Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 219-220

Chapter 219

“Is there more?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“This clinic should be relatively new, it hasn’t been open for long.” Cheng Yulin continued.

“That’s not necessarily true, he could have taken over someone else’s pharmacy, there’s one crucial point that you didn’t mention.”

“What is it?” Cheng Yu Lin asked curiously.

“Generally small clinics only see minor illnesses, they won’t register their identity, let alone ask for the other person’s address. After seeing the patient, the doctor can’t follow the patient right away, and in this case, he needs a tracker.”

“So, just get a virgin to go to the doctor in disguise, test one clinic after another, and only find someone to follow. It’ll be eight or nine.” Cheng Yu Lin said.

“That’s right, that’s what I’m going to do.” Ye Xing nodded, “The problem is, now where to find a virgin who also knows how to act.”

“Me!” Cheng Yulin laughed.

“You’re a big star. How can you do that? Once you go, you’ll be exposed.”

“Ye Xing, I have a cla*smate, do you want me to ask her for you?” Su Xiaoqiao asked.

“Yes, but you have to make sure she’s still a virgin.”

“Last month we were talking about the department, she said she was still, but now she doesn’t know.” Su Xiaoqiao laughed.

She took out her phone and dialed out.

A few moments later. The phone came through and Su Xiaoqiao pressed the speakerphone.

“Ye Xinran, is your First Blood still there?” Su Xiaoqiao asked straight away.

“Su Xiao Qiao, what’s wrong with you, asking this as soon as you come up.” On the other side of the phone, came a girl’s voice that spoke quickly.

“I have a rich and handsome cla*smate who has a virginity complex, and I want to introduce you to him, and I don’t know if you’re still a virgin.”

“You’re not lying to me, are you?”

“No, you’re still not!”

“Of course I am.”

“Then come over, we happen to be having dinner.”

“Send over an address, I’ll be right over.”

Su Xiaoqiao hung up the phone and sent an address over.

Half an hour later, a figure walked into the box in a blaze of glory and was stunned to see the three people inside.

One of the people inside was actually the big star Cheng Yulin, something she never dreamed of.

“Come here, let me introduce you.” Su Xiaoqiao pointed at Ye Xing and said, “This is my boyfriend Ye Xing, and this one you also know, the big star Cheng Yulin.”

“My God Su Xiao Qiao, when did you meet a big star, why didn’t you tell me earlier.” Ye Xinran said excitedly.

Ye Xing looked at Ye Xinran, the woman was chubby looking. Not quite pretty, not the ugly kind either, with a big grin and a tomboyish personality.

“You didn’t ask me, so how can I tell you.”

“Where’s the high-flyer?” Ye Xinran asked immediately.

“There’s no high-flying handsome, sorry I lied to you, I actually have something I want your help with.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

“With your current condition, what other things do you want my help with?” Ye Xinran’s eyes widened.

“I’ll tell you!”

Ye Xing interjected and told what had happened, and what he wanted her to do.

“You’re not making a movie, are you?”

Ye Xinran looked around to see if there was a camera head.

To take a pulse and find out if it was a virgin or not. It was so unbelievable, it was unbelievable.

Ye Xing stood up, looked around and saw a chair next to him with four legs of iron.

He walked over, lifted the chair up, put his strength into his hands and bent it up with force.

As fast as the naked eye could see, the chair’s legs bent up, with such force that ordinary humans could not do it at all.

“Look, is this a prop.” Ye Xing laughed.

Ye Xinran walked over. She touched the chair and tried to bend it herself, and it did not move at all.

She looked at Ye Xing in shock and somewhat believed his words, this guy was not an ordinary person!

“Don’t worry, I will keep you safe and definitely won’t let you lose a single hair. As a reward for helping, I will give you a million. Consider it a labour fee for you, as long as you promise, I will transfer it to you now.” Ye Xing continued.

“It really won’t be dangerous?” Ye Xinran was still a little worried.

“What can happen in broad daylight, in the middle of the night, it’s not like it’s the middle of the night.”

Ye Xinran nodded, feeling that it made sense, and her heart was much more solid.

“Alright, I promise you.” Ye Xinran nodded.

Pretending to be a patient to see a doctor and earning a million, how could she not do such a good thing.

“You guys talk first. I’m going out for a while, I’ll be in touch then.”

Ye Xing returned to the car and dialed Bei Fang’s number.

“Fang Fang, help me look up information on all the clinic profiles in the city. The sooner the better. Remember, it must be your own to check, you can’t let anyone know.”

People from the police station, Ye Xing did not trust at the moment. The less people knew about the direction of his own investigation, the better.

“No problem, I’ll go check it out now.”

