Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 159-160

Chapter 159

If it was before, Su Xiaoqiao would not have agreed.

But before coming to Tianhai, she had run into many walls and met many men with ulterior motives.

In this line of work, it was too difficult to get to the top without subterfuge by your own ability.

Cheng Yulin was right, with her character, it was too difficult to become famous.

“Ye Xing, I don’t want people to think I’m a vase.” She said.

“You can do business, open a company, be a female boss, there are so many areas to show your abilities. It doesn’t have to be a star.”

“You let me think about it!” Su Xiaoqiao nodded her head.

In the blink of an eye, the party came to an end.

Just as the two were about to leave, two figures suddenly walked in from outside.

The two men were tall and walked with wind. The aura was extraordinary.

A man and a woman.

The man was about 5’8″ and the woman was nearly 5’7″.

“May I ask the two ……”

“Police, here to see someone.”

The two men walked into the hall, their eyes searching through the crowd and soon locked on Ye Xing.

They walked over with large strides and walked directly in front of Ye Xing.

“Ye Xing, I am Dragon Soul member Du Feng, please come back with us. This is a warrant for your arrest.”

The man in the lead, Du Feng, pulled out a paper document from his body and presented it in front of him.

Ye Xing looked at it and could tell at a glance that it was genuine, it had a signature on it and it was an instrument from the military district.

Generally speaking, the promulgation of such a paperwork was for military personnel, and it was a treatment only for military personnel of very high status.

For ordinary soldiers, there is no such treatment at all, just send someone to bring it back directly.

The signature below was inscribed, and it was the signature of the head of the Dragon Group, Bei Ye.

Ye Xing thought a little and had already guessed the matter to a certain extent.

His own identity, most likely, had been exposed.

At this moment, the phone rang, it was Lin Wei’s call.

He walked to the side to pick up the phone.

“Ye Xing, you’ve been exposed, Black Tiger revealed your identity on impulse.” Lin Wei said.

“I know, Dragon Soul’s people are already here.” Ye Xing said.

As expected, people with short tempers could not be relied on, it had only been a short time before Black Tiger had revealed his identity.

In Luo Wei’s place, he definitely would not.

“Don’t worry, you can just come back, the chief is thinking of you. It will be fine.”

“I’ll take care of it, that’s all.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xing walked up to the two.

The people around them, their eyes looked over, obviously all attracted by the situation over here.

The female Dragon Soul member pulled out handcuffs from her body and prepared to handcuff Ye Xing.

Ye Xing stared at her coldly and said, “Bei Ye may not even dare to handcuff me here, where did you get the guts?”

“Yu Feng, give me the handcuffs.” That Du Feng took out the handcuffs before continuing, “Chilong, the arrest warrant has all come down, according to the procedure is. You must be handcuffed, please cooperate.”

“I haven’t seen you guys before, new here?”

“We were summoned in by Dragon Slayer.”

When he said the word Dragon Slayer, Du Feng’s chest visibly lifted, showing his reverence for the name.

“Handcuff me, right, fine, you do it.”

Ye Xing took the initiative to hold out his hands and let him take the cuffs.

The man decisively put the handcuffs on, not hesitating at all.

“Ye Xing, what’s going on?” Su Xiaoqiao said urgently.

“It’s alright, you go back first, I’ll be back soon.” Ye Xing rea*sured her.

After the two of them led. Ye Xing walked out of the hall.

“What’s going on here?”

“This person seems to be a soldier and has broken the military rules.”

“It usually takes a very serious situation to issue an arrest warrant, this guy is afraid that he won’t be able to turn around for the rest of his life.”

“Even the most powerful can’t resist the state.”

There were all kinds of whispering voices around her, voices that made Su Xiaoqiao’s heart sink all the way down.

Cheng Yulin walked up to her and asked, “Xiao Qiao, what’s going on with Ye Xing?”

“I don’t know either.”

“He wouldn’t have broken a military order, would he. Arresting someone in the middle of the night?”

“I don’t even know he’s a soldier, let alone if he’s broken military orders.”

As the two were talking, Cheng Yulin’s phone rang, it was none other than Ye Xing’s call.

“Cheng Yulin, take care of Xiao Qiao for me, let her stay at Cheng’s house tonight, please, I’ll be back tomorrow.” On the other side of the phone, Ye Xing said.

“I don’t worry, I will ensure her safety.” Cheng Yulin nodded her head.

Tianhai City was not big, the entertainment circle was small, and if there was any wind or movement. Many people would know about it.

The matter of Ye Xing being arrested today would definitely reach Song Yuan’s ears.

As the tree fell and the rats scattered, Ye Xing was afraid that Song Yuan would report the recovery of Xiao Qiao and worry about her safety. This was normal.

“Adding flowers to the brocade can never resist sending charcoal in the snow.”

Throwing down these words, Ye Xing hung up his phone.

