Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 201-202

Chapter 201

“Yo, there are quite a lot of luxury cars!”

Ye Xing got out of the car and took a look around, there were a large number of Mercedes-Benz and BMW Audis, even Porsche Bentleys.

It happened to be around today and there were especially many people looking at the property.

“Should I contact the old boss and ask him to come over and introduce you?” Murong Xue asked.

“No, let’s see what we like, I like to be lively.” Ye Xing laughed.

The two of them walked into the sales hall and were looking for someone to introduce them, but they didn’t know that none of the salesmen took care of them.

There were many customers walking into the sales department, and many of them were greeted by salesmen. They were the only ones who didn’t.

Ye Xing walked to the front desk and glanced at one of the computers, only to see that it was the car park’s surveillance on it, and immediately understood.

Dare I say that these people were watching what kind of cars other people were driving. And then pick on the rich ones!

Like him, driving over in a broken car of 40,000 to 50,000 BYD, could he have money to buy a house?

“Please ask, we want to see a house, can you ask someone to introduce us?” Ye Xing asked as he walked to the front desk.

There was a man there with gla*ses and a sales manager written on his clothes who was busy, looked up at him and instructed, “Li Mei. Go and entertain the customers.”

Li Mei was a sales clerk in her thirties, wearing heavy make-up, who had been watching the monitor in front of the computer.

She gave Ye Xing a faint glance and said, “Manager Zhao, I have an appointment with a client, I’ll be there soon, sorry.”

“Lin Qingya, you entertain.”

“Manager, Brother Li who came to see the house last time and has a great intention is already in the car park, I’ll go and receive him.”

Lin Qingya finished speaking and walked to the entrance to stand guard.

“Shi Yin, you go and receive it.”

Manager Zhao instructed next to the computer, a salesman with gla*ses, still very young, said.

“Manager, I’ve just ……”

“Go on, go on!” Manager Zhao drank.

The young girl with gla*ses had to stand up, walked to Ye Xing and Murong Xue and said, “Hello, two, my name is Liang Shiyin, I am the salesperson here, please come with us.”

“New here?” Ye Xing asked.

“It’s my first day on the job today. Sorry, there are really too many guests today, I will briefly introduce you first, if any of the old salesmen are free later, I will ask them to entertain you.” Liang Shiyin said politely.

When Ye Xing heard that, he was instantly angry.

It was his first day at work, he didn’t know anything, he didn’t even know the price clearly, he couldn’t even tell the southeast, north and west of the whole property, not to mention the surrounding lots, the community introduction, calling such a person to deal with himself. How about sending out callers?

“Please bother you, show us around.”

Murong Xue saw that Ye Xing was a bit fuming, and hurriedly pulled his hand, signalling him not to be impulsive.

“Take us to see the best villa, remember, the best.” Ye Xing commanded.

“Please follow me.”

Led by Liang Shiyin, the two of them arrived at the sand table and pointed at the villa area above.

“The best ones, are the ones in the middle.” Liang Shiyin introduced.

Ye Xing took a glance and immediately looked at the seven or eight building kings in the middle of the villa area, and immediately asked, “What about those buildings?”

“Sir, those are the company’s reserved houses. Has a client already ordered them?”

“Have you paid the deposit?”

“I’m not sure about that, I’ll ask them for you.”

Liang Shiyin wrote down the numbers of the villas, went to the reception desk and asked, “Manager, this gentleman is interested in villas 16, 17 and 18, may I ask if the client has made a deposit?”

“You want to buy a villa?”

Manager Zhao looked up at Ye Xing. Although he didn’t say anything, the contempt inside his gaze was still very obvious.

A guy who drove a few tens of thousands of dollars of BYD came to buy a villa of the king of the building?

“There is an intention.” Ye Xing said indifferently.

“Those sets are the company’s reserved villas, we have to ask the boss’s side to know if they are for sale, you have to be sure to buy us before you ask.” Manager Zhao said.

“Ask, we’ll buy.” Ye Xing said.

“This villa is priced at over six million, and the down payment is over three million.” Manager Zhao reminded.

He said this figure to make the other party know what to expect.

Ye Xing turned his head to look at Murong Xue and asked, “Wife, what do you think of that villa?”

Murong Xue was looking at the layout plan of the villa and shook her head, “It’s actually just average. It’s not as good as I thought it would be.”

For ordinary people, the villa was already very good, but with the two people’s requirements, it was obviously not enough to satisfy them.

“I think so. It’s indeed that little bit worse.” Ye Xing nodded.

“This is the best villa in our development, in the whole Huai River, you can’t find a few villas better than these, your vision is really high!” Manager Zhao snorted coldly.

