Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 155-156

Chapter 155

Cheng Yulin pressed it and accidentally turned the screen off.

“Sorry, I turned the screen off, what’s the pa*sword?

Cheng Yu Lin looked at the man with gla*ses and asked with a smile.

Oh my god, she was smiling at me.

The gla*ses man’s soul flew to the clouds in a flash and instinctively reported a series of numbers.

Cheng Yulin pressed it and the screen immediately turned on.

Several security guards instantly stepped in, subdued the man with gla*ses and pinned him to the ground.

Only then did the man with gla*ses realise that he had been trapped. If the phone was not his, how did he know the pa*sword?

“Miss Cheng is really ice-cold smart. The emotional intelligence is so high.” Ye Xing couldn’t help but sigh.

In the entertainment industry, looks and acting skills were the foundation, while it was one’s emotional intelligence that determined the upper limit. How long can one be hot.

A silly and sweet person would not be able to make it in the entertainment industry.

“Even if one’s emotional quotient is high, in front of power and money, it’s nothing.” Cheng Yulin said as if she was somewhat self-deprecating.

“Cheng Yulin, you are so beautiful.” Su Xiaoqiao called out like a nymphomaniac.

Many actresses, from a distance, looked like immortals, but up close, they looked like ghosts.

Most of the actresses. They are jade with make-up on, but with pits and puddles off, they are impossible to look at.

But Cheng Yulin, her face seemed to be the same with or without make-up.

“Thanks, you’re pretty too.”

Cheng Yulin couldn’t help but gaze at Su Xiaoqiao, and in her heart she envied him a little.

With such a man to love, great, she might not be worse than herself in the future.

“Ye Xing, I have a party tonight, would you like to come and sit down?” Cheng Yulin suddenly asked.

“My pleasure, but I’d like to bring a female companion, is that okay?”


“What kind of place?”

“A mobile phone.”

Ye Xing handed over his mobile phone, and Cheng Yulin immediately dialed a phone number.

“Contact you when the time comes.”

After saying that, Cheng Yulin then turned around, returned to the stage and continued filming the commercial.

As for the bodyguard, Tang Biao, he was a little dumbfounded, he had never seen that Miss Cheng had taken the initiative to call a man.

“The movie is about to start, let’s go!” Ye Xing said as he looked at the time.

The two of them walked towards the lift.

“Ye Xing, how do you know Cheng Yulin?” Su Xiaoqiao asked curiously.

“It’s not really knowing each other, it’s just that I went to look for Cheng Yuandong last night. Meeting each other unintentionally.” Ye Xing said back.

Su Xiao Qiao looked at the man beside her, and the more she looked, the more obsessed she became.

The longer you came into contact with him, the more you would realize that he was the brightest star that would shine wherever he went.

Everyone who comes into contact with him can’t help but want to be friends with him.

From the high to the fiery stars, to the low to the city folk, they all want to be friends with him, this is perhaps the charm of his character!

“The way Cheng Yulin looks at you, she seems to have quite a fondness for you.” She added.

“Jealous?” Ye Xing laughed cheekily.

There was no one inside the lift, so he couldn’t help but scratch her nose. Said, “Don’t worry, I’m not interested in her, no one can take your place in my heart.”

“She’s a big star and has a good family background, not something I can compete with.”

Such a starlet and beautiful, what man wouldn’t like that?

Even if she was a man, she would still like it.

It would be a lie not to worry.

“She’s far worse than you.”

“No, she’s much better than me.”

“There is one thing that she is definitely not better than you.”


Ye Xing moved his mouth to her ear and whispered, “You’re a virgin, she’s not.”

Su Xiaoqiao’s face instantly went red. It was red all the way to the base of her neck.

It’s you and you don’t cherish it, you left me alone in my room last night and spent the night thinking nonsense.

“How do you know she’s not, what if she is too?”

“The showbiz water is so deep, not many are as clean as our Xiao Qiao a bit.” Ye Xing laughed.

Soon, the two arrived at the cinema.

As it was morning, there were not many people inside the cinema.

The movie was a romance film.

It was the same as all doggy romance films. The first part was funny, the man and woman were deadly rivals, and then they gradually fell in love with each other, but because of their studies and families, they could not be together.

A very dogged plot, but because the male and female leads are online and interspersed with some novel little storylines, it doesn’t look too bad.

It earned a lot of tears from the audience, with many girls crying in the back.

Even Su Xiaoqiao, with tears and sobs wasting three packs of tissues.

“Ye Xing, let’s go home!” After watching the movie, Su Xiaoqiao said.

“Let’s go back so soon. Aren’t we going shopping?” Ye Xing asked.

“I want to go home?”

