Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 153-154

Chapter 153

Ye Xing looked at Xiao Di, who bowed her head, not daring to look him in the eye.

Neither of them spoke for a long time, and a peculiar atmosphere filled the air.

Ye Xing was not a fool, how could he not know what Xiao Di was thinking.

For a man as handsome, rich, powerful and capable of fighting as him, there were few women who did not like it.

Even if. Being a lover for one night was not the wrong choice.

Xiao Di knew very well in her heart that if she wanted to make a man remember her. What method would be best to use.

“Xiao Qiao is inside the room.” Ye Xing suddenly said.

“Go to my room.” Xiao Di instinctively said back.

After saying that, she knew that she had taken too much initiative and was instantly very humiliated.

The next moment, she gritted her teeth, raised her head to meet his gaze, and said, “Don’t you worry. After tonight, I will never say anything to Xiao Qiao, and I can pretend that it never happened between us.”

Men were not like women, and to be honest, a beautiful young actress like Xiao Di, who took the initiative to give herself away, not many men could carry it off.

Unfortunately, it was Ye Xing she met.

“Alright, don’t test me, I’m very dedicated to Xiao Qiao.” Ye Xing said while patting her head, “It’s late at night, go back to sleep!”


I don’t want to test you, I’m playing for real, okay?

However, the other party had already made their attitude clear by saying this.

She was delivering, but he didn’t want it. At least, he said this, gave her a step down.

“Su Xiaoqiao, Su Xiaoqiao, what kind of luck did you have. Meeting such a good man.”

Xiao Di secretly sighed in her heart, turned around awkwardly and went back to her room.

Just as she went back to her room, Ye Xing looked down at his bottom and laughed bitterly, “Let you pretend to be a P***y, let you be noble, you can’t be suffocated.”

There was no talk all night.

Early the next morning, Ye Xing woke up, the sky was just slightly light.

He recited the scriptures for half an hour. Only then did he walk inside the kitchen to see what was there.

There was quite a lot of food in the fridge and he made a nutritious breakfast before he walked inside Xiao Qiao’s room and pushed the door in.

On the bed, Xiao Qiao was sleeping heavily, her lazy look was particularly grounded.

At the moment she didn’t look like a star at all, more like an ordinary girl next door.

“Lazybones. Get up and have breakfast.”

Ye Xing walked over and pinched her nose and laughed.

Su Xiaoqiao opened her eyes slyly and just looked at him with drowsy eyes, just like a cute little cat.

“Ye Xing, do you not like me?” Suddenly, she said quietly.

She had left the door open last night. Waiting inside the room until one or two o’clock, hoping he would come in.

As a result, he slept on the sofa by himself and didn’t come over all night.

It had caused her, all night, to wander about, and she hadn’t fallen asleep in a daze until after three o’clock.

She had never tried it before, losing sleep because of a man.

Ye Xing held her hand, ruffled her hair and sighed, “I can’t give you a promise. And how can I possess you, that would be a very selfish act, I can’t do that.”

Although Su Xiaoqiao had long known such an answer. But it was still quite hard for her to feel when these words came out of his mouth.

“Ye Xing, let me be your lover!” Su Xiaoqiao suddenly said.

“Silly girl. What’s nonsense?”

“I’m not talking nonsense.” Su Xiaoqiao shook her head and continued, “I thought about it last night. You are the only man I have ever loved in my life, I don’t ask for you to marry me, as long as you spend more time with me when you have time, I will be satisfied.”

When she said this, crystal tears instantly welled up inside Su Xiaoqiao’s eyes.

“Okay, I’ll find more time to accompany you in the future.” Ye Xing laughed.

Su Xiaoqiao sat up and reached out to wrap her arms around him, putting her head still in his arms.

“Let’s eat breakfast first, will you take me to play later?” Ye Xing asked.

“Okay, but you have to give me a kiss.” Su Xiaoqiao laughed.

Ye Xing touched her face like a dragonfly before walking out of the room.

It didn’t take long. Both women finished washing up and came in front of the dining table.

“It looks so delicious!”

Xiao Di rubbed her little hands together and started to eat the egg congee, quickly devouring the bowl of congee.

