Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 199-200

Chapter 199

On the hospital bed, Lin Wei lay there, her face a little white, but her spirits were still good.

“Sister Wei, the chief told us to come and pick you up.” One of the special forces soldiers said.

“The car is downstairs, can you leave now, or do you need to rest?” The other special forces soldier asked.

“You guys go out first, I’ll have a few words with Ye Xing.” Lin Wei said.

The two men nodded and walked out at the same time.

“What do you want to say to me, a confession?” Ye Xing asked with a smile.

“I’m hurt like this, and you’re still in the mood for jokes.” Lin Wei gave him a blank look.

“When I was shot in the head, you weren’t joking with me the same way.”

“The Finger of God is dead though. But the Hell’s Angels are strong, they are like mad dogs, they will definitely bite you, so you must not be careless.” Lin Wei said seriously.

“I know. That’s why I will take the initiative after a while.”

“What do you mean?” Linwei looked at him in shock.

“Go abroad to find Basil and kill him.”

If Basil didn’t die, Ye Xing would have no safety to shout, and if he had the chance, he would even uproot the Hells Angels and make this killer organisation disappear from the world.

In the past, he did not have this ability. But after the second memory fragment was opened, he had this confidence.

“When I get well, I will accompany you.” Lin Wei said resoundingly.

Ye Xing stretched out his hand, held her hand and said, “Lin Wei, I’m sorry for making you get hurt.”

It was he who had asked Lin Wei to disguise herself before she ended up being sniped by God’s Finger, and he had to pay a lot of responsibility for her injury.

“Open and honest mooching aren’t you?” Linwei looked at her hand that was being held tightly.

“Look at you, where are you thinking.”

Ye Xing hurriedly let go of his hand and laughed, “It’s all comradeship between us, no love.”

“Be more careful in doing things in the future, don’t make waves.”

After a few words of advice, two special forces soldiers came over and pushed her car downstairs to pick her up and take her back to the military hospital.

“You’re hungry, let’s go have a meal together!”

Next, the group of four went to have a meal, before returning to the villa.


Inside the Murong family villa, Murong Xue sat dumbly on the sofa looking at her mobile phone.

Her eyes were on the phone, but her heart had flown to the clouds.

It was at this moment that a strong body hugged her behind.

“What are you looking at?” Ye Xing asked with a smile.


Murong Xue broke away from his embrace.

The atmosphere was a little awkward for a while!

Ye Xing understood what she was thinking in her mind, she must have felt that his body was unclean.

In the past. She enjoyed this kind of intimate hug very much.

“It’s late, you go to bed early, I’ll go over to Old Black’s side and discuss something with them.”

Ye Xing said, turned around and went downstairs.

“Ye Xing ……” Murong Xue called out to stop her.

Ye Xing paused.

“I’m sorry, give me some time.” She choked out.

Although she had decided to forgive Ye Xing after learning of his death, the decision was one thing, the reaction was another.

It was too difficult to get a woman who was emotionally clean to accept that her man had another woman.

If it hadn’t been for this accident, she wouldn’t have even been in a position to talk about it.

“I’m the one who’s sorry. Sleep early.”

Leaving a smile behind, Ye Xing turned around and went downstairs.

The moment he went downstairs, Murong Xue suddenly felt a chill run through her body, and inside her mind, many many corpses suddenly popped up, mountains of corpses and blood rushed to her heart in an instant.

She jumped up from the sofa and went after him, hugging Ye Xing from behind, saying urgently, “Don’t go, I’m afraid.”

Only then did Ye Xing remember that there were too many dead people around the villa!

There had been before though. But Murong Xue had not witnessed it.

This morning, she had watched dozens of people die around, how could she sleep at ease under such circumstances.

“I’m not leaving, we’ll move tomorrow, change to a better place and start life anew.” Ye Xing comforted her.

At first Murong Xue was still a little repulsed by holding this body, but then she found out. This body gave her a sense of security, more than rejection, so she gradually stopped rejecting it so much.

After taking a shower, Murong Xue lay down on the bed.

Ye Xing had wanted to go to the guest room to sleep, but Murong Xue kept saying that she was afraid and wouldn’t let him go.

Finally, after his embrace, she was able to sleep safely.

As she slept, her hand was still holding onto Ye Xing’s hand so tightly that as soon as he let go, she would wake up.

Midnight. Murong Xue had several nightmares, and when she woke up with a start, she found herself hugging a warm and strong body, and only then did she go back to sleep.