A few moments later, Bei Fang sent over the information of the clinics, one had one hundred and three.

The locations of these clinics were first entered into a breakdown and half of them were eliminated, leaving only fifty or so.

These fifty or so, all of which were in places with high foot traffic, were more suspicious.

Next, he graded the fifty again.

After detailed subdivision from registration time, location, Chinese and Western medicine, Ye Xing divided the fifty rooms into four levels.

The three most suspicious ones were Ping An Pharmacy, Xilang Pharmacy, and Jian Sheng Chinese Medicine. Jian Sheng Chinese Medicine Shop.

These three shops had several identical characteristics, all were registered within a year, then Chinese medicine, and the lot had a very high flow of people.

Ye Xing took out his phone and dialed Ye Xinran, asking her to come down and get ready for work.

A few moments later, Ye Xinran came down and sat inside the car. There was some nervousness.

“Don’t be nervous, just go in and see the doctor as usual.” Ye Xing said.

“What am I going to see a doctor for? I’m not sick at all, I won’t be found out, right?” Ye Xinran asked.

Ye Xing looked at her face and found that she had a few small pimples on her face and her breath was a little red.

“Do you have menstrual cramps?” He asked.

“How do you know?”

“I’m a famous doctor, of course I can know,When the time comes, just say that you have very bad menstrual pain, every time you have your period, and you wish to use some Chinese medicine to regulate it.” Ye Xing gave her an excuse to see a doctor.

Next, Ye Xing drove towards the first of the three target pharmacies, Ping An Pharmacy.

Fifteen minutes later, Ye Xing found the Ping An Pharmacy, which was a pharmacy that opened underneath a big shopping mall and had a very high flow of people.

“Go in, remember, you’re just seeing a doctor, don’t think about anything, okay?” Ye Xing admonished.

“I’m just seeing a doctor, just seeing a doctor.”

Ye Xinran took a few deep breaths before she got out of the car and headed towards that pharmacy.

“One more thing, after you leave the pharmacy, go straight towards the other side of the street, don’t come to my car.”


Ye Xinran took big steps and walked towards that pharmacy.

Ye Xing waited in the car, watching Ye Xinran walk into the pharmacy and slowly waiting.


Chapter 220

Ten minutes later, Ye Xinran came out from inside the pharmacy and walked towards the other side.

Ye Xing followed behind her in his car to see if anyone was following, and after following her for a long time, no one was following, so he parked the car beside her.

“Not this one, let’s go to the next one.”

Driving to the second Xilang Pharmacy, just like the previous one, there was no one following after Ye Xinran came out.

Finally, Ye Xing drove to the Jian Sheng Chinese Medicine House.

This Chinese medicine shop was in the third ring road section of the city centre. In front of the City People’s Hospital, business was very busy, and there were many people queuing up to see the doctor.

Looking at such a good road section, Ye Xing had a vague feeling. Maybe this pharmacy was really related to the missing girl case.

“Go ahead, just do the same as the front.” Ye Xing admonished.

With the two previous experiences, Ye Xinran had much more confidence.

She got out of the car and headed for the pharmacy. Ye Xing watched her enter the pharmacy from afar and waited quietly.

As there were more people inside the pharmacy, this time, Ye Xinran stayed for a longer time, almost an hour. Only then did she come out from inside.

After she came out, she walked in the opposite direction of Ye Xing’s car again.

Ye Xing kept his eyes on the entrance of the medical school to see if anyone came out to follow.

After a few minutes, Ye Xinran’s figure was almost gone, and no one came out to follow inside the medical hall.

“Could it be that I’m going in the wrong direction?”

Ye Xing started the car and slowly followed Ye Xinran.

After following for ten minutes, there was still no one following Ye Xinran, and just when he was about to give up and go up to pick up Ye Xinran, he suddenly found a Little Sheep booster car appearing in his sight.

The woman in the little sheep car, her eyes staring at Ye Xinran every now and then, the car drove past her and was gone in an instant.

Ye Xing immediately took out his mobile phone and sent a message over: continue on, into the Bailey Mall.

After Ye Xinran looked at her phone, she continued heading to walk, directly in front of the big shopping mall.

Ye Xing drove his car and drove past in front of Ye Xinran. At the corner intersection ahead, he saw the little sheep again. The woman was sitting in the car on the phone, her eyes intentionally or unintentionally, sweeping past Ye Xinran.

It didn’t take long for Ye Xinran to arrive at the shopping mall and enter inside.

The woman driving the little sheep stopped her car. She also entered the mall.

At this point, Ye Xing was basically sure that there was definitely something wrong with that Chinese medical school.

He dialled Ye Xinran’s phone number.

The call soon came through.

