Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 211-212

Chapter 211

? Province,? City.

Inside the Shangguan family villa.

Outside the main hall, a young figure walked in.


“Little An, how is the investigation of the matter you were asked to investigate?” Shangguan Jinyun asked.

“Master, it’s all been checked out, that person is the newly emerged Lord of the Dragon Palace in the south recently, the Dragon King.”

“The one who is being chased by the Hell’s Angels?” A look of shock appeared on Shangguan Jinyun’s face.

“That’s right, it’s him, the Hells Angels have already had three gold medal killers die under him. Rumour has it that he also seems to have a military background.” Having said that to this point, Xiao An said seriously, “Master. This guy is not simple, I heard that he is quite vindictive, he even scrapped his own brother, he is a ruthless person.”

“What about his strength?”

“Not quite sure. Since he easily defeated Uncle Fu, he should not be weak, I’m afraid he may not necessarily be below your lordship.”

Shangguan Jinyun’s face showed a gloomy look, not expecting at all that his daughter would cause such a big trouble and invite such a strong opponent.

“Master, the video of Miss and Uncle Fu is going crazy outside, and from the video, it looks bad for us.”

The video was watched by Shangguan Jinyun too. It was his own daughter who was arrogant and wei ribbed the other party in front of him, and the other party had not done too much.

However, if we don’t take revenge, it would be too bad for the reputation of our own Shangguan family.

“I’ll think about it, you go out!”

“Yes, Master.”

Just as his handlers went out, a figure rushed in, it was none other than Shangguan Qiushuang.

As soon as Shangguan Qiushuang walked into the hall, she ran up to her father and whimpered loudly.

Her forehead was bandaged and she looked very ugly, and she was kowtowing to beg for mercy.

“Dad, if you don’t help me take revenge, the Shangguan family’s face will be disgraced, how can our family go out to see others in the future?”

Shangguan Qiushan whimpered and cried out, her appearance indescribably pitiful.

“Baby daughter, get up, dad will definitely help you take revenge.”

Shangguan Jinyun hurriedly helped his daughter up.

“Dad, he is in Huaijiang, when are you going to help me take revenge?”

“This matter needs to be considered in the long run, that guy is not simple.”

“Dad, are even you afraid of him?” Shangguan Qiushan said sharply.

“Dad is not afraid of him. Rather, we have to prepare ……”

“I don’t care, you must help me, if you don’t, I won’t live.”

Shangguan Qiu-shan cried and ran out.

“Qiushuang, Qiushuang ……”

Shangguan Jinyun hurriedly shouted, but where else was her daughter’s figure


After returning to Huaijiang, Ye Xing immediately started to refine the elixir using the valuable Chinese herbs he got from Han Siqian.

After a day of refining, he finally produced six blackish pills.

These pills emitted a very strong medicinal smell and actually smelled aromatic.

Ye Xing took the first elixir and then waited quietly for a few moments later. A wave of heat came from his abdomen, and in a few moments it spread to the four meridians, indescribably comfortable, and it looked like his strength had grown a little stronger.

For the next few days, Ye Xing took this elixir, refining all of them.

He clearly felt that his internal qi was much stronger than before.

However, this was not enough.

Murong Xue’s birth mother Shangguan Lan had said that sooner or later she would come back and take Murong Xue away, if he was not strong enough, Murong Xue would be taken away sooner or later, he had to be strong within the shortest possible time.

In the evening, Ye Xing had just returned to his hotel room. He found the room door open.

Inside, a familiar figure sat on the sofa.

The person who came was a woman with short haircut, and was clearly the Shangguan family’s young lady, Shangguan Qiushuang.

After having her hair cut off by Ye Xing, she had kept her hair short, looking not quite the same as before.

Murong Xue was not inside.

“Shangguan Qiushan, where is my wife?” Ye Xing’s face instantly changed.

“I took her away.”

“You seek death.”

Ye Xing’s body gave a whoosh. Already rushing to Shangguan Qiushuang’s side, he stuck one hand around her neck and said coldly, “I warned you, if you dare to hit me again, I will make you die a horrible death, have you forgotten?”

Being stuck to the point where she couldn’t even breathe properly, Shangguan Qiushuang’s face smiled fiercely instead of being afraid.

“What you do to me, my men will do to your wife, are you sure you don’t want to put me down for a proper talk?” Shangguan Qiushan said with a red face.

Ye Xing pushed her hard, pushing her down on the sofa and said angrily, “You have something to do with me. If you dare to touch a single cold hair on her, I will make you die a horrible death, and your Shangguan family, I will make your whole family buried with you.”

“Do you believe it or not. I’ll have someone wheel your wife around?”

“You dare?”

“You see if I dare?”

Shangguan Qiushan returned home and sought her father’s help to take revenge, but she didn’t know that after her father learned the identity of the other party, he didn’t move for a few days.

