Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 163-164

Chapter 163

A man has a crush on a woman and breaks into her boudoir in the middle of the night.

This is a military area, which soldier is so daring, are you tired of living?

If there is a father, there must be a daughter.

When Beino said this, Beifang actually believed it.

No, this pit was not something one could jump into.

“Little North, it’s not like that at all, your father is lying to you.” Ye Xing said.


“I didn’t even know you lived in there, your dad’s guard brought me there and then said he forgot the key and told me to climb up the water pipe.”

“Think about it. If I liked you, how could I be so violent with you.”

It was the kind of thing that anyone with a brain could come up with, and I really didn’t know how she could believe Kitano’s bullsh*t.

People say. Big B**bs don’t have brains, and she doesn’t have big B**bs!

“B*****d, I’ll go and settle the score with her.” Bei Fang was furious.

Originally, she thought the other party liked her and acted so arrogant, but she didn’t expect otherwise, which was embarra*sing.

“Forget it, he’s doing it for your own good, you’re looking for him like this. He’ll be sad, pity the world.” Ye Xing hurriedly stopped her.

In case she really looked for her father to settle the score, it was possible that Bei Ye would not release Black Tiger if he was not happy.

One more thing was better than less.

As the two of them were talking, Bei Ye came from afar.

“Little North, let’s pretend that nothing has happened, how about that?” Ye Xing asked in a hurry.

“Fine!” Bei Fang said helplessly.

The two of them greeted him.

“Good morning, Chief.” Ye Xing greeted with a smile.

“Good morning!”

Beifang came over and said as if nothing had happened, “Ye Xing, don’t you want to find Dragon Slayer, go to the ring.”

“There’s a ring match today?”

Ye Xing’s eyes lit up, he was worried that he didn’t have a chance to challenge Tu Long, and now the opportunity had come.

The ring tournament was a place in the military district where soldiers were given the freedom to boogie and go up to show their strength.

Back when Red Dragon was in the army, he was the absolute king of the ring.

In the ring, there was no ranking or type of soldier, only strength or weakness.

When they went there, the ring match had already started and several hundred soldiers were surrounding a ring.

At this moment, there were already two people competing in the ring, and you were fighting back and forth with great intensity.

“Just go and have some fun. Don’t pa*s.” Kitano instructed.

“Chief, aren’t you going over there?”

“I won’t go over, I’ll go over all to kiss a*s.”

Kitano finished speaking and turned to leave.

Ye Xing took a look and found a camera in the distance, pointing at the ring, daring the chief to go and watch the camera.

“Xiao Bei, do you want to go and have some fun?” Ye Xing asked.

“You can call me by my first name, Bei Fang, I’m not used to being called Xiao Bei.”

“Okay.” Ye Xing nodded.

I wonder how she would feel after knowing that she was a Red Dragon.

The two walked over towards the ring and found a seat.

Bei Fang’s coming over immediately caught the attention of those soldiers.

Inside the army. There were already few female soldiers, and even fewer like Bei Fang who were still good looking.

Beifang was not from this barracks and had come over for fun like Ye Xing, so these soldiers did not know her.

Ignoring her personality, she was still quite nice.

Isn’t there a saying that even a sow turns into a phoenix when you come back from being a soldier?


In the ring, a soldier knocked that one soldier down and roared his horn up.

“Who else is coming up.”

He slapped his chest and screamed.

“Wei Xiong is too good, his strength is progressing at a divine rate!”

“I heard that someone from the Dragon Spirit pointed him out and then he progressed at a divine pace.”

“Is it hard to say that it was Red Dragon who gave him the instruction?”

“You’re from Mars. It’s long past the time of Red Dragon, now the captain of Dragon Soul is called Tu Long.”

The people below the field discussed, their voices full of admiration.

“Do you guys think that Red Dragon is powerful or Dragon Slayer is powerful?”

“Nonsense, of course Dragon Slayer is powerful, if he wasn’t more powerful than Dragon Slayer, how could the chief let him be named like that.”

Ye Xing listened on the side. His face started to darken.

Nima, if I don’t let the king’s aura out today, you guys still don’t know who is powerful!

“Who else?” The soldier on the stage bellowed.

The people below looked at each other, and no one dared to go up.

“I’ll go up and have some fun.” Ye Xing said.

He had wanted to wait for them earlier and make his own finale appearance, but now he could no longer hold back the anger in his heart.

He stepped out from the crowd and walked towards the ring, gently leaping up.

All the soldiers around him, their eyes instantly fell on him.

“Third Company, Wei Xiong, please enlighten me.”

The soldier in the ring arched his hand.

“I won’t say the name, you don’t have the qualifications yet.” Ye Xing’s gaze fell on him. Asked, “I heard just now down there that you have learnt from someone from Dragon Soul?

“That’s right.”


“I won’t say who it is, you don’t have the qualification yet.”

After Wei Xiong finished speaking, he himself laughed out loud first.

