Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 179-180

Chapter 179

“What’s the use of me thinking about you, you don’t think about me.” Murong Xue hummed.

“I don’t miss you, I think about you day and night, I can’t wait to fly back to your side.” Ye Xing laughed.

“If you really wanted to, you would have wandered until now, do the math, how many days has it been?”

“I stayed in the provincial city to help Zhao Jingu with his illness, but it was all with your consent, and now you’re relying on me.” Ye Xing had a bitter face. Pretending to be aggrieved, he continued, “You don’t know how much I miss you, I want to come back every day. Originally Zhao Jingu had to be treated for more than a week, and I came back in five days.”

“What about his leg, will it be alright?” Murong Xue asked urgently.

“It should be fine, I left the medicine for him, it’s just a slower recovery.”

“Why didn’t you leave it for two more days, it’s not just these two days. What if his leg doesn’t heal?”

Looking at her anxiously, Ye Xing couldn’t help but secretly laugh, but he dared not show it and said, “That’s all you blame me for coming back late, two more days later, you dumped me what to do.”

“I was just joking, why do you take it seriously.”

Murong Xue started the car, the two had a chat.

“You didn’t make a mistake this time out, did you?”

Murong Xue finally managed to ask the question she cared about.

“Do you want me to raise my left hand and swear, or do you want me to swear with my right hand?” Ye Xing asked with a smile.

“Not joking with you, I’m serious.” Murong Xue said, sighed and said quietly, “If you really make a mistake, I’ll accept it, who let this body of mine become like this.”

She could accept it?

Ye Xing was instantly secretly happy, didn’t that mean he could have some stories with Su Xiao Qiao in the future.


There was a pit.

Ye Xing glanced at Murong Xue and saw a cunning flicker in her gaze.

At that moment, he understood, so she was setting herself up.

Women, ah, were all cunning creatures.

“Wife. Don’t worry, if I can’t touch you, then I’ll be an old virgin for the rest of my life.” Ye Xing grabbed her right hand and said softly, “Liking someone is on a spiritual level, it’s divine intercourse, as long as we can be together it’s enough, it doesn’t matter if we can fap.”

Although I didn’t know if he was telling the truth or not, at least it sounded comfortable.

At that moment, suddenly her phone rang.

Pressing the answer button. Luo Xiaoyun’s voice rang out from inside the car.

“Xue’er, where are we going for dinner tonight?” Luo Xiaoyun asked.

“Ye Xing is back, we are planning to go out for dinner, why don’t you come along?” Murong Xue asked.

“Sure, where?”

Murong Xue had just wanted to casually talk about it, but she didn’t know that Luo Xiaoyun had immediately agreed.

This BFF, couldn’t she hear that she was being polite?

“We haven’t thought about it yet, Ye Xing, what place do you want to go for dinner?” Murong Xue asked.


Next. After a twenty-minute long discussion, the two women finally decided to go for western food.

A new western restaurant had opened nearby and it was quite authentic.

When they got there, the two of them had just been seated for a few moments when Luo Xiaoyun arrived in a breezy hurry.

She was wearing a loose fitting dress, but she still couldn’t stop her hot body.

“Luo Xiaoyun. Get a boyfriend, so you don’t have to be a light bulb next time you come over for dinner.” Ye Xing said.

“Ye Xing, don’t talk nonsense, what light bulb?”

Murong Xue hurriedly shouted at him, this guy was talking too much without looking at the occasion, how embarra*sing for Luo Xiaoyun to hear that!

“How much time can we disturb you guys with a meal, don’t be so stingy, okay.” Luo Xiaoyun gave Ye Xing a blank look.

“I’m just kidding, don’t take it seriously, I’m actually concerned about your lifelong matters. I’m afraid you won’t be able to get married.” Ye Xing laughed.

“With my condition I won’t be able to get married, you’d better take care of yourself!” Speaking to this point, Luo Xiaoyun’s words changed. Said: “Good for you, running to Tianhai to pick up girls and getting involved with a jade star. How’s the taste of an actress?”

“By the way Ye Xing, I forgot to ask you, how did you and Cheng Yulin meet?”

“How would I know a big star like that, she is a new generation female jade star, how could a mere mortal like me know her?”

The photo Murong Xue sent over that day, which Ye Xing had studied, only showed the two standing together and not communicating.

“What was that photo about?” Murong Xue continued to ask.

“A matter of angle, or unintentionally in the same frame.”

In order not to let Murong Xue worry too much, he decided it was better not to admit it, to save her from worrying too much.

One Yang Xiaoqiao already made her feel insecure, and another Cheng Yulin. She wouldn’t even be able to sleep properly.

“Really, so what’s this about?”

Luo Xiaoyun picked up his phone, the screen was facing him, and on it was the very picture of him and Cheng Yulin in the same frame.

Not only were they in the same frame, there was an exchange throughout.

This woman, where did she get the photo?

“Ye Xing. No lying.” Murong Xue said seriously.

