Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 247-248

Chapter 247


The voice was small, but it was still loud and clear.

If there was this chance, Su Xiaoqiao would never give up this chance!

This chance to follow Ye Xing and stand together, instead of looking up to him from behind!

“Not afraid of being particularly hard?”

Su Xiao Qiao had no particular reverence for martial arts, her purpose for practising martial arts was just for herself.

All this. Ye Xing knew all that, so he felt extra pain for Su Xiao Qiao.

“Not afraid!”

Su Xiao Qiao tilted her head up and looked at Ye Xing.

As long as she could follow him. She was not afraid of anything.

“Good! Then I’ll think of a way for you!” He touched Su Xiao Qiao’s nose.

“I didn’t expect my Qiao Qiao to be so capable of suffering!”

With Su Xiaoqiao in his arms, the thoughts in his mind involuntarily drifted to Murong Xue’s body.

But in a moment, Ye Xing pulled back his thoughts.

“By the way, I’m shooting tomorrow. Do you want to go and see it?”

Su Xiaoqiao hugged Ye Xing and pampered her, she would rarely make such a request.

But this time, she suddenly wanted to, probably because Ye Xing had brought over Luo Xiaoyun.

That girl, Su Xiao Qiao intuitively felt the danger.


It was rare for Su Xiao Qiao to have a request, and Ye Xing agreed straight away.

Su Xiao Qiao was so happy that she hugged Ye Xing and rubbed him, which rubbed out the fire of flowers.

So, another night of red being tossed around.

The next day, Ye Xing came to the set with Su Xiao Qiao early in the morning.

“Ye Xing! What are you doing here!” The director came over to greet.

Ye Xing patted Su Xiao Qiao beside him and smiled at that director, what it meant was self-explanatory.

The director nodded in understanding, “Okay. You can find a place to sit, I won’t bother you guys.”

So it turned out that he was just here to keep Su Xiaoqiao company, so the director was relieved, as long as he wasn’t here to cause trouble.

He couldn’t afford to offend Ye Xing, the great Buddha, in this place.

“Deputy director, give an account of the person sitting over there. Don’t mess with it.”

The director spoke in the a*sistant director’s ear.

The a*sistant director looked at the director suspiciously, and the director glared at him.

“Don’t look, just listen honestly!”

“Okay, I’ll explain!”

The director was telling to be respectful, he must be a big shot, it was better for him to settle down.

As soon as Luo Xiaoyun got up, she went to knock on the next door. It never opened.

He still hadn’t settled the score for the stomach ache he got from letting Ye Xing feed him an elixir yesterday!

“B*****d, don’t let me catch you!” Luo Luo Xiaoyun cursed in anger.

That dog man yesterday, heh, had the heart of a thief but not the guts. Eyes were glued to her and ran away hard, wimp!

“These two are not in …… should not Ye Xing accompanied that little demon to the drama set, right?”

Luo Luo Xiaoyun rare IQ online for a time, immediately wind up running to the crew.

Want to get rid of her and the little leprechaun to make love? No way!


Su Xiaoqiao had just finished the scene and trotted over to sit beside Ye Xing.

Looking at Ye Xing with special admiration.

“You’re awesome! I went by the scene I did with you yesterday! It really went through all over again!”

Ye Xing laughed: “That’s also Qiao Qiao’s great! I remembered it after sparring with me once!”

“It’s better that you taught me well, hubby!”

There were people in the cast, and Su Xiao Qiao called her husband in a whisper.

It poked at Ye Xing’s cute spot. Su Xiao Qiao was really too well-behaved.

“Are you thirsty? I’ll ask my a*sistant to get you some water, right?” Su Xiao Qiao said.

Ye Xing nodded, and Su Xiao Qiao’s a*sistant went out to buy water with great understanding.

Not long after. The a*sistant came back with two cups of water.

The a*sistant was beside her and was a little bit eager to speak.

Su Xiaoqiao was always gentle, and when she saw the a*sistant like this. So she hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

“Sister, I saw the woman who lives in the next room, being pestered by someone outside ……”

Ye Xing and Su Xiao Qiao looked at each other, the one who lived in the room next to theirs, wasn’t that Luo Xiaoyun!

“Let’s go out and take a look!”

Su Xiaoqiao pulled Ye Xing and left.

When the two of them arrived outside, Luo Xiaoyun was saying to the greasy middle-aged man with a cold face, “I told you, you can’t f”cking afford it! Can’t afford it, understand?”

“How can you want to support me with this kind of goods? Don’t even look at what you are!”

The middle-aged greasy man’s face turned blue at Luo Xiaoyun’s dislike: “You b*tch, I adopted you. It’s to give you face!”

“So you don’t have to film, I’m supporting you, and you still don’t know what’s good for you!”

The middle-aged greasy man was obviously furious with Luo Luo Xiaoyun, and his hand began to shiver as he pointed at her.

