Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 223-224

Chapter 223

Having lived again for so long, he had done every kind of profession; singing was merely a profession he had once done in his life.

“Piano, can you play it?”

Cheng Yu Lin asked, pointing to a piano placed in the middle of the bar.


Ye Xing walked over, sat next to the piano and played a song called “To Alice” from memory.

One song played ah, Ye Xing played another, although it had dropped quite a bit due to not having played for a long time and being reincarnated, but for Su Xiaoqiao and Cheng Yulin. It was already a heavenly sound.

“Xiao Qiao, I don’t know how to praise him anymore.” Cheng Yulin was speechless.

“A few months ago, he was still a fool!” Su Xiaoqiao laughed.

“I’ve finished playing, I’ll leave it to you guys to perform.” Ye Xing returned to the sofa and sat down.

“Xiao Qiao. You sing, I really don’t have the face to sing.”

Ye Xing was a master singer and Su Xiao Qiao was also a singing fire, only she started out as an actress.

Su Xiao Qiao started to sing on demand.

Cheng Yulin walked over to Ye Xing and sat down, poured a gla*s of wine for him and said, “Come, let’s have a drink.”

The two clinked their gla*ses and drank it all in one go.

“Leaving tomorrow. When will you come back?” She asked.

“I don’t know, it depends on the situation, Xiao Qiao is here and should be coming over more often.”

“Murong Xue is a very good woman, isn’t she?” Cheng Yulin asked curiously.

Su Xiao Qiao was already outstanding, but she was actually not the first one in Ye Xing’s mind, so it was clear how outstanding that woman called Murong Xue was.

“It doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s much better, she’s far worse than you, and in many people’s hearts, she shouldn’t be as good as you and Xiao Qiao. But, as you know, sometimes being pretty and excellent is not the most important thing, we have a deep emotional foundation and have shared hardships together.” Ye Xing said from the bottom of his heart.

Keeping a fool for three years, how many women could do that?

“I don’t know why, I used to think that a man with two women felt that the other man must be a scum, but on you, I actually don’t see the scum, you’ve managed to bring my values askew.” Cheng Yulin snickered.


“I think you’re different from other scum.”

“I guess so, I’m a more emotionally-oriented scum.” Ye Xing laughed.

The two of them chatted for a moment, Su Xiaoqiao had finished singing a song. walked over.

“What are we talking about?” She asked.

“Talking about whether I’m a slag or not.” Ye Xing laughed.

The three of them were chatting when suddenly the door of the compartment was pushed open and two figures walked in.

A man and a woman, both celebrities.

The male was a relatively famous flow star recently, starred in quite a few movies, only twenty-seven years old, with a promising future, called Xiao Yang.

The female was a new generation actress, not particularly pretty, a cute looking kind, called Zhao Na.

“Sister Lin.”

“Sister Lin.”

The two greeted each other politely immediately after they entered.

The name Sister was not because of Cheng Yulin’s age. Rather, it was an honorific; Cheng Yulin’s reputation was louder than theirs and her value was higher than theirs.

“Xiao Yang, Zhao Na, why are you all up the same, you shouldn’t be …… among yourselves,” Cheng Yulin laughed.

“We met downstairs and came up together, don’t think too much about it, Sister Lin.” Zhao Na said in a hurry.

“Sister Lin she is joking!” Xiao Yang finished, his eyes fell on Ye Xing and asked, “This is?”

“This is the …… of our cast and crew.”

“I’m your cast member Su Xiaoqiao’s boyfriend, called Ye Xing, how are you guys?” Ye Xing interrupted Cheng Yulin’s words.

He was afraid that Cheng Yulin would introduce himself as an investor. In that case, it would be meaningless to play later.

Knowing that he was the big boss who invested in the movie, the man flattered him and the woman tempted him, he couldn’t let go.

“Hello.” Xiao Yang said coldly.

Su Xiao Qiao was just a newcomer in the crew, and her status was still a cut above the few of their main actors.

Ye Xing was her boyfriend, so he naturally didn’t put much thought into it.

“You guys can chat!”

Ye Xing stood up. He walked to the middle of the corner and sat down, picking up his phone and playing with it.

Cheng Yulin walked over and came to sit beside him and whispered, “Xiao Yang is a bit snobbish, I should have known not to ask him to come, sorry.”

“It’s alright, I just came over to send a message, you’re thinking too much.” Ye Xing laughed.

“If I had known, we would have played with three people.”

“Cheng Yulin, I’m really fine, can you not think of me as so narrow-minded!” Ye Xing cried and laughed.

Cheng Yulin looked at him to make sure he really wasn’t angry. Only then did she smile, “Okay, you go ahead and get busy, we’ll play together later.”

Half an hour later, a few more young stars came. There were also some famous scriptwriters and producers, all with backgrounds.