Looking at her, it seemed that she had already forgotten all about last night.

Only, the occasional gaze she drifted over. It could mean that she was still thinking about what happened last night.

“Ye Xing, where do you want to go to play later, I’ll accompany you.” After eating breakfast, Su Xiaoqiao asked.

“Don’t you have to go to work?”

“I’ll take off work to accompany you!”

“Fine, then you can just keep me company for a bit today.” Ye Xing laughed.

“What about me?” Xiao Di asked.

“You don’t want to go and be a light bulb, do you?” Ye Xing asked.

“Single dogs don’t have human rights, forget it.” Xiao Di had no choice.

After breakfast, Ye Xing was about to go play with Su Xiaoqiao when suddenly the phone rang.

The phone was Black Tiger calling.

“Boss, what are you doing?” Just after picking up the phone, Black Tiger asked.

“Nothing, what’s wrong with you?”

“Boss, you have time to come to the military district, I’m really P*ssed off.”

Even through the phone, Ye Xing could still feel Black Tiger’s anger.


Chapter 154

“Black Tiger, what’s the situation?” Ye Xing asked immediately.

“That B*****d knows about your existence, yesterday I brought my soldiers to help you, and I got a lecture from him, and I’m going to be locked up in the small black house later.” Black Tiger excitedly told what happened before continuing, “It’s nothing for me to be locked up in the small black house, the key is that he scolded you again.”

“Does he know I’m a Red Dragon yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Okay, I’ll go find him later.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xing was a bit stifled.

This Dragon Slayer, I must teach him a lesson when I have the chance.

It was too insensitive.

With him stuck, in the future, he would have to borrow people from the army to act tough. It’s all a problem.

“What’s wrong, is something wrong?” Su Xiaoqiao asked.

“A little thing, nothing.”

Ye Xing did not want to let this matter affect the mood of the two of them playing, that would let Su Xiao Qiao down.

“Ye Xing. Let’s go watch a movie later, okay? A new film was recently released, it’s quite hot, I want to go see it.”

“What kind of film?”

“A romance.”

How many men like to watch romance movies?

Unless the word action is added, men really don’t like to watch it.

“Don’t you like to watch it?”

“Like it, of course I like it.”

Ye Xing didn’t want to spoil her fun, so he just wanted to keep her company.

After breakfast, the two of them headed down towards the busiest part of the city. The Vanke shopping district.

There was a very large shopping centre there, and on the top floor was the cinema.

When they went out, Su Xiaoqiao didn’t wear a mask, after all, there were too many celebrities in Tianhai, and she was a small internet celebrity, she didn’t have that much attention yet.

When she went to the mall, suddenly, there was a huge crowd gathered in front of her, all holding up their mobile phones and snapping away.

“Cheng Lilin, it’s Cheng Lilin.”

“She’s helping the mall with the endorsement shoot!”

Su Xiaoqiao instantly transformed into a little fan girl, hurriedly pulling Ye Xing and running over.

Then, she also took out her phone and kept taking pictures.

“Ye Xing, you’re good at taking pictures, take a few for me.” Su Xiaoqiao said urgently.

“Come on, she is a female star, not a male star, do you have to chase so much?” Ye Xing was also speechless.

Cheng Yulin was pretty and hot, but how could Su Xiao Qiao say that she was also in the circle, so how come she felt the same as someone outside the circle.

“What you mean is that you want me to chase after male stars?” Su Xiaoqiao C*cked her small mouth.

“Of course not, I’m your male god.”

A few pictures were taken. None of them could be seen, they were all blocked.

There were too many people, and she was short, so she couldn’t squeeze in anyhow.

“In a while, you’ll be shooting with her, just let her be in the same picture with you then.”

“How can she possibly film with me?” Su Xiaoqiao’s eyes widened.

“In your new drama, the female lead is Cheng Yulin, don’t you know?”

“I didn’t really know.”

“Let’s go, don’t squeeze, be careful of sneak peeks ……”

Before he could finish his words, Ye Xing found a hand stretched out under Su Xiaoqiao’s skirt.

His face instantly changed. He struck out with lightning and instantly grabbed the hand of the man in gla*ses and snatched the phone.

