Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 205-206

Chapter 205

At these words, there was an uproar all around, each looking at Ye Xing, all speculating on his identity.

Wu Gui was a member of the White Mountain generation!

“Boss Han, let’s talk upstairs while we wait.”

“Good, wait upstairs.”

Han Siqian nodded repeatedly and looked at Ye Xing with apprehension, secretly guessing his identity.

Going up to the office on the first floor, Ye Xing opened the door and said, “Boss Han, let me introduce myself, my name is Xing. From the south, this is my wife, and this is my friend Xiao Qi.”

“So it’s Boss Ye.” Han Siqian responded politely.

“I came here this time to buy high vintage Chinese medicine. I don’t know if Boss Han has a collection in his hands, the price is not a problem, but it must be good.”

A difficult look appeared on Han Siqian’s face as he said, “Boss Ye, I’m not going to lie to you, since Wu Gui got involved in the Chinese medicine business, my clientele has all been taken away by him, and every month there were always herbalists who picked high vintage Chinese medicines and sent them to me. Wu Gui spoke up. If anyone dares to sell me herbs again, they will be killed. After crippling two of the herb-pickers, no one dared to sell to me anymore, they could only sell to him at a low price.”

“D*mn it, is this still the king’s law?” Xiao Qi said angrily.

“I advise you to run away from here, Wu Gui’s background is not simple, they are not easy to mess with.”

“Boss Han, don’t worry, since I’m here, from now on, all the medicinal herb business around the Long Daylight area will be yours.” Ye Xing smiled and said.

“Boss Han, there is nothing that the boss can’t do what he wants to do.” Seeing that he was still worried, Xiao Qi also said.

Han Siqian saw Ye Xing’s cloudy appearance and his accomplishment, so he said, “Boss Ye, if you can really do it, I will give you all the high vintage Chinese medicines in the future, without earning any money from you, and I will offer you whatever price the medicine pickers want.”

“How can you do business without making money, a business that loses money won’t last long, what used to be profit is still profit. However. I have one request that you have to make, Boss Han.”

“Boss Ye, you say.”

“I want all the high vintage herbs, you can’t hide them or sell them to anyone, or else I will change them.” Ye Xing’s face turned icy cold and serious: “I like to do business with honest people, but only if, this honest person can do business.”

“Don’t worry, Boss Ye, my Han family has been in the medicinal herb business in White Mountain for four generations, if it’s a medicinal herb business that I can’t do, then no one can do it.” Han Siqian patted his chest and said.

“Fine. Then let’s wait here for Wu Gui to come to the door and I’ll talk to him properly, if he doesn’t agree, then, I’ll have to let him go see you, King Yan.” Ye Xing said coldly.

Feeling the powerful killing aura on his body, Han Siqian was inwardly aghast.



Inside a garden villa that covered an area of over one thousand square meters, the living room on the first floor.

“Both of you, please use the tea.”

Wu Gui respectfully brought down two cups of tea from the top of the tray and placed them in front of the two young men and women.

The young woman was around twenty years old, wearing a set of tightly-bound, waist-length dresses, with long hair. Her features were exquisite. Apart from one pair of eyes, which had a fierce look that didn’t make people feel too comfortable, the whole person looked quite pretty.

Beside her stood a man of about twenty-six or twenty-seven years old, who never spoke, standing like a mountain.

“Wu Gui, where are the herbs?” The young lady asked.

“Miss Shangguan wait for a moment.”

Wu Gui turned into the room and quickly brought out a tray with five herbs.

Three human-shaped ginseng plants. A Lingzhi, and a Yellow Essence, all of which looked very old.

“What’s with the barkers, just this crap, it’s not even worthy of feeding my family’s dogs.”

The young lady slapped out with one hand and the tray fell to the ground, banging.

“Miss Shangguan, this is the best, it’s really all there is.” Wu Gui was embarra*sed.

“Slap your mouth!”

Hearing the order, the man beside the young girl walked over and threw a fierce slap across his face.

Wu Gui’s face was instantly red and swollen. A few finger marks were revealed.

“Rubbish, this young lady gave you such an important territory in Changbai Mountain, but I didn’t expect you to play such a good deck of cards badly. For six months in a row, you haven’t even managed to get a decent and valuable Chinese medicine. What use do I need you for, why don’t I just let Han Siqian do it?” The young lady said angrily.

“Please don’t be angry, it’s not that I don’t want to look for it, but I really don’t have any good Chinese medicine.”

“Bullsh*t. Don’t think that this young lady doesn’t know that you have borrowed this young lady’s ability to monopolise this side of the market while keeping the price down by a third. You think those herb pickers are stupid, how can they sell at such a low price, they must have put it at home.” The young girl said angrily.

Wu Gui’s face turned red as he muttered, “It’s not because you acquired it at such a low price, I can’t lose money, can I?”

