Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 233-234

Chapter 233

“Stop, who are you people and what is your business here at the ancient mansion?” A security guard stopped the two men in their tracks.

“I’m here to find Gu Nanfeng, tell him to come out and meet me.”

Ye Xing stood with his head held high and his hands behind his back, saying indifferently.

Luo Xiaoyun beside him cursed in his heart for pretending to be a fool. But honestly, he looked like this. The aura was like a rainbow, making people feel that he was not an ordinary person at first glance.

“What’s your name and have you made an appointment?” Sure enough, the security guard rose up respectfully.

“No appointment. You go and inform now and tell Gu Nanfeng that the Dragon King of the Dragon Palace has come to see you on business.”

The Dragon Palace was famous in the south, especially after a few big battles, and was considered to be famous, and some of the underground dark forces, were familiar with him.

Killing Shangguan Jinyun had also given him some notoriety in the martial arts sects.

Of course, this was only known to those within the circle, if it was just ordinary businessmen, they should not know him.

However, Ye Xing felt that Gu Nanfeng should be more than just a businessman. Without some background, he dared to let people know about the collection of three hundred years old Lingzhi casually, knowing that high vintage Chinese medicine, many cultivation people would want to grab it.

The security guard gave him a suspicious look. He took out his mobile phone and dialed it, walking away to make a call.

A moment later, he came over and said, “Follow me.”

The two men followed behind them and walked towards the villa in the middle.

“So you’re so famous!” Luo Xiaoyun was a little surprised and whispered.

“This shows that this Gu Nanfeng is definitely not just a businessman. In a while, you should talk less and just be my secretary.” Ye Xing admonished.

“Who is your secretary now?” Luo Xiaoyun muttered in a small voice.

“How about I be your bodyguard and let you do the talking?”

Luo Xiaoyun rolled her eyes and didn’t say anything more. She knew she wasn’t capable of negotiating at all.

Led by the security guard, the two walked into the villa.

At the entrance of the villa, there stood a butler and the security guard stopped in his tracks.

“Both of you, upstairs please.”

The butler, who was around fifty years old and dressed in a Tang suit, said.

Followed by the butler. The two went upstairs and arrived at the lobby on the first floor.

The hall was decorated in a Chinese style. It was very luxurious and large, and the wood used was all high-grade wood.

In the middle, next to the solid wood sofa. There sat an old man in his fifties with presbyopic gla*ses and a long, thin face.

“That’s him.” Luo Xiaoyun whispered.

“The two of you please take a seat, Ah Fu, bring me the finest tea.” Gu Fengnan commanded.

“Yes, Master.” The butler went down.

“Boss Gu, please forgive me for coming here uninvited.” Ye Xing said politely.

“Lord Dragon King has come. What a splendid addition to the House!” Gu Nanfeng laughed.

“It’s just a name selling, Boss Gu has lifted you up.”

Ye Xing glanced at Luo Xiaoyun, his gaze somewhat reproachful.

This little ninny, why didn’t she tell herself about this old man’s character before she came.

From the first contact. This was definitely an old greaser, and an extra oily kind, this kind of person was especially bad at fighting communication.

Because, you never know what’s in his mind and don’t know which of his words are true and which are not.

“Lord Dragon King is famous in the south, even Shangguan Jingyun was easily killed, little old man has long heard of him and wanted to get to know him, I didn’t expect that the Dragon King would come to my door today automatically, little old man is really flattered!” Gu Nanfeng laughed, his eyes were mimicked into slits, he was a smiling Buddha.

“Boss Gu, I’m a martial arts practitioner, I like to be straightforward and don’t like to beat around the bush. I’m here today because of the three hundred year old Lingzhi that you have in your collection, whatever price you want to pay.”

After stating his intention clearly, Ye Xing stared at him with a gleaming gaze, waiting for him to reply.


Chapter 234

“When did you learn of this news?” Gu Nanfeng asked.

“Two years ago, I think!” Luo Xiaoyun jacked in.

“To be honest, you’ve really hit a sore spot with me.” A sad look appeared on Gu Nanfeng’s face as he continued, “Three days ago, a thief entered my home and my collection of Lingzhi was stolen. Strangely enough, this thief did not steal gold or antiques, but only Chinese herbs, and apart from that Lingzhi, there was also a two hundred year old ginseng. It was also stolen.”

“Three days ago?”

Ye Xing froze for a moment, could it be such a coincidence?

“That’s right, it was three days ago. I’ve reported it to the police, but the police came and just went through the motions, it didn’t do anything at all.”

“Boss Gu, this friend beside me is a senior captain of the Huaijiang City Police Force, and has solved dozens of big cases at a young age.” Ye Xing pointed at Luo Xiaoyun and solemnly introduced her, “Luo Xiaoyun. The number one police flower in Huaijiang, the missing girl case was solved by her.”

