Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 149-150

Chapter 149

“Black Tiger, don’t worry, Mountain Eagle is one of my men, I will help him get this revenge.” Ye Xing said resoundingly.

“Boss, do you still have your strength after your facelift?” Black Tiger asked a little worried.

“Nonsense, of course it’s there.”

“Boss, you have the chance to go to the army and beat a guy up.”


“Dragon Slayer.”

“Who’s Dragon Slayer?”

“The new leader of the Dragon Soul Squad, he parachuted down after you died and became our captain ……”

“What did you say his code name was to be?” Ye Xing was a little bit bubbling with fire.

His code name was Red Dragon and the other side was called Dragon Slayer, what did this mean?

Still think of not looking at himself anymore.

“Boss. I’m also angry, everyone is also angry, that guy is too arrogant.” Speaking of this, Black Tiger was also furious. Continuing, he said, “This B*****d actually said that we as soldiers can’t dwell on the past, that Red Dragon is dead, and that we should recognise reality. He also said that if we don’t obey, defeat him and he’ll change his code name immediately.”

“Lin Wei is no match for him either?” Ye Xing asked.

“Never fought, but it shouldn’t be a match for him. That grandson may be arrogant, but he is really strong.” Black Tiger said.

“Even the strongest person should have character, how can I say that I am also his senior. I will find some time and teach him how to behave.”

The more Ye Xing got, the more he became angry.

His name was Red Dragon, and the other party was called Dragon Slayer.

Slaughter your sister’s dragon!

“Where is he now?” Ye Xing continued to ask.

“Coincidentally, he is at the Tianhai base this time.”

“Once I take care of the matter at hand, I’ll go and meet him.”

The two of them chatted idly for an hour or so before Su Xiaoqiao and Xiao Di returned, both of them carrying dishes in their hands.

When they first came in, Xiao Di’s face was a little unhappy, but on the contrary, Su Xiao Qiao’s was nothing.

Ye Xing looked at Xiao Di and realised that this little girl was also the prettier she looked.

Her features were delicate, her eyebrows were like the moon, her face was like a peach blossom, her small mouth was very small, especially her big eyes, which seemed to speak.

Her figure was similar to Su Xiao Qiao’s, however, she was a little more voluptuous than Xiao Qiao.

However, she lacks Xiao Qiao’s innate temperament and is not as recognisable as Xiao Qiao.

If we were to describe her in terms of a drama, Xiao Qiao’s looks could support the number one female lead. She was at most number two or three.

“Xiao Di, what’s wrong, does your face look so ugly?” Ye Xing asked.

“That son of a b*tch Song Yuan’s changed Xiao Qiao’s supporting actress colour, Lu Cheng just called to say so.” Xiao Di said.

“Forget it, I just guessed it, it’s nothing.” Su Xiaoqiao said.

After all, Song Qiao had been ruined by Ye Xing and could not be a man, Song Yuan was Song Qiao’s father and a big director, how could he not take revenge for this.

The police couldn’t even help Ye Xing. But in terms of using people, he had the qualifications, after all, he was a director and had a pivotal position in Tianhai and even in China.

“Lu Yuan called just now and said that director Song was preparing to block Xiao Qiao from the whole network, so that Xiao Qiao could prepare and would have to terminate her contract. This B*****d, who thought he was so nice, didn’t expect to see true love in times of trouble, saw that Xiao Qiao didn’t have a chance to catch fire and immediately kicked off with a leg. He also wanted Xiao Qiao to pay for the breach of contract.” Xiao Di continued.

As soon as Ye Xing heard this, he instantly understood.

In the open ground, Song Yuan couldn’t avenge his son and couldn’t help himself, but secretly gave Xiao Qiao small shoes to wear.

Not to mention a small newcomer, even if it was a big star, if Song Yuan wanted to block it, it would be easy.

In order not to offend Song Yuan, who would dare to ask Xiao Qiao to do a movie? Who would still dare to promote her?

“Xiao Di, take a break.” Ye Xing walked into the kitchen and instructed, “Xiao Qiao, you stay and help me.”

Xiao Di left the kitchen with good sense and closed the door behind her, giving them space to be alone together.

“It doesn’t hurt in your heart, does it?” Ye Xing looked at Su Xiaoqiao and asked.


Su Xiaoqiao shook her head and laughed, “After this time, I kind of see through this circle, leaving early might be a good choice.”

“Are you willing to do that?”

Su Xiaoqiao was silent, obviously she was not willing.

How hard it was to give up your dream!

Ye Xing knew her, Su Xiao Qiao had dreamed of acting since she was a child. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have just graduated and been scouted by Murong Xue to shoot douyin and become a web star.

Now. She had finally made it to the top, had more and more fans, and was moving towards her dream.

At this time, someone suddenly told her: you will never be a star in your life.

How could she be willing to do that.

“If everyone’s dreams came true. Then it wouldn’t be called a dream.” Su Xiaoqiao forced a smile.

