Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 195-196

Chapter 195

Late at night, people are quiet!

Outside the Murong family villa, fifty metres away on the road, two figures got down from inside a car.

The two men were none other than the Hell’s Angels’ silver-medal a*sa*sins, belonging to the top tier.

Today, the two men’s mission was simple: to kill the two backbones of the Dragon Palace, and incidentally kill Ye Xing’s woman to do justice to the Hell’s Angels.

Let the whole world know that those who offend the Hell’s Angels will not end well.

The two of them got out of the car and walked towards Murong Xue’s villa.

However. Before the two reached the villa’s entrance, a car suddenly sped up and rushed towards them.

The two silver top a*sa*sins’ faces changed drastically and they dodged in a hurry.

The car braked sharply in place. A figure wrapped in black robes got out of the car.

The silver a*sa*sins simultaneously drew their guns and fired quickly.

Two flashes of white light, both of them were hit by two silver needles in their hands and their guns fell to the ground.

At that moment, a black shadow sped past, bringing up several bright lights in his hands.

Before the two killers could react, their necks had already been slit and their bodies fell straight to the ground.

Black took out his mobile phone. The two men’s faces were photographed before they got into the car and drove away from the scene in an instant.

The next day, Huaijiang City TV, immediately hung the news and qualified the two men as terrorists.


Europe, a country, an estate.

“Captain, Shadow and Black Snake missed, and were killed before they could get close to their target.”

A subordinate came in to report.

“Who was it, did you find out who it was.”

“No, that person posted the photo of our killer’s corpse on the black net and left a message.”

“What was the message?”

“Come one, kill one; come a pair, kill a pair.”

“What a big mouth.”

Basil stood up and slapped his palm onto the table top, and the whole table collapsed with a crash.

“Ye Xing is dead, I don’t believe that there is still someone who can provoke us.”

Basil spun around in place and said, “Have the Finger of God come see me.”


Half a day later, a figure entered the manor, and it was none other than the Finger of God who had shot Ye Xing to death.

“Basil. What do you want from me?” The Finger of God asked.

“Are you sure Ye Xing is dead?” Basil asked.

“Didn’t you send the photo of the headshot to the chief, it’s been confirmed and the prize money is being paid out.” Finger of God said smugly.

“I just sent two Silver a*sa*sins to Huaijiang to kill all the backbone of the Dragon Palace, but I didn’t expect to be killed before I got close to the villa. The other party even threatened that he would kill one if we sent one there.” Basil told some of what had happened.

“So, you are suspecting that Ye Xing is still alive?”

“The other side is too strong, apart from Ye Xing, not many people can do it.”

“Impossible, that shot. Not to mention a man, a tiger would have to die.” Finger of God flatly did not believe it.

“You say Ye Xing is dead, but there is no proof, what if he is not dead?”

“Sorry, it’s not up to you to say whether he’s dead or not, it’s up to the chief.” Finger of God plucked a grape inside the fruit plate on the table and tossed it into his mouth before continuing, “Of course, if you can find proof that he’s not dead, I can take another shot.”

Both were gold medal killers, and although Basil was ranked above Finger of God, he was not in a position to directly order himself around.

“I suggest you go and check the evidence yourself. If the other man is not dead, you can perform it again. Otherwise, if I find out, this 100 per cent mission rate of yours will be broken, and you know very well what that means, and it is possible that your value will drop by half.” Basil sneered.

Finger of God ate a few grapes in a row before clapping his hands, “Okay, I’ll check.”

“Good luck.”


Ten days later. Another European tour group, appeared in Huaijiang.

This tour group, almost a hundred people, had a 50/50 ratio of men and women.

When four buses, stopped at the entrance of the International Hotel, a row of people stepped down from the vehicles.

On the eighth floor of the hotel, inside a room diagonally opposite, Ye Xing and Lin Wei stood by the window, looking at the group of Europeans entering the hotel.

“Do you think that the Finger of God will be among this group of people?” Lin Wei said.

Ye Xing swept his gaze over these people with a powerful killing aura.

“It’s hard to say.”

The Hell’s Angels, as the most powerful a*sa*sin organisation in the world, were feared by other countries. Their plans and strength were top-notch and elite.

You would never expect that the party would use any means to strike.

Like last time, when two gold medal killers struck together. In the light, the Finger of God in the dark.

