Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 215-216

Chapter 215

Every time Su Xiaoqiao looked for him, she picked some time when Murong Xue was unlikely to be around him.

In the past, Ye Xing would have woken up at nine o’clock, and since he was too tired from treating Murong Xue last night, that’s why he got up so late today.

“What are you doing?” Su Xiaoqiao asked as she texted over.

Ye Xing didn’t reply right away, but went downstairs and turned around to see if Murong Xue was there.

There was a note on the desktop downstairs: breakfast is warming up in the pot, there are some urgent matters at the company, I’ll go back first.

The company must have had quite a few things going on for such a long day of business trip, Murong Xue had gone back to the company early in the morning to deal with it.

“Thinking of you!” Ye Xing sent a message over.

“I miss you too.” Su Xiaoqiao returned.

“Are you filming a movie?”

“No scenes for me these days. So free… I miss you being around!”

A warm current welled up in Ye Xing’s heart, even through the phone, he could feel Su Xiao Qiao’s stream of missing.

Almost instantly. Ye Xing made an impulse to go see her right away.

“I’m not free recently, I’ll go see you when I’m free.”

After returning the message, Ye Xing immediately took out his phone and dialed out.

“Fatty Li, book a ticket for me to fly to Tianhai, the sooner the better.”

After the phone was dialed, Ye Xing immediately said.

“Brother Xing. Don’t worry, I’ll get it done right away.” Fat Li said excitedly.

“Don’t let anyone know about this matter, do you understand?”

“Brother Xing, don’t worry.”

Since his introduction on the mao, Fat Li had been reappointed, and Ye Xing had placed the task of overseeing the twenty-odd companies under his name on his head.

What a powerful position this was; in ancient times, it was a minister of the Imperial Household. Fat Li obviously felt that since he had taken up this position, the general managers and bosses of the companies he had previously tried to work for were all treating him with great respect.

But he knew very well that his power was given to him by his boss, and as long as his boss was not happy, he would have nothing left.

After receiving the notice, Fat Li used all his conditions to investigate.

Five minutes later, Ye Xing’s phone rang.

“Brother Xing, the company has a famous employee under the door to fly to Tianhai, it’s the earliest shift, I can transfer it to your name, let’s leave right away, we should be able to catch up.”

“Come and pick me up at the entrance of the International Hotel.”


In less than ten minutes, Fat Li drove a car to the door.

“Brother Xing, get in!” Fat Li got out of the car. He pulled open the back door of the car.

Ye Xing gave Fat Li a look and thought that this guy was quite good at what he did.

Not to mention that he was able to book a flight within such a short time, since he had taken up his position, he had also made a good living and had not heard any complaints against him, and the Black Angels had a pretty high opinion of him.

“Fat Li, you sit in the back, I’ll drive.” Ye Xing said.

“Boss, let me do it, don’t worry, I can make it.” Fat Li laughed.

“I’ll do it.”

Ye Xing walked to the driver’s seat without saying anything.

Fat Li was helpless. He had to come to the back seat of the car.

After getting into the car, Ye Xing started the car and drove as fast as he could.

A three hour drive, Ye Xing arrived in two hard hours.

After getting the conversion ticket, Ye Xing immediately boarded the plane.

Two little time journey, after Ye Xing got off the plane, he opened his mobile phone and a series of two messages popped up, one was a missed call and one was a WeChat.

“Honey, where are you, why aren’t you answering your phone?” Murong Xue’s voice came through.

Ye Xing thought for a moment. He replied, “Just now I was cultivating and didn’t check my phone, now I’m in a meeting at the company.”

“Then, you get busy, I’ll take a nap first.”

How could Murong Xue have thought that in just a few hours, he would have arrived at Tianhai.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xing immediately called a taxi and went straight to the flat where Yang Xiao Qiao lived.

When he went there. Ye Xing immediately dialed Yang Xiao Qiao’s phone number, and the sound of a phone call faintly came from inside the room.

“Young lady, come out and open the door.”

Su Xiao Qiao opened the door and looked at Ye Xing who had almost fallen from the sky and couldn’t believe her eyes.

“Surprised, excited, happy or not?”

Ye Xing propped one hand on the edge of the door and propped one hand on his ba, revealing his white teeth.

The next moment, Su Xiaoqiao’s entire body pounced over and hugged him.

With one movement, she completely ignited Ye Xing.

Ye Xing hugged her. As if his feet grew eyes, he kicked the door shut and kissed her while carrying her towards the room.

“No way. I can’t, you have to put me down.” Su Xiaoqiao was startled and hurriedly pushed him away.

Almost instantly, Ye Xing had a feeling of heavenly thunder

It was hard not to. She was having her period!

Oh my god!

Just as he was blindsided, the sound of footsteps came from inside the room.

“Xiao Qiao, who’s here?”