Ye Xing sighed.

“What are you sighing for?”

“I suddenly feel sad?” Ye Xing shook his head and sighed as he continued, “I found out that you didn’t take my words to heart at all.”

“No, how could I not take your words to heart, I remember all your words!”

As if she was afraid that he would misunderstand, Su Xiaoqiao hurriedly explained.

She didn’t want her beloved man to misunderstand her.

“I just said that from tomorrow onwards, no one in Tianhai can bully you, did you hear it in your heart?”

“I can even mobilise people from the army, even the police can do nothing to me, a mere Song Yuan, a Lu Cheng, you think I won’t be able to set things right?”

“You don’t even take my words to heart.”

Ye Xing shook his head and sighed, with a very sad look.

“No, I ……”

Su Xiaoqiao didn’t know how to explain anymore and looked at him.

She suddenly noticed that a light smile flickered inside his mouth.

“Good for you Ye Xing. Dare to molest me.”

The pink fist landed on Ye Xing’s shoulder, wanting to hit but somewhat reluctant to do so.

That shy and angry look of hers was incomparably moving, like a water lotus flower, not winning the cool breeze of shyness.

Ye Xing really hated to hold her in his arms and heart her fiercely.

“Don’t worry, as long as you’re not asking me to do something like picking the moon and fishing for it. I can still do the other things.”

“Come over and help, after dinner, I’ll look for them.”

Hearing him say that, Su Xiaoqiao walked over to him to help wash the vegetables.

She suddenly felt that this was a great feeling.

Doing it together with the man you loved, cooking delicious food inside the kitchen, wasn’t this the goal that women had been pursuing all their lives?

Su Xiaoqiao looked at his busy back while picking the vegetables, and as she watched, she became obsessed.

“Hey hey, what are you doing?”

Ye Xing looked at her, speechless.

“I’m not doing anything!”

Su Xiaoqiao looked down and was ashamed to the point of shame.

She actually threw the picked vegetables into the bin, the bad ones, and put them inside the basket.

Ye Xing was dumbfounded and laughed silently without saying anything.

An atmosphere called ‘love’ permeated inside the kitchen.


“My goodness, this dish is cooked too well!”

“This meat, fatty but not greasy; this fish, just the right level of heat, too tender; and crab, aubergine, oh my God, all too delicious.”

Xiao Di gobbled it up, looking as if she hadn’t eaten for hundreds of years.


Chapter 150

“Xiao Di, slow down and be careful with the fat.” Su Xiaoqiao reminded her.

Being a star, one paid great attention to meals, after all, body shape was very important.

“No matter, anyway, today, I’ll admit to gaining three pounds.”

On the other side, Black Tiger also took a big bite of food and soon winded up like a wreck.

It was a good thing that Ye Xing had cooked enough dishes, otherwise, it wouldn’t be enough for him to eat alone.

“Eat more if you like.” Ye Xing laughed.

“Xiao Qiao, let me have Ye Xing as my boyfriend, okay?” Xiao Di suddenly said.

Su Xiaoqiao froze for a moment. Only then did she shyly say, “Xiao Di, what are you talking nonsense?”

“Your boyfriend is too good, jealous and hating.”

“Xiao Qiao, let her have it for one night. I’ll come back to you after one night.” Ye Xing smiled and joked.

“Sure, one night is worth it to me.” Xiao Di thundered to death.

As expected of someone who was in the entertainment industry, after getting acquainted, he spoke with abandon.

Black Tiger kept eating, he didn’t know anything about these love affairs, or didn’t want to bother with them.

“Boss, I’ve eaten enough. Got to go back.” Black Tiger said as he wiped his mouth and stood up.

The army had its rules, and although Black Tiger’s status was high, he had to avoid suspicion.

“Alright, you go, all I’ll be free to meet that guy.” Ye Xing said.

“Boss, I’ll wait for you.”

Black Tiger said, turned around and left.

The meal was a happy one.

After finishing the meal, Ye Xing picked up the list that Su Xiaoqiao had written and took a look at it.

On it were all big names who were very prominent in the film and television industry.

Among them, there was Lu Cheng, the current boss of the company, and Song Yuan, the director with whom she had conflicts.

“Who is the producer of this drama?” Ye Xing asked.

“Ma Ke.”

“And the investors?”

“There are three investors, the biggest investor is Far East Group, the owner is Cheng Yuan Dong.”

“Understood, wait for my news!”

Ye Xing picked up the list and left.

After leaving, Ye Xing went straight towards the Imperial Villa Dragon Mountain.

The Imperial Villa Dragon Hill was the most luxurious villa in the Zhongyang District of Tianhai, and all the people inside were the richest people in Tianhai, and also had a lot of status.

The villas here cost tens of millions of dollars, and they were still priced to sell.

At half past seven in the evening, Ye Xing arrived here.

There was a lifetime of rebirth, and Ye Xing had been a star. Although it was like a shooting star that crossed the sky and soon perished.

