Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 187-188

Chapter 187

Ye Xing’s heart felt like it had been stabbed by a needle, it was very painful.

He wanted to beg Murong Xue to forgive him, he wanted to explain, but he could not say it.

If he could manage to make a clean break with Su Xiaoqiao, there was still the possibility of begging Murong Xue for forgiveness, but he simply couldn’t do it.

“I’m sorry, Xue’er.”

Ye Xing stood up and walked out of the room.

He could not bear to face Murong Xue’s tears, and was also afraid that he would be so embarra*sed that tears would come out of his eyes.

Just as he walked out of the room, he heard Murong Xue’s suppressed cries coming from her.

Walking to the villa, Ye Xing returned to the car and wanted to call Luo Xiaoyun. Scold her to death.

But thinking about it, would it be useful to scold her?

Luo Xiaoyun had done the right thing at all, she was closer to Murong Xue, so of course she had to side with Murong Xue.

He had already been a scum. Do you want others to set up a pagoda for you?

Ye Xing took out his phone and dialed out.

“Xiao Qiao, have you slept yet?”

“Not yet, why are you calling me, aren’t you afraid that Xue’er will know?” Su Xiaoqiao asked.

“She knows.”

“What, she knows?” On the other side of the phone Su Xiaoqiao was a little nervous and said urgently, “What should I do, what did she say?”

“I’ll go to your place. Let’s talk when we arrive.”

Half an hour later, Ye Xing arrived at the hotel and came in the room.

Just after entering, Su Xiao Qiao hurriedly came over, her face full of anxiety and nervousness.

“Ye Xing, what did she say to General Mu?” She asked urgently.

“She told me to move out, it’s over between us.” Ye Xing said.

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault.” Su Xiaoqiao said guiltily.

She knew very well that Murong Xue’s position in Ye Xing’s heart was definitely higher than her own, if she hadn’t appeared, the relationship between him and Murong Xue wouldn’t have developed into this way at all.

“How can I blame you, silly girl, it’s late, go to sleep!” Ye Xing smiled and stroked her head.

A sleepless night.

All four of them, lost sleep because of it!

For the next two days, Ye Xing stayed here with Su Xiao Qiao, keeping her company.

Su Xiao Qiao could see that although his person was here, his heart was not here.

This morning, Cheng Yulin called and told her that the drama group had started acting and asked her to go back.

It just so happened that Ye Xing had gone out.

Su Xiaoqiao hesitated for a long time before she took out her mobile phone. Dialing a phone number.

“Mr. Mu, is it convenient, I want to see you.” Su Xiao Qiao said weakly.


An hour later, Hyland Cafe, inside the private box.

The two women sat opposite each other, neither speaking.

Su Xiao Qiao’s heart was beating fast since she sat down, and it hadn’t smoothed out.

For Murong Xue, Su Xiao Qiao had respect and gratitude in her heart, she could have achieved what she has now, without Murong Xue, she would not have been able to reach it.

“Just say what you have to say. I’m very busy.” Murong Xue said indifferently.

No woman would have a good face when faced with a love rival who stole her man.

“Mr. Mu, I’m sorry.”

“Cut the crap and be direct with what you have to say!”

“It’s my fault, the one Ye Xing loves most in his heart is you.”

“But he chose you, didn’t he?” Murong Xue looked up at her and said indifferently, “Su Xiaoqiao, congratulations, you have won.”

After saying that, she stood up and prepared to leave.

She didn’t like people talking to her in a victorious manner, and this woman. It was still one that she had cultivated herself.

“Mr. Mu, if you are willing to go back to Ye Xing, I can leave him.” Su Xiaoqiao followed and stood up, saying urgently.

“Are you willing to give up?” Murong Xue sneered.

“I am not willing to give up, but I don’t want my beloved man to be unhappy, as long as you are willing to go back to him, I can stop seeing him.”

Looking at this woman, Murong Xue did not speak for a long time.

If the other party was a woman with evil intentions. She could use all sorts of words to humiliate and strike the other party.

However, she knew Su Xiaoqiao’s character and personality very well, she was not the kind of woman who would do anything to get a man.

That kind of woman would not be able to get Ye Xing’s liking either.

“You are already his woman, he won’t give you up, if I force you to break up, he won’t be happy around me either.”

“You can marry him, I don’t want a name.” Su Xiaoqiao suddenly said.

Murong Xue looked at her in shock, somewhat unable to believe that these words were coming out of her mouth.

What kind of words was she saying, did she want to be Ye Xing’s lover?

“Su Xiao Qiao. You can be such a B*tch, I can’t do it.”

Murong Xue snorted coldly and left with big steps.

Looking at her back, Su Xiao Qiao’s complexion became more and more gloomy.

It was at this time. The phone rang, it was Ye Xing’s.

