deomei looked at these two people singing in unison, completely ignoring him. Instantly, his anger rose.

He had lived to be more than four years old. He had never met anyone who treated him with such disdain, even Gu Nanfeng treated him with considerable respect.

And this young man in front of him did not put him in his eyes!

This made Wang Deacon Wei feel like he had received a great humiliation.

“The person I want to protect has never been unable to protect!”

Ye Xing hooked his lips and his eyes were filled with severity.

“Oh then let’s try and see if you brat can survive from my hands!”

Said. Wang Deacon Wei attacked towards Ye Xing and slapped out with a palm.

Ye Xing took Wang Zhiwei’s palm stiffly, without pain.

“Tsk, I thought how powerful it was, just like this?”

Ye Xing’s disdainful mockery completely angered Wang Deewei.

He ran the internal energy in his body and struck towards Ye Xing.

This palm full of internal energy had struck Yan Ruyu’s body before, directly knocking off half of Yan Ruyu’s life.

Now that this palm was about to hit Ye Xing’s body, Yan Ruyu’s eyes were filled with panic.

Ye Xing didn’t care about these fancy things and directly put a needle in his palm, Wang Deewei screamed in pain.

“Son of a b*tch, what have you done!”

Wang Chuanwei covered his palm, the stabbing soreness made Wang Deacon Wei’s heart grow in fear, the pain that felt like it was shattering into slag from the bone was too frightening.

After the exchange of blows just now. Wang Deewei knew that he was no match for Ye Xing.

So he silently calculated in his heart how many chances he had to win if he escaped.

Just now, Ye Xing seemed to be very concerned about Yan Ruyu’s appearance.

So Wang Deewei was emboldened by evil and attacked Yan Ruyu under false pretences.

When Ye Xing saw Wang Deewei’s action, he immediately shielded Yan Ruyu.

But when he turned his head, he saw Wang Deewei immediately stop his movements and turn around to run away.

He fought with his last ounce of internal strength. Wang Deomei very quickly escaped from the field in front of him.

“This old man, he knows a lot of tricks.”

Wang Deacon Wei’s escape was simply quite sharp, disappearing in an instant.

“Let’s go!”

“I can’t walk.”

Not only could he not walk, he was also vomiting blood.

Ye Xing was helpless and directly picked up Yan Ruyu in a horizontal hug: “Don’t blame me for taking advantage of you!”

Yan Ruyu’s face was red and she wanted to say something, but finally she couldn’t say anything. At a time like this, how could she have the heart to worry about this and that?

It was good that she could get her life back.

If she hadn’t met Ye Xing, she probably would have had to give up her life here today.

When he thought about what he had asked Yan Ruyu to do, Ye Xing thought about it and carried Yan Ruyu into the villa through the front door.

If he brought her in secretly. I was afraid that Su Xiaoqiao would think blindly again.

“Ye Xing, this is!”

Su Xiao Qiao saw Princess Ye Xing carrying a woman covered in blood into the villa and immediately walked up and asked.

This woman was covered in blood, it would be good if Ye Xing didn’t get hurt in any way.

“You’re injured?”

Looking at Su Xiaoqiao’s worried look, Ye Xing shook his head, “It’s not me, it’s her.”

“This girl is?”

“The one who taught you initiation.”

Su Xiaoqiao nodded with understanding. She remembered that Ye Xing had said before that he wouldn’t teach others to get started. One would have to find someone to take her through the initiation.

“Hurry up and put her inside the bathroom! Wash her first and then apply the medicine!”

“Good! Then I’ll put her in the bathroom. Xiao Qiao you help her clean up a bit now.”

When Yan Ruyu was in a daze, Ye Xing put her inside the bathroom and Su Xiao Qiao put warm water on her to take a bath.

In the meantime, she also changed her personal clothes and put on medicine.

Early the next morning, Yan Ruyu woke up leisurely.

Looking blankly at the white ceiling in front of her, she felt for a moment that her body didn’t seem to be in so much pain.

“Awake? Alright, let’s both talk about the conditions.”

Ye Xing pushed the door in and saw the image of Yan Ruyu waking up dumbfounded.

Yan Ruyu, who had changed her clothes, did not look the same as before. Instead, she looked a bit dumb and naive.

It was very cute.

After Yan Ruyu got up, she found that her clothes had been completely changed, the material was very good, Yan Ruyu grabbed her clothes and looked at Ye Xing.

“Why are you looking at me? I was so tired of changing your clothes yesterday!”

“Don’t pretend, you didn’t change!”

Ye Xing was a bit puzzled, according to the normal procedure, it was not like this.

“I just pa*sed out yesterday, I was still conscious, I could hear the conversation between you and that girl, that girl’s name is Xiao Qiao, right?”

“Your girlfriend?”

