Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 217-218

Chapter 217

“Are you in Tenkai?” Kitano asked.

“Came over to visit a friend.”

“Just in time, you can help with the case over there, I’m not in Tianhai, Fang Fang is over there, I’ll ask her to contact you.”

Kitano didn’t seem too convenient and hung up the phone in a hurry.

A few moments later, Ye Xing’s phone rang, it was an unfamiliar number.

“It’s me, what’s your current location?” Beifang asked.

“I’m not available today, I’ll see you in the morning, what’s your location?”

“City Bureau.”

“OK, I’ll come to you first thing in the morning.”

After hanging up the phone. The two women were still chatting inside, whispering and looking at each other strangely.

Seeing Ye Xing come in, Cheng Yulin’s gaze instantly fell on him. It looked like a smile, not a laugh.

“What’s the conversation about, mysterious.” Ye Xing asked strangely.

“Nothing, just chatting.” Cheng Yulin laughed.

Ye Xing looked at Cheng Yulin and then Su Xiao Qiao, guessing that they must have said something, but they didn’t say anything, so he didn’t ask.

After finishing the meal, Cheng Yulin left. And Ye Xing and Su Xiao Qiao also went back home.

Xiao Di was really sensible and did not come back in the evening, enjoying the rare world of two people.

Before going to bed, someone added himself as a friend, and judging from his avatar, it was none other than Xiao Di.

This little ninny, it seems that she had come to settle a score.

I went through.

There was nothing to say, and a bill was sent over directly.

Seeing the bill, Ye Xing was speechless, on it was a spending of more than one million, this was simply a robbery.

Forget it, what you promise someone must be done.

Ye Xing immediately transferred the money over.

“Take care of your kidney body, small and long!” Xiao Di sent over the text, along with a bad expression.

Those who are in the entertainment industry are really open, and they don’t avoid talking.

If it were any other woman, how could she have said such naked words to him.

Ye Xing sent a crying and laughing emoji over.

Early the next morning, Ye Xing said hello to Su Xiaoqiao and went to the city bureau.

When he got there, he called Bei Fang, and a moment later, a tall figure came out of it, thundering.

“We’re in the middle of a meeting, go in!” Beifang didn’t say a word. He was taken straight in.

When he entered the conference room of the Municipal Bureau, there were more than a dozen people meeting inside, and Ye Xing knew one of them, it was none other than Chen Jianguo, the first captain of the Municipal Bureau.

Last time when he came to Tianhai, when Ye Xing had a conflict with the Song family, Song Yuan had once sent Chen Jianguo to arrest him, as a result, Ye Xing directly asked Black Tiger to transfer the warrior from the army, and there was a little conflict between the two sides.

“Introduce, this is Chief Yang Qi, Deputy Chief Su An and Captain Chen Jianguo.” Just after entering, Bei Fang directly introduced them, then pointed to the rest of them, “These are the elites of the city bureau, and the members I brought over.”

“Ye Xing. Citizens cooperate, it’s been hard for you.” Yang Qi said politely.

Before coming, Bei Fang had briefly introduced Ye Xing, without explicitly saying so, only that he was someone his father had brought himself.

As the head of the municipal bureau, how could he not know him? A while ago, Ye Xing almost turned Tianhai upside down, and brought troops into the city, Song Yuan’s family was completely ruined and could never get up again, such a character. It was not simple.

“Chief is polite, it’s a citizen’s duty to cooperate with the police.” Ye Xing didn’t want to talk more nonsense and continued, “Don’t waste time, give me the qualification, I won’t stay in Tianhai for too long, I hope to solve the case within two or three days.”

The people around, their eyes were a little brilliant for a moment, but none dared to say anything.

The disappearance case had appeared for more than a month. There were also more than twenty missing young girls and the police were out in full force, only to find nothing, not even a hint of a clue. This guy actually said that the case would be solved within two or three days, that’s too arrogant!

Doesn’t he show that these people in the city bureau are wastes?

“The information is all here.” Bei Fang said, pointing to a stack of documents on the desktop.

Ye Xing picked up the information and said to Bei Fang, “Arrange a room for me, I’ll take a good look at the information.”

“Ye Xing, why don’t we discuss it together here?” Bei Fang said.

“From the moment a group of you discuss it here, you are not destined to solve this case.” Ye Xing said indifferently.

“What do you mean by that?” Yang Qi’s face turned serious.

“What do you mean Pin yourself, I only say one thing, the case of the missing young girl. I understand it better than you guys.”

Ye Xing finished speaking, held up a stack of information and walked straight out of the conference room.

“Head, who is this B*****d. Such a drag?” A police officer couldn’t help but ask.

“If he can’t solve this case, let’s try to solve it, break it up!”