In anger, Shangguan Qiushan. Alone, she ran to Huaijiang.

She knew that she was not a match for Ye Xing, so she thought of a way to force her father’s hand.

“Cut the crap, what do you want?” Ye Xing asked.

Shangguan Qiushan smiled coldly, a hateful gaze on her face.

In the next stroke, she suddenly took off her outer clothes, revealing a body wearing only her underwear.

Messing up her hair and shredding the clothes she had taken off, she suddenly screamed out.

“Rape, someone’s raping, help!”

She screamed as she ran out.

This woman couldn’t be psychotic, could she?

Murong Xue was still missing, so naturally Ye Xing could not let her escape and hurriedly chased after her, trying to catch her.

“Help, who will save me!”

Shangguan Qiushan screamed miserably. That look was as if Ye Xing was really a rapist.

Soon, the doors of the various rooms pushed out and some of the residents came out of the doorway, each pointing.

Some guests ran out and tried to heroically save the beauty, but they were quickly knocked to the ground by Ye Xing.

“Ye Xing, what’s going on?”

A familiar voice came out. Murong Xue suddenly appeared.

“Xue’er, where have you been, are you alright?” Ye Xing hurriedly went forward and asked.

“I went downstairs to buy some things.”

Murong Xue looked at Shangguan Qiushuang who was squatting on the ground, clothed, and asked strangely, “What’s going on?”

“This psycho stripped herself and said that I raped her, and didn’t even look at what kind of goods she was.” Ye Xing coldly snorted.

For Ye Xing’s words, Murong Xue was convinced, and said at once, “Leave her alone, let’s go back to our room!”

The two of them went back to their room, outside they could still hear Shangguan Qiushuang’s heartbreaking cries, that look, it was a waste not to become an actress.

Murong Xue stayed inside, a little uneasy, said, “Ye Xing, which drama do you think Shangguan Qiushan is making here?”

“What other drama could it be, it must be that Shangguan Jinyun doesn’t dare to make a move against me and she’s adding fuel to the fire.” Ye Xing quickly figured it out.

For the sake of revenge, she didn’t even want her reputation, this woman was really not ordinary ruthless!


Chapter 212

“What do we do?” Murong Xue head asked.

“Don’t bother with her, he can make a scene if he likes, she is the one who loses her reputation anyway.”

Even if Shangguan Jinyun came, he was not afraid in the slightest, after taking a batch of pills, his strength had increased a lot more.

Although Shangguan Jinyun was not weak and had a good reputation in the north, she was definitely not the top kind, and he really didn’t care about it.

After a few moments of fuss outside, the sound died down.

A few moments later, Ye Xing’s phone rang, it was an unfamiliar phone number.

“Ye Xing. You dare to humiliate my daughter, I will break you into pieces.”

On the other side of the phone, a coarse and pale voice came out, extremely angry.

From the tone of voice, it sounded. It was obvious that the other party was the Shangguan Family’s family head, Shangguan Jinyun.

There were quite a few people who knew Ye Xing’s phone number, and it was not difficult for him to find his number.

“Shangguan Jinyun, you yourself know very well what kind of goods your daughter is, right?” Ye Xing snorted coldly and asked, “What did she tell you, that I had attempted rape. Or was it a successful rape?”

“Ye Xing, you want to duel with you.” Shangguan Jinyun roared.

“If I really want to humiliate her, can she get away with it?”

“A father’s fault for not raising a child, you are also responsible for giving birth to such a daughter.”

“I’ll take your duel, but before the duel, you’d better make it clear that you won’t be used as a gun by your own daughter.”

After saying that, Ye Xing hung up the phone straight away and stopped paying attention to him.

“Ye Xing, will it be alright?” Murong Xue asked.

“It’s just a child’s play, I’ll take a shower first, you can give me a bite later.” Ye Xing laughed.

“F*ck off.”

Murong Xue’s face instantly turned red and she couldn’t help but curse out.


In the next room, Shangguan Qiushuang was lying on the bed with a smug look on her face.

Just now, she called her father and ran out of Ye Xing’s room with her clothes unkempt, many people saw it, plus when she called just now, some acting emperor general performance, she believed that her father, would definitely come over to settle the score with Ye Xing.

It was at this time that the video phone rang.

Shangguan Qiushan rubbed her eyes fiercely. Letting her eyes turn red, before she picked up.

“Dad, go to bed early, you have to come over tomorrow.” Shangguan Qiushan said with a sobbing voice.

“Qiushuang, tell me the truth, did Ye Xing almost humiliate you?” Over the screen, Shangguan Jinyun asked seriously.

“Dad, I’ve become like this, and you still don’t believe me?” Shangguan Qiushan immediately whimpered, tears streaming down her face. “Just now outside, many people saw me in my dishevelled state, your daughter has lost all her face. Would I use my dignity to lie to you?”

