Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 21-22

Chapter 21

“Ye Xing, do you still remember how Little Aunt treated us?” Murong Xue looked at him and said in a serious tone.

Since Murong Xue married Ye Xing, even though she had a successful career and became a very famous female boss in Huaijiang, many people still looked at her with coloured eyes and looked down on her, only her sister-in-law Su Hui mushroom did not look down on her.

Both her sister-in-law and her husband are educated and knowledgeable people, and they thought it was great that she did this. Not only did they not look down on her, but they also admired her, which was much better than those white-eyed wolves in the family.

“Auntie left Ruo Bing to us. If anything happens to her, how can we live up to Auntie’s trust?” Murong Xue continued.

“Even you said you couldn’t convince her to come back, so how could she listen to my words.” Ye Xing shrugged his shoulders.

“Ruo Bing is just a three-minute fire, you give her an apology. She’ll just pretend nothing happened.”

“And I have to apologise, no way.”

“Ye Xing, man up ……”

“I’ll get her back alright!” Ye Xing impatiently stood up.

Just a few steps away, he added, “Where am I going to find her in the middle of the night?”

“Just now, Ruo Bing’s best cla*smate Feng Xiao called me and said that Ruo Bing was looking for her and asked her out to play, I’ll give you her number.”

Murong took out his phone and flipped out a number for him.

“And you know how to put eyes around that money-loser. Not bad.” Ye Xing praised.

“That character of Ruo Bing, can I not keep an eye on it?”

After writing down the phone number, Ye Xing headed upstairs.

“Where are you going?”

“To take a shower, that money-losing B*tch is still holding her anger right now, it’s useless to find her, so I’ll wait until her anger subsides.”

Back in his room, Ye Xing took a shower and changed into clean clothes before he went downstairs.

“The car keys.” Ye Xing reached out his hand.

Murong Xue looked at him dumbly and suddenly blushed a little.

This guy, dressed so cleanly, was still really handsome.

“There will be more opportunities to look at it later, give me the keys quickly.” Ye Xing held out his hand and said urgently, “I called Feng Xiao just now, they said they were at the bar!”

“What, a bar!” Murong Xue was startled and said urgently, “I’ll go with you.”

“I can’t even take care of the two of them in those third-rate places, how can I have time to take care of you? Don’t worry, I promise to bring her back unharmed.” Ye Xing took the car keys and left the house.


New Cool Bar is the hottest bar in Huaijiang, there is no one.

Young people, in particular, are particularly fond of it, and every weekend the place is exceptionally hot.

The bar lobby. It was hot, and the powerful music shook people’s ears and made their willpower wobble.

“Ruo Bing, let’s go back, I’ve heard that bars are very messy, if my dad knows I’m coming to a bar, he’ll have to kill me.”

Feng Xiao said timidly as she held Jiang Ruo Bing and pushed her gla*ses on her nose.

“It’s the twenty-first century, bars have long since stopped being chaotic.” Jiang Ruobing said.

“You come to bars often?” Feng Xiao asked.

“Sloppy, once or twice a month!”

Jiang Ruobing wrapped her arms around Feng Xiao’s neck. She smiled and said, “Don’t worry, you are the favourite concubine of this palace, this palace will never let anything happen to you!”

The two of them were chatting when suddenly there was a shout in front of them, “Bing Bing, this way.”

Feng Xiao raised her eyes and saw a familiar figure sitting in the middle of the hall in front of her.

Casually dressed, with a handsome and dashing face.

“Luo Ting.” Her eyes lit up at once.

Luo Ting was a junior at Huaijiang University, a popular figure in the school, whether it was grades, sports. All conditions were very good, and she didn’t know how many girls had Prince Charming in their hearts.

For Luo Ting, Feng Xiao had liked it for a long time, and her mood suddenly got tense.

“Luo Ting said this bar he often comes to, it is his home turf, it will be fine, now you believe it!” Shen Ruobing laughed.

“Okay!” Feng Xiao reluctantly believed it.

Even such a good boy was bar-hopping, it seemed like she wasn’t that resistant to bar-hopping anymore.

The two women walked over.

From the moment Shen Ruobing and Feng Xiao entered the bar. It attracted the attention of many people.

What man would not look twice at such a pure, beautiful, young and beautiful girl.

Although Feng Xiao was not as pretty as Jiang Ruobing, she was also a small family girl, and that little bird-like personality had many boys pa*sing notes.

It was just that she was introverted and not as outgoing as Jiang Ruobing, so her popularity was not as high.

“Bingbing, Feng Xiao, sit here.”

Luo Ting vacated two chairs and let them sit beside him.

The two women sat down. Only then did they realise that there were two other men sitting beside Luo Ting.

One of them was dyed red and the other had a tattoo on his neck.

“Luo Ting, these two girls are nice!” The red-haired man stared at Jiang Ruobing with a fiery gaze.

“Brother Kei, these two are my cla*smates. Very close.” Luo Ting returned awkwardly.

The red-haired man stood up and extended his hand to Jiang Ruobing, “Get to know each other, my name is Kei, I’m a decent guy.”