In front of the hotel, there was a Land Rover parked. There were two people inside.

After escorting Ye Xing into the car, the Land Rover headed north.

Thirty minutes later, the car drove into the military area of the army in the north.

Tianhai was a very important place in China, a place with a dense concentration of economic and cultural talents, and it was necessary to set up a military zone here.

After pa*sing three barriers along the way, the Land Rover stopped in front of a small three-storey house.

A man and a woman, two members of Dragon Soul, escorted Ye Xing out of the car and into the small ocean building.

Two guards stood at the entrance of the small ocean building, stopping the two.

The two guards, with their iron blood and standing like mountains, were the two people Ye Xing was familiar with.

The two guards beside the chief were known as South Qiang and North Hai.

Hou Qiang, Luo Zhonghai, no less powerful than the members of Dragon Soul, was the personal guard of the head of the Dragon Group, Bei Ye.

“You two go back first. Just leave the people to me.” Hou Qiang instructed.

Du Feng nodded, pulled out the keys to the handcuffs from his body, and handed them over.

“Luo Qiang, wait a moment.” Ye Xing interrupted with a voice and said, “Let him go up, how he handcuffed me, I’ll let him uncuff me again.”

Hou Qiang gave him a strange look, as he sensed a familiar feeling from Ye Xing.

Luo Zhonghai from the side country did the same.

“Let’s go up together!”

The five of them went upstairs. Just after they reached the first floor, Luo Qiang and Hou Zhonghai, immediately stood next to an old man with an appearance of around forty-five years old.

The old man was sitting by the coffee table, his body sitting straight.

Although his appearance only looked to be around forty-five years old, Ye Xing knew that his real age was already over fifty years old.

This man, was none other than the leader of China’s Dragon Group, the divine General Beiguan, who had achieved a great deal of success in battle.

He was known as the God of War of the Northern Pa*s!

Bei Ye raised his head and his eyes were like knives as they fell on Ye Xing.

The eyes were like cold swords, like fierce beasts.

An ordinary person being stared at would not even be able to stand still.

Which knew that Ye Xing acted as if he didn’t feel anything and sat down on the solid wood sofa next to him with one butt.

“Old Chief, at such an old age you still don’t want to step down, you really want to move up!” Ye Xing laughed.

“Unbridled!” Du Feng was furious and shouted, “Are there people who talk to the chief like that?”

Beino stared at Ye Xing with a gleaming gaze, as if he wanted to see through him.

Underneath the different body, there was a familiar feeling.

Only one person had said this to him just now.

Could it be that he was really Red Dragon?


Chapter 160

“Get him uncuffed.” Kitano commanded.


Hou Qiang went up and was about to unlock the handcuffs.

Ye Xing retracted his hand and said, “Just now I said that whoever is handcuffed, has to help me uncuff him.”

“Whoever is handcuffed, help him loose.” Beino ordered.

Du Feng’s face was a little ugly, but he still walked over and personally uncuffed Ye Xing.

“You guys go down first.” Kitano ordered.


The four men retreated at the same time.

“What’s going on, tell me.”

Kitano asked as he poured him tea.

Until now, he still had some disbelief that this guy could be the one.

Two years ago. A new recruit broke into the army like a god from heaven.

He was first in all the major army competitions and had an undefeated record.

In just less than half a year, he had entered the Dragon Group.

After entering the Dragon Group. His miracles were not over yet, within less than a month, he took the initiative to challenge and pull down the leader of the Dragon Group, becoming the leader of the group himself and becoming the most arrogant person.

And yet, it wasn’t over.

Amongst the Dragon Group, he continued to challenge. He eventually became the captain of the Dragon Soul.

In about a year’s time, he accomplished things that many people would not dare to imagine.

After that, he had a 100 per cent completion rate on missions, no matter how tough the task was, when it fell into his hands, he was able to complete it.

In just two years, he became the most powerful and mysterious soldier king in China.

However, at a time when he was at the height of his powers, he suddenly disappeared and no one knew his whereabouts.

There were rumours that he was blown to pieces by a bomb and his bones were left intact.

Kitano sent many people to find out where he was, but none of them found him. That’s why he was so shocked when he found out from Black Tiger that he wasn’t dead, and immediately invited him back, the way he was still able to make an arrest.

“There was an accident, the body was burned and plastic surgery was done.” Ye Xing said.

“Take off your clothes.”

There was a huge scar on Red Dragon’s back, it was left over from when he was on a mission and anyone familiar with it knew it.

“No need to look, the scar has been fixed too. There’s none left.” Ye Xing continued.

“Do you think I look like an idiot who can’t even tell if someone has had a facelift or not?” Kitano stared at him with a gleaming gaze and continued, “Your body doesn’t have any signs of plastic surgery at all, except for your personality, you don’t have any resemblance to Chilong.”