“You guys go on and grab her! Catch this b*tch. I’ll reward you guys when I’m tired of playing with her.”

The middle-aged greasy man’s gaze was full of greed and vulgarity as he looked at Luo Luo Xiaoyun, he had never tried such a hot girl.

Seeing that the bodyguards behind the middle-aged greasy man were about to make a move on Luo Xiaoyun.

Su Xiaoqiao directly pushed Ye Xing out with one hand.

“Quickly go and save her!”

Although Su Xiao Qiao knew that Luo Xiaoyun was a threat to her.

But Su Xiao Qiao still couldn’t just stand by and watch Luo Xiaoyun being insulted in front of her.

Ye Xing was pushed out by Su Xiao Qiao to attract their attention.

“Ye Xing!” Luo Xiaoyun called out! Then he saw Su Xiao Qiao.

Sure enough! Ye Xing was the one who came out with this vixen!

When the middle-aged greasy man saw Su Xiao Qiao behind Ye Xing, his double eyes instantly glowed, “Yo-ho, this chick is not bad either, am I so lucky today?”

“Blessed?” Ye Xing sneered twice and mocked.

“Kid, I advise you to get away and be an honest B*****d, and you can still spare your dog’s life! Otherwise …… humph!”

He gestured to the two bodyguards beside him to give Ye Xing some colour.

Ye Xing coldly snorted, did not bother to talk to this fat pig, noiselessly went to the two bodyguards, gently tapped, put the two bodyguards down, silent, let people afraid.

“With two thuds, the two bodyguards fell straight to the ground.

The middle-aged greasy man’s forehead instantly crawled with cold sweat! How did this man do it?

How did this man manage to put his two bodyguards to the ground without a sound?

Easily put down two people with a light tap ……

Is this something that people can do?

He was so stupid that he knew he had messed with the wrong person and was scared to death!

A hero saving a beauty is always so unforgettable.

Since the last kidnapping, Ye Xing once again appeared in front of Luo Luo Xiaoyun in her moment of crisis.

He saved her like a goddess.

The impression of Ye Xing in Luo Xiaoyun’s heart seemed to have grown a little heavier.

It seemed that as long as Ye Xing was there, what kind of danger could be feared.

Such a person, at one’s side, would silently and invisibly commit trust to him ……

“Still don’t get lost?”

Ye Xing scolded, and the man immediately rolled and crawled away.

“What are you doing over here?”

“I’m just coming over to see what you’re doing~ What’s wrong with not being allowed to see?”

Ye Xing glared at her, “Don’t forget what you promised me before.”

Luo Xiaoyun ruffled her hair and snorted, “Fine, fine, I don’t care, I won’t ask, I won’t interfere, okay?”

“Besides, the one you did yesterday almost cost me half my life!”


Chapter 248

Ye Xing’s face darkened, Luo Xiaoyun deliberately made her words somewhat ambiguous, was this not a deliberate attempt to harm him?

Su Xiaoqiao heard everything, if not for the fact that she and Ye Xing had been together at night yesterday, she might have really believed this woman’s words.

“You can’t talk nonsense, feeding you an elixir talking so ambiguously.”

It was fine to tease Luo Xiaoyun any way when no one was around. But now that he was next to Su Xiaoqiao, Ye Xing still didn’t want to upset Su Xiaoqiao.

Sure enough. Su Xiao Qiao heard Ye Xing’s explanation. A shy smile immediately appeared on her face.

“Chit!” Luo Xiaoyun brushed off her mouth in a bored manner.

Su Xiao Qiao’s a*sistant trotted over at this time, “Sister, the director has called.”

Su Xiao Qiao walked up, wrapped her arm around Ye Xing and said to Ye Xing, “Then I’ll go shoot the scene first, why don’t you guys go back first?”

“How many more scenes do you have to shoot today?”

“There are two more scenes.”

“Then we’ll wait for you here.”

As for Luo Xiaoyun. Her opinion didn’t matter at all.

As Luo Xiaoyun looked at these two loving people in front of her, an inexplicable emotion welled up in her heart.

It seemed that it wasn’t just as simple as being upset for their good bestie.

“Well, Su Xiaoqiao’s scene is over for today.”

Su Xiao Qiao was also originally a relatively good actress, plus last night Ye Xing and the two of them even went over the scene with her.

So today’s state was very good, almost all of them were in a pa*sing state.

“Then we’d better go back.”

Ye Xing was keenly aware that the atmosphere between the two women didn’t seem to be very good.

But it was no wonder.

Su Xiaoqiao and Luo Xiaoyun were two people, one gentle and lovely, the other with a hot body, two flowery beauties walking beside Ye Xing left and right.

The set did not know how many men were jealous of Ye Xing.

“This man is so lucky! Both women are such beautiful and big beauties!”