Apparently, Su Xiaoqiao was still immersed in the plot of the movie and hadn’t come back to her senses.


When he returned home, he had just closed the door. Su Xiaoqiao suddenly clasped his neck and looked at him intensely.

“Ye Xing, you want me, right?” She said.


“Xiao Qiao, stop it.”

“I’m afraid of losing you. If we can’t be together in the future for various reasons, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”

“Giving my body to you, even if we can’t be together in the future, I have at least had it and dedicated it.”

Ye Xing was speechless.

He now finally understood why so many men, when they were in a relationship with, liked to go to the movies with their girlfriends.

The impact of a dogged romance film on a woman’s heart was better than a thousand words from a man.

In the past, he thought that when watching a movie, it was best to pick a horror film, because when a girl is scared, she will burrow into a man’s arms.

Now he realises that romance films, are the biggest killers.

Horror films can only destroy a girl’s physical defences. A romance, on the other hand, can destroy a woman’s mind’s defences.

Attacking a man’s heart!

“You’ve been brainwashed by the movie, be quiet first, I’m afraid you’ll regret it.”

“I definitely won’t regret it.”

“Then it will be at night, the atmosphere is not very good during the day.” Ye Xing thought of an excuse.

He wanted to wait for Su Xiaoqiao to calm down, and himself to calm down and think about whether to take a pure love path in the future. Or the harem path.

Su Xiao Qiao was the first one, and once the first step was taken, next, there might be a second Su Xiao Qiao, a third Su Xiao Qiao.

After all, there were thousands of good girls in this world, and for a man as good as him, when peach blossom luck came, he couldn’t stop it.

“Ye Xing, you sit here and help me pick out a dress.”

Su Xiaoqiao finished and walked in, taking out a dozen dresses and dancing them in front of him.

“Is it good for me to wear a dress tonight?” She asked.

Tonight was Cheng Yulin’s birthday party, and with Cheng Yulin’s family status and connections, the people going must be uncomplicated people.

They were either big stars, famous directors or big names.

If she didn’t dress better, when the time came, she was afraid of losing Ye Xing’s face.

Ye Xing looked at them all and shook his head.

“None of them look good?” She asked.

“It’s not not good looking, it’s ordinary.” Ye Xing said.

“All these clothes are so expensive, the cheapest ones are over ten thousand, and they’re still ordinary.”

If she hadn’t become an actress, Su Xiaoqiao wouldn’t have been able to put down such a heavy cost on such expensive clothes.


Chapter 156

“In the midst of the mountains, all the purple and red are flowers, at that time, even if you become a very beautiful flower, it is useless, because other people’s eyes, will not be on you at all, so you don’t need to be a flower at all, just be a dog’s tail.”

Ye Xing walked into her room, opened her wardrobe, looked at it, and finally picked a set of jeans. With a white t-shirt and put it on the bed.

“This is the right set!”

“This set?”

Su Xiaoqiao looked at him speechlessly, “This set of clothes adds up to less than four hundred dollars, are you sure?”

“It’s indeed still that close.”

Ye Xing looked inside the wardrobe for a while. He found a duck tongue hat and took it out at once.

“With this hat, it would be perfect.”

Su Xiaoqiao was speechless, she really couldn’t understand Ye Xing’s gaze anymore.

“Put it on and try it on.” Ye Xing walked out.

Su Xiao Qiao was inside the room, changed into this outfit, and soon came out from inside the room and stood in front of him.

Ye Xing’s eyes lit up at once.

This feeling, rubbed with the school girl. The girl next door, the youthful aura flowed out in an instant.

I have to say, Xiao Qiao’s body was really first cla*s, her temperament was also good, any clothes on her body could have a different kind of feeling.

This is the legendary clothes rack, right!

“Are you sure this will work?” Su Xiaoqiao was still a bit clueless.

It was Cheng Yulin’s birthday party that she was going to, so would it be too humiliating to wear such shabby clothes.

“Clothes set off people, not people set off clothes. Wearing the most beautiful effect with the simplest clothes is the best way to reflect a woman’s temperament.”

“Trust me, there will be no problem.”

In fact, what Ye Xing said above was all nonsense.

She stood beside herself, even if she wore a ten-dollar dress, no one would dare to underestimate her.

Even if one wore a pair of slippers and went to Cheng Yulin’s birthday party, no one would dare to point out at her.

After a person reaches a certain height, even if he lets out a fart, it still smells good.


The mobile phone rang.

He took it out and saw that someone was adding himself as a friend.

The avatar was none other than Cheng Yulin’s, obviously, it was her personal micro signal.


Soon, the other party sent over a location. It was at Feiyang International.