“No more pretending, I’m showing my cards.” Ye Xing shrugged his shoulders and said, “Have you heard of borrowing a corpse to return a soul, I am borrowing a corpse to return a soul. Before this person’s soul died, now it’s Red Dragon’s soul?”

“You’re talking to a soldier about feudal superstition?”

“If you don’t believe me, you can test me all you want, ask me anything and see if I can answer.”

“When did we first meet?”

“The King of Soldiers competition.”

“What colour shoes was I wearing that day?”

“Camouflage army boots.”

“Who’s that to my right?”

“No one.”

“Our first meeting. What did I say?”

“Something like: boy, good for you, arrogant enough.”

Next, Kitano asked many questions in succession, some so tricky that if it weren’t for Red Dragon himself, he wouldn’t have been able to answer back.

If he didn’t possess Akira’s memories, he couldn’t have answered in such detail.

“Tell me, which country sent you here as a spy, I have heard of a foreign technology called memory implantation, I didn’t believe it before. Now I believe it.”

Kitano stood up and looked at him very seriously.

Ye Xing almost vomited blood, daring to say that he still didn’t believe it even though he had said it for half a day.

Not only did he not believe it, but he also called himself a spy, he really got into big trouble.

“Chief, if I were a traitor, would I be foolish enough to reveal my identity?”

“If I were a traitor. With what I knew, I would have told everyone else a long time ago.”

“I never wanted to continue to return to the army, so what’s the use of me being this traitor?”

In his anxiety, Ye Xing said a whole lot in a row.

“I don’t care what you are trying to do, but, you can’t get rid of the suspicion, can you?” Kitano continued.

“What exactly do you need to believe that I am Red Dragon, you don’t believe in plastic surgery, you don’t believe in borrowing a body to return a soul, is memory implantation more reliable than borrowing a body to return a soul? Come on, the borrowed corpse is our Chinese national treasure. And memory implantation is a foreign thing, aren’t you pandering to foreigners like this?” Ye Xing said sharply.

“Nonsense, what national essence, you are feudal superstition.” Kitano said angrily.

“I’ve said everything that needs to be said. What do you want, just say it!”

Ye Xing didn’t bother to explain, it was useless to explain any further anyway, he could think what he liked.

“You stay here first. Wait until I find out the truth.” After saying this, Beino immediately shouted downwards, “Someone, press him down and wait to be sentenced.”

Immediately, the two guards, Hou Qiang and Luo Zhonghai, came up from downstairs, one left and one right, pinning Ye Xing down.

“Beino, it doesn’t matter if you believe me or not, but if you want to keep me here, no way.”

Su Xiaoqiao was still at Tianhai’s, and with himself captured, what if she was in danger.

He was definitely not going to fold his arms and give up.

“Take it.”

Hou Qiang and Luo Zhonghai, one left and one right, came towards him.

The two men’s hands had just touched Ye Xing when Ye Xing’s body shook and a drum of elasticity bounced them out.

Inner strength powerhouse!

The two men’s faces changed slightly. Once again, they grabbed towards Ye Xing.

As the Chief’s guards, both of them were extremely strong, definitely not inferior to the members of Dragon Soul.

Unfortunately, they had met Ye Xing.

Ye Xing’s left and right fists were blasted together, and the four fists collided directly.

Ye Xing’s body did not move at all, while Hou Qiang and Luo Zhonghai, both of them were directly shaken out, retreating seven or eight meters in a row. Only then did they stop.

“Don’t force me to do it again, or else blame me for not being polite.” Ye Xing said angrily.

“You are no match for him, all of you should back off!”

At this moment, Kitano could already see that the two men were in no way Ye Xing’s opponent.

“Chief ……”

“Go down, if he wants to hurt me, you guys can’t help much.” Kitano waved his hand.

Only then did both of the two guards leave and wait downstairs.

Only then did Ye Xing’s gaze fall on Bei Ye and asked, “Chief, do you want to make a move?”

“What do you think?”

Bei Ye suddenly bounced his entire body off the sofa.

A very terrifying aura emanated from the entire person.

His clothes bulged and it was like there was some kind of airflow leaking out from his body.

This situation, which Ye Xing was all too familiar with, was exactly the manifestation of a great internal energy.


Beino struck out with a fist, a tiger’s fist, coming at him head on.

Ye Xing didn’t let go, he also struck out with a punch!


Their fists collided and they both retreated at the same time.

Only, Kitano only retreated two steps, while Ye Xing retreated five or six steps in a row.

“Although you have entered the Inner Strength realm, unfortunately, you are still too weak.” Kitano said.

“Haven’t you heard of the saying that fists fear the young and the strong.”

Ye Xing gathered his whole body’s internal energy into his fist and once again swung out a fist.

If he couldn’t even beat an old man of fifty or sixty, how could he still go out to mix and act tough.