One can imagine. Those nights after her own head had been blown off, how long the darkness had been for her.

Early the next morning, Murong Xue woke up in a ghostly manner. Finding that the person on her pillow was no longer there.

She hadn’t had a good night’s sleep in a long time and felt indescribably well.

She walked out of her room and went downstairs to find Ye Xing cooking breakfast inside the kitchen.

“Wake up, brush your teeth and wash your face, get ready for breakfast.” Ye Xing smiled.

“What’s good?” She walked over and hugged him from behind.

“Everything you want to eat, go ahead!”

Ye Xing turned around and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

Murong Xue stretched and went upstairs to wash up, just like usual.

While eating breakfast, Ye Xing said, “Let’s change the house, how about going to see the house later?”

Murong also felt that it was time to change the place to live, since living here, many things were not going well, maybe there was a feng shui problem.

“How about Space City?”

Space City was a property developed over in Huaijiang New District. If Ye Xing remembered correctly, it should belong to his own company.

“Is Space City my property?” He asked.

“Not even knowing your own industry, I’m really convinced of you.” Murong Xue sweated furiously.

However, she soon let it go, this guy had bought so many industries in the first place, not to make money at all, but to pretend.

“You know I don’t have much of a concept of money, so I’ll leave all the company’s matters to you from now on. How’s that?” Ye Xing laughed.

“So many industries, how can I be busy, are you trying to tire me out?” Murong Xue gave him a white glance.

Looking at her familiar attitude, Ye Xing knew that after last night’s night, she had started to let go somewhat.

This was a very good sign for him.

Alas, if only he had been born in ancient times, he could have married as many wives as he wanted.

After breakfast, Ye Xing and Murong Xue, drove to Space City to check out the villa.

The two of them had just gotten into the car when the phone rang.

“Cousin, I heard that cousin’s husband didn’t die, is it true?”

On the other side of the phone, came Jiang Ruobing’s voice.

“Yes, he faked it on purpose.” Murong Xue said helplessly.

“The heavens have no eyes!” On the other side of the phone, Jiang Ruobing screamed.

Ye Xing’s face, at once, went black.


Chapter 200

This sister-in-law, this is how much she hates to die!

“Cousin, how good it would be if cousin’s husband died, tens of billions of dollars would fall on you, you can have as many handsome boyfriends as you want, it wouldn’t matter if you bagged a male star, by then I would also be in the light.” Jiang Ruobing said regretfully.

“Ruo Bing, Ye Xing is right beside me, he heard what you just said.”


The other side of the phone shrieked, and one could guess that Shen Ruobing’s entire body jumped up.

“Cousin, you’re not joking with me, are you?” Her voice was almost in tears.

“Not joking with you. I was indeed listening.” Ye Xing spoke up.

“Cousin brother-in-law, don’t take what I said just now to heart, I was just having a joke with you.” Shen Ruobing said sharply.

“Your cousin and I are going to see the house. We will move house soon, that house of ours will be given to you to live in from now on, but I can remind you, a lot of people have died there, it depends on your guts if you dare to live there.”

“Cousin husband, I was wrong.” Jiang Ruobing whimpered and cried.

“It’s useless to pretend to cry.” Ye Xing finished speaking and hung up the phone straight away.

Next, Jiang Ruobing called again. Murong Xue wanted to answer it, but was told to stop by Ye Xing.

Then, Ye Xing’s phone also rang, and it was also Jiang Ruobing who called.

He hung up straight away and Jiang Ruobing called a few more times but he didn’t answer.

“You’re not really going to ignore her, are you? How are we going to explain this to Aunt?” Murong Xue asked.

“I’ll just scare her, I won’t ignore her, but she must at least give me an apology.”

The car had just driven out of the villa entrance when a figure stood there, stopping the car.

“Hello, Lord Dragon King.”

The man who had stopped the car immediately ran over to the car, nodding his head and looking respectful.

“You are?”

Ye Xing asked as he rolled down the car window.

The visitor was a fat man, about six-foot-five tall, with a cross body and a pace that did not look like someone who had practiced martial arts.

“Lord Dragon King, my name is Fatty Li, I am a peripheral member of the Dragon Palace.” The fat man smiled and introduced himself.

“A peripheral member?”

Ye Xiong thought for a moment and immediately understood.

When Ye Xing founded the Dragon Palace, at the beginning of its establishment, there were only three core members, Blood Rose, Black Angel and Little Seven.

The rest of the people. All of them were found outside by Black Angel at great expense and were called peripheral personnel.