All were relatively young, the oldest not exceeding thirty. Cheng Yulin reckoned that young people would have more fun together.

The last one to arrive was a star with a very hot body.

This second-tier star Ye Xing knew was called Lu Fei Fei, who had been on the cover of an Asian entertainment magazine and was known as the actress with the best body in Asia.

When she came in, Ye Xing couldn’t help but give her an extra look.

“Ye Xing, aren’t you going over to have some fun?” Su Xiaoqiao asked.

“You go over first, I’ll go over later.” Ye Xing said.

“I’ll accompany you.”

“No need, you go over and exchange feelings with them, if you want to be in the entertainment industry, connections are still more important.”

Su Xiaoqiao glanced at his phone, only to see on it, he was chatting with Murong Xue, and walked over at that moment.


“Where is the evidence?”

Looking at the three words on top of the phone, Ye Xing had a bit of a headache.

Just a moment ago. He confessed to Murong Xue that he had gone to Tianhai.

However, he did not say that he had come over to look for Su Xiaoqiao, only that he had been requested by the Dragon Group to come over to solve the case.

Ye Xing sent a few photos over, precisely of himself at the police station, as well as a photo of himself reading the case file.

Also attached was the news from the previous period in Tianhai, and the news after solving the missing girl case.

Seeing the ironclad evidence, Murong Xue then believed it.

“What’s going on now?” Murong Xue asked again.

Ye Xing was about to reply when a voice suddenly shouted, “That brother. Bring the phone over here.”

Xiao Yang walked over and waved at him, then waved a case in his hand.

It was a transparent case with seven or eight mobile phones already placed inside.

“Wait a minute, I’ll send a message first.”

“No, this is the rule, we have just said that from this moment onwards, no mobile phones are allowed.” Xiao Yang said firmly.

“Xiao Yang, let him play, he’s the exception.”

“There are no exceptions when you come here to play, you can play with your phone if you want, go out and play, no coming in after you go out.”

Xiao Yang drank some wine and got an arrogant attitude.

“Xiao Yang, stop it, he’s outside the circle.” Cheng Yulin got a little angry.


Chapter 224

“Sister Lin, you said it yourself just now, you have to have fun when you come out, from this moment onwards, everyone’s mobile phones are turned in, you can’t go back on your word!”

“I’m talking about the people at the drinking table, not counting Ye Xing.”

“Our old rule was that it was the entire box inside.”

“You ……”

“Turn in your phone right, no problem!”

Ye Xing walked over at that moment and put the phone inside that box.

Cheng Yulin threw an apologetic look at him, and Ye Xing gestured for her not to be offended, he was fine.

Next. The group of people started to play, all kinds of sparring, and soon the crowd had drunk a lot.

“Stop it in moderation, if we drink any more everyone will get drunk.” After there were five or six points of alcohol. Cheng Yulin said.

It was okay to play and it was okay to drink, but only if you were sober and if it wouldn’t affect you when you woke up the next day.

“That’s the end of it, it’s not much fun, keep going on.” Xiao Yang was still not finished.

“Everyone has almost drunk enough, let’s go on with the voluntary principle, whoever wants to drink continues to drink. If you don’t want to drink, you don’t have to.” Ye Xing said.

“Shut up, since when is it your turn to speak here.” Xiao Yang drank.

“Xiao Yang, watch your attitude.” Cheng Yulin said angrily.

“What attitude do I have? Of course we have to have fun out here, is it fun to play up or down?” Xiao Yang shouted to the few people next to him, “Lu Fei Fei, Zhao Shapely, He Jiu, Du Ocean, you guys sit properly, it’s fine if you get drunk, big deal, I’ll ask my dad not to start the machine tomorrow.”

“You’re quite a bully, making a movie and saying you won’t start it.” Ye Xing glanced at him.

“My dad is the chief director, who cares if he says he won’t start the film.” Xiao Yang barked.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve had fun, have fun.” He Jiu laughed.

Several people next to him started playing without stopping.

Cheng Yulin was about to have a fit when Ye Xing walked aside and beckoned her.

“Who’s this guy?”

“Xiao Conjun’s son.”

“The general director of the movie, instead of Lu Yuan that Xiao Conjun?”

“That’s right. This Xiao Yang is of the same virtue as Song Qiao, he drifts away when he has a little achievement, why don’t you show your identity and teach him to be a man.” Cheng Yulin said angrily.

“There’s no point in revealing your identity, he likes to drink then let him drink enough, ask someone to bring five bottles of foreign wine over.”

“You’re taking a flight tomorrow.”

“I forgot to tell you. I can drink very well, I can’t get drunk.” Ye Xing laughed.

Cheng Yulin walked out at once and asked the waiter to bring over five bottles of foreign wine.

After the bottles came, Ye Xing walked over with the wine in his arms and put it on the tabletop fiercely.

“What’s the point of drinking beer, if you want to drink, drink this.”