“How dare you, don’t you want to live?” The male bodyguard said angrily.

“Now you think the price I gave you is too low, don’t forget that it was the price you gave yourself in the first place, otherwise, why should I use you, in what way are you better than Han Siqian?” The more the young girl said, the angrier she became.

Wu Gui’s face turned blue and red for a while as he said weakly, “Miss Shangguan. Don’t worry, I will offer you good Chinese medicine next month, if it doesn’t work, you can withdraw me and I will find a way to deliver the goods to your satisfaction.”

“Ah Jiu, let’s go!”

The young lady stood up and was about to leave when suddenly one of her men ran in hurriedly. He said, “Boss Wu, it’s a big deal, the people we sent to the Peaceful Drugstore were beaten up and all of them were crippled.”

“Who has the guts to touch my men?”

Wu Gui had already been holding his anger, and now he stood up haughtily.

“Three outsiders, two men and one woman, who know martial arts. The one in the lead even said that you should get lost to the Peaceful Drugstore within an hour, or else you will disappear from White Mountain.”

“What a big mouth, call someone immediately and go to the Peaceful Drugstore.”

“Yes, Boss Wu.”

After the subordinate left, Wu Gui then said to the young girl, “Miss Shangguan, please also go ahead and make a trip, if it’s an ordinary person I can handle it myself, if the other party really has something to offer, please also help when the time comes.”

“Let’s go!” The young lady said indifferently.

“Many thanks to Miss Shangguan.”

Half an hour later, several luxury cars stopped in front of the Peaceful Drugstore.

Wu Gui got down from the car, followed by a group of men behind him.

“Han Siqian, you come out with me and give me an explanation.” Wu Gui bellowed.

Upstairs, Ye Xing was drinking tea with Han Siqian, when he heard the shouting coming from downstairs, Han Siqian’s face changed instantly.

“Boss Han, don’t worry, with me here, no one can move.”

Ye Xing smiled faintly and stood up, leading Xiao Qi and Murong Xue downstairs.

“You are Wu Gui?”

Walking out of the entrance of the pharmacy, Ye Xing’s gaze immediately fell on a fat and chubby looking man in the middle.

“I am, who are you?” Wu Gui shouted.

With Shangguan Qiushan around, his boldness instantly rose to the extreme.


Chapter 206

As long as people in the Chinese medicine world, who does not know the Shangguan family, which is a famous family in China.

In all of China, the Shangguan family buys all the wild mountains and rivers that produce wild herbs. The most scary thing is that the Shangguan family has connections with martial arts schools, and everyone in the family is a martial arts practitioner.

As the youngest daughter of the Shangguan family, Shangguan Qiushuang was loved by all, who dared not give her face.

“You don’t need to know what kind of person I am. I asked you to come because I want to tell you that business is about fair competition, and you sent people over to smash other people’s shops. This is begging for a market grab.” Ye Xing said.

“None of your business, get rid of him.” Wu Gui bellowed.

A dozen of his men, aggressively barged in, with all kinds of weapons in their hands.

“Xiao Qi, no need to be polite.” Ye Xing commanded.

Xiao Qi had long looked away and immediately charged out like a leopard, fists and kicks flying.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

The sound of punches and kicks hitting the body came out in a moment. A group of beaters fell to the ground, screaming in agony.

“Bring him here, I’ll teach him how to do business.” Ye Xing commanded.

Xiao Qi instantly rushed towards Wu Gui.

“Miss Shangguan, help.” Wu Gui shouted.

A figure rushed over and threw a punch, colliding with Xiao Qi’s fist!

Both of them shook out of the way at the same time, each looking at the other.

“Boss, this guy is not simple.”

Xiao Qi said as he waved the fist in his hand.

Up ahead, the door of a Mercedes car pulled open and a tall, arrogant young girl stepped down, striding into the crowd.

“Miss, this teenager is an inner strength expert.” Ah Jiu said.

Shangguan Qiushan’s gaze fell on Xiao Jiu, slightly surprised, it was not often that one could enter the Inner Strength realm at such a young age.

Then, her gaze then landed on Ye Xing, she could see that this was the main person.

“Kid, where did you come from?” Shangguan Qiushan held her head high and looked at Ye Xing.

“Didn’t your mother teach you to be polite when talking to people?” Ye Xing asked.

This young girl’s attitude was too arrogant, with a condescending look. It was uncomfortable to listen to.

“In my eyes, you are not considered people yet, so why do you need to be polite?” Shangguan Qiushan snorted coldly.

“At your young age, you have no upbringing at all, how do you speak?” Murong Xue, who was originally very good-tempered, was now also angry.

“B*tch, who are you again, who are you to talk about me?”

Just after she finished speaking, Shangguan Qiushuang immediately felt a flash of human shadow in front of her, Ye Xing had struck.

“Miss be careful.”