Luo Xiaoyun gave Ye Xing a blank look and smiled awkwardly.

This guy really didn’t need to brag, what a big captain, what solved dozens of big cases, she was just a mop-up in the police station.

“So it’s Officer Luo, my respects.” Gu Nanfeng arched his hand.

“You’re welcome, Boss Gu.” Luo Xiaoyun returned awkwardly.

“Boss Gu, if you don’t mind, how about we get the Lingzhi back for you?”

“That’s very good, let’s go to the crime scene and take a look.” Gu Nanfeng immediately agreed.

Next, Gu Nanfeng led the two to the third floor and entered a room.

The room was very large, 50 to 60 square metres in size, and there was a row of huge lockers inside.

Underneath the lockers, there was a row of safes, ten in total.

At this moment, three of the ten safes were open.

“Dragon King, the ganoderma and ginseng are in the third safe. That thief clearly came for the Lingzhi and left after getting it, not bothering about the other safes anymore.” Gu Nanfeng said.

Ye Xing and Luo Xiaoyun walked over and squatted down to look.

“The safe was cut open by a laser, the man had a laser cutter in his hand.” Luo Xiaoyun said.

Ye Xing looked at it and asked, “Boss Gu, how many people are at home in your house, and can’t the burglars detect it at all when they enter the house?”

“This laser cutting sound is still rather loud, you guys are sleeping too deeply!”

“Outside the villa. I hired five or six security guards to keep watch, and they were all put down. As for our family, when we were having a snack, we were drugged inside someone’s snack, and the family slept through the whole night, not to mention the cutting sound, the earthquake may not even be known.” Gu Nanfeng said.

“It seems that those who came had a plan long ago, and their strength is not weak.” Luo Xiaoyun stubbed her chin and said.

“Apart from the Lingzhi and ginseng, does Boss Gu have anything else missing?” Ye Xing asked.

“There’s also an ancient book. It wasn’t anything of value, so I guess I took it away in pa*sing.” Gu Nanfeng said back.

Ye Xing crouched down in front of the three safes, his eyes looking around and finally landed on top of the security grille, where there was a gaping hole.

That gap had likewise been cut off by a laser cutter cutting off two pieces of stainless steel, revealing an opening that could be climbed into.

Walk over to the window. Looking downwards, it was slippery and difficult to get up unless one was an expert or used something to climb up.

Ye Xing stretched out his head, looked outside and said, “Let’s go downstairs and take a look.”

Coming down to the gra*s below, Ye Xing looked around and finally saw sunken footprints in one of the places.

“You don’t think. This person didn’t have any tools and just stomped up there like that, right?” Luo Xiaoyun said in shock.

“For an Inner Strength cultivator, it couldn’t be easier.”

Ye Xing finished. With luck on his feet, he stomped his feet on the ground and his whole body shot up into the sky. The next moment, he grabbed somewhere on the outer wall where he could lend a hand, and the person had landed at the cut window on the third floor.

Luo Xiaoyun opened his mouth wide and looked at him like a monster.

After a moment of inspection from above, Ye Xing gently leapt down.

“Well, what have you found?” Gu Nanfeng asked.

“Nothing found for now, have to keep checking.” Ye Xing looked at Gu Nanfeng and continued, “Boss Gu, the one who stole this Lingzhi from you is an expert, at least at the Zong Shi realm, this case is not easy to investigate. If I find out, how about you have to give me your Lingzhi after I find out?”

“No problem. As long as you can retrieve the ginseng, and the ancient book for me, I can give me the Lingzhi.” Gu Nanfeng nodded his head.

“Boss Gu, is there anything else you want to deliver?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“No, I’ll trouble you.”

Next, Ye Xing checked in all directions once more. Only then did he take Luo Xiaoyun and leave the Gu family villa.

“I’m afraid that the burglars have long fled without a trace after what happened three days ago, how can we check?” Luo Xiaoyun asked.

“The Lingzhi wasn’t stolen at all, it’s inside the fifth safe.” Ye Xing suddenly said.

“How do you know?” Luo Xiaoyun looked at him with wide eyes.

“Inside the third safe, there was no medicinal smell left behind by the Lingzhi at all. Inside the fifth safe, I faintly smelled the smell of Lingzhi, and I am 90% sure that Lingzhi is inside.” Ye Xing explained.

Due to taking the spirit medicine for a long time and studying medicine, he was very sensitive to the smell of Chinese medicine.

Gu Nanfeng would never have dreamed that his nose was so nimble.

“This old man, the Lingzhi wasn’t stolen and he still asked us to check it out, what the hell does he have in mind?” Luo Xiaoyun said angrily.