Bei Fang finished speaking and followed Ye Xing. Walking out of the office.

Here, no one knew better than Bei Fang how powerful Red Dragon was, on the surface, Red Dragon seemed to be comparable in strength to the current Dragon Soul Team Leader Tu Long, but only those who were familiar with him knew that his intelligence was the most terrifying, far above his strength.

A man who had been reborn over a thousand times would have a high IQ even if he was stupid.

“This office is for your sole use.” Bei Fang pushed open an office and said.

Ye Xing walked in, put the information on the desktop and said, “Order a takeaway for me at noon, don’t let anyone disturb me.”

“Okay, call me if you need it.”

Bei Fang nodded and went out to close the door behind him.

Throughout the day, Ye Xing stayed inside the office, bored in reading the case file.

Beifang came in a few times. Once to bring water, once to bring food, and once to ask if there was anything he needed to help.

Every time he went in, he was studying the case file, his serious look was, to be honest, quite handsome.

A man who is focused is most attractive.

It was until five o’clock in the afternoon. Only then did Ye Xing finish reading all the case files.

He promised Su Xiaoqiao and Cheng Yulin that he would solve this case, so naturally, the sooner the better.

As a person who pretended to be more important than his life, there was too much difference between solving the case in three days and solving it in a month!

In order to make the two beauties look shocked after hearing that he had solved the case, he had also worked hard.

If Bei Fang knew that he was working so hard to read the dossier just to act tough, he would probably vomit blood.

“How’s it going, finding some entry points yet?” Beifang asked as she happened to come in.

“Get me a car and fill it up with fuel, I need it for the next two days.”

“No problem. How are you going to find out?” Beifang continued to ask.


Ye Xing stood up and stretched, his stomach rumbled.

“I’m hungry, I’m going to eat.”

“I’ll go with you.”

“I want to accompany my girlfriend, you’re too bright a light bulb.” Ye Xing refused without hesitation.

Bei Fang’s face darkened, Ye Xing’s attitude made her very unhappy!

Let you pretend, when you can’t solve the case, let’s see how you will step down, she said to herself.

After he went out, Bei Fang arranged a special car for him, and Ye Xing drove it back to Su Xiao Qiao.

He took Su Xiaoqiao to dinner, and when the two of them went to the hotel, Cheng Yulin was already waiting.

“Sorry, I just couldn’t stand Dad’s lecture and ran over to have dinner with you guys, didn’t disturb you, right?” Cheng Yulin looked at Ye Xing and smiled.


Chapter 218

“No interruptions, we have plenty of time alone in the evening.” Ye Xing said.

After ordering food, the two women got straight to the point and asked him about the progress of the case.

“I just read the case file today, it’s not that fast. By the way Yu Lin, the young girl who went missing from your crew, is her name Han Li?”

“That’s right, that’s her, a third year student at the Art School.”

“She’s pretty, and an art school student, and she’s actually a virgin, that’s rare.”

“How do you know?” Cheng Yu Lin’s eyes widened.

“The kidnappers specialise in capturing these young girls to use to practise their kung fu. Using the virgin’s yin energy to practice, not a virgin wouldn’t be caught.”

“Then wouldn’t I be in danger.” Cheng Yulin’s eyes were wide.

Ye Xing gave her a look and couldn’t help but laugh.

She was a virgin, the ghost believed it?

In a place like the entertainment industry. A woman like her, on fire like this, even if she had a background, it would be hard to be clean.

Even if she could be clean, she was twenty-five or twenty-six, at such an age, and she had to be pretty to have a boyfriend. Who would believe it?

“What do you mean by that smile?” Cheng Yulin couldn’t help but ask.

“Nothing, let’s eat, I still have something to do tonight!”

Cheng Yulin was a little bit careful of the stuffing, but didn’t say anything.

After eating, Ye Xing sent the two women back, before he drove his car, around the street.

Today he had read the information all day, all the young girls had disappeared in the middle of the night, and the kidnappers specifically chose young girls who were left alone in the middle of the night to strike.

Unlike the priest clown who sent someone to do the job, the kidnappers on the Tianhai side did not seem to have hired anyone and did it all by themselves, without using any of the cars. The targets were not identified and were all improvised.

Most of the missing girls were in the North District area, and the other side was more active on this side.

Driving the car and wandering around the streets of the North End, police officers could be seen stationed everywhere, and there were many plain clothes coming and going.

Many police cars were patrolling the streets and it was clear that the disappearances had put the police under a lot of pressure.

Tianhai was a big city with a very rich nightlife, and even at twelve o’clock at night, there were still many people coming and going, running around and working for a living.

Ye Xing parked his car at the roadside, directly in front of a large supermarket. There were very many people coming and going.