“Apart from this group of people, are there any other Europeans entering Huaijiang?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“There are a dozen or so who came by high speed train, and four or five who drove over with friends. All these people, we have asked people to keep an eye on every move, but because the identity of God’s Finger is too mysterious, therefore, it is not good for us to check.” Lin Wei said.

“Whether they are male or female, tall or short, young or old, all are unknown, plus, look at ……” Ye Xing pointed at the group of Europeans who got out of the car and continued, “See anything? ”

“Looked out, they were all wearing gloves.”

“The only feature is that God’s Finger fingers often practice guns and have hand calluses, now that they are all wearing gloves, even that feature is gone. This means that the other side is prepared.” Ye Xing said.

“What do we do, should we not find a way to make them take off their gloves and rule them out one by one?”

“No need, the other party has the intention to hide, we will only scare the snake by doing so, besides, I think that the Finger of God will not necessarily come this time. It could be another killer coming over, all is unknown.”

“Then what do we do?”

“One word. Guard.”

Lin Wei nodded, “That’s right, this is the best way right now.”

Whether the Finger of God was in the group or not, they had only one goal, to kill and find out if Ye Xing was really dead.

They were foreigners and had come as tourists, they could not stay here all the time, sooner or later they would have to leave.

“Lin Wei, you order people to guard the area around the villa strictly, and guard the villa with Old Black, leave the rest to me.” Ye Xing’s gaze shone brightly as he coldly said, “The Finger of God will never think that I am the Red Dragon and am familiar with everything about snipers.”

What was the most important thing for a sniper to do, of course, was to find the most advantageous sniper position.

What he had to do now was to keep watch.

After receiving the order, Lin Wei went down to make arrangements.

This battle was a counterattack battle, it had to be done beautifully, so that the Hell’s Angels, and indeed the entire world’s a*sa*sin organisations, would know that China was a barrel of iron, and that any illegal armed person who tried to enter here to kill someone would only end up in one place, death.

Ye Xing disguised himself and left the wine and made a trip back to the Murong family villa.

Around the villa, he used his line of sight to look around for the best sniper position.


Chapter 196

After some observation, finally Ye Xing’s eyes fell on three locations.

Two skyscrapers and a hilltop.

The location on the hilltop side was the furthest away, adding up to almost 3,000 metres or so. Due to the large size of the mountain, there were more locations to choose from and the sight lines were the best. The two remaining buildings, one fifteen hundred metres and one around two thousand metres away, were a very effective range and the most certain distance for a sniper, but the sight lines were not good.

Ye Xing’s eyes kept looking at the three sniper positions, and finally his gaze fell on that mountain peak.

It was far away there, over three thousand meters, but don’t forget. God’s Hand was the most powerful sniper in the world.

Three thousand metres, other snipers couldn’t do it, he could.

Ye Xing drove the car, came to the foot of the mountain, and then went up the mountain.

The mountain was in the city centre because it was in the centre of town. It was built as a park, and there were winding paths up the hill, and many people were walking.

Finding a place, Ye Xing sat down and waited slowly.

In the blink of an eye, a whole day pa*sed and still nothing was found.

As twilight fell, the people around had left and the whole mountain was silent.

Ye Xing took out mosquito repellent and smeared it on the exposed spots of his body. Keeping the mosquitoes from biting, he then took out food to eat and continued to keep watch.

While he was on guard, some used binoculars and looked at the situation of the villa.

At this moment, inside the villa, Old Black, Little Seven, and some peripheral personnel from the Dragon Palace surrounded the villa.

The villa was replaced with black curtains, and Murong Xue and Luo Xiaoyun did not venture inside the villa, not giving any killer the chance to snipe.

In the blink of an eye, it was twelve o’clock, the villa’s lights were turned off and Ye Xing descended the mountain in the dark.

At the foot of the hill, he was sharp-eyed and with a glance, he saw a few small gangster-like men at the foot of the hill, keeping an eye on the way down.

It seemed that while he was staring at the other side, the other side was also staring at him.

Money makes the devil go round, he was able to enlist the help of quite a few punks, and Finger of God would also bribe some locals to help him spy.

“Interesting, let’s just see, who can take out who.”

Ye Xing turned back up the hill and descended through the western junction, again finding people staking out the bottom of the hill.

Next, to the south, and north across the downhill junction, he found people stalking.

All four intersections were being watched, so he could not even go down the mountain.

Ye Xing simply stayed on the mountain and slept for the night. This was not the first time he had done this.

In the evening, Lin Wei called to report the situation, but there was no progress for the time being.