“Ye Xinran, who is the person who took your pulse at the Chinese Medicine House and how old is he?” Ye Xing asked.

“A man in his forties, wearing gla*ses, with a beard and a svelte look.”

“You find a cafe now, sit down inside and pretend to be waiting for someone, I’ll take care of the rest.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xing immediately dialed Bei Fang’s number. He told her to come here at once, keep an eye on this woman and be ready to make a move.

The reason why he didn’t dare to make a move now was that he was afraid of alerting the snake.

After giving the order, Ye Xing then went back inside the car and drove towards the Medical Center.

A few minutes later, Ye Xing arrived at the medical hall, parked the car directly at the roadside and walked to the medical hall.

There were quite a few people inside the medical centre, and the doctor was the same middle-aged doctor that Ye Xinran had described.

Seeing someone come in, the middle-aged doctor looked up at Ye Xing with a clear trace of panic in his eyes. A flash of it pa*sed.

Ye Xing had read countless people, so how could he not see the meaning contained in this look.

He instantly walked over in big strides and came to the table.

“Those who are looking for a doctor should register first and then queue up.” The middle-aged doctor said calmly.

Ye Xing abruptly drew out a dagger and stabbed at his neck, fast and quick.

This stroke was heavy on testing, and not on hurting anyone.

The other party reacted very strongly and his whole body backed up sharply. A kick sent the table flying and crashed towards Ye Xing.

There was a patient beside the table who was seeing a doctor and was directly knocked to the ground, spewing blood from his mouth.


Ye Xing kicked out, breaking the table in half, and stabbed the dagger straight over in his hand.

The middle-aged doctor instantly pulled out a short willow leaf knife from his body and met him.

Clink, clink, clink!

Weapons clashed and flames flew everywhere.

The clash here frightened the customers who were watching the doctor, and they rushed outside like a tidal wave.

After a few moments of fighting, the middle-aged doctor fell behind, his strength was far worse than Ye Xing’s.

In terms of strength. He was just like a clown. The current Ye Xing was much stronger than before, so how could this man be his match.

The fight lasted for a moment. Ye Xing found an opportunity and flew up and kicked the middle-aged doctor in the stomach.


A hole was directly knocked out of the wall and the middle-aged doctor’s body fell outside the hole.

The surrounding onlookers were all stunned. Looking at the hole in the wall, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

This was the first time they had seen such a powerful figure.


A mouthful of blood spurted out of the middle-aged doctor’s mouth, looking at Ye Xing with a scornful face as he slowly climbed up.

“Don’t make a pointless struggle, you are no match for me, and you can’t escape.” Ye Xing said coldly.

“Ye Xing, you have repeatedly ruined our big event, sooner or later you will be finished.” The middle-aged doctor said angrily.

“It seems that many people in this organization of yours know me!” Ye Xing couldn’t help but laugh and said, “This is better, save me the introduction. Say it, where are those girls hidden, be a good boy and say it, you can suffer less.”

“I won’t tell, you’d better let me go. Otherwise, they’ll wait to be starved to death!” The middle-aged doctor threatened up.

“Will rib me? You know I’m a person who is most unthreatened.” Ye Xing snorted coldly.

“Then you can wait for them to be starved to death alive!”

Ye Xing walked over and grabbed his entire body off the ground and carried it back inside the medical hall.

Finding a strap, he wrapped his body around it, then Ye Xing found another piece of cloth to gag him.

“What the hell do you want?” The middle-aged doctor asked urgently.

“Severe torture to force a confession. I’m afraid you won’t be able to take it and scream like a pig, so I’ll gag you first.”

Stuffing the cloth in his mouth, Ye Xing then pulled out a row of silver needles from his body.

“This needle technique of mine is called Soul Refining Needle, there are thirty-two needles in total, but I have never tried to use thirty-two needles, the most powerful one only lasted up to twenty-eight needles. In a moment, if you can’t stand the taste, just nod your head.”

Ye Xing said as he began to apply the needles, first inserting them from the Yongquan point on the bottom of his feet.

At the first two stitches, the middle-aged doctor only felt a little numb, but after the fourth stitch, a strange itchy feeling spread all over his body, like ants crawling up on his body, scratching and not being able to scratch, it was very uncomfortable. After the sixth stitch, the itch became more painful, as if the silver needles were inserted not into acupuncture points, but into fingernails.

The middle-aged doctor’s forehead began to sweat as he was in pain and itchy, and at this time, Ye Xing applied two more stitches.

Here comes the eighth needle!


The middle-aged doctor cried out, his forehead was bean-sized sweat, and his eyes were bloodshot.

Ye Xing ignored him and withdrew two more needles, and the tenth needle came.