At the top was the 5?cinema.

“The kidnapper did it without any target, how did he know if these women were virgins or not?”

After reading the case file today, Ye Xing had been thinking about this question all day.

Before coming out, Ye Xing thought of a few directions to investigate the case.

For example, if the number of missing young girls reached thirty, these people had to eat and drink, and the amount of food per meal was not a small amount, they could be investigated from that direction.

However, the police must have known about this simple fact and started to investigate it. The fact that it had taken so long to find out meant that the other side had already known about this loophole and had filled it.

So, the only thing that was left for Ye Xing was: how did the other side distinguish the virgins.

After a long night of guarding with no luck, he mimicked his eyes when Su Xiaoqiao called at almost dawn.

Half an hour later, inside a private dining room, Su Xiao Qiao and Cheng Yulin were already waiting.

After entering, Ye Xing grabbed the snacks on the table and gobbled them up.

After staying up all night, he was hungry enough.

“Take your time with the case. Don’t work so hard, it’s not good for your health.” Su Xiaoqiao admonished.

“The police don’t even work as hard as you do to stay up half the night to investigate a case.” Cheng Yulin said.

“The sooner we catch the kidnappers, the more people we might save, and who knows what condition these young girls are in now. I also dare not guarantee that they will be as lucky as the Huaijiang batch.” Ye Xing said while not chewing on a bun.

“Any clues?”

“Not for now.”

Su Xiaoqiao grabbed his hand and said heartily, “The case has to be investigated, but you can’t stay awake, right?”

Looking at her holding his hand. Ye Xing suddenly had a thought!

In the next moment, he put the internal Qi from his body through Su Xiao Qiao’s hand and entered her body.

“What’s wrong?” Su Xiaoqiao asked.

“Don’t talk.”

Su Xiaoqiao looked at her with wide eyes and a puzzled expression.

A moment later, Ye Xing let go of her hand and walked over to Cheng Yulin, saying, “Stretch out your hand, I’ll take your pulse.”

“Ye Xing, you’re not deliberately earning me a bargain, are you?”

“No time to joke with you.”

Seeing how serious he was, Cheng Yulin instantly stretched her hand out and put it on the table.

Her small hands were beautiful and very white. The five fingers were thin and long, like jade onions, Ye Xing had never seen such beautiful little hands.

At this moment, he didn’t have the heart to be charming. Immediately, he put his five fingers on her pulse and inputted the internal qi he had cultivated into her body.

He carefully experienced the difference between Su Xiaoqiao and Cheng Yulin.

“Cheng Yulin, are you really a virgin?” Ye Xing asked, staring at her.

“Can you speak more euphemistically?” Cheng Yulin also blushed at his question.

At this moment, Ye Xing gave her a strange feeling.

“Tell me honestly. Isn’t it?”


Cheng Yulin nodded heavily before she gave him a blank look and said, “Yesterday, didn’t you say you didn’t believe it?”

“I understand.” Ye Xing came to a sudden realization.

The two women both looked at him with puzzled faces.

“Yesterday, I looked at the police station’s case files and found that the kidnappers did not have any connection to the target they struck, nor did they have any accomplices, basically they were a single person who committed the crime. I thought about it all night and couldn’t figure out how the other guy could tell if a woman was a virgin or not, and now I get it.”

“How do you tell?”

“The degree of Yin energy on a non-virgin’s body is different. Like Su Xiaoqiao, the Yin Qi in her body is obviously not as strong as Yu Lin’s.”

“You can tell if it’s a virgin just by taking a pulse, that’s too amazing, isn’t it?” Su Xiaoqiao couldn’t believe it.

If this didn’t come out of Ye Xing’s mouth, she would definitely think that the other party was bullSh*tting.

“An ordinary person naturally can’t detect it. However, if this person is like me, they can feel it if they carry internal qi within their body.”

Ye Xing himself would not believe it if he did not test it himself.

“In that case, the clue is out, the other party is most likely a doctor, and only a doctor can take a woman’s pulse openly and honestly.” Cheng Yulin said.

“Then what do you think, if it’s you. What should you check next?” Ye Xing asked with interest.

Cheng Yulin thought for a moment before saying, “There are two types of doctors, one inside the hospital and one in the clinic. The doctors inside the doctors have titles and are very old doctors, this person is new to the scene, he can’t be an old doctor and it’s not easy to mix inside the hospital. So I think it’s most likely that he appeared inside the clinic, appearing as a Chinese doctor and treating some minor illnesses.”

“What else?” Ye Xing looked at her with a smile.

“The other party must be in places with high traffic, especially places with more young women, such as high schools and universities, or cinemas, shopping malls and the like ……” Cheng Yulin continued.