Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 19-20

Chapter 19

“Ye Xing, you’re a dead man, aren’t you?” Jiang Ruobing was furious.

“Sorry, I wasn’t careful just now.” Ye Xing said back.

Jiang Ruobing patted her buttocks before she sat down.

She knew Ye Xing’s character well, so he definitely didn’t do it on purpose.

It was probably because her foot had been careless and she had kicked her own chair.

She sat down again.

However, again, she sat down and once again landed on all fours.

Once or by accident, the second time it was obvious that it was definitely on purpose.

“Fool, you seek death.”

Jiang Ruobing’s entire body jumped up, not even bothering to wipe her bottom, seeing a chicken feather duster on the sofa, she ran over and held it in her hand.

“Ruo Bing, stop it.” Murong Xue said urgently.

“Cousin, it’s not me making a scene, it’s his itchy skin.”

Jiang Ruobing waved the chicken feather duster and lunged at Ye Xing.

Pop, the chicken feather duster hit his chair hard and dropped a layer of paint.

“Jiang Ruobing, if you keep being so spirited, be careful you won’t be able to get married.” Ye Xing was startled.

This b*tch was too ruthless, if he hadn’t dodged quickly, he would have had to hang a bloodstain.

“I’ll kill you even if I can’t get married.”

The furious Jiang Ruobing had lost her wits and was not thinking about her usual foolishness, there was no way she could have said such decent words.

“Holy crap, this little female tiger is really crazy.”

Ye Xing hurriedly ran towards the door and escaped beyond it.

Jiang Ruobing took her chicken feather duster and chased after her.

“Ruo Bing, stop it, you two come back.”

Murong Xue put down her chopsticks and hurriedly chased after them, afraid that they had gone too far.

Before they could reach the door, Ye Xing leisurely walked in.

Behind him, Jiang Ruobing was still aggressively chasing after him.

Ye Xing was so calm and collected that he slammed the door shut and locked it behind him.

Not a second too early, not a second too late.

Jiang Ruobing hit the door with a thud, bruising her nose and face.

“Ye Xing, open the door for me.”

“Fool, dare to mess with the old mother, open the door for me and see if I don’t get you killed.”

Jiang Ruobing yelled outside the door, just like a shrew.

“Jiang Ruobing, have you had your period for the past two days, you’re so angry.” Ye Xing scolded.

“How do you know?” Jiang Ruobing was a little surprised.

“You are not welcome this weekend, come back next week.” Ye Xing shouted.

Jiang Ruobing froze, the current Ye Xing was too normal.

“Ruo Bing, your cousin’s husband had a car accident a few days earlier and was hit well in the head.” Murong Xue explained through the door.

“Cousin, you’re not kidding, are you?” Jiang Ruobing’s eyes were wide and she couldn’t believe her ears. “I’ve only heard of brains getting knocked out by a car, never heard of brains getting knocked out by a car.”

“It’s really good, the burger you just ate was made by your cousin’s husband.” Murong Xue continued to explain.

“You don’t care if I’m really well or not, you’re not welcome here anyway.” Ye Xing took Murong Xue’s hand and went back to the table and sat down. “Don’t open the door for her, if you dare to open the door for her, I will divorce you.”

Murong Xue’s face instantly darkened and her eyes stared straight at him.

“I’m just kidding.” Ye Xing was flustered by her stare and hurriedly said.

“No mentioning divorce twice in front of me in the future.” Murong Xue warned.

“Okay, okay, don’t mention it in the future, don’t even mention it in the future.” Ye Xing promised repeatedly.

He took the burger that Jiang Ruobing had already taken a bite of at the table over and took a big bite of it.

“Ruo Bing has eaten it.” Murong Xue reminded.

Although Jiang Ruobing was his cousin, she was still a woman anyhow, and she was still a bit unhappy that her husband was eating another woman’s saliva.

“She doesn’t have AIDS, does she?”

“What nonsense?”

“Even if you have AIDS, you’re not afraid, saliva doesn’t spread, and even if it did, the incubation period is more than two years.”

In two years’ time, he would have been struck by lightning or drowned in water, or maybe even choked to death on a mouthful of bread.

“Can you speak more decently.” Murong was also speechless.

As the two were chatting, Jiang Ruobing outside was still dazed.

She still hadn’t recovered from the psychic event of her cousin’s husband turning normal.

This was too absurd!

The feeling was like, she found a madman walking around in his underwear on the street, suddenly turning into Superman.

“It’s not too late for a woman to take her revenge.”

“A woman can bend and stretch, I will definitely take revenge for this.”

Thinking of this, Jiang Ruobing took a deep breath and suppressed her anger.

“Cousin, cousin’s husband, I was wrong.”

“Please open the door, I promise that when I go in, I will definitely not do anything.”

“A yellow girl like me, like a flower, not at home for the weekend, in case I have nowhere to go, to a male cla*smate’s house ……”

“Cousin, can you bear to see something like that happen?”

At the dinner table, Murong Xue finally couldn’t help but stand up.

