Foolish Son-in-law Chapter 147-148

Chapter 147

Ye Xing walked in from outside without taking a breath, as if he was just going down to buy a pack of cigarettes.

“Xiao Qiao, who has bullied you in Tianhai, give me the list.”

“Also, all the owners of film and television companies that are related to you, give me a list.”

“I support you if you want to make your own way, but if you get treated unfairly, I will never agree to it.”

Ye Xing said while finding a piece of white paper with a pen beside her and handed it to her. Let her write it down.

Xiao Qiao took the paper and pen and hesitated, not continuing to write.

“Ye Xing, why don’t you forget it!”

She still felt a little insecure in her heart.

The current Ye Xing. It looked a bit scary, and she was really afraid that he would do something stupid on impulse.

“You know very well what kind of person I am, I am very low-key and won’t do anything too much.” Ye Xing rea*sured her.

Only then did Su Xiaoqiao write up, writing out the list of people who were related to her, all of them.

Xiao Di was beside her, sizing up Ye Xing the whole time. This was how she realised that this guy was really handsome.

He was skinny with his clothes on, but all stock meat off, not weak at all compared to some popular male stars.

Su Xiaoqiao had just finished writing the list when suddenly the sound of a wailing siren came from downstairs.

The two women hurriedly ran to the balcony and found that a dozen police cars had come downstairs, and a group of heavily armed police officers got out of the cars.

The look was as if there was a major operation to hunt down a vicious criminal.

“It’s over, this is over.”

“Even the police force has appeared, this is in big trouble.”

“I’ve said it all, the Song family has deep roots in Tianhai, you’d better get going!”

Xiao Di looked at the police force downstairs and was so scared that her face turned blue.

Not only her, but even Su Xiaoqiao’s face changed and she was so scared that she almost cried.

Even if a person could fight, he was only a person, how could he possibly beat a huge national institution.

Ye Xing’s face remained unchanged as he walked to the balcony and looked at the police officers barging in with loaded guns and sneered, “The Song family really looks up to me, sending out so many police officers.”

But then again, if they really wanted to arrest him. So many people might not be enough.

“Ye Xing, run away and don’t even come back later.”

“There’s a back door to this building, I’ll take you through the back door.”

“I’m sorry, it’s all my fault for dragging you down.”

Su Xiaoqiao was so nervous that tears were streaming down her face, and without any further ado, she took his hand.

Looking at her look of concern until she cried, Ye Xing couldn’t help but laugh and said, “Having been with me for so long, don’t you even know what kind of person I am? If I can’t even solve this little matter, how dare I say that. Let there be no one in the entire Tianhai City who can touch you.”

The two women looked at him in shock.

Did he still have something to do?

Could anyone else shock the police?

“I’ll make a phone call.”

Ye Xing walked into the room and dialed Lin Wei’s phone number.

Lin Wei’s phone was on twenty-four hours a day, and it soon got through.

“Lin Wei, I’ve run into some trouble in Tianhai City.”

Next, Ye Xing flew through what had happened.

“Still the same, as long as no innocent people are killed, it’s all fine, leave it to me.”

Lin Wei immediately hung up the phone.

A few moments later, the phone rang.

“Ye Xing, Chief Tian Hai’s phone is off, it will take a while to find him. If you don’t go back with them first, I guarantee that not a single head will be missing for you.” Lin Wei said over there.

She was really afraid that with Ye Xing’s temper. He would have a big fight with the whole police force, in that case, the consequences would be troublesome.

“Let me go back with them, that’s absolutely impossible.”

Just a moment ago, he had played hard to get in front of the two women and crossed the sea.

Now that he was taken back by the police, how could he hold his head up.

The P***y had already been put out, so he had to keep on pretending even if he had a hard head.

“Then there is only one way. Transfer people from the army, if I remember correctly, Black Dragon is in the military area outside Tianhai.

“Black Tiger is in Tianhai? I’ll call him.”

Immediately, Ye Xing hung up the phone and dialed Black Tiger’s private number.

“Boss, is that you?”

On the other side of the phone, an excited voice came out.

“Black Tiger, this is Red Dragon, do me a favour.”

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xing walked out of the room.

The two women’s eyes all fell on her, questioning with their gazes.

“It’s alright, Xiao Qiao, I’m a bit thirsty. Make me a cup of tea.” Ye Xing laughed.

A smile that had a lot of power!

A cloudy and light-hearted smile.

A smile that did not show any half-heartedness in front of a tarzan and could fill people with confidence.

When Su Xiaoqiao saw that look on his face, her heart inexplicably felt a drum of security. He might really have something to offer.

A cup of tea had just been placed in front of Ye Xing when the doorbell rang.

“Xiao Di, go and open the door.” Ye Xing instructed.

“No, my legs are weak.” Xiao Di was almost crying.