“I just want to make sure, don’t you cry.” Shangguan Jinyun said hastily.

“Dad, I don’t even know if I can still get married in the future, what am I going to do!”

Shangguan Qiushuang cried out loudly, her tears and nose sobbing all over her face, that look made Shangguan Jinyun’s heart ache.

“Baby, don’t cry, lock the door, I’ll take the earliest flight tomorrow.”

After hanging up the phone, Shangguan Qiushan’s face immediately changed, revealing a cold smile.

“Son of a b*tch. When my father comes over, he will definitely teach you to behave.”

That night, Shangguan Qiu-shan had a beautiful dream in which she dreamed that guy was kneeling in front of her, like a dog.

The next day at noon, Shangguan Qiushuang was hungry and went down to the hotel to eat.

She caught a glimpse of it. Ye Xing was in the hotel lobby with Murong Xue, and the two of them were eating and chatting, so she walked over at once.

“Surnamed Ye, eat more, don’t lose the chance to eat if you want to by then.”

Shangguan Qiushan said coldly as she pressed her hands on the table.

“Get lost!”

Ye Xing only spat out this one word from his mouth.

“Is this place owned by your family, why should I be told to get lost, I’m standing here, you have the guts to kill me, huh?”

Shangguan Qiushan simply stood in place and didn’t walk away, just facing him like this.

Ye Xing’s eyes mimicked up.

Murong Xue shook her head at him, signalling to leave her alone.

The Shangguan family had a very powerful position in the north. If it could be resolved peacefully, Murong Xue still wanted it to be resolved peacefully.

In case Ye Xing really hurt Shangguan Qiushuang, then it would be a complete break with the Shangguan family.

Ye Xing suddenly chucked a chicken bone and threw it to the ground. He said, “Here, eat the bone.”

He was treating Shangguan Qiushuang like a dog.

“Surnamed Ye, you wait, my father will be here soon. You’ll be dead by then.”

Shangguan Qiushuang had no face to stay on and left in a huff.

Eating at someone else was indeed like a dog.

It was at this time that a familiar figure walked over.

From afar, I could see a pair of long, healthy and slender legs, walking with wind and thunder, who else had this walking posture but Luo Xiaoyun!

“Xiao Yun, this way.” Murong Xue shouted from afar.

Luo Xiaoyun walked towards this side and sat down beside Murong Xue.

Ye Xing looked at Luo Xiaoyun, today she was wearing a body-idle sweatshirt, which still couldn’t cover her plump body completely.

What a devilish figure!

Ye Xing couldn’t help but compare her with Qiang Wei, and in the end, the conclusion was that each had its own merits.

Qiang Wei was bigger, but Luo Xiaoyun was a bit more sturdy.

“Where are your eyes looking?” Luo Xiaoyun gave him a blank look and said to Murong Xue, “Xiaoxue. He’s glancing at my B**bs.”

Ye Xing almost didn’t spurt out a mouthful of blood, this girl was too direct in her words!

“Ye Xing.” Murong Xue said angrily.

“Nonsense, I just looked up at her, it would be rude if I didn’t look at her.” Ye Xing’s face instantly darkened and said angrily, “Luo Xiaoyun, if you slander me again, we won’t even have to be friends with each other.”

“Who cares to be friends with a rapist like you.” Luo Xiaoyun snorted coldly.

“Say it clearly. Who is a rapist now, things can be said nonsense, words cannot be said nonsense.” Ye Xing hurriedly said.

“Xiao Yun, it’s all a rumour. That woman has a grudge against Ye Xing and deliberately set him up.” Murong Xue hurriedly explained.

“Not now, it will be hard to guarantee in the future, Xue’er, be careful in your situation!”

Her words were no different from speaking to Murong Xue’s sore point, which was exactly what she was having the hardest time with.

Ye Xing was a good man and would not go out and mess around.

What if she couldn’t be cured in a year, two years, three years?

“You die if you don’t talk nonsense?” Ye Xing stepped on Luo Xiaoyun’s foot under the table and said angrily, “If you talk nonsense again, I’ll get you killed.”

“Don’t lift your shoulders as soon as you meet, Xiao Yun, hurry up and eat!”

Murong Xue helped her take a bowl and washed it up with tea.

“Xue’er, she has hands and feet, she won’t wash herself, you eat your food, don’t mind her.”

Ye Xing had just finished speaking when he noticed that his foot had been stepped on and Luo Xiaoyun gave him a fierce glare.

He was about to step back on it, but thought better of it.

Women, you will always lose when you carry on with them.

The next moment, his foot was stepped on again.

Ye Xing simply retracted his foot and did not extend it to see if her foot could still be so long.

A slap on the wrist doesn’t ring a bell, and without a response, Luo Xiaoyun was tasteless.