Xiao Di came out from inside the room, and the next moment, her mouth opened wide and she stood dumbfounded in her spot.

“Sorry, you guys go on, just pretend I don’t exist.” After reacting, he smiled badly.

Su Xiaoqiao’s face instantly turned red, like a red apple.

“Don’t put me down yet.” Su Xiao Qiao gave him a blank look.

Ye Xing rubbed his head awkwardly and only then did he remember that Su Xiao Qiao was still living with Xiao Di.

“Your old friend didn’t come, did he?” Ye Xing asked in a small voice.

Su Xiaoqiao blushed and shook her head.

What a great fortune in misfortune!

“A little thirsty, help me pour and make a cup of tea.” Ye Xing commanded.

Su Xiaoqiao nodded and went into the kitchen to make tea.

Ye Xing walked up to Xiao Di’s room and knocked gently.

A moment later, the door to the room opened.

“I’m listening to music. I can’t hear anything, so you can all pretend I don’t exist.” Xiao Di laughed.

Cough cough!

Ye Xing coughed lightly before he said, “Xiao Di, it’s such a nice day, it’s a waste not to go out shopping, I’ll pay for all your spending today.”

“Really?” Xiao Di’s eyes lit up and she said urgently, “Buy anything?”

“Of course, provided that you can advance it out first.” Ye Xing laughed.

“No problem. Give me a minute.”

Xiao Di made a ? gesture and immediately walked to the wardrobe to find a set of clothes and changed.

Ye Xing returned to the sofa, and Su Xiaoqiao had just made a cup of tea when Xiao Di came out from inside the room, carrying a backpack.

“Xiao Di, are you going out?” Su Xiaoqiao asked.

“I have some urgent business to attend to, I won’t be back tonight, you guys enjoy yourselves!”

Xiao Di grinned cheekily and put on her shoes and flew off as quickly as she could.

Su Xiao Qiao’s face instantly turned red, knowing that it must have been Ye Xing who had told her something.

As soon as the door closed, Ye Xing immediately picked Su Xiao Qiao up and made her sit on his lap as the two of them made out.


The door was pushed open and Xiao Di said with an embarra*sed look on her face, “Sorry, I forgot to take my phone, you guys continue.”

Covering her eyes, Xiao Di ran into the room and got her mobile phone, before she flew away.

The two of them looked at each other, crying and laughing.

Su Xiaoqiao slapped him and scolded him shyly, “It’s all your fault, how can I hold up my head in front of Xiao Di in the future.”


Chapter 216

“She doesn’t know how jealous she is of you and how she can’t hold her head up.”

Fearing that Xiao Di, a woman of great nerves, would suddenly drop something else, Ye Xing hurriedly walked over and unlocked the door before walking over to the sofa.

“Why are you suddenly here, does Xue’er know?” Su Xiaoqiao asked, a little worried.

“Why do you care so much, in one’s life, one has to do a few things that defy the odds.”

As soon as Ye Xing picked her up, he walked towards the room, now no one would disturb.

Soon, inside the room, there were sounds that could not be described.

For the whole afternoon. Both of them were glued together, enjoying the solitude they had long admired.

After Ye Xing pretended to be dead last time, Su Xiao Qiao almost fainted, if not for Cheng Yulin’s help. She wouldn’t even have had the strength to stand.

Later, she cried tears of joy when she knew that Ye Xing did not want to die, but there was only the pain of longing in her heart and she had not been able to see him.

Even though she had unrequited feelings in her heart, she could only suppress them in her heart, because she felt that she was not right in name.

This time was the first time the two met after Ye Xing’s fake death.

How could Su Xiaoqiao not be happy. She felt that this moment was the happiest time for her.

As night fell, both of them were hungry, which was why they went out to eat together.

It was at this time that the phone rang, it was Murong Xue calling.

“Xue’er?” Su Xiaoqiao asked.

“It’s nothing, let’s go!”

Ye Xing didn’t want to take Murong Xue’s call in front of Su Xiao Qiao, although Su Xiao Qiao said she didn’t care, she would definitely be a little lost in her heart.

Since he was going to accompany her in these two days, he naturally wanted to accompany her to have a good time.

The two of them found a hotel, booked a private room and took their time to enjoy the world of the two of them.

When it was time to eat, Murong Xue called and asked if he wanted to go to dinner together, but Ye Xing put it off by saying that he was busy with work and that he had to work overtime tonight and might not be able to return to the hotel.

Since he often did not return to the hotel and sometimes cultivated inside the villa and made pills, Murong Xue probably would not suspect.

“Ye Xing, a lot of young girls have disappeared from our place recently, causing a lot of panic, and the case has not been solved yet.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

“The case of missing young girls, did it also appear in Tianhai?” Ye Xing’s brow furrowed.

A few months ago, there was also a case of missing young girls in Huaijiang. It hadn’t appeared again until after the priest and the clown were killed.