Ye Xing took a look at the photo and knew there was no way to lie low, so he said, “Yes, I do know her because she knows Xiao Qiao. But only know each other, we have spoken less than ten words combined, not much friendship at all.”

“Then why did you lie to me just now?”

“I was just afraid that you would misunderstand, the other party is a jade star, so good, I was afraid that you would think wrong.” Ye Xing explained.

“The clearer you are, if you don’t have a ghost inside you, why would you lie to me.” Murong Xue hummed.

“I really don’t know her well ……”

Before Ye Xing could finish his words, WeChat rang.

Luo Xiaoyun had sharp eyes and glanced at his phone and found that Cheng Yulin’s name was written on it.

“Cheng Lilin’s WeChat.” Luo Xiaoyun said in a hurry.

“What are you talking nonsense about?” Ye Xing hurriedly took the phone over and put it under the table.

“Bring it.” Murong Xue stretched out her hand.

“Wife, don’t listen to Xiaoyun’s nonsense, how could I have Cheng Yulin’s WeChat.”

Ye Xing said while tapping on Cheng Yulin’s dialog box under the table and started to blindly delete it up.

“Bring it.” Murong Xue said again.

After deleting it, Ye Xing handed the phone over and said with a straight face, “Why don’t you believe it!”

Murong Xue took the phone and looked at it, asking, “Where is the WeChat just now?”

“The one just now was the sound of an advertisement, where’s the weibo.” After saying that, Ye Xing looked at Luo Xiao with an irritated face and scolded, “Don’t always provoke the feelings between us as a couple, I won’t invite you to dinner next time.”

“Don’t think I don’t know that you just deleted WeChat with your hand under the table.” Luo Xiaoyun said.

“Who deleted it, if I say no, no.” Ye Xing resoundingly said.

Murong Xue looked at her phone for a moment and could not find any evidence, so she had to give up.

She handed the phone over and suddenly the phone rang, it was an unfamiliar phone number.

Picked up and pressed the speakerphone button.

“Ye Xing, I’m Cheng Yulin, why did you delete my WeChat?”

Cheng Yulin’s voice came from the other side of the phone.

The two women’s eyes, at the same time, fell on Ye Xing.


Chapter 180

Pretend, I’ll see how you can still pretend.

Sly, let’s see how you can still be sly.

Such thoughts were revealed in the gazes of both women.

In a flash, countless thoughts flashed through Ye Xing’s mind.

In the end, all the thoughts converged into one idiom: die to the end.

“Who are you, did you call the wrong number?” Ye Xing said without changing his face.

There was a silence on the other side of the phone, and Cheng Yulin seemed to understand instantly.

“Sorry, I have the wrong number.” After saying that, the phone hung up.

Sure enough, making friends with a woman with high emotional intelligence was just comfortable.

“What a world. Cheating is pretending to be a big star, and Cheng Yulin, why don’t you say you are Guan Xiaotong?” Ye Xing couldn’t help but curse.

The two women shared a similar glance, both from within each other’s gaze. Seeing the same thought.

This guy was too good at sophistry!

The two women were not fools, so how could they believe his bullSh*t.

“You said she called the wrong number, how could the other party know your name?” Luo Xiaoyun asked.

“Liars nowadays have a lot of tricks, not to mention knowing names, they even know how old you are, where you live, and even what your three circumferences are.”

Ye Xing said, while looking at the circumference of her three circumferences which was the most interesting to men. Mentally, he was guessing at the figures.

“Where are your eyes looking at?”

Luo Xiaoyun’s face instantly darkened and said to Murong Xue, “Xue’er, do you still care whether or not he spies on your bestie’s B**bs in public.”

“Which of your eyes saw me staring at your B**bs, not to mention that you are wearing clothes, even if you are naked, I won’t look, I am very dedicated to my wife.” Ye Xing looked like a decent gentleman.

“Why didn’t I realize before that you are so shameless?” Luo Xiaoyun couldn’t help but curse.

To deal with a woman like you, is it possible not to be shameless?

You’ve come over here to be a light bulb, ruining the two of us’ world, and you’re even making things difficult for me.

It’s good that I didn’t beat you up.

“Each other, a little weaker than you.” Ye Xing arched his hand.

“You ……”

“Will you guys stop arguing, as soon as you meet.” Murong Xue even stopped it.

She was really afraid that if the two of them continued to argue, it would evolve into the same relationship between Ye Xing and Qiang Wei again.

Soon, the western food came up, beef steak, pasta, fruit salad, and caviar.

Ye Xing was about to eat when suddenly there was a pain under his foot and someone was kicking himself.

Such a small action, naturally, would not be done by Murong Xue.

Ye Xing glanced at Luo Xiaoyun and saw her lowering her head to cut the beef steak. A look like nothing was happening.

I endure.

Immediately, another kick came and kicked him on the calf, which hurt even more than just now!

Uncle can tolerate it, but sister-in-law can’t!