“Xiao Qiao, where are you?”

“I went out to buy some specialties to bring back to Yu Lin.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

“I can’t get into the room. When will you be back?”

“Half an hour will be fine.”

Half an hour later, Su Xiaoqiao returned to the hotel, carrying some specialties in her hands.

“Why didn’t you tell me about the shopping, I’ll accompany you.” Ye Xing looked at her carrying a big bag and said heartily.

“You are so busy, how can I trouble you again.”

Next, Ye Xing helped her carry her things to the car, and then took her to the provincial city to take the plane.

In the afternoon, the two arrived at the airport.

“You have a good shoot over there, call me more often, I’ll fly over to see you as soon as I’m free.” Ye Xing smiled.

“Ye Xing, get General Mu back, I can feel it, she loves you very much.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

“Other women hold on to their boyfriends tightly, how are you the opposite, pushing them out?” Ye Xing laughed and scolded. Comforting her, he said, “You can shoot the movie without worrying, remember, you haven’t wronged Xue’er, nor have you wronged anyone who doesn’t want to, you are my woman.”

“Mm!” She nodded her head.

After sending Su Xiao Qiao to the plane, Ye Xing’s heart was empty.

With Xiao Qiao leaving and Murong Xue becoming a stranger again, he felt as if his world was missing a lot of things.

Suddenly. The phone rang.

He took it out and looked at it, it was Luo Xiaoyun’s.

He hung up and didn’t answer.

The phone rang again.

Hang up again.

A third time it rang.

This time, he answered.

“Ye Xing, you scum, you tortured Xue’er into this state, don’t care, are you still a man?”

On the other side of the phone, Luo Xiaoyun cursed up, as if it was not Murong Xue that Ye Xing was sorry for, but her.

“How is she doing?” Ye Xing asked.

“She’s soul-dead these days, she stays at home every day, she doesn’t go to the company, she doesn’t go to work, she doesn’t care about anything, and she doesn’t answer her phone. If this goes on, she’ll get depressed. It’s been a long time coming for Xue’er to make a name for herself and impress people, but how can she face her relatives and friends now?”

Luo Xiaoyun was scolding her head in a fierce manner!

“I told you to let her have a psychological acceptance process, but you didn’t believe me and just told her. Aren’t you her best friend, why don’t you comfort her, aren’t you a bully, why don’t you go convince her?” Ye Xing angrily hung up the phone.


Chapter 188

Next, Ye Xing tried to call Murong Xue, but he hung up before he could dial.

He really couldn’t think of anything to say to her.

Perhaps some time apart and some quiet time would help each other calm down.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

He took it out and saw that it was Murong Xue’s number.

“Is it convenient now?” Murong Xue asked.

The voice was not angry, nor was it sad, the tone was flat, the kind of disconnection and indifference that could be felt even through the phone.

It was strangely uncomfortable to listen to.

“I’m in the provincial capital. I just dropped Xiao Qiao off on the plane and am going to help Zhao Gujin take a look at his leg.” Ye Xing finished and asked, “Is there anything wrong?”

“Our divorce agreement has been signed, but we never went to get the divorce certificate. What time is convenient for us to collect it?”

“Tomorrow morning!”

“Tomorrow morning then.” Murong Xue hung up the phone.

Ye Xing parked the car at the side of the road for a long time before starting it and heading towards the suburbs.

Most of an hour later, he arrived at the village where Zhao Jingu was, and from afar, he saw Haitang supporting Zhao Jingu, walking slowly at the entrance of the village.

He greeted him at once.

“Ye Xing, what brings you here?” Haitang was very strange.

“I sent a friend on a flight to the provincial capital and stopped by for a visit. Grandpa, come, let me have a look at the leg.”

“Ye Xing, thank you so much.”

Zhao Jingu sat down on the stone bench next to him and pulled his trousers up, revealing the leg.

After the blood had been drained by Ye Xing with a needle, the bruising had subsided and the nerves had recovered, Zhao Jingu’s leg had looked like it had grown more flesh and the blood was much better.

However, due to his age, he did not have as fast a metabolism as younger people, so his recovery was still slow.

However, it was already possible to walk gently on the foot.

“Ye Xing, how is my grandfather’s leg?” Haitang asked.

“It’s old, recovery isn’t that fast, even after it recovers, it won’t be as steady as the other leg, so you should be mentally prepared, grandpa. However, walking is no problem.” Ye Xing gave him a precautionary shot, so that he would not be disappointed if his hopes were too high.

Although he was a miracle doctor and could cure diseases, he could not return to old age.

“I’m content to be able to walk, how dare I hope for too much more.” Zhao Jingu laughed.

Next. The three of them went home and Ye Xing prescribed Zhao Jingu a few more herbal medicines.