Jiang Ruobing stood up. Pulling Feng Xiao’s hand, she said, “Let’s go.”

You’ve never eaten pork, but you’ve seen a pig run!

A decent person’s mouth wouldn’t say he was a decent person.

This Redhead, at a glance, knew that he was not a good person.

Feng Xiao also saw it and was a little disappointed, not expecting Luo Ting to know these people.

As soon as he came up, he wanted to shake a girl’s hand, and at a glance, he was not a good person.

“Bingbing, Brother Ki is my friend, I can swear on my name that they are all good people.” Luo Ting hurriedly stopped them.

“Luo Ting, are you not going to let me go?” Jiang Ruobing said angrily.

“Bingbing, listen to me.”

Luo Ting walked over and whispered, “Brother Ki is from the Dao and can’t afford to mess with them, I didn’t expect to meet them here. If you accompany them for a drink, for my sake, they won’t give you a hard time, if you refuse. I’m afraid Brother Kei will be upset.”

“It’s a society under the rule of law now, so what if he’s not happy, I still don’t believe he can do anything to me.”

Shen Ruobing’s family background was not ordinary, and she had never been threatened before.

Asking her to drink with a disgusting man, there was no way.

“Feng Xiao, let’s go!”

Jiang Ruobing took Feng Xiao’s hand and left the bar in stride!

Brother Kei watched their backs and didn’t stop. Taking a sharp sip of wine, he pulled out the phone.

Walking out of the bar, the two women suddenly noticed a man walking in front of them.

“Ruo Bing, the man in front of me is so handsome.” Feng Xiao called out like a nymphomaniac.

Jiang Ruobing took a look at the man in front of her and her face instantly darkened.

“You’re blind, this is also called handsome.”

The man in front of him was none other than Ye Xing, who had just arrived.

Less silly looking and wearing designer clothes, his aura skyrocketed.

“Much more handsome than Luo Ting.” Feng Xiao’s pink fist clenched.

The two were talking when Ye Xing walked towards them.

“Pay …… Bingbing, your cousin is calling you home for dinner.”

Ye Xing almost said the three words of payout.

“You guys know each other?” Feng Xiao asked strangely.

“You are Feng Xiao’s cla*smate, right, hello, my name is Ye Xing, Bing Bing’s cousin’s husband.” Ye Xing smiled.

“You’re the fool ……,” Feng Xiao’s eyes were wider than mirror sockets.


Chapter 22

“That’s right, I’m Silly Ye Xing.” Ye Xing laughed.

Feng Xiao’s mouth opened wide as she looked at Jiang Ruobing and said, “Bing Bing, you lied to me.”

“I didn’t lie to you, he used to be a fool, he hit his head well from a car crash a few days ago.” Jiang Ruobing rolled her eyes.

“Bingbing, don’t lie to people like that, crashing a car can fix your brain, do you think I’m stupid!” Feng Xiao didn’t believe it at all.

“I’d rather he was a fool!” Jiang Ruobing snorted coldly.

“Just think of me as a fool, go back!”

Ye Xing had wanted to goad him a few times, but when he thought of the woman’s character, if he wentad her a few more times. She wouldn’t want to take her back in a fit of anger.

“Old mother hasn’t had enough fun yet, Feng Xiao go!” Jiang Ruobing took Feng Xiao by the arm and took a big step towards the street.

Just two steps out. Suddenly there was a squeak and a van pulled up beside her.

The door pulled open and two people stepped out of the car. Before the two women could react, they were dragged into the van and whizzed away.

Another kidnapping, how come old me is so unlucky?

Ye Xing hurriedly ran to his own car and chased after him.


Thirty minutes later. Somewhere outside the city, a piece of woods.

The van stopped and the two women were pushed out.

“Brother Kei, the men have been brought in.” One of the punks said.

Brother Kei had been waiting for a long time, he shook his hair out, walked up to the two women and cupped Jiang Ruobing’s chin.

“Don’t touch me.”

Jiang Ruobing twisted her head to avoid it and said angrily, “I’m warning you, my father is a high official, if you touch me, you’ll be finished.”


“So spunky, but I like it.”

Ki cupped her pink face and suddenly threw a fierce slap at her face.

The slap was so strong that it not only swelled half of Jiang Ruobing’s face, but also knocked all her bottom out.

“How dare you scare me, Ki I am scared.”

“B*tch, shame on you, if you had just had a drink with me, nothing would have happened.”

“You’ve managed to anger me, I’m not Ki if I don’t make you die today.”

Next to him Feng Xiao was being held up by a man, shivering in fear.

Jiang Ruobing was so frightened that her face turned blue and she forgot to even resist.

The two university students had not yet been out in society, where had they seen such a world, and had long since been scared out of their wits.

“Hold her up. Lie down properly, doesn’t this little B*tch like to pretend to be noble, today I want her to be like a dog.”

Two men held Jiang Ruobing up and pressed her to the hood of the car.

“Help, help!”

Jiang Ruobing reacted then and screamed out loud, scared to tears.

“There’s no one here for over ten kilometres, no one will hear you even if you scream through your throat.” Brother Kei laughed loudly.