“9pm, 8th floor lobby, waiting for your presence.”

It was followed by this line of text.

Ye Xing sent an ok gesture over.

In the blink of an eye, it was eight o’clock in the evening.

As the place was quite far away, the two of them had showered early and were ready to leave.

Xiao Di had gone somewhere today and was not at home.

After hailing a taxi on the street, the two of them headed towards the Feiyang International Hotel.

The Feiyang International Hotel was the most famous five-star hotel in Zhonghai and had almost become a star hotel.

Many celebrities, holding parties, would choose to have them here.

The guards in the entrance were very strict and it was impossible to get in.

Ye Xing called Cheng Yulin and the other party told him to wait for a moment.

It didn’t take long. A bouncer came down and led the two of them in.

They also crossed the guard twice in the middle of the journey before entering the hotel.

“Two of you, here are your invitations, go up to the eighth floor and just give them to the security guard at the entrance.”

The security guard who led them in, handed over two invitation cards.

Ye Xing took the invitations and walked into the lift.

After entering the lift, Su Xiaoqiao couldn’t help but pull on Ye Xing’s, her hand trembling slightly.

“Are you nervous?”

“A little.”

It was Su Xiaoqiao’s first time to attend such a big occasion, and she was indeed nervous in her heart.

“You’re not even nervous when you’re around me. A party has what also nervous.”

“How can that be certain, we are friends, we know our roots, but the people inside, I am not even familiar with.”

“Usually do as you should, I don’t want you to live like you did in front of Song Qiao in front of others, okay?”

With his status today. Only others saw him being nervous, where he saw others being nervous.

Su Xiaoqiao nodded.

The door of the lift opened and there was a hall in front of them.

At this moment, above the hall, it was already decorated in gold and glancing over, there were many familiar faces, all of which had been seen on television.

“Veteran actor Su Jianming, meteoric stars Zhou Yuhan and Cai Kun, famous director Li Jian ……”

Looking at these familiar characters, Su Xiaoqiao couldn’t help but get nervous again, her palms all sweaty.

“Look at you, you’re nervous again. I’m the big man here.” Ye Xing couldn’t help but say.

He was really afraid that Su Xiaoqiao would go in later and become humble again.

A person, the more humble you showed, the taller the other person would act. Not being humble was the way to go.

“Both of you, please show your invitation letters.” The security guard at the door said.

Ye Xing took out the two invitations from his body and handed them over.

“The two of you please enter.”

After checking that the invitations were okay, the security guard let the two walk in.

Just after entering. Ye Xing saw a familiar figure making the rounds, it was none other than Tang Biao, the security guard who had a bit of conflict with him and that Cheng Yulin this afternoon.

Tang Biao’s gaze also fell on him, took a look and left.

“Come here for a moment.” Ye Xing shouted at him.

Tang Biao walked over and asked indifferently, “Is there something wrong?”

Although the guy in front of him was fortunate enough to be invited by Cheng Yulin, he couldn’t buy him at all.

This was because, he did not rely on Ye Xing for food at all.

Looking at this guy’s attitude, Ye Xing was uncomfortable in his heart, with that look, as if he thought that being Cheng Yulin’s bodyguard was a bully.

“Looking at you, it’s a little bit not too pleasant.” Ye Xing said unhappily.

“Then what?” Tang Biao asked.

“Beat you up. ……”

Ye Xing suddenly flew up and kicked him out.

Tang Biao did not expect that he would suddenly strike, and before he could react. He was kicked out and crashed on top of a table, spilling liquor all over him.

The clash here immediately attracted the attention of some people around.

Although Tang Biao was a bodyguard, he was a soldier by birth and had a very hot temper.

At this moment, when he was kicked away by Ye Xing, he could not hold back, and he made a carp kick. He jumped up from the ground, rushed towards Ye Xing and threw a cannon punch.

Ye Xing stood still and waited until his opponent’s fist was about to hit his face, then he kicked out.

A fist is not as long as a foot.

Tang Biao’s fist was about to hit Ye Xing’s nose, but when it was less than a centimetre away, he received another kick in the stomach and was kicked away again.

With this kick, Ye Xing exerted himself so hard that he couldn’t get up for a long time.

“Ye Xing, forget it, don’t bother with a bodyguard.”

Su Xiaoqiao did not expect Ye Xing to be so ruthless and said with some worry.

“A dog but carry on, who is qualified for me to be bothered with her.” The corner of Ye Xing’s mouth rose slightly as he laughed, “Remember what I told you, I won’t let anyone dare to hit you again?”

“You’re trying to ……”

“To establish authority, if you don’t beat up a dog, how will people know that your boyfriend is so bully?” Ye Xing laughed.