Ye Xing knew that the priest and the clown would definitely not be the mastermind, there was someone else who was the mastermind.

The people of the Dragon Group had been tracking down the mastermind behind the disappearance of the young girl, but they had never found it, only that the movements had become more hidden.

“On the outskirts of the Sea of Heaven, there are troops stationed right here, they dare to strike here, how bold they are.” Ye Xing said.

“No wonder when I came out just now, I saw a lot more plainclothes on the street.” Speaking of this. Ye Xing got serious and said, “Xiao Qiao, you should be more careful when you go in and out in the future, don’t go out at night.”

“Don’t worry, our neighborhood is still quite safe.”

At this moment, Su Xiao Qiao’s phone rang.

“It’s Cheng Yulin, do you want her to join us for dinner?” Su Xiaoqiao asked.

“Don’t, I don’t want others to disturb us.” Ye Xing said.

There was another more important reason was that Cheng Yulin was a big star, every place she went, she would get attention, in case someone secretly filmed herself. When the time came to go back, he didn’t know how to explain to Murong Xue.

“Xiao Qiao, where are you now?” Cheng Yulin asked as soon as the call was connected.

“Having dinner, what’s the matter?”

“Han Li from our drama group, do you remember?”

“Is that the girl who’s still at art school? I remember, quite a lively little girl.”

“She’s gone missing. The director is still discussing whether to mess with the role today. Rumour has it that a girl in her cla*s is missing with her. You must be careful, don’t go out in the middle of the night, it’s very messy out there now.” Cheng Yulin admonished.

“I know, Ye Xing also admonished me.” Su Xiaoqiao nodded.

“How did Ye Xing know that …… he had come to Tianhai?” Cheng Yulin asked keenly.

Su Xiaoqiao glanced at Ye Xing and for a moment did not know how to answer.

Ye Xing secretly sighed, Su Xiao Qiao is just too simple, she can’t even lie, how can she mix in the entertainment industry!

“Yes, I just arrived, I’m eating out with Xiao Qiao, do you want to come over?” Ye Xing interjected.

“Where are you guys, I’ll be right over.”

Su Xiao Qiao reported a location. Cheng Yulin then hurriedly hung up the phone.

Half an hour later, a girl with a hat on her head and a mask on her face walked into the box, who was it if not Cheng Yulin.

After entering. She took off her hat and the mask, revealing her face.

She tossed her long, waterfall-like hair, even though Ye Xing had seen countless beautiful women. He was still stunned by this movement of her hair ruffling.

“Coming to Tianhai without telling me, don’t you treat me as a friend anymore?” Cheng Yulin glanced at Ye Xing and laughed.

“Didn’t I just arrive here, I must have been looking for you, and I didn’t expect you to call.” Ye Xing explained.

“Yu Lin, have you eaten yet?” Su Xiaoqiao asked.

“I ate half a bite at home and ran over here.” Cheng Yulin made a face and laughed, “I’m still happy to eat outside with my friends, it’s too boring to eat at home, my father would lecture me at the dinner table every time, every time I eat, I’m always tortured.”

“A strict father produces a tall daughter, it’s also your father’s fault that you’re where you are today.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

“It’s also thanks to Ye Xing, as soon as he heard that I was coming out to have dinner with you guys, he immediately agreed to go out with someone else instead. I would have had to explain a lot.”

“Your dad is too strict too, you’re an adult.” Ye Xing laughed.

“It’s not a matter of being strict or not, he didn’t restrict me from going out before, he knows that I do things in moderation, it’s just that Tianhai has been too chaotic lately, Xiao Qiao told you about it, right?” Speaking of this, Cheng Yulin’s face turned serious.

“Told him.” Su Xiaoqiao looked at Ye Xing and said, “Ye Xing, if you are free. Can you stay for a few days to solve this case?”

“Yes, if you solve this case, it will be safer for Xiao Qiao to stay over here in the future.” Cheng Yulin also said.

The two women were very confident in Ye Xing’s ability, as long as he made a move, the chances were high.

“I heard Xiao Qiao say that there was originally a case of a missing young girl over there too, and you not only solved the case, but also established a base that belongs to you in Huaijiang, with no external forces dripping in. Ye Xing, I’m sorry to trouble you.” Cheng Yulin continued.

“I just promise you guys, look at your looks, making it sound like I’m not very nice to talk to.”

“It’s not that you’re not nice to talk to, it’s because I’m afraid you’re a strict wife.” Cheng Yulin laughed.

“I’ll go out and make a phone call.”

Ye Xing walked out and dialed a phone number that belonged to none other than the leader of the Dragon Group, Bei Ye.

In a moment, the call was answered, and a thick and pale voice came from the other side.

“Ye Xing, looking for me for something?” Bei Ye asked.

“Chief, what is going on in Tianhai?” Ye Xing asked straight to the point.