“Don’t worry, they will definitely make a move, only, I don’t know when.”

All signs indicated that it was just the calm before the storm now.

The next day, Ye Xing asked his men to quietly send food and tents up the mountain, he was determined to die and squat here.

During the day, he put the tent away and waited until after twelve o’clock at night, which gave him time to take a physical rest.

And so on. After three days of squatting, he finally got something.

At ten o’clock that night, a European crept up the hill, carrying a torch and shining it in all directions.

“Is it finally coming?”

Ye Xing locked his gaze on the other man with a deadly gaze, like a poisonous snake, ready to strike.

The European man turned around in all directions, looking for a few places that were best for observation, finally settling on one, and then looked up with his binoculars.

His position was only less than twenty metres away from the thicket where Ye Xing was, so if he struck, Ye Xing would have a great certainty of killing his opponent.

Several times Ye Xing wanted to make a move, but in the end he held back.

This was because he was not sure if the identity of the other party was the Hand of God. If not, he would be exposed if he struck.

Before he was sure of the other party’s identity, he decided not to make a move.

The European took out the accessories from inside his backpack and skillfully a*sembled them, quickly forming a sniper rifle and starting to aim it.

After aiming for less than a moment, the European put the sniper rifle away, wrapped it in a plastic bag, dug a hole and buried it until he was sure it would not be discovered. Only then did he leave to go down the hill.

After he left, Ye Xing walked over to the buried rifle and, after observing it for a while, turned over the dirt to reveal the body of the gun.

The moment he saw the body of the gun, Ye Xing was relieved.

It really wasn’t the Hand of God, so it was good that he had held back from doing it.

Every killer had a sniper rifle that they liked, were used to, and were good at.

Although the Hand of God was mysterious and there was no information at all, from his sniping records, he had never used this type of sniper rifle.

Therefore, the one just now was definitely not him.

Ye Xing pondered for a moment and started to get a little disappointed.

These people, most likely, had come to kill Murong Xue. The Black Angel, with Xiao Qi.

This was the style of the Hell’s Angels, whoever dared to go against them, let the other side pay a heavy price.

Blood Rose had died, and Ye Xing had almost died too. This is proof of that.

Now that two more Silver a*sa*sins had been killed, they would definitely want to take revenge.

Ye Xing took out his mobile phone and called Lin Wei to tell him what had happened here.

“Lin Wei, if my guess is right. Dawn is the time for them to make their move, and I have something I want you to do. Tomorrow morning, you wear a black cloak, block your face, disguise yourself as me, appear at the villa and rescue them, remember, don’t show your face.” Ye Xing instructed.

“No problem, I know how to do it.” Lin Wei nodded her head.


The next day, dawn.

The Murong family villa, was in the middle of a strict defense.

Suddenly, a van appeared in front of the villa and a dozen men with tall bodies, black hoods and hooded faces got out of the van.

Judging from their physique, it was clear that these men were all Europeans.

As soon as these men got out of the van, they rushed inside the villa, each carrying a murder weapon in their hands.

These men were extremely strong, and the Dragon Palace’s peripherals had no resistance at all. They were killed and routed.

The two men at the head of the group were even stronger, killing one person with a single strike.

At the critical moment, Black Angel and Seven rushed out from inside the villa, and only then were they able to hold them off.

However, they were only able to hold off the two men at the head of the group, but the rest of them were simply unable to do so.

Suddenly. The men in black began to throw tear gas bombs upstairs, and suddenly the whole villa was filled with smoke.

In this situation, Murong Xue and Luo Xiaoyun, who could not hide at all, were forced to come out from inside.

Just as the people of the Dragon Palace were being routed, suddenly a figure rushed in from outside the villa.

This person was wrapped in a black robe and could not see her face, just like a post-apocalyptic killer, it was Lin Wei.

Those Europeans could not hold out at all, and in a matter of moments, they were killed without a trace.

The Dragon Palace side that fell below, with the help of Lin Wei, soon began to gain the upper hand.


Three thousand meters away on the mountain, Ye Xing was lying among the trees from.

Twenty metres away was the sniper, now aiming in the direction of the villa, his finger lightly on the trigger.

From the binoculars, Ye Xing saw Murong Xue and Luo Xiaoyun, who had been forced to come out of the villa by the tear-destroying bullets, exposed to the sniper gun.

There was absolutely no way that Murong Xue could be exposed to danger again.

Even if the other party was not God’s Finger, they must still die.


His entire body scurried out, like a cheetah.