As a salesman. They were professionally trained, so of course they couldn’t say things like ‘don’t buy if you can’t afford it’ in front of the guests.

Only brain-damaged novels were written like that.

Of course, there are still a lot of insinuations and disguised taunts.

Just like this manager Zhao’s voice, it was full of sarcasm!

“This gentleman, the best villas here are these, if you still can’t see it, then we can only say that there are no villas in our development that meet your eyes, please go and look elsewhere.”

The saleswoman called Li Mei was once again sarcastic when she said earlier that her client was arriving soon and refused to receive Ye Xing.

Looking at the woman’s face with good thick make-up, Ye Xing really wanted to give her a few slaps.

But he quickly held back.

He was here to act tough, not to hit people.

The highest level of punching someone in the face was not hitting them.

“If you live, these villas are really poor. It should be good if you use it for raising dogs, right?” Ye Xing twisted his head and asked Murong Xue.

Looking at his look, Murong Xue immediately knew that his pretentiousness was back, and immediately cooperated, “Raising dogs and cats is indeed not bad.”

“Fine, then let’s buy it to raise dogs and cats!”

After Ye Xing finished speaking, he turned to Manager Zhao and said, “We’ll take the eighteen-storey villa.”

Manager Zhao, Li Mei. Liang Shiyin, all looked at him with dumbfounded eyes.

What was wrong with this guy?

He hadn’t even negotiated the money and he wanted it?

Ye Xing was too lazy to talk to him and made a phone call out.

A few minutes later, a fat-headed man trotted down from upstairs and walked up to Ye Xing, nervously saying, “Ye Dong, why didn’t you tell me that you were here so that I could receive you.”

When they heard the word Ye Dong, the three people around them, their faces all changed.

This guy was the rumoured behind-the-scenes boss of the company who had never shown his face before?

Rumour had it that this behind-the-scenes boss was a very powerful figure, with more than a dozen companies under his name, all of which were among the top big companies in Huaijiang.

This guy who drove a broken BYD with tens of thousands of dollars and dressed plainly was the boss behind the scenes?

“What’s your name again?”

“Pan Wei, the general manager of Haiyang Real Estate, I’m in charge of this side of Space City.” Pan Wei said with a smile.

“So it’s General Manager Pan, your company’s temple is too big, how can I invite a big Buddha like you!” Ye Xing said coldly.

Hearing these words with sarcasm, Pan Yang’s forehead immediately broke into sweat and said urgently, “Ye Dong, is it possible that whoever we have here has offended you, you say, immediately tell them to get lost.”

As soon as these words came out, Manager Zhao and Li Mei’s faces all changed, and they looked so ugly.

It was over, this was all over.


Chapter 202


Manager Zhao directly knelt down on the ground and said urgently, “Ye Dong, I have eyes that are not tai Shan, please don’t be insensitive to me.”

He had fought for several years to get to the position of sales manager, the benefits here were good, such a good job, he didn’t want to lose it.

“Ye Dong, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean not to receive you, I’m really busy.” Li Mei said urgently.

Looking at the two people kneeling in front of him, Ye Xing was tasteless.

So quick to admit weakness. It’s no fun!

Ye Xing ignored them and asked, “Pan Yang, there are still these villas, right?”

“Which one does Mr. Ye want, even if it’s sold. I’ll get them all back for you, I have them all.” Pan Yang patted his chest.

Ye Xing pointed at the chart and said, “Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. Just these six blocks!”


“The commission of all six villas will go to this little girl, what’s her name ……”

“Ye Dong, my name is Liang Shiyin.” The female university student almost cried with excitement.

According to the price of one villa of six million, six villas is 36 million, according to the commission of one point, that is more than 300,000!

Oh my God!

It was only his first day on the job and he had hit the jackpot.

“How much should be given, don’t pit it.” Ye Xing reminded.

“Sure, Ye Dong, we are very fair with the commission for the salesmen.” Pan Yang said in a hurry.

Ye Xing glanced at Manager Ye and Li Mei, originally eyeing to fire them, but seeing them scared like that, it was better to let it go.

Next, Ye Xing and Murong Xue went to sign the contract, complete the formalities, and the villa was all written in Murong Xue’s name.

Although Murong Xue said she didn’t care, she was still quite happy to see such an additional villa under her name.

“Where are we going to see it now?” Murong Xue asked.

“Take a look around!”

Next, the two continued their search, but after looking around, they couldn’t find a suitable one with an existing building.

In the end, the two decided that it was better to just stay here in Space City for now.

Ye Xing immediately found someone to start renovating the villa, but the renovation would also take a while, and Murong Xue did not want to go back to the villa to live. They felt that the smell of blood was too much there, and in the end the two decided to stay in a hotel for a while.