These peripheral personnel had sacrificed a lot while guarding the villa, and Ye Xing had asked the Black Angels to compensate a large sum of money to each of the injured deceased.

Ye Xing still had some good feelings for these peripheral officers in his heart, although their strength was very average.

“I came here this time because I want to mention to the Dragon King if I can be allowed into the core members?”

“You can just go to Old Black on this matter, he will vet it.”

“Boss Black’s side said that I am not qualified because the force value is not enough.” Fatty Li’s face was a little embarra*sed and said weakly, “Dragon King. I think a group is strong, not all of them are necessarily capable of fighting, other abilities are also important.”

“Mao Sui, good, I like bold people.” Ye Xing said to Murong Xue, “Wife, wait a minute, I’ll go and interrogate him”

Murong Xue nodded.

Fatty Li said hello to his sister-in-law, before following Ye Xing to a side corner.

“Tell me, what are you capable of?” Ye Xing asked with his crossed arms.

“Dragon King, I don’t have any great ability, it’s just that in this Huaijiang mu of land, there is nothing I, Fatty Li, don’t know. There is no one I don’t know. As long as it’s within this Huai River, any miscellaneous things, I can do.” Fat Li laughed.

“Tell me, what kind of bottom line am I?” Ye Xing asked with a smile.

“Dragon King, your real name is Ye Xing, the owner of the first twenty companies in Huaijiang, the youngest son of the original Ye family ……”

Next, Fatty Li gave all of Ye Xing’s bottom. Except for not knowing about his rebirth, everything else was actually said 70% or 80%.

Even the duel with the killer, he knew it all.

“Dragon King, this one funeral of yours, it went really well, not only did you take out those killers outside, but you even drew out the essence of the management of the twenty companies. To tell you the truth, Dragon King, after your death, many of the management of these companies, started to transfer their properties. Preparing to deficit your companies, leaving empty shells.”

“There is still this matter.” Ye Xing’s brow furrowed.

Although he didn’t care much about money and bought the company to pretend, he couldn’t just watch others gutting his company!

That said. This possibility was extremely high!

“Dragon King, if you trust me, I can oversee these twenty companies for you, I a*sure you. Not a single move of the companies can escape your eyes, and if anyone dares to embezzle your money, I will help you uncover it.” Fat Li patted his chest and said.

“Overseeing twenty companies, you are quite ambitious!”

Ye Xing circled around Fat Li curiously.

On the outside, many people who were not familiar with him were afraid of him.

This guy, on the contrary, not only wasn’t afraid of him, he even dared to put himself forward, this was not an ordinary boldness!

Preciousness is a dangerous thing!

“Dragon King, I just want to help you properly, in your eyes I am nothing, you get rid of me just like an ant, I just want to help distract you, I don’t want someone like you who is doing something big to waste his time on miscellaneous and trivial matters.” Fat Li laughed along.

“Sort out a copy of the information and hand it to Old Black, I’ll take a look at it then.” Ye Xing finished speaking. Turned around and left.

“Dragon King, don’t worry, I promise I won’t let you down.” Fat Li exclaimed.

Returning to the car and starting it, Murong Xue asked, “What people?”

“Someone from the outskirts of the Dragon Palace, who wants to ask me for a monitoring and also wants to become a member of the inner core.”

“What kind of monitoring?”

“The director of the twenty companies under my name, this guy is really ambitious!” Ye Xing laughed.

“This guy is really discerning. I was just about to mention to you that your company really needs a competent and educated supervisory department. Although Old Black and Little Seven know martial arts, when it comes to management, they don’t.” Murong Xue said.

“That’s right, this department is indeed needed, otherwise, I don’t know how many A**holes will deficit the old capital of the old man.”

Next, Ye Xing talked about how after his funeral, many of the company’s management, started to make a deficit in their accounts.

“Now these management, if they find out that you are not dead, they will have to rush to make the accounts back again, now that’s interesting.” Murong couldn’t help but smile.

She could imagine those people looking baffled and then frazzled.

But no matter how they did it, there would definitely be traces of it.

This one funeral of Ye Xing was really well done, the big fish and small fish all surfaced.

“This matter, let’s talk about it tomorrow, let’s go and see the room today.”

Ye Xing drove his vintage car and headed towards the Huaijiang New Area Space City side.

Half an hour later, the car entered the car park of the sales department, and as soon as the two of them got out of the car, the security guard came over to hold an umbrella for them, with a good service attitude.

Although his car was just a small broken car of a few tens of thousands of dollars, the other party did not look down on them.