Just now, Ye Xing had pretended to be a P***y in front of him. As a result, in less than two words, he had pretended back, a feeling that was twice as good.

The soldiers below the field also laughed out loud. They were amused by Wei Xiong.

“In that case, then let’s do it, no more nonsense.” Ye Xing said indifferently.

“You are new here, let you fight.” Wei Xiong said proudly.


Ye Xing struck.

Before Wei Xiong could react, his opponent swept him off the ground with a sweeping leg move, causing him to fall hard.

He tried to get up and found himself with a foot on his back, like a mountain pressing down on his back for a moment, making him unable to move.

“Is this the level taught by Dragon Soul, it’s too unbearable!” Ye Xing laughed coldly.

Wei Xiong tried to get up, but he struggled desperately and couldn’t even stand up.

Ye Xing flew up and kicked him off the stage.

The people below the stage all looked dumbfounded, and the roaring laughter from earlier, came to an abrupt end.

“Who else is coming up?” Ye Xing swept his gaze down below. Asked.

The people below the arena looked at each other with blank faces, no one dared to come up.

Wei Xiong was considered very powerful, and he could not even carry a single move, so one could imagine how powerful the other party was.

“I was just on the stage, and I heard many people admire Tu Long and regard him as their idol, here. I would like to say a word to you all ……” Ye Xing paused for a moment and swept his gaze down to the crowd below the stage before he said word for word, “Tu, dragon, is, dog.”


A big wave of Xuan Yuan was immediately set off under the arena.

This feeling was like, at a star’s concert, scolding that star on the spot.

Dragon Slayer had now become the new King of Soldiers, the new faith, and Ye Xing’s words were like stirring up a hornet’s nest.

“What kind of a thing are you.”

“Just by you, you dare to insult Tu Long.”

“Kid, just wait, soon you will die a horrible death.”

All sorts of curses rang out from below, but curses aside, not a single soldier dared to rush up.

“It’s useless to rely on your mouth, come up and beat me if you don’t like it!” Ye Xing raised his middle finger provocatively towards the field and continued, “One against one is not much fun, you all come up together, no limit on the number of people, as long as one of you can stay in this ring for ten seconds, it’s considered that I lose.”


Chapter 164

The words just now were already arrogant, and now these words were even more arrogant to the extreme.

A group of soldiers could not hold back at once, and stood up one after another, rushing up to the ring.

A soldier can be killed, not humiliated.

Two soldiers had just climbed into the ring when Ye Xing appeared in front of them and kicked him out with two kicks.

Then, four more climbed up.

They all ended up the same as the previous ones, they all stayed for less than two seconds and were knocked out by Ye Xing again.

Next, a group of soldiers surged up like a tidal wave.

The result. None of them could last for five seconds, let alone ten seconds, and a large number of them fell off the stage in an instant.

It was still Ye Xing’s mercy, otherwise none of these guys would have been able to get up.

“I’ll start from now on. I’m laying down a heavy hand, whoever dares to come up, it won’t be as simple as a bruised nose.”

Just as he finished speaking, a soldier happened to climb up.

Ye Xing slammed his shoulder out, using dark energy.

He didn’t throw a punch for fear that if he punched, the other party would lose half of his life.


The soldier was like being hit by a speeding car and kept flying out for more than ten metres. Only then did he fall to the ground, foaming at the mouth, unable to get up for a long time.

Only then did the surrounding soldiers realise that he hadn’t used all his strength at all just now.

He was crazy, but this guy was really strong!

“Let’s shout together: Dragon Slayer is a dog.”

“Dragonslayer is a pig.”

“Tu Long is worse than a pig and a dog.”

On the floor, although everyone was angry in their hearts, no one discussed it anymore.

Because the anger could not be vented, the other side was too strong.


Monitoring centre.

Two figures stood in front of the computer, watching the scene in the ring from all corners of the computer.

One of them, was none other than the head of the Dragon Group, Kitano.

The other was a man who was about one meter eight tall, his body standing straight and standing like a mountain.

The man was around thirty years old, with a face as sharp as a knife and an extraordinary aura.

This man was none other than the new captain of the Dragon Soul, Tu Long.

“Is he the Red Dragon?” Tu Long asked.

“Not in appearance, the personality is similar, not sure.” Bei Ye said.

“Chief, I heard that you have fought with him, what is his strength?”

“Strength is not below that of the Red Dragon.”

“That’s interesting, otherwise it would be too uninteresting.” Tu Long finished speaking. He walked out of the camera room.

Looking at his back, Kitano couldn’t help but smile.

The duel between the former Captain of Dragon Soul and the current Captain of Dragon Soul, the two supreme soldier kings, he was so looking forward to it.

At this moment, above the ring, Ye Xing was lying there sleeping.

He knew that Dragon Slayer would definitely come.

A soldier could be killed, not humiliated, as the captain of Dragon Soul, the symbol of spirit, being provoked by himself like this, if he didn’t come out again, how could he mix in the army in the future.

“Dragonslayer is coming.”