But, there were quite a few fans!

Cheng Yuan Dong he knew and knew where he lived.

The security guards at the gate were strict, but how could they possibly stop Ye Xing.

Easily climbing over the fence, he entered the district and before long, he arrived at a building king villa in the middle.

At this moment, the lights were already on inside the villa.

Ye Xing walked over and rang the doorbell.

A moment later, a servant came out and looked at him suspiciously. Asking, “May I ask who you are looking for?”

“I have an appointment with Boss Chen.”

Ye Xing finished speaking and before the servant could react, he had already walked in.

“This guest, wait for a moment, I need to go in first for a briefing.” The servant tried to stop.

Unfortunately, how could it be stopped, Ye Xiong had already strided up to the first floor.

On the first floor, a clear and crisp voice came out.

“Aunt Fen, who is it?”

At the entrance of the staircase, a shapely young woman stood there.

Around one meter seven tall, wearing a snow-white dress, her features were exquisite to the extreme.

The pavilion was elegant. The figure was even, simply finely carved out by God.

Even Su Xiaoqiao, in terms of appearance alone, was still a little inferior to her.

Cheng Yulin?

It was only then that Ye Xing suddenly remembered that the big star Cheng Yulin seemed to be Cheng Yuan Dong’s daughter.

She was a top-tier actress in China, and her films were all huge hits.

She was very good at picking scripts and would not shoot a bad script even if she was offered a lot of money. That’s why many people in the circle say that she is a guaranteed box office star.

“Miss, he barged in and said he wanted to see the master, I couldn’t even stop him.” Sister Fen said urgently.

“Who are you, how dare you trespa*s, stand still.” Cheng Yulin shouted.

Ye Xing acted as if he hadn’t heard it and continued to walk upstairs.


A kick as fast as lightning came towards Ye Xing’s head.

After drinking in vain, Cheng Yulin decisively characterized him as a dangerous person.


Ye Xing was a little surprised.

This woman, I didn’t expect that she could still do martial arts.

During the movie, when I saw her doing quite a few difficult moves, I thought that she had hired a body double. I didn’t expect her to know some martial arts.

However, to this extent, it was okay to deal with two small punks, against him. Mantis blocking the car.

Ye Xing’s left hand lightly grabbed and instantly grabbed her foot in mid-air, making her unable to move.

Cheng Yulin was shocked, she didn’t expect the other party to be so powerful. He caught her sweeping leg with such precision in mid-air.

Right in the middle of her shock, Ye Xing gently brought her up and Cheng Yulin straddled the ground in a zigzag.

This flexibility, not bad!

Unfortunately, he had no interest at all in women from the entertainment industry.

Ye Xing walked into the living room and looked around.

Suddenly, there was a whirring sound from behind.

Cheng Yulin was behind him, kicking out seven or eight kicks in a row.

Ye Xing didn’t even turn his head back, his back was like growing eyes, defending continuously.

“Don’t do it again, or don’t blame me for not being polite.” Ye Xing warned.

“I’ll see how you can be ungracious.”

Cheng Yulin’s arrogance came up and her attacks became even more violent!

Ye Xing suddenly turned around and crashed out with a bow step.

Cheng Yulin’s body flew straight out as if she had been hit by a car.

Her face changed greatly, just when she thought she had to be injured. Suddenly her body landed on the sofa, which was a relief.

She knew that her opponent had been merciful, otherwise she would have been injured.

“You are no match for me, you three-legged cat, I have something to see your father, let him come out to see me.” Ye Xing said indifferently.

“Who are you and why do you want to see me?”

A thick and pale voice came from upstairs.

On the third floor, an old man of about fifty years old came down from upstairs. His body carried the aura of a superior person.

With a short head of spotted white hair and gla*ses, he was very hale and hearty.

This man was none other than Lower Cheng Yuan Dong, the tycoon of Tian Hai City, the little known big shot behind the scene.

I don’t know how many actresses have thrown themselves at him in order to get to the top.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, I came here this time to talk to you about a business deal.” Ye Xing said.

“I don’t even know what you are, how can I talk business with you?” Cheng Yuandong snorted coldly.

If he hadn’t seen that his opponent’s martial arts skills were not weak and his aura was extraordinary, he would have been furious long ago, so how could he waste his words and talk nonsense with him.

“My surname is Ye, and my single name is the word Xing.”

“The person who beat Song Qiao into a cripple and Song Yuan didn’t even dare to let out a single fart is me.”

Ye Xing said as he sat down on the sand and crossed his legs.

It was as if this was his home and he wasn’t a guest.

Money, he had plenty of it.

Martial arts, he was strong as hell.

Power, he had the troops to back him up.

He really couldn’t think of anything he couldn’t convince Cheng Yuandong of.

The anger on Cheng Yuan Dong’s face disappeared and was replaced by a gloomy look.

This circle was actually very small, and he had heard about Song Qiao’s abolition.