Taking all five bottles of foreign wine out, he put them on the table.

The people on top of the table, seeing these foreign wines, all got a little faint.

“Just have some fun, don’t make a big deal out of it, right?” Lu Fei Fei swallowed her saliva.

“Drinking with me, what kind of status are you, are you worthy?” Xiao Yang stood up. Angrily, he said.

“Didn’t you just say that only drinking and not talking about status at the drinking table, did I hear you right?”

“When did I say …… that even if I had said that, only people in the circle are qualified, you, an outsider, what qualification do you have?”

Xiao Yang’s face was red, just now he was very boozy, even open many people, the number of drinks at the table he had the most.

“I’m really not an outsider, but an insider in the circle.” Ye Xing said to Cheng Yulin, “Tell him what I do.”

“Xiao Yang, listen carefully. His name is Ye Xing, and he is the capitalist of our drama group. Do you know what it means to be a capitalist, it’s the person who pays for the film, your father can decide whether the film opens tomorrow or not, but he can decide whether the film opens for the rest of his life.” Cheng Yulin said loudly.

When this statement was made, the people around were shocked.

Each one looked at Ye Xing, somewhat not quite daring to believe.

The clothes on Ye Xing’s body only added up to a few hundred dollars, he would be the owner of the investor?

“Cheng Yulin. You’re not kidding, right?”

Xiao Yang swallowed hard, and his wine seemed to wake up a few times at once.

It seemed that his father had told himself that there was a person in Tianhai who should never be messed with, what was his name?

Ye Xing, that’s right, it was Ye Xing.

Xiao Yang’s legs instantly went weak, he was preoccupied, the first time he saw Ye Xing wearing all inferior clothes, and when he asked Ye Xing for his mobile phone, he didn’t have any temper at all, he didn’t look like a person with money and status at all. He didn’t even think that this Ye Xing was the same Ye Xing who had destroyed the Lu family.

“There are a few people who can make me, Cheng Yulin, respect. Xiao Yang, you’ve really drifted, so much so that you don’t even have your own intelligence anymore.” Cheng Yulin coldly snorted.

The people around all looked at Xiao Yang and felt quite pitiful for him.

“Just now you said a sentence that I agree with: there is no difference in status at the drinking table. It’s a pity that you didn’t even do a good job yourself.”

Ye Xing took out a bottle of foreign wine and put it on the table, “Drink it, and I will pretend that today’s incident didn’t happen, don’t drink it. You will have nothing tomorrow.”

Xiao Yang did not dare to be lazy, he hastily picked up the foreign wine and blew it up.

Just two sips, the wine was so strong that he almost sprayed it out.

He didn’t dare to stop, forcing himself to swallow, tears and sobs coming out of his eyes and nose.

Just after drinking, Xiao Yang fell straight down on the sofa, unconscious.

The people around him looked at him and couldn’t feel anything in their hearts, they could only say that they had it coming to them.

“Cheng Yulin, find someone to send him back, don’t get into trouble.” Ye Xing instructed.


Cheng Yulin began to call, and a moment later, two bodyguard-like men came over and carried Xiao Yang out.

“I didn’t expect you to spare him so generously. I was really afraid that you would scrap him like you did Song Qiao.” Cheng Yulin sighed in relief.

Although Xiao Yang had gone too far tonight, the two were friends after all, and their parents were quite close.

“Xiao Yang was quite nice when he came here, it’s just that he would spill a bit of alcohol after drinking, the nature is different. Song Qiao molested Xiao Qiao and wanted to possess her, the S*x between the two is far different.” Ye Xing finished and said to the next few stars, “Don’t be restrained, guys. I was afraid of this before I let Yu Lin reveal her identity.”

“Ye Xing is very low-key and down-to-earth, so you guys can just treat it like friends.” Cheng Yu Lin said.

At that moment, the group of people started playing again.

Halfway through the game, Lu Fei Fei suddenly walked up to Cheng Yulin and whispered, “Yulin, let me tell you something.”

“Lu Fei Fei, don’t try to hit on him, he’s not a H**ny man.” How could Cheng Yulin not know what she meant.

Lu Fei was a typical woman in the entertainment industry who relied on her body to get ahead, but her body condition was so good that almost no man could control it.

Not just any man can enter her eyes, besides having status, the external conditions must not be poor either.

In her words: if she were to go with an old man, she would not even be promoted as a movie queen.

“I don’t believe that there are men who are not H**ny.” Lu Fei Fei laughed.

“If you don’t believe me, go ahead and try.”


Lu Fei Fei poured two gla*ses of wine and stood up, walking at a graceful pace and coming to Ye Xing.

“Boss Ye, can you have a drink with me?” She asked in a soft voice.


Ye Xing took the wine, clinked it with the other party and drank it down in one go.

“Do you mind if I sit down?”