I didn’t expect Yan Ruyu to have any memory of yesterday, Ye Xing thought that Yan Ruyu had already pa*sed out when he came back with her in his arms.

“Yes, it’s my girlfriend.”

“It was my girlfriend who changed your clothes, and I saved the person. So you have to repay the favour.”

“What do you want me to do?”

The man specified that he wouldn’t make some excessive request, but he probably had an agenda to save himself.

“A very simple little demand is that you have to befriend my girlfriend and a woman to learn martial arts, you just have to take them to get started.”

Ye Xing made this request with a smile.

He knew that Yan Ruyu would not refuse.

It was because this request was actually very simple for Yan Ruyu.

“Why don’t you teach it yourself? You are obviously so powerful.”

“Er …… actually when I was initiated, I was so gifted that I didn’t have to go through this at all …… like a genius like me… those internal qi refining and stuff, I knew it in a jiffy. ”

Yan Ruyu was dumbfounded as she listened to the reason Ye Xing gave.

She felt like she had been hit by a storm, a huge storm!!!

Was this a reason that a person could say?

This person lived to strike others, right?

Why would God allow such a person to exist!

Chapter 25: Initiation

“Can I choose not to believe it?”

Yan Ruyu revealed a fake smile, she didn’t want to say a word to Ye Xing right now.

She felt that he didn’t deserve it.

“That’s the only condition I have anyway.”

“What if I don’t agree?”

Ye Xing smiled, “I will naturally have a way to make you say yes if you don’t.”

“For example, the medicine you applied yesterday, I personally prepared it myself, it cannot be bought on the market. There is a market without a price. It’s hard to find for ten thousand gold outside.”

Ye Xing finished speaking and gave a very kind smile to Yan Ruyu.

Yan Ruyu took a deep breath.

She knew it!

“Fine! I promise you what you want.”

“Then we have a complete deal.”

“You bring them both in for initiation in this villa. I’m not asking for anything else, you just need to bring them in for initiation.”

After the explanation, Ye Xing urgently went up to the third floor to practice the two big bath balls he had to practice before.


Chapter 250

“Xiao Qiao, come back early today, the injuries on Yan Ruyu’s body have healed, you can officially follow Yan Ruyu’s cultivation from today.”

Even though she had prepared herself mentally, when she suddenly heard this news, Su Xiao Qiao was still excited. She had finally set foot on this path.

This path that Ye Xing had been walking on, and she would try to go further and further on this path. Keeping up with Ye Xing’s footsteps.

Luo Xiaoyun had been inside the villa for the past few days and had not gone out. She also knew that Ye Xing had brought back a woman who was covered in blood, but she did not care.

It was only later when Ye Xing told her that the woman covered in blood was Yan Ruyu.

Only then did Luo Xiaoyun realise. Ye Xing intended for Yan Ruyu to bring the two of them in for initiation.

Two little fox spirits.

Thinking of Su Xiaoqiao, that little vixen, Luo Xiaoyun disdainfully skimmed her mouth.

Forget it, having promised not to meddle in his private life anymore, just pretend not to see it.

At night, Su Xiao Qiao and Luo Xiaoyun were standing in the big bathroom in their sports underwear.

Ye Xing was swimming in the big bath.

Two large wooden buckets were set up in the open space next to the bath.

Ye Xing filled them with hot water and kept them at a constant temperature.

The figures of the three women in their sports underwear are revealed.

The beautiful curves of their bodies, as well as the voluptuousness pressed into them when the sports underwear was on, tempted Ye Xing all the time.

Ye Xing took a deep breath and calmed himself down.

He threw the two bath balls into the wooden bucket, and a refreshing herbal scent came from inside the bucket.

“You teach them well here. I’ll go first.”

If he didn’t leave, he wouldn’t be able to hold on, other than that, Luo Xiaoyun’s body was really quite hot. He really couldn’t stand it.

That waist and those legs, grandma.

Not to mention such temptation or three, who could stand it?

Slipped away.

Luo Xiaoyun and Su Xiaoqiao sat inside the wooden barrel and felt as if their bodies had suddenly become much lighter.

The medicinal water inside the barrel gushed into their bodies.

Yan Ruyu looked amazed, she had never thought there would be such a way to reduce a lot of pain.

Luo Xiaoyun and Su Xiaoqiao. The two of them felt hot all over, as if their bodies were filled with power inside and they didn’t know where to go.

“I’m so hot…”

Yan Ruoyu hurriedly taught them, “You two imagine it inside your minds out of thin air.”

“There is a dantian at the bottom of your stomach, close your eyes and imagine that there is a small piece of sea there, bring all the heat flow you feel inside your body and slowly converge to that location.”

The two people hurriedly did as Yan Ruyu said.

At first, they couldn’t feel anything. Luo Xiaoyun was obviously a little anxious.