Just as he finished his sentence, a light suddenly shot up in front of him and a BMW Seven Series squealed and braked sharply in front of him.

“Brother Kei, someone’s coming.” One of the punks said.

“I thought you guys said no one was following, what’s going on?” Ki asked.

“We are not seeing anyone following.” The handlers said back.

The crowd’s eyes. They all fell on the BMW.

The door opened and a young man got out of the car and walked towards them.

“Cousin husband, help me.”

Jiang Ruobing screamed loudly as if she had found a straw to save her life.

At this moment, whatever revenge, whatever hatred she had, she had thrown it all away to the clouds.

“I told you to be good and go home but didn’t listen, you’ve suffered!” Ye Xing lazily walked over and said, “Brother, give a face and let her go.”

“Kid. Good, enough guts to come to the rescue alone.”

Brother Kei’s eyes looked behind Ye Xing to make sure he was the only one to say the word.

“I did it for your own good.” Ye Xing pointed at Jiang Ruobing and said, “She contracted AIDS at the age of sixteen, if you touch her, your life will be ruined.”

These words came out. Brother Kei was so scared that he took a few steps back.

The two punks holding Jiang Ruobing down also acted like they had encountered the plague and let go in a hurry.

“You’re the one with AIDS, your whole family has AIDS.” Jiang Ruobing cursed.

Ye Xing’s face instantly went black.

He had managed to come up with a plan to get out of it, but in the end, she had ruined it all.

“Kid, you dare to fool me, beat him up.” Brother Kei bellowed.

At that moment, two bull-tall punks came towards Ye Xing with an aggressive attitude.

These punks were all frequent fighters, and in their eyes, the little white face-like Ye Xing. It was simply unbearable to deal a blow.

“The police are here.” Ye Xing suddenly shouted.

The two punks turned around in a hurry.

“I’ll fight!”

Ye Xing flew up two kicks and kicked the two punks directly under their spans.

The most vulnerable place of a man was kicked hard, and the two punks instantly fell to the ground, covering their legs and screaming miserably between them. They instantly lost their fighting power.

“This kid is shameless, Mourning Biao, get him killed.” Ki said angrily.

Mourning Biao had long hair and was about 5’8″ tall. There was a scar on his face that looked very intimidating.

“Kid, watch me beat up your mother so much that she doesn’t even know you.”

Mourning Biao clenched both fists and charged towards the head like a bull.

“Look, the police are here.” Ye Xing yelled again.

“Kid, still want to cheat me, alas ……”

A handful of sand in front of him withdrew over, and Bereaved Biao was caught off guard and hurt his eyes.

“I fight.”

Ye Xing jumped over and did the same trick again, his right foot kicked hard between Biao Biao’s legs.

The sound of breaking eggs was heard, and Biao Biao lost his voice and screamed miserably.

The remaining punks around them couldn’t help but shrink their legs.

“Shameless, this kid is too shameless.”

“Too cheap.”

“Get rid of him.”

The remaining punks all cursed, but none of them dared to come over.

This kid was so sinister, there was no guarantee that he had any more sinister tricks up his sleeve.

Brother Kei had not brought many people this time. There were only five of them, and they didn’t expect to be put down by three in the blink of an eye.

“You two, copy your weapons and go.” Brother Kei ordered.

The two remaining punks took out their daggers from their bodies and surrounded Ye Xing with one left and one right.

Jiang Ruobing was so frightened that she clung to Feng Xiao, her face pale and trembling.

“Are you guys sure you want to move your knives at me. No regrets?” Ye Xing’s body stood straight and his gaze grinned coldly.

One moment he looked like a small-time punk playing a conspiracy, but the next moment, it was as if he had transformed into a supreme master.

His eyes were like knives and his scalp would tingle when he was stared at.

“You are no match for him, back off.”

Inside Ki’s car, a thick and pale voice suddenly came out.

If he hadn’t spoken, no one would have known there was someone else inside the car!

The car door pushed open and the man with a tattoo on his neck stepped down, the same man who had just been drinking with Brother Kei at the bar.

“Liu Qing, it’s just a little yakuza, no need for you to do anything.” Brother Kei said.

“Brother Kei, this kid’s footwork is not simple, he’s a practitioner.” Liu Qing, the tattooed man, said indifferently.

“He’s a master?” Brother Kei looked at Ye Xing in disbelief.

Not only Brother Kei, but even the two women who were trembling on the side were shocked.

“Bingbing, does your cousin’s husband know martial arts?” Feng Xiao asked.

“He doesn’t know any martial arts, he has no hands and only uses dirty tricks.” Jiang Ruobing pulled her a little towards the BMW. “Feng Xiao, listen to my command later, when I shout run, we’ll run together towards the car and drive away while they’re not looking.”

“That’s not good, what about your cousin’s husband?” Feng Xiao was a bit intolerant.

“He is a big man what is there to be afraid of, he can’t beat up and get beaten up, we are two big beautiful women like flowers, if we get caught, when they turn you over and over again, how will you meet people in the future?” Jiang Ruobing whispered.

Feng Xiao was so frightened that she nodded her head like a chicken pecking at rice.

The two women quietly approached the car.