“Ye Xing, are you anxious to go back, if not, how about staying here for the night tonight?” Haitang asked.

“Yes, people young people have a lot of topics to talk about, more exchanges.”

Zhao Jingu said in a hurry, he couldn’t wait for his granddaughter, and Ye Xing to rub off on something

“I have something to do tomorrow, next time!” Ye Xing said.

“I’ll see you out.”

Haitang accompanied him and walked out of the village to the entrance of the village.

She saw Ye Xing’s BYD at a glance.

“This is the god car, right?” Haitang asked with a smile.

“What god car. A broken car.” Ye Xing said.

“Sister said this car of yours must be at least ten million dollars.” A fiery look appeared in Haitang’s gaze as she asked, “Can I sit in it and feel it?”


Getting into the car, Haitang looked east and west, and the more she looked, the more she liked it.

“If you didn’t get in the car, who would have thought the car would be so luxurious, it’s really a low-key tycoon!”

“Do you want to feel it and take you home?”

Going back to Huaijiang would also take her through the city, so she wouldn’t have to take much of a detour to get back.

“My pleasure.”

Haitang took out her phone and called Zhao Jingu, telling him she was going back with Ye Xing’s car.

“Got it, grandpa, I have it in mind. That’s it, I’m hanging up.”

The voice on the other side of the phone was very small, but Ye Xing could still vaguely hear it, Zhao Jingu saying something about telling her to take her chances or something like that.

“Put your safety on, let’s get you stimulated.” Ye Xing laughed.

Haitang instantly strapped on the safety wear.

The next moment, the car made a beast-like roaring sound, like a fierce beast coming out of its cage.


The car scurried straight out and turned the corner in front of it. It threw off a beautiful drift and whistled away.

At first Begonia found it quite exciting, but gradually she became frightened, holding on to her seat tightly, her face turning pale.

The car was too fast, she had never been in a car going so fast in her life.

“Ye Xing, slow down, slow down.”

Which knew that Ye Xing didn’t hear at all, his mind was full of Murong Xue’s figure and the little bits and pieces of time he spent with her.

“Ye Xing. I can’t stand it.”

Half a long time later, Haitang finally couldn’t help but say again.

“Oh, then I’ll drive a little slower.”

Only then did Ye Xing slow the car down, from over two hundred kilometres per hour to just over a hundred.

Finally. It delivered her to the entrance of the Zhao family villa.

“The sea has arrived.” Ye Xing reminded.

Haitang didn’t get out of the car right away and asked instead, “Ye Xing, are you unhappy about something”

When Ye Xing was driving just now, she clearly felt. He looked very unhappy, completely different from before.

“No!” Ye Xing smiled and waved his hand, “See you later.”


Haitang got out of the car and waved at him.

The car started up and disappeared at the end of the street in an instant.

Haitang was a very sensitive woman and knew that he must have something on his mind, he just wasn’t in a position to know it himself.

Thinking about it, she was a little cautiously stuffed.

At that moment, she beckoned out her mobile phone and sent a message over.

“Drive carefully and have a safe trip.”


Racing down the road, the usual three hour drive was a hard two hours back.

Back at the entrance of the villa, Ye Xing then suddenly remembered that this was no longer his home.

At this moment, it was already nine o’clock in the evening, and the lights on the first floor of the villa were on.

Ye Xing parked his car by the roadside and stayed in it to sit quietly.

It was eleven o’clock. The light in the living room on the first floor went out and the light in the room came on.

The room’s light stayed on and was not even turned off at two o’clock.

Apparently, Murong Xue couldn’t sleep.

In the past, Murong Xue had to be asleep by eleven o’clock because she knew that sleep was the biggest killer of a woman.

Dumbly looking at that familiar window, Ye Xing’s eyes were a little moist.

He wanted to go up there. But was afraid that if he went up there, Murong Xue would be even more upset when she saw him.

It was not until three in the morning that the lights in the room were turned off.

Ye Xing did not go to the hotel to get a room, and spent the night inside the car.

The next morning at eight o’clock, the phone rang, it was Murong Xue sent a message.

“I’m going to the Civil Affairs Bureau, see you in half an hour.”

“Okay, see you in one hour.” Ye Xing returned the message.

From afar, he saw Murong Xue’s car coming out from inside the villa, and he drove up to follow it.

Half an hour later, the two met at the Civil Affairs Bureau.

After not seeing each other for a few days, Murong Xue had obviously haggard a lot, her face was wearing light makeup, but she still couldn’t hide the dark circles under her eyes.

“It’s been a long wait.” Murong Xue said indifferently.

“I’ve just arrived too.” Ye Xing said back.

The two stood two metres apart, neither of them having any intention of walking in.

“Let’s go in!”

A long time later, Murong Xue then said.