When he opened it, his face turned green.


A slap ruthlessly slapped the man’s face, then flew up and knocked him to the ground.

“Doing nothing but this kind of thing, are you ashamed of yourself?”

“F*ck you.”

He didn’t even get this angry when he slapped other women, Su Xiaoqiao that was the little cutie in his own heart.

“Hit someone, hit someone!”

The man with gla*ses shouted up, instantly attracting the attention of many people.

A few security guards. Immediately, they walked over.

Cheng Yulin was a silk actress, and every time she did an endorsement, there were at least twenty to thirty security guards to maintain order.

“What’s going on?” The security guard in the lead asked.

“Stealing fear.”

Ye Xing handed over the mobile phone in his hand.

The security chief took the phone, flipped through it, and his eyes fell on the man with gla*ses.

“The phone isn’t mine, it’s his.” The man with gla*ses bit back, pointing at Ye Xing and shouted, “The phone is his, he was caught taking pictures secretly by me. Bite back, security guards, you guys arrest him.”

“Security guards, do you guys see my boyfriend, like that kind of person?” Su Xiaoqiao asked.

Ye Xing was tall, handsome and well groomed, Su Xiao Qiao was petite and pretty; and the man with gla*ses had a trivial face, from the appearance, there was a great possibility that the man with gla*ses was the snapper. However, without evidence, they did not dare to guarantee it.

“You three come with us to the security room and find out.” The security guard in charge said.

“We are going to watch a movie later. No time to accompany you guys.” Ye Xing immediately refused.

People like him simply didn’t have time to fool around with him.

“Sorry, without evidence, we can’t guarantee it. I’ll trouble you to take a trip.” The security captain said firmly.

“How long have you been a security guard?”

“Does it matter to you?”

Seeing Ye Xing’s arrogant attitude, the security captain was also unhappy.

Tang Biao was Cheng Yulin’s bodyguard and not a security guard of the mall, his status and position. It was definitely not something that the security guards here could relative.

He was already polite enough to speak to Ye Xing, which knew that the other party did not give him face at all.

“His spirit is depressed and his eyes are dazed, this is a symptom of jerking off too much; his gaze is flickering and he keeps thinking of ways to get out of it, this is a sign of lack of confidence. How can you be a bodyguard if you don’t even have this kind of eye for reading people?” Ye Xing said angrily.

“What I want is evidence, not vision.” Tang Biao’s gaze changed instantly and he said angrily, “This gentleman, please leave here, I am Miss Cheng’s bodyguard, not a police officer, it is not my duty to catch the surreptitious filmmaker.”

“Why should I leave?”

“Because your presence may threaten Miss Cheng.”

Ye Xing had tried his best to talk to him with peaceful means, but he didn’t expect this guy, such as some, to be insensitive.

“My words don’t hit home. You should always listen to Cheng Yulin’s words!” After Ye Xing finished speaking, his hand was raised and he beckoned towards Cheng Yulin who was receiving all the attention on the stage.

“Cheng Yulin, come down for a moment.”

The shock over here, Cheng Yulin had seen it long ago, and also saw Ye Xing.

The other party had made too much of an impression on him, and she could see it at a glance.

The people around them, their eyes immediately fell on Ye Xing.

This guy. Using this kind of attitude to order Cheng Yulin, not sick in the head, right?

What shocked the onlooking fans even more was that Cheng Yulin actually obeyed his command and took small steps, coming down from the stage in a graceful manner.

She was so beautiful, with an even figure and exquisite features, she was simply sculpted by God.

She was wearing a long white dress for the shoot, which made her figure look exquisite.

Her figure, which was originally restrained, was completely unleashed under this dress.

As expected of a diva in the film industry, the most promising actress, this temperament was not something that ordinary stars could possess.

“What is it?”

Cheng Yulin asked as she walked up to the trio.

“Miss Cheng, it’s like this ……”

Tang Biao told her what happened and told her once.

“Miss Cheng, do I look like a secret photographer to you?” Ye Xing asked indifferently.

“Give me the phone.” Cheng Yulin commanded.

Tang Biao hurriedly handed the phone over.