He quietly put two silver needles on his foot.

Luo Xiaoyun was so proud of herself that she felt that Ye Xing was justified and didn’t dare to retort, so she kicked again right then and there!

The next moment, she jumped up in pain as a whole, and her thigh hit the table, causing her to wince in pain, and the whole table was almost overturned.

“What’s wrong, Xiao Yun?” Murong Xue said urgently.

Luo Xiaoyun was in so much pain that tears were coming out of her eyes. Looking at her white and slender thighs, they turned red and finally black as fast as the naked eye could see.

“There was something crawling on my leg just now, I thought it was a rat.”

Luo Xiaoyun didn’t dare to complain, after all, she was in the wrong.

“Let me see.”

Murong Xue took a look at her thigh and found that it was blackened, it seemed to have hit it pretty hard.

“Ye Xing, go buy a medicinal wine and come over.” Murong Xue hastily ordered.

“It’s just a bump, does it hurt so much, you’ve become a policeman and you’re still so fragile.”

Ye Xing skimmed his lips and reluctantly stood to come.

“I’m fine. There’s no need to buy it.” Luo Xiaoyun stretched her legs under the table, tears welling up in her eyes.

“Xiaoyun, it’s all banged up and black ……”

“I’m a cop, I’m not that fragile.” Luo Xiaoyun snorted coldly, her character was stubborn.

Ye Xing sighed, stood up, walked to sit next to her and said, “Let me take a look.”

“No need.”

“Stick your leg out.” Ye Xing bellowed angrily.

His voice was heavy. It was completely devoid of the playfulness from earlier, and his voice had a tone that was not to be denied.

Luo Xiaoyun actually involuntarily stretched her legs out.

As it was summer, Luo Xiaoyun was dressed in cool, short trousers.

Women who often worked out had good physical qualities, and with Luo Xiaoyun being a police girl, these legs didn’t know how many men they would charm.

What beautiful legs, I don’t know which son of a b*tch will be cheap in the future.

He threw away his bad thoughts, put his hand on her thigh and touched it.

“What are you doing?” Feeling the touch on her thigh, Luo Xiaoyun was instantly anxious.

“Don’t move, do you hear me?” Ye Xing drank.

Murong Xue saw him touching Luo Xiaoyun’s thigh. She was also a little upset, but seeing that Ye Xing’s face was serious all the time, she could not say anything.

After touching a few times and having a little bit of hand addiction. Only then did Ye Xing secretly transport his internal qi into his palm, which penetrated through the skin and into the bruise.

The reason why the bruises were painful was because of the bruises produced. Soft tissue injuries, as long as the bruised blood was allowed to dissipate, it would be fine.

Luo Xiaoyun only felt a burst of heat on the injured part of her leg, and the pain slowly disappeared.

It was good to be a doctor, to be able to mooch openly and honestly.

After healing, Ye Xing touched it twice more, before standing up.

“Try it, does it still hurt?”

Luo Xiaoyun had actually stopped hurting just now, and she even understood that he had ended up touching twice to earn himself a bargain.

But what could be done about it, one could only eat the dumb loss.

“It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Luo Xiaoyun said back without good grace.

She didn’t even bother to say thank you, it was a big loss after being touched for so long.

Murong Xue took a look at the bruise, and sure enough, the bruises were all gone, restored as normal. She could not help but secretly admire.

“Ye Xing, I didn’t think you were so good at healing, why didn’t I hear you say that before.” Murong Xue sighed.

She found that the more she got along, the more powerful this man was, the more he could manifest.

“Your husband is powerful in many ways, you will know later.” Ye Xing laughed heatedly.

Looking at his look, Murong Xue knew that he was thinking wrongly again and that there were words in his words.

Luo Xiaoyun was not a fool. How could she not hear it and not bear to hear it anymore.

“I’m full, I’ll leave first.” She stood up.

“You’re full so soon?” Murong Xue asked.

“I ate too much dog food, it’s hard to hold up my stomach.” Throwing down these words, she left with her long legs.

Was it the stomach that was hard to bear, or the heart that was hard to bear!

Ye Xing wanted to flirt a lot, but he didn’t dare to say this, because after saying it, there might be serious consequences.

The fact that Luo Xiaoyun was interested in him was just his guess, God knows if it was true.

What if it was just him making a fool of himself?

After dinner, the two of them went to the shopping mall for a while before going home.

At night, when the two of them were lying in bed, Ye Xing put his hand on top of Murong Xue’s small belly.

Now that he had a not-so-weak Yuan Qi, he was able to detect it!

Sure enough, inside Murong Xue’s small abdomen, he detected an icy cold aura.

“D*mn it, Shangguan Lan, that b*tch.”

Ye Xing lay dishevelled on the bed, angry and helpless.

Outside, there were flowers all over the mountains, each one so delicate that he couldn’t even touch them himself.

How can I live if I can’t even touch the flowers at home?

Will I die of suffocation in this life?