“Go and open the door. I’ll make sure that no one dares to bully you in Tianhai City in the future, just like Xiao Qiao.” Ye Xing said.

Xiao Di thought about it and felt that this was an opportunity.

Besides, the police were here to arrest Ye Xing, not her, so what did she have to be afraid of.

At that moment, she plucked up her courage and went over to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, a group of loaded special police officers rushed in, a dozen guns pointing at Ye Xing at the same time.

Xiao Di and Su Xiao Qiao were cowering in the corner, shivering.

With more than a dozen guns pointing at him, Ye Xing remained still, his face unchanged.

He crossed his legs, still sipping his tea.

The crowd parted and a policeman with a Chinese face walked in. His eyes instantly locked onto Ye Xing.

“My name is Chen Jianguo, I am the captain of the Tianhai City Police Department, you are suspected of intentional a*sault, please come back with us to a*sist in the investigation.”

After Chen Jianguo finished speaking, he ordered to a police officer next to him, “Cuff him.”

The officer immediately took out his handcuffs and walked over to Ye Xing to cuff him.

Ye Xing’s hand retracted and put it on his lap. He said indifferently, “Team Chen, it’s easy to handcuff me, but I’m afraid that it won’t be so easy to release me when the time comes.”

The voice was not loud, but carried a surprising amount of pressure.

Chen Jianguo’s brow furrowed.

Being pointed at by a dozen guns and still being able to say such light-hearted words, he was obviously not an ordinary person.

This guy, he was not simple!

“What kind of person are you?” He couldn’t help but ask.

“You’ll find out soon.”

Ye Xing looked at his phone and said, “Wait for twenty minutes, Team Chen you want to arrest me, you don’t care to wait for such a while!”

Chen Jianguo was also someone who had been in the official world for a long time, and knew that there were some people that he could not afford to offend, in case he did, it could possibly be the end of his life.

Anyway, it was only a twenty-minute wait, he didn’t care about such a little time.

“Fine, I’ll wait for you and see what you are.”

Soon, twenty minutes had pa*sed.

It was at this time that Chen Jianguo’s phone rang.

“Team Chen, come out to the balcony and take a look.”

There on the phone, came the voice of a police officer under his command.

Chen Jianguo took a big step to the balcony and looked down, and was instantly stunned.

He saw that outside the district, a whole road was parked with more than a dozen special force vehicles.

Hundreds of loaded special forces soldiers, like a tidal wave, poured into the district.

Before the police officers downstairs could react, they were all subdued.

“Motherf*cker, people from the military district.”

Chen blurted out, his face turning green.


Chapter 148

Su Xiao Qiao and Xiao Di also ran to the balcony, looking at the group of soldiers that had poured in, the two women looked at each other and both saw the shock in the other’s gaze.

They looked back at Ye Xing, how could they not have imagined that this guy could actually mobilise people from the military district.

How did he manage to do that?

Ye Xing was still sitting on the sofa, elegantly sipping his tea, all this had long been clear in his mind.

Red Dragon was the soul of China’s military, the King of Soldiers, an existence of faith in general.

Black Tiger had regarded Red Dragon as his idol all his life, and when he heard that Red Dragon had not died. How could he not be shocked.

Immediately after receiving the order, he hurriedly ran over.

Soon, a group of soldiers barged into the house in an aggressive manner, led by a tiger with a waist of a tiger. The leader was a huge man with a tiger’s back, standing over one metre nine and looking like a pagoda.

With military boots on his feet and a military uniform on his body, under a military cap was a dark, puffy face that looked overbearing.

“Who’s the biggest here?” Just as he entered, Black Tiger bellowed a question.

“I am.”

Chen Jianguo walked over, trying his best to look una*suming.

But a discerning eye could still tell. He was vain.

He was also a soldier, but a policeman like him was not a little bit different from a soldier like them.

They were used to catching thieves, fugitives and the like, and were used to being comfortable.

These guys, however, had been out there fighting people for a long time, and were not on the same level when it came to bloodlust.

“Take your men and get the hell out, now, right now.” Black Tiger pointed at his nose and yelled up.

“This comrade, he’s suspected of intentionally injuring someone, we need to take him back to a*sist in the investigation.” Chen Jianguo said.

“Not to mention injuring people, even if it’s murder, it’s not your turn to take care of it, get out with me right now.”

Soldiers had the most fiery tempers, and Black Tiger happened to be the most fiery one among the soldiers.

In the entire Dragon Soul, he had never obeyed anyone, except for Red Dragon.

However, due to his great strength and loyalty, he had always been highly relied upon.

This is a man who is not afraid of death. A fierce general who charged into battle!

Chen’s face was very ugly, but when he saw the soldiers’ aggressive and murderous appearance, he was also a bit abashed.