“Stop it, I see that the director is also very respectful to this man, I wonder whose family’s son he is again!”

“Come on, come on, don’t mention it! I’m afraid you won’t have such a good fate in your life!”

“Chit, only you have!”

The chatter of the people behind them. As the wind drifted into Ye Xing’s ears, Ye Xing only gently tugged the corner of his mouth after hearing it.

Such a life was something he had reborn 1 time before he got it.

It was not something that could be obtained so easily.

The three of them casually ate a little bit of food and then went back to their respective rooms.

“I’ll go up to the third floor to do some work first, and come down to look for you later.”

Ye Xing explained to Su Xiaoqiao, then turned around and went up to the third floor.

Luo Xiaoyun swallowing the elixir did not quantify the absorption. It could only achieve a body-strengthening effect.

Ye Xing frowned, if this kind of pain was allowed to Su Xiao Qiao once, Ye Xing naturally could not let go of it.

Then let’s change to another method?

How about making the elixir bigger and rolling it into a bath ball for them to soak in?

As long as the temperature was maintained, they could absorb the medicinal properties.

The more Ye Xing thought about it, the more he thought this method was feasible.

So he prepared the herbs and started to work on the potion.

Suddenly. Ye Xing frowned.

“Someone is pa*sing by the villa?”

He had just sensed a hint of an outsider’s aura, but the hint was soon gone.

It was as if it had pa*sed by his villa.

Someone had pa*sed by here at this time, and it looked as if they were an expert.

These messages made Ye Xing immediately alert.

Ye Xing immediately rolled out and followed him.

It was always important to know who this person was in order to put his mind at ease.

Ye Xing’s newly purchased villa this time had high specifications, with dense forests outside the mountainous, single-family villas.

The interval between each villa is far apart. The nature of secrecy is very strong.

There was also a mountain forest behind it. Ye Xing tracked the scent just now all the way to the mountain forest directly behind the villa.

And the scent’s became fainter and fainter after entering the mountain forest.

“Where is this going to be found?”

The mountain forest already had its own scent, plus the mountain was so big that the scent just now disappeared very quickly.

It was quite difficult to find someone inside such a large mountain forest.

Ye Xing took a cursory look and felt that he could not detect the scent just now. Only later did he decide to go back to the villa to continue refining pills.

However, just when Ye Xing decided to leave.

His sensitive sense of smell detected a hint of blood.

Ye Xing followed the smell of blood all the way towards the depths of the mountain forest.

“Oh Huo~”

Ye Xing crouched on a gnarled tree, the dense leaves of which easily covered his body.

But through the line of sight between the gaps. Ye Xing could still see clearly the woman sitting on the ground, covered in blood.

If it wasn’t Yan Ruyu, who was it?

What a way to find her. It took no time at all to find her.

He was just worried, but he had never thought that he would come across Yan Ruyu.

Looking at Yan Ruyu’s frail appearance below, not to mention Ye Xing’s heart really ached a little.

However, in order to make Yan Ruyu work for him, Ye Xing decided to wait for a while, after all, that person was coming.

Ye Xing gathered his aura and hid himself cleverly behind the branches and leaves.

Suddenly, a figure instantly rushed to Yan Ruyu’s heels.

“Little girl, I told you a long time ago. Don’t try to run. Where can you run to?”

The person who came was about 4 years old and his body looked quite hard.

This person’s strength was not bad! Ye Xing cheated for a while, this person’s strength was probably that slightly lower than his own.

Such strength to fight Yan Ruyu.

That Yan Ruyu would almost be pa*sive and unable to fight back.

“Cough, cough!” Yan Ruyu coughed twice. He spat out a mouthful of crimson blood.

“Wang Deacon Wei, you have actually become Gu Nanfeng’s lackey!”

Yan Ruyu looked furious and her face turned red.

“Man for money – bird for food. Gu Nanfeng has exactly what I need in his hands. I’m just doing a job for him.”

Wang Deewei didn’t feel how deviant and treacherous he was in doing so.

We are all just in a relationship of interest. Wang Deewei did not take morality and benevolence so seriously.

Everything was not as important as oneself, and this was Wang Deqiwei’s way of dealing with the world.


Obviously, Wang Deqiwei’s words made Yan Ruyu very angry.

Yan Ruyu angrily pointed her finger at Wang Deewei, her gaze seemed to be filled with fire, she had never seen such a shameless person before.

“Tsk! Yan Ruyu, why are you so miserable this time!”


The voice from the tree made Wang Deewei instantly raise his guard.

Ye Xing leapt down from the tree. Wang Deewei instantly pushed away two steps.

It was his fault that he was careless and did not think that there was someone hiding in the tree.

Besides, Ye Xing had been up in the tree for so long, and hadn’t missed a single scent. This really made Wang Deewei feel scared.

“Who are you?”

Hearing his words just now seemed to mean that he was acquainted with Yan Ruyu.