Ye Xing moved a three-bedroom room in a five-star hotel called Ming Yang International under his name, and the two of them stayed there for a long time.

The hotel had everything inside, so all they had to do was move their clothes back from home.

The day had pa*sed since they had moved their things, and it was already dinner time.

The two of them were about to go down for dinner when Murong Xue’s phone rang, it was Jiang Ruobing’s call.

After the call, she said, “It’s the weekend, Ruo Bing wants to come over.”

“Honey, you won’t let her run us over?”

“Is there a problem?”

“We used to be at home. There were lots of rooms and plenty of space, so it was no problem to let her come over and stay, but now look at this place, how is it convenient for her?”

“There are three bedrooms and a hall here too, there’s nothing wrong with letting her stay in a room!”

“OK, let her apologize first.”

Ye Xing’s heart was burning when he thought of this sister-in-law, she actually wished for her own death for the sake of her property, this kind of money loser, it was good not to beat her up.

“You are a big man, don’t be normal with her. I’ll go pick her up and come back later, let’s go to dinner together.”

Murong Xue said, left the hotel and went to pick up Jiang Ruobing from school.

Ye Xing was lying in bed resting for a moment when the phone rang, it was the Black Angel calling.

“Dragon King, did Fat Li he look for you. He gave me a piece of information?” Black Angel asked.

“Old Black, what do you think of Fat Li, this person?” Ye Xing asked.

“Not bad, just a bit too weak, he wanted to join the core members at that time, your condition at that time was that the core members must pa*s the strength, so I refused.” Black Angel said.

“Core member, he really isn’t qualified, he can still help the company with some things, you send me his information.”


Soon, the phone rang. The information was pa*sed over.

Ye Xing looked at it and was a little surprised, he didn’t expect that this guy actually still had a bachelor’s degree and was studying accounting. No wonder he was so sensitive to numbers.

As a director, one must be sensitive to numbers.

Taking advantage of his free time, Ye Xing recited some scriptures, not long after. The door to the room was pushed open and Murong Xue and Jiang Ruobing walked in.

Just after entering, Jiang Ruobing walked up to him and said with a sincere face, “Cousin-husband, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have played with your life. In fact, if you really died, I would be very sad, you saw how sad I was that day at the funeral, woo woo ……”

Jiang Ruobing flattened her mouth and cried, that look, at first glance, was pretending.

“Don’t pretend, just this acting skill of yours, even a blind man can see it.” Ye Xing was powerless to spit. “Put your stuff down, let’s go eat!”

“Long live cousin’s husband.”

Jiang Ruobing’s crying face immediately disappeared. He took his travels and went into his room.

“The second room on the right is yours.” Murong Xue reminded.

A few moments later, Jiang Ruobing came out of it, having changed into a set of clothes and dressed more avant-garde.

“It’s just a meal, what are you changing for?” Murong Xue was a little unhappy.

Jiang Ruobing’s outfit was a bit revealing, exposing a large area of snow-white skin on her chest.

“You were already a flyer, and you’re still afraid like people don’t know.” Ye Xing glanced at it and said.

“What do you know. It’s called neutral beauty, and it’s the most popular now.” Jiang Ruobing retorted.

“The so-called uniS*x beauty is an excuse for a flying airport.”

“Cousin, cousin’s husband is aiming at me here, don’t you care?” Shen Ruobing pouted.

“Alright, stop it all of you, let’s go!”

The three of them went downstairs and went to the hotel downstairs for dinner.

After eating, it was still early, Ye Xing went back to the headquarters villa side and prepared to soak the medicine bubble again.

It was good to have Jiang Ruobing around, at least Murong Xue wouldn’t be so scared.

When he returned to the villa, Xiao Qi and Black Angel were there.

“Dragon King, it’s good that you’re here, I happen to have something I want to report to you.” Xiao Qi walked over.

“What is it?”

“I contacted a medicine collector in the Changbai Mountains, he said that there were some hundred year old mountain ginseng, from the pictures he took over, it looked like real, not like an imitation, so I wanted to go ahead and make a trip. But as you know, I don’t have much experience going out alone.” Xiao Qi said, scratching his head.

The hundred year old mountain ginseng was too useful to himself, if he used it to practice the cultivation pills, he could definitely enhance his internal qi by a lot.

Ye Xing originally wanted to let him go alone, but seeing that he was so young and so young, it was a bit unsettling to let him go out alone, the rivers and lakes were treacherous.

“A trip to Changbai Yun won’t take long, I’ll accompany you!” Ye Xing said at once.

Changbai Nian was a place where Chinese medicine was abundant, if he could contact a group of medicine pickers, it would be useful for himself.

If one laid this line first, it would be easier for Xiao Qi to go on an errand later.