Her aunt had left her cousin in her care, and in case anything happened to her, it would be difficult for her as a cousin to deal with it.

She stood up, walked to the door, and opened the gate.

“Don’t be stingy with your cousin’s husband again, got it?” Murong Xue reminded.

“Cousin, I’m still happy that cousin’s husband has become normal, how can I possibly be bothered with her.”

Jiang Ruobing walked over to the restaurant and sat down, finding her burger had been eaten clean by Ye Xing.

The moment she did, her temper came up again.

Endure, I must endure.

A woman takes her revenge before it’s too late.

“Cousin, I haven’t eaten breakfast yet!” Jiang Ruobing shouted daintily.

Murong Xue’s gaze fell on Ye Xing.

“Don’t even think about it, it’s good not to kick her out, someone that big, won’t get her own food?”

There should be everything inside the kitchen, Jiang Ruobing is not young, all day long, clothes come to hand, food comes to mouth, what will she do when she marries someone in the future?

“Cousin, you know, I don’t know how to make food.” Jiang Ruobing was pitiful.

Murong Xue was helpless and had to get up and go to the kitchen to help her fix breakfast.

Every weekend, this cousin came to her like a hungry ghost looking for food, and she was used to it.

“Cousin husband, you’re really brainy?” Jiang Ruobing was still in some disbelief.

“What do you think?” Ye Xing gave her a blank look.

This cousin, in the past when Ye Xing was still a fool, he hadn’t been caught by her a lot, such a defeated b*tch, a money loser, he didn’t have any good feelings at all.

Jiang Ruobing held her chin in thought and said: “I’ll test you, if you can answer, I’ll believe you. Listen carefully, the question is simple: why is seawater salty?”

“There are fish in the sea, aren’t there?”

“Yes, there are!”

“Fish don’t wear clothes, do they?”

“Nonsense, how can fish wear clothes.”

“They don’t wear clothes, they always sweat, right? With so many fish sweating, how can the seawater not be salty.”

Jiang Ruobing’s mouth opened wide and she was petrified on the spot!

How else could you answer like that?

At this moment, she didn’t know whether she should call him a fool or a genius.

After finishing his breakfast, Ye Xing clapped his hands and left the table.

“Where are you going?” Jiang Ruobing asked.

“To check on my ants, in case they get into a fight, I’m going to talk them out of it.”

Jiang Ruobing: “……”

Could this be the legendary, genius and idiot, one line of difference?


Chapter 20

Famous Four Seas International Hotel.

On the thirtieth floor, within a huge and luxurious office.

In front of the floor-to-ceiling gla*s, stood a man in a suit.

The man was about one meter seven and a half, his body standing straight and his face angular.

He stood at the window, looking at the multitude of people at his feet, his face grim and creepy.

On the floor, a mobile phone shattered into several pieces.

After hearing Murong Xue’s call, Lu Yuan smashed the phone to pieces in his anger.

“Murong Xue, you are the woman that I, Lu Yuan, have taken a fancy to, and you can’t escape in this life.”

“No matter what, I must get you, you absolutely cannot escape from me.”

A viper-like gaze shot out from within Lu Yuan’s gaze.


There was a knock on the door from outside.

“Come in.”

The door was pushed open and a tall man walked in.

“General Lu, you are looking for me?” The tall man asked.

“How is the matter you were asked to do?” Lu Yuan asked.

“It’s done, that driver, no one will ever find him again in this lifetime.” The tall man said.

“Very well.”

Lu Yuan pulled out a packet of cigarettes from his body, lit one and took a puff.

“I don’t want to see that fool again, I want you to make him disappear as fast as possible.” Lu Yuan ordered.

“Don’t worry, Mr. Lu, I will complete the task.” The tall man a*sured.

“Last time at the mall, you also said you would definitely complete any, what happened?” Lu Yuan stared at him coldly, “If you miss again this time, you will go back to the Great Northwest and plough the fields, don’t follow me from now on!”

“Don’t worry, Mr. Lu, if I miss again this time, I’ll leave on my own.”

The tall man bowed deeply before turning around and leaving.

Lu Yuan took a deep puff of his cigarette, his eyes growing more and more gloomy.


Murong Xue, back garden, on the gra*s.

Ye Xing’s whole body was lying on the ground, observing the ants on the ground and thinking about the meaning of living.

After thinking about it for the whole afternoon, he came to a conclusion: living is f*cking.

“Ye Xing, it’s time to eat.” Murong Xue shouted from inside the room.

Ye Xing stood up and lazily walked towards the room.

There were already four dishes and a soup prepared on the table, which was very generous.

Murong Xue was wearing an apron and was still busy inside the kitchen.

At this moment, she was dressed casually, without the smell of a strong woman, and with more of a homely woman’s flavour.

Looking at her busy inside the kitchen, her figure jutting out in front and back, Ye Xing couldn’t help but sigh.

What a nice woman, I don’t know which tortoise B*****d is cheaper.

“Ye Xing, go upstairs and ask Ruobing to come down for dinner.” Murong Xue commanded.

Ye Xing walked to the stairway and shouted upstairs, “Money loser, dinner is ready.”