Ah Jiu was shocked and hurriedly came out to help, blocking in front of Ye Xing. A fist blasted out and the wind shot out in all directions.

The next moment, a muffled sound came out of his mouth and his whole body fell out and fell heavily to the ground.

Shangguan Xie Qiushan’s face changed drastically as he swiftly pulled out a dark green dagger from his body and stabbed at Ye Xing’s palm.

“How dare you poison yourself, you don’t know whether to live or die.”

Ye Xing’s hand dodged the dagger with a gentle rap, locked her wrist and twisted it with force.

Hearing only a thin sound of card, Shang Guan Qiushuang’s wrist dislocated and the dagger fell into Ye Xing’s hand. It was held at her neck.


Ah Jiu struggled to get up and was about to rush over.

“Ah Jiu, don’t come over, you’re no match for him.” Shangguan Qiushan hastily drank.

“Dare to scold my wife, how impatient are you to live?” Ye Xing slapped her white and tender face with his dagger and drank, “Apologise to my wife, or else don’t blame me for being ungracious.”

“I am Shangguan Qiushuang of the Shangguan family. My father is Shangguan Jinyun, if you dare to touch a single hair on my head, you will definitely die a miserable death.” Shangguan Qiushuang exclaimed.

“Which Shangguan family is very bullying?” Ye Xing twisted his head and asked Xiao Qi.

“Boss, the Shangguan family is a martial arts family, Shangguan Jinyun is very strong and is said to have stepped into Inner Strength Da Cheng.”

Hearing this name, Xiao Qi’s face also paled slightly.

“Ye Xing, why don’t we forget about it!”

Murong Xue was also a little worried when she heard that this young girl had such an uncomplicated background.

Ye Xing had already offended many powers, she didn’t want him to offend another family because of herself.

“Hurry up and let me go if you have the sense to do so, and then apologize to me. Or else ……”


A white light flashed and Shangguan Qiushan screamed in fear.

A bunch of long hair floated down to the ground, and a hole appeared in Shangguan Qiushuang’s beautiful head of long hair.

“There should be a few thousand cold hairs here. I’d like to see how miserable I am.” Ye Xing sneered.

“You’re dead, I’m going to kill you.”

Shangguan Qiushuang roared in anger, forgetting about being afraid.

As a woman who was extremely concerned about her appearance. Having half of her long hair cut off, she could only keep it short in the future. How unsightly short hair would be, she dared not imagine.

“Apologise.” Ye Xing ordered.

“Don’t even think about it.”

“I don’t want to say it a third time.” Ye Xing pressed down daggers.

A cold sensation came over his neck and the fear of death, instantly enveloped him.

“I apologise, sister right or wrong, I was wrong.”

Finally, Shangguan Qiushan broke down and shouted.

“Who’s the b*tch?”

“Sister is not a b*tch.”

“I ask you, who is the b*tch?”

“I’m the b*tch, I’m the b*tch.”

Feeling death so close for the first time, Shangguan Qiushan could no longer bear it.

The previous arrogant look was completely gone, replaced with a servile look.

“I’ll put my words here, this is the first and only time. Next time, if you dare to hit on me again, I will make you die an ugly death. Don’t think that your Shangguan family is great. I can make your Shangguan family get rid of its name in China, do you believe it or not?”

“Yes, I do.”

“Get lost!”

Ye Xing kicked her in the buttocks, sending her tumbling to the ground and falling on her face.


Ah Jiu hurriedly ran over and helped her up.

“Ah Jiu, let’s go.”

A look of hatred appeared on Shangguan Qiushuang’s face as she darted to the car. Pulling open the car door to get up.

In a moment, the car ran away without a trace.

“Wu Gui, did I let you go?” Ye Xing said coldly.

Wu Gui was trying to leave quietly, when he was named, he turned back at once, walked up to Ye Xing and said weakly, “Big brother, spare my life!”

“Who did you want to get killed just now?” Ye Xing asked.

“Big brother, I was just joking, don’t take it seriously ……”

“I won’t talk nonsense to you, from today onwards, no herbal business, if I know you dare to do it again, you die.”

“Yes, yes, big brother, I won’t even touch it from now on.”

“Get lost!”

Wu Gui was amnestied and led a group of his men, rolling away with him.

“Many thanks to Brother Ye.” Han Siqian walked over and smiled.

He had seen Ye Xing’s tactics, and he couldn’t wait to climb on such a thick thigh.

With Wu Gui no longer touching the herb business, from now on, the business on this side of Changbai Mountain would be his world alone again.

“It’s just a hand up, no need to be polite.”

“Let’s continue our chat upstairs!”

The group went upstairs and once again arrived back in the conference room.

“You guys wait for a moment, I’ll be right there.”

Han Siqian said, turned and left, and in a few moments came back with a tray, on top of which were several brocade boxes.

Just by looking at the brocade boxes, one could tell that the items collected inside were estimated to be of great price.