“This way things won’t just go away, I’ll definitely react to the top ……”

Before the words were finished, the phone rang, but it was the chief calling.

“Hello Chief, I have something I was about to report to you ……”

“Chen Jianguo, bring the man back immediately.”

“But, he’s injured ……”

“That’s an order.”

“Yes, Chief.”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Jianguo gave Ye Xing a complicated look. Only then did he take his men and leave.

He knew very well that he would never be able to catch this guy.

Only after he left did Black Tiger’s gaze then look in all directions and ask, “Where is everyone else?”

The caller was Red Dragon, but here, he didn’t see Red Dragon at all.

“Black Tiger, come in for a moment.”

Ye Xing stood up and walked towards the room.

The voice was not loud, but it had a familiar power that could not be denied.


Black Tiger looked at him incredulously.

Following behind Ye Xing, he walked into the room, which was Xiao Di’s. It was filled with the scent of a girl.

“Take the door with you.” Ye Xing commanded.

Black Tiger took the door with him and looked at him with a complicated expression, there was disbelief inside his eyes.

Ye Xing opened his arms and walked over and hugged him tightly.

“Good brother, finally I see you, Lin Wei said you’ve been looking for me, sorry because I’m not the same as before now. That’s why I didn’t look for you.”

Dragon Soul’s King of Soldiers squad had several strong men, each with extremely deep feelings.

“Boss, you …… how did you become like this?”

Black Tiger could hardly believe his ears and pushed him away, looking at him in shock.

He couldn’t even believe it a little.

“Black Tiger, do you still remember the time you peeped at Lin Wei’s bath?” Ye Xing said with a smile.

“Boss, you’re really the boss.”

Black Tiger cried with joy, and the one meter nine man cried like a child.

He hugged Ye Xing so fiercely that he almost couldn’t breathe from the pressure.

Black Tiger had been pitted by Red Dragon.

Once, Red Dragon called him and said he was in the shower. He forgot to take the shampoo and asked him to send it to the bathroom.

The place he reported was the bathroom where Lin Wei was bathing.

In the end, Tyrant Tiger was violently beaten up by Lin Wei.

This incident was except for the three of them. No fourth person knew about it.

Such a scandalous matter, Lin Wei would definitely not tell the second person.

“Boss, why did you suddenly disappear and become like this now?” Black Tiger asked in disbelief.

Red Dragon was dead. He died because of an accident, his body was blown to pieces.

Amongst the Dragon Souls, no one knew that he was dead.

“It’s a long story, my body was burned by fire and my face was completely disfigured, my appearance was rectified.”

Ye Xing was too lazy to tell him about being reborn, after all, this matter was too mysterious for the average person to believe.

Black Tiger was simple-minded and well-developed, so he could easily be fooled over.

“Wow, you’ve done such a great job with this operation, it’s just like the real thing.”

The black tiger circled around him and said in wonder.

Nonsense, it was supposed to be real.

“Black Tiger, you let them go back first, let’s take our time to get together as brothers.”


The two men walked out of the room and Black Tiger gave a big wave of his hand. Drinking, he said, “Tiancheng, you guys go back first, I’ll stay and get together with the boss.”


The group of special forces soldiers retreated back.

In a few moments, calm was restored outside the cell.

“Black Tiger, it’s not very convenient here, you can find a hotel to stay first, let’s take our time to get together.” Ye Xiong smiled.

“There is nothing inconvenient, let’s stay here?” Su Xiaoqiao said.

“Will it get in your way?”

“No. There are two rooms here, you guys can sleep in my room tonight, I have no problem with that.” Xiao Di said in a hurry.

Today she understood what it meant to have a real thigh!

Such a thick thigh, not to mention sleeping in her bed, even if it was to sleep with her, she could consider it.

With Ye Xing covering her, there was really a chance that no one would dare to hit them in the entire Tianhai City in the future.

“Xiao Qiao, let’s go out to buy food and let them have a good chat.” Xiao Di said in a sensible manner.

“Ah Xiong, you guys talk first, we’re going out to buy vegetables.” Su Xiaoqiao’s hanging heart dropped and she smiled, “I remember, the cooking is very good, so treat us well tonight.”

“No problem, go ahead!”

The two women changed their clothes and happily went out to buy food.

When they left, Ye Xing’s aura suddenly dimmed as he asked, “Black Tiger, something happened to Mountain Eagle, did it?”

When he said this, Black Tiger’s eyes bawled tears, his tear ducts shallower than a girl’s.

“After you disappeared, Mountain Eagle left the army without permission in order to find you, met the Hell’s Angels and was killed by Basil.”

“Basil the son of a b*tch, if I meet him next time, I will break his neck.”

Black Tiger cried and cursed at the same time, that look was unspeakably weird.

Only at this moment, Ye Xing could not laugh at all.