“This guy is dead.”

“Tu Long. Down with him.”

A voice that shook the heavens rang out.

Amidst the crowd, Tu Long walked out and walked up to the ring step by step.

Ye Xing slowly stood up and looked at his opponent.

The other party was also sizing him up, and the two were a few metres apart, looking at each other head-on.

“Here I am.”

Tu Long said indifferently, shying away from ink.

Worthy to be the captain of Dragon Soul, this is a bit of a push!

“The dog is here, bark twice to hear it.” Ye Xing laughed.

Tu Long’s eyebrows immediately furrowed as he angrily said, “You respect you as a senior, but your attitude now. There is no semblance of a senior.”

“Do you still have me as a senior in your eyes?” It was fine if I didn’t mention this, but when I did, Ye Xing’s heart was on fire. “My name is Red Dragon, your name is Dragon Slayer, what do you mean by that, are you deliberately slapping my face?”

“The Dragon Slayer’s I had long ago, and did not get up later.”

“You had not heard the name of Dragonslayer before you came, and since you are here, in order to appear respectful to your senior. Why didn’t you change it?”

“I asked you to change your name to another name, not Ye Xing, are you willing?” Dragonslayer asked rhetorically.

“In that case, then there is no more talk, in that case, let’s cut the crap and see the real deal underhand!”

This one was a battle involving reputation, no more words would be useful.

“That is exactly what I intend to do.”

Tu Long’s eyes mimicked and his fists clenched tightly.

Ye Xing likewise, his eyes mimicked, his gaze locked on his opponent dead.

The Dragon Group of China, was a gathering place for the most powerful special forces. And the Dragon Soul was the best of the special forces, and to be the captain of the Dragon Soul, no matter the strength. IQ, are all over the top.

Dragon Slayer, definitely not simple.


Both of them struck out at the same time, rushing towards each other.

Both of their clothes bulged out at the same time. It moved without wind.

This indicated that both of them had entered the internal energy realm.

Bang! The two men’s fists collided!

Ye Xing only felt his fists tingling a little, and his chest carried a drum of stuffy air.

Sure enough, any captain who could be a Dragon Soul was not a simple person.

However, the other side would not take it well either.

With just one move, the two stopped, their eyes staring at each other, their eyes rolling.

Between a split second, several thoughts jumped inside Ye Xing’s mind.

Although it was only one move, he had already measured out that the strength of the two sides was between the two.

It would not be easy to defeat the other side, unless he could find the other side’s weakness.

Using his own strengths to strike at his opponent’s weaknesses.

What did one have that the other could not compare to?

Inside Ye Xing’s mind, he kept turning and finally had a flash of light.

He was now the most powerful. It was the memory of being reborn more than a thousand times.

Not only was he once the King of Soldiers, he was also the King of Medicine.

Thinking of this, he attacked once again.

Bang, bang, bang, bang!

Continuous sounds came from the astral wind, and the two men were hit by punches to varying degrees on their bodies.

The fight lasted for ten minutes, but there was still no winner.

The crowd on the ground could see that it was too difficult to tell the winner unless it was a fight to the death.

“It seems. Our strengths are just between evenly matched, it’s not easy for anyone to win against anyone.” Tu Long said.

“Is that so? Not necessarily!” Ye Xing laughed wryly.

The next moment, he continued to strike and attacked fiercely.

Tu Long was facing the battle, when his face suddenly changed drastically.

“What’s going on, what is this?”

He suddenly found that his body was a little numb and his movements were slow.

“It’s too late to find out now.”

Ye Xing appeared in front of him in an instant and stomped out with a kick, kicking Tu Long out of the ring and dropping him to the ground.

The situation on the field metamorphosed so quickly that the group of onlookers hadn’t even reacted before Tu Long lost.

“What’s going on here?” The Butcher was still baffled until now.

His body had now recovered, but had lost.

“You are too ignorant of the human body structure, just now I struck out, seemingly without any method and aimlessly, but every punch landed on your body acupuncture points, these points formed a line of qi and blood, you were fine on the surface, but in fact the line of blood was already blocked.”

“You’re still a bit young to be the captain of Dragon Soul, and compared to Red Dragon, you’re even less worthy.”

Ye Xing jumped down from the stage, patted his clothes, and raised his head.

All that was left behind was an ugly looking Tu Long, and a baffled soldier.

“Are you really Red Dragon?” Beifang asked as she caught up from behind.

She still hadn’t recovered from the shock she had just felt.

What kind of person was Dragon Slayer?

That was the captain of the Dragon Soul!

The strongest Special Forces King in China, although Ye Xing was also strong, she he had never thought that Ye Xing could actually defeat him.

Just now, from Ye Xing’s mouth, he heard him call himself Red Dragon.

Moreover, he was also doing justice to the name of Red Dragon by striking this time.

Also, he kept calling himself Xiao Bei, so skillfully, and in the past, Red Dragon also called him that.

“Just ask your father.” Ye Xing laughed.