There was no response.

“Go up and call, she’s always hiding in her room with her ears on.” Murong Xue shouted.

“You go.”

“Can’t you see I’m busy?” Murong Xue gave him a blank look, “A big man, can you stop being so petty and be generous, she is your cousin anyway, what’s the point of a little conflict?”

Ye Xing had to go upstairs and came to Jiang Ruobing’s room door.

“Money loser, it’s time to eat.”

The door of the room was hidden and there was a loud music sound coming from inside.

Ye Xing was about to push the door in when, with his sharp eyes, he caught a glimpse of what seemed to be on top of the door.

Upon closer inspection, it was a water basin.

You’re still a bit young to be fooling me.

With a thought, Ye Xing walked into his room, tore open a few pieces of paper and lit them at the door.

Then, he shoved the burning paper, through the doorway.

“No good, it’s on fire, run.” Ye Xing shouted from the doorway.

Jiang Ruobing had been waiting for the fish to be hooked, and seeing the smoke coming from the doorway of the room, and the faint light of fire, which doubted there was a fake, she ran straight towards the door.

The moment she pulled the door open, a dish of water from the top of the door splashed directly on her, instantly turning her into a soup.

“How does it taste?”

Ye Xing stood in the doorway and laughed heatedly, smugly.

“Ye Xing, you ……”

Jiang Ruobing was so angry that her pink fist clenched tightly.

“You call this cocooning yourself and making a fool of yourself?”

Throwing out these words, Ye Xing went straight downstairs.

A loud bang came from behind, Jiang Ruobing slammed the door hard towards her, and the whole building trembled.

“Where’s Ruo Bing, why hasn’t she come down yet?”

Murong Xue asked curiously as she untied her apron and walked over to the table to sit down.

“I don’t know yet!” Ye Xing laughed.

“Are you having trouble with Ruo Bing again?” Murong Xue asked sharply.

These two people weren’t cats and mice respectively in their previous lives, were they?

“There’s no conflict, don’t believe me, come down and ask her later.”

As she was talking, Jiang Ruobing came down from upstairs, her hair still wet, and she had already changed into a set of clothes.

“Taking a shower so soon?” Murong Xue asked curiously.

“Yes…… practiced dancing in my room and got all sweaty, so I took a shower by the way.” Jiang Ruobing made a random excuse.

She couldn’t say such a humiliating thing when she couldn’t get pitted instead.

Looking at her cousin’s attitude, it seemed like she didn’t know about this matter yet.

“Cousin, when I forgot to close the door when I changed my clothes just now, was it you who called me from outside the room?” Jiang Ruobing suddenly asked.

Murong Xue’s face instantly turned ugly and her eyes glared fiercely at Ye Xing.

“Jiang Ruobing, when did I peek at you changing clothes.” Ye Xing’s entire body jumped up.

“I didn’t say you were peeking, why are you so agitated, you’re not going to confess without hitting yourself, are you?”

Jiang Ruobing glanced at him with a smug look in her gaze.

After glancing at her stomach today, she had finally pulled one back.

She had a mental picture of Ye Xing kneeling in front of his cousin and kneeling on durian when she went back to her room tonight.

“Jiang Ruobing, you don’t even look at what kind of body you have, no front, no back, like a flying airport, that point on your body is worthy of my peek?”

Ye Xing was also enraged at once, he didn’t bring such a stain on people.

“Surnamed Ye, what did you say?” Jiang Ruobing stood up haughtily.

As the school flower of Huaijiang University, Jiang Ruobing didn’t know how many boys pursued her.

She was tall, good-looking, could dance, and had a good singing voice, but the only drawback was that her breasts were flat.

She was full of advantages, but he didn’t mention any of them, he just mentioned her disadvantages, how could she not be angry?

“Have you guys had enough?” Murong Xue snapped and threw her chopsticks onto the table with a fierce thud.

“Wife, think about it yourself, you are so beautiful, you are not know how many times prettier than her, we stay in the same room and sleep all day, I don’t even think about you, just she is a thin and bony woman, I would peek at her?” Ye Xing pointed at Jiang Ruobing and retorted.

“Ye Xing, you have guts, I won’t eat it.” Jiang Ruobing was furious and walked out of the house.

“Ruo Bing, don’t you go.” Murong Xue hurriedly chased after her.

Half a day later, she returned with her head hanging in defeat, obviously not persuaded back.

“Let’s eat, someone that big will not lose it.” Ye Xing did not care.

“Ye Xing, go and get Ruo Bing back.” Murong Xue commanded.

“Not even a door.” Ye Xing immediately refused and said, “You know what she was doing upstairs just now, she made a pot of water on top of her room door, trying to drench me, but I caught her instead, she had it coming, and she bit me back.”

“Even if Ruo Bing messed with you in the first place, she’s just a kid.”

“She’s already in college, and she’s still saying she’s small. Twenty years ago, when she was her age, she was already the mother of three children.” Ye Xing snorted coldly.

“Going or not?”

“On principle, not going.” Ye Xing C*cked her head.