Su Xiaoqiao was more calm, and did as Yan Ruyu said bit by bit, converging the power that filled her body to the abdomen position.

Slowly, Su Xiaoqiao felt that location. It was as if a small whirlpool had appeared.

Next, it became easier and easier to gather power towards the so-called Dantian.

Yan Ruyu was standing next to her, and she could clearly feel that Su Xiaoqiao had entered a good state.

Luo Xiaoyun, on the other hand, was still lingering outside the door; she hadn’t been able to gather power to the dantian until now.

Luo Xiaoyun tried for a long time, but still couldn’t feel it, and couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. She opened her eyes.

“Rest and rest!”

Yan Ruyu brought Luo Xiaoyun a towel and let Luo Xiaoyun wipe the sweat from his face.

“Why is Su Xiaoqiao still sitting there?”

Yan Ruyu finished wiping the sweat from her face. Climbing out from inside the barrel, she immediately went under the shower to rinse herself off. Getting inside the bath.

Sure enough, the water inside the bath was more comfortable for her.

This time, just like last time, her body had excreted a lot of filth.

Yan Ruyu sat at the edge of the bath and shook her long white legs, saying, “Su Xiaoqiao found the trick.”

“She has the aura of a martial artist now, although it’s very faint, but she’s probably able to gather Qi in the Dantian.”

Luo Xiaoyun’s face stiffened a little for a moment when she heard Yan Ruyu comment on Su Xiaoqiao like that.

But she didn’t say anything, and sank herself under the bath to swim a few laps.

After waiting for a while. Ye Xing was ready to come in and check the situation when he found that Luo Xiaoyun had already come out from inside the wooden barrel.

And Su Xiaoqiao was still sitting in the wooden barrel at the moment, covered in sweat.

Ye Xing could see at a glance that Su Xiao Qiao had actually had a vague trend of initiation.

“My Little Qiao is still a genius!” Ye Xing laughed harshly.

Luo Xiaoyun’s face was a little ugly. It was her initiative to learn martial arts, she and Su Xiao Qiao were doing it at the same time, and that fox spirit Su Xiao Qiao had actually gotten started in a day, and she still didn’t feel anything.

Ye Xing looked at Luo Xiaoyun and comforted, “It’s not like regular people get started in a day or two, being anxious won’t make you hot.”

Yan Ruyu followed suit, “Except for the very few geniuses, most people who get started will need to feel their way for quite a while.”

The more they said, the worse Luo Xiaoyun’s heart felt.

In that case, wouldn’t it mean that Xiao Qiao was a genius while she, Luo Xiaoyun, was an ordinary everyman?

Inside, Luo Xiaoyun was quite unconvinced.

Tomorrow, she could definitely make it tomorrow.

“That bath ball you threw for them was?”

What Yan Ruyu hadn’t noticed at first, but when that medicinal scent of herbs wafted out, she began to feel something different.

What caught her attention the most was that Su Xiaoqiao, an ordinary person, had touched the doorway so quickly, only fearing that there was something odd about the bath ball Ye Xing had thrown in earlier.

Seeing that Yan Ruyu had sensed it so quickly, Ye Xing smiled.

“I thought it would take you a few days to find out.”

“I’m not stupid, of course I can see this situation at once.” Yan Ruyu bristled.

She was very curious, but Yan Ruyu knew the rules and didn’t continue to ask.

What if this kind of stuff involved people’s secrets, and she still wanted to live.

Luo Xiaoyun was in a bad mood, so she wrapped a bath towel around her and went out.

She secretly resolved that she must succeed in getting started! No matter what, she couldn’t lose to Su Xiaoqiao, the little vixen!

When Luo Xiaoyun walked out of the room, there were only three people left in the room, and Yan Ruyu inexplicably felt that her presence was a bit redundant.

So she stood up and clapped her hands, “I’ll go back first.”

Ye Xing nodded, Su Xiaoqiao had already succeeded in getting started, so there was nothing more for Yan Ruyu to do next, and he could teach what he should teach.

Su Xiao Qiao opened her eyes and found the whole room empty, only Ye Xing was soaking in the bath.

“Where are they?” Su Xiaoqiao looked at Ye Xing with some confusion.

Ye Xing walked up and stroked her hair, “Luo Xiaoyun didn’t feel the doorway, so she went back first, and Yan Ruyu also followed along.”

“Let’s not talk about the two of them, how do you feel now?” Ye Xing was very concerned about Su Xiao Qiao’s current situation.

Su Xiaoqiao closed her eyes and felt the condition of her body: “My limbs are warm, as if every meridian in my body has been unblocked. I can’t say what it feels like, but it’s very comfortable.”

“The location of the abdomen seems to have a small swirl like …… very strange!”

Ye Xing listened with a million surprises, not expecting that Su Xiaoqiao had not only managed to enter